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Chapter 656: 656

Xiangyi seemed to have understood Lu Boyan’s words . She glared in Nanny Wu’s arms and said in a childishly cute voice, “Hmm . ”

“Good girl . ”

Lu Boyan kissed the little girl’s face and turned to go upstairs .

There was no one in the room . He went straight to the cloakroom and knocked on the door . “Jian’an?”

“…” No one answered .

Lu Boyan frowned . When he was about to knock on the door again, the door was suddenly opened . Su Jian’an put her hands on her chest and poked her head out . She looked at him with an embarrassed look . “Come in . ”

Lu Boyan walked into the cloakroom in confusion . “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an turned her back to him and said gloomily, “The zipper . ”

The zipper was very thin, and was made more exquisitely . There was almost no trace of it after being pulled up .

Su Jian’an might have exerted too much strength, so the zipper was stuck in her clothes somehow . It couldn’t go up or down . It was difficult for her to do it backhanded, so she could only ask Lu Boyan for help .

Lu Boyan smiled and pulled off the clothing that was stuck in the zipper . He smoothly helped Su Jian’an to pull the zipper . “It’s done . ”

Su Jian’an turned around and feigned anger as she glared at Lu Boyan . “Still laughing! If it weren’t for your urging outside, I wouldn’t have made such a mistake!”

“Yes . ” Lu Boyan thought for a while, as his eyes fell on Su Jian’an . “I just can’t wait any longer…”

There was something in his eyes that he couldn’t hide…

Su Jian’an only felt that some part of her body was hot due to Lu Boyan’s stare . She coughed and asked, “How is it?”

She just wanted to find a topic to divert her and Lu Boyan’s attention .

However, Lu Boyan did not cooperate at all . He continued to stare at her and asked, “Are you referring to clothes or the person in it?”

Su Jian’an almost stamped her feet . “Of course I mean the clothes!”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “I can only see you . ”

Lu Boyan was not the kind of person who was good at expressing his love with words .

It was also for this reason that every confession of his was full of sincerity .

Every time Su Jian’an heard it, she would feel her whole body melting inch by inch, and her breathing would be completely out of control…

Her face was redder than a moment ago . “I’m serious!”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an calmly . “Do you think I’m not serious?”

Once again, Su Jian’an was rendered speechless .

Indeed, compared with the time when Lu Boyan was “evil”, the man at the moment, who was just verbally a rogue, was simply… too serious .

Su Jian’an had enough experience . At times like this, the redder her face was and the more embarrassed she was, the more outrageous Lu Boyan would be .

She chose to show her weak side!

She looked at Lu Boyan pitifully . “Honey, don’t play with me . Just take a good look at me . Is it really okay for me to dress like this tomorrow?”

Half a second later, Lu Boyan said, “No . ”

Su Jian’an was stunned . “I don’t look good?”

She hadn’t gone out for a month and was busy taking care of Xiyu and Xiangyi every day . She had no clue about the recent popular trend, so she needed Lu Boyan’s approval .

She didn’t expect that her appearance would be denied by Lu Boyan .

However, there was no other way .

She was going to wear it tomorrow, so it would be too late for her to get it remade . Her previous clothes were no longer suitable for her…

Seeing that Su Jian’an was about to cry, Lu Boyan pulled her over and lowered his head to kiss her lips .

“… Hmm . ”

This time, Su Jian’an was not ready to respond at all . She stared at him and was stunned in Lu Boyan’s arms .

Noticing that she was not devoted, Lu Boyan bit her lips angrily .


Su Jian’an felt the pain and closed her eyes subconsciously . She felt that Lu Boyan’s kiss was getting deeper and deeper . She also slowly relaxed herself and enjoyed his kiss full of love .

After a long while, Lu Boyan finally let go of her and said, “You look too beautiful, so I don’t want others to see you in it . ”

He was very close to Su Jian’an, and his hot breath fell on her skin . The low and magnetic voice was like an ant crawling into Su Jian’an’s ear, making Su Jian’an feel itchy in the corner of her heart .

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Suddenly, Su Jian’an felt as if all the strength in her body had been slowly drained away…

After a while, Su Jian’an reluctantly found her own voice . “If you don’t want me to wear this dress tomorrow, then I will definitely… wear it tomorrow!”

Lu Boyan squinted his eyes dangerously . “Say it again?”

At this time, Su Jian’an was not afraid of Lu Boyan, so she quickly repeated, “I’ll wear this tomorrow!”

She looked like a rebellious girl .

Lu Boyan couldn’t do anything about her . The danger in his eyes turned into doting . He smiled and said, “You can wear whatever you want . Anyway, no one dares to stare at you except me . ”

Su Jian’an: “…”

So, in the end, Su Jian’an still did not win .

After dinner, she fed milk to the two little guys and coaxed them to sleep . Then Su Jian’an went back to the room and happened to see Lu Boyan, who just came out of the study .

Tonight, Lu Boyan had to attend a video conference with an overseas branch .

Su Jian’an asked casually, “Is the meeting over?”

“Yes . ” Lu Boyan was silent for half a second, and then he continued, “There is something that I think I should tell you in advance . ”

Su Jian’an had not seen Lu Boyan so serious for a long time . She was surprised . “What’s the matter?”

Lu Boyan took her back to the room and asked, “Do you still remember me telling you that Yuechuan is an orphan?”

Su Jian’an nodded . “I do . ” At that time, she had been surprised for a long while .

“A while ago, Yuechuan’s biological mother found him,” Lu Boyan said .

A touch of joy climbed on the tip of Su Jian’an’s eyebrows, and she felt happy from the bottom of her heart . “That’s very good! Yuechuan looks like he doesn’t care, but no one will refuse the warmth of family . If his mother finds him, Yuechuan will have a home in the future!”

“You know his mother,” Lu Boyan suddenly said .

Su Jian’an was surprised, and then she was stunned .

She was too happy just now that she even ignored the most important detail—Lu Boyan didn’t look very happy, but looked serious, which was suspicious .

Things were not as simple as she thought .

Su Jian’an asked uneasily, “Yuechuan’s mother… Who is she?”

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“Your aunt,” Lu Boyan said, “Yuechuan and Yunyun are half-blooded siblings . You and Yuechuan are cousins . ”

Su Jian’an blinked her eyes hard, but she still couldn’t react in time .

It was as if someone had knocked on her head with something . She felt a long-lasting tremor in her head, and her head was numb . She couldn’t think it through .

For a few moments, Su Jian’an even doubted if the world was fake .

“It’s fake, isn’t it?”

“How could Yuechuan be her aunt’s son and her cousin?”

What she couldn’t accept the most was the fact that Yunyun and Yuechuan were siblings .

“Jian’an . ” Lu Boyan put his hand on Su Jian’an’s shoulder and called her a few times . “Jian’an?”

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan in a daze . “What’s going on? When did you find out?”

“Yuechuan and I only found it out recently . ”

What Lu Boyan said was a lie .

If he told Su Jian’an the truth that he and Shen Yuechuan knew it long ago, then she would able to notice that there was something wrong between Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun . So, he could only lie to her .

Su Jian’an shook her head . “It’s too sudden . Aunt only has one daughter, doesn’t she? Yuechuan… How could he be her son?”

“It’s not complicated,” Lu Boyan said, “Twenty years ago, your aunt went to study in the United States and met Yuechuan’s father . Later, Yuechuan’s father died accidentally . Your father tried to force your aunt to return to China to get married for his business and even threatened your aunt with Yuechuan . ”

“Your aunt didn’t want to compromise, and she didn’t want Yuechuan to be someone else’s weapon . So, she abandoned Yuechuan when she had no choice . ”

Su Jian’an blinked a few times . “Actually, I haven’t seen my aunt since I was a child . I just heard from my mother that there was an aunt in our family who lived in Australia . I also asked my mother why she never went home . After I entered middle school, my mother told me that my aunt had cut off the relationship with Su Family . ”

Now that she thought about it, Su Yunjin must have broken off her relationship with the Su family when she was forced to get married by Su Hongyuan .

Due to Su Hongyuan’s coercion, she had to abandon her own son after losing her husband .

She should hate Su Hongyuan to the extreme .

Therefore, she never came back to the Su family again, and her name had never been mentioned in the Su Family .

However, how could it be so coincidental?

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She had known Shen Yuechuan for so long, but it was only now that she knew that they were a family .

Was there anything impossible in this world?

Lu Boyan saw that Su Jian’an was completely confused and tried to pull back her thoughts . He said, “Yuechuan said that this is fate . ”

Su Jian’an nodded absent-mindedly . “That’s the only way to explain . But, why are you telling me this right now?”

Lu Boyan sighed softly . “Your aunt will make it public that Yuechuan is her son tomorrow . It’s better for you to know it in advance . ”

Su Jian’an thought about it and agreed . Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing for her to blank out after the news was announced at the full-moon party for Xiyu and Xiangyi tomorrow .

After a while, Su Jian’an suddenly remembered . “Does Yunyun know?”

Lu Boyan signaled for Su Jian’an to rest assured . “She doesn’t know it yet . ”

Su Jian’an breathed a sigh of relief . “It’s lucky…”

In fact, it didn’t matter when Xiao Yunyun comes to know about it .

No matter when she found it out, the impact of this news was the same . It would be striking to her . Su Yunjin needs to explain it to her and give her time to slowly accept the fact .

Su Jian’an was glad that Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun didn’t have any feelings for each other in the end . Shen Yuechuan had been so busy recently that he didn’t even have time to be a playboy . He didn’t seem to care about Xiao Yunyun at all . And Xiao Yunyun was already dating Qin Han .

Su Jian’an once wanted to get Xiao Yunyun and Shen Yuechuan together, but today she knew that they were two people who were destined not to be together .

Fortunately, they didn’t have any thoughts beyond friendship .


Seeing the hesitation on Su Jian’an’s face, Lu Boyan asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan blankly and said, “Yuechuan and Yunyun, I always feel that something is wrong with them . ”

Lu Boyan denied her firmly . “You think too much . ”

Su Jian’an did not speak anymore .

In the past, Lu Boyan had also said that she had thought too much .

At this moment, she really hoped that she had thought too much .

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