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Chapter 652: 652

In MiTime bar .

As everyone knew, it was the gathering place for young talents and rich men .

In this kind of place, there was never a lack of good wine or beautiful women, and there was also no lack of comparison and slander .

However, they were all in the same circle, so at least they were polite on the surface .

But today, just because of a disagreement, Qin Han and several other people started to fight with another group of people . At this moment, the group of people was shouting and screaming with weapons in their hands, as if they wanted to kill the other party .

The timid girls had already been scared and hid in the corner . Xiao Yunyun had been watching the situation from the side because she was worried about Qin Han . Finally, the manager came to remind her that if she didn’t want the scene to grow worse, she’d better call Shen Yuechuan .

There were more than 20 people in Qin Han’s group and the other group . They were all offspring of rich families, and their families were competitive in business . They had not liked each other for a long time .

This battle was not sudden, but an outbreak of endurance for a long time . If they didn’t stop it, a fierce fight was inevitable .

The manager said that only Shen Yuechuan could control these two groups of people at the same time .

Xiao Yunyun almost trembled when she called Shen Yuechuan . She didn’t expect that Shen Yuechuan’s attention was all on her .

Finally, he said, “Don’t be afraid . I’ll be there in a minute . ”

At that moment, her heart seemed to have been struck by something, and she suddenly felt a little sweetness .

But soon, a burst of pain overwhelmed the sweetness and drowned her whole heart .

No matter how sweet it was, it couldn’t cover up the fact that she and Shen Yuechuan were siblings .

No matter how nervous Shen Yuechuan was when she was in danger, they couldn’t be together .

All of this was destined long ago .

“Yunyun . ” Someone called Xiao Yunyun . “What’s wrong with you? Who did you just call?”

“Nothing . ” Xiao Yunyun shook her head . “I’m just asking someone for help . ”

As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Yuechuan showed up in the bar .

She breathed a sigh of relief and waved at Shen Yuechuan . “Shen Yuechuan, I’m here!”

Shen Yuechuan walked over quickly and looked Xiao Yunyun up and down . “Are you okay?”

“They didn’t do anything to the girls . I’m fine . ” Xiao Yunyun took Shen Yuechuan to the second floor . “They’re upstairs . I heard that they were about to fight . Go and see if you can solve it . ”

Shen Yuechuan looked upstairs and stopped Xiao Yunyun . “You don’t have to go upstairs . I know where they are . ”

“But…” Xiao Yunyun seemed to be in a dilemma . She wanted to say something but stopped on second thought .

“Don’t worry . ” Shen Yuechuan comforted Xiao Yunyun with his eyes . “Even if I can’t stop them, I can guarantee that Qin Han won’t get hurt . ”

Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips and said, “… Don’t forget to be careful with yourself . ”

She couldn’t say it—she was most worried about Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan just thought that Xiao Yunyun was being polite . He nodded and turned to go upstairs .

Xiao Yunyun waited at the end of the stairs . There was a faint noise on the second floor, mixed with coarse words .

However, after Shen Yuechuan went up, the second floor slowly calmed down, and soon the noise was gone .

“It seems to have been settled!” A girl came over and said, “Shen Yuechuan is really capable!”

Xiao Yunyun’s mind was completely on Shen Yuechuan’s safety . She put her hands together and kept looking upstairs .

Not long after, Shen Yuechuan came down from upstairs with a group of upset young men . Qin Han was walking at the back with his head down .

On the first floor, a group of young people said goodbye to Shen Yuechuan . Shen Yuechuan just nodded and let them leave .

In the end, only Qin Han and his friends were left there .

Qin Han threw his suit jacket on his shoulder and was about to go out . He didn’t even raise his head, not to mention caring about Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun grew up in a simple environment and had never encountered such a situation . She just looked at Qin Han in confusion .

“Brother Yuechuan, we’ll go first . ”

A young friend of Qin Han greeted Shen Yuechuan . Shen Yuechuan nodded, indicating that they could do whatever they wanted . However, he called Qin Han’s name alone and said, “Stay here . I have something to say to you . ”

When others saw the situation, they all sped up and left . Only Shen Yuechuan, Qin Han, and Xiao Yunyun, who couldn’t react in time, were left in the bar .

Qin Han raised his head and looked at Shen Yuechuan calmly . “What are you going to tell me?”

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Shen Yuechuan looked at Qin Han coldly . “Yunyun is still here . Why were you going to fight?”

Qin Han shrugged and said with a “it’s none of my business” expression, “They wanted to fight with me . What can I do?”

“You don’t have to fight to get it over with . ” Shen Yuechuan asked coldly, “Have you ever thought that Yunyun would be afraid?”

Qin Han’s face darkened, and his expression suddenly became fierce . “What do you mean? I don’t care about my girlfriend as much as you?!”

Shen Yuechuan sneered . “If you really think she’s your girlfriend, you won’t leave her behind to fight with others . ”

Maybe some of his words had stimulated Qin Han . He was like a fierce beast that suddenly showed its sharp claws and fangs . He clenched his fists and pounced on Shen Yuechuan with a murderous look .

However, he was no opponent for Shen Yuechuan at all .

Shen Yuechuan moved aside lightly and held Qin Han’s hand, turning it aside .

His strength was very tricky, so it didn’t hurt Qin Han’s muscles and bones, but it was just enough to make him feel pain .

That was right . He did it on purpose .

However, Qin Han was particularly stubborn . He gritted his teeth and endured the sharp pain, but he didn’t make a sound .

“Qin Han . ” Shen Yuechuan stared at Qin Han coldly . “If you can’t even control your emotions, I advise you to break up with Yunyun . You are not suitable for her . ”

Qin Han laughed and said, “Who do you think you are to interfere with us?”

“Because I’m the one who protects her . ” Shen Yuechuan lowered his voice and warned her dangerously . “I thought that she would be happy if she was with you . But now it seems that you can’t even give her the most basic sense of security . ”

Qin Han looked at Shen Yuechuan with disdain . “She’s my girlfriend . I can do whatever I want to her . It’s not up to you, an outsider, to talk too much!”

Shen Yuechuan narrowed his eyes with a dangerous meaning . “What did you say?”

“I said, it’s my freedom to do whatever I want with her!” Qin Han raised the corner of his mouth and smiled very proudly . “Even if I do the last thing you want me to do to her tonight, you can do nothing about it!”


In the blink of an eye, Shen Yuechuan’s fist, which was full of blue veins, suddenly hit Qin Han’s face . Qin Han was caught off guard and bumped into the bar counter, knocking down a row of transparent glasses .

There were pieces of glass lying on the ground, reflecting a murderous light, which looked shocking .

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Xiao Yunyun was stunned for a moment before she came to her senses . She was about to walk over and asked, “Qin Han, are you okay?”

“Don’t come over!” Shen Yuechuan shouted at Xiao Yunyun . “Stand there and don’t move!”

He wanted to teach Qin Han a lesson . If Xiao Yunyun came over, she would only be an obstacle .

Xiao Yunyun had asked Shen Yuechuan to stop a fight, but she didn’t expect that the first person to start fighting would be Shen Yuechuan .

She panicked and shouted at Shen Yuechuan uneasily, “If you have something to say, calm down and talk about it . Don’t fight!”

“Words are supposed to be said to men . ” Shen Yuechuan rolled up his sleeves, with a murderous look on his face . “To deal with this kind of thing that is not human, it’s much easier to fight directly . ”

Obviously, Shen Yuechuan’s words irritated Qin Han too .

Like a wake-up leopard, Qin Han pounced on Shen Yuechuan and punched him in the lower abdomen . Shen Yuechuan reacted quickly and gave Qin Han a kick .

After a few rounds, it was obvious that Shen Yuechuan had the upper hand, but he didn’t hurt Qin Han much .

Su Yunjin and Qin Lin were friends, and Qin Han was Qin Lin’s son . Even if he didn’t respect the Qin Group, he couldn’t disgrace Qin Lin .

However, Qin Han completely ignored Shen Yuechuan’s courtesy and rushed over like a beast . He grabbed a heavy bottle and smashed it on Shen Yuechuan’s head .

Shen Yuechuan wanted to dodge, but he suddenly felt dizzy . His limbs were out of his control in an instant, and he could only watch the bottle getting closer and closer to him .

“Qin Han!” Xiao Yunyun shouted out of control, “No!”

While shouting, Xiao Yunyun had already rushed to Shen Yuechuan and hugged Shen Yuechuan before Qin Han could smash the bottle .

Shen Yuechuan just had a vague feeling that Xiao Yunyun was coming . He used his remaining reason to tell himself, “Wake up, wake up, be quick . ”

Otherwise, his secret would be exposed .

In the panic, Xiao Yunyun didn’t notice Shen Yuechuan’s abnormality . She just hugged him tightly, fearing that he might be hurt .

Seeing this, Qin Han suddenly stopped and threw the bottle away with a sneer . He looked at Xiao Yunyun and asked, “Will you come with me?”

Xiao Yunyun let go of Shen Yuechuan—he seemed to be injured, and Qin Han… didn’t seem to be hurt .

However, Qin Han was her boyfriend . She had no reason to stay and take care of Shen Yuechuan .

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“I’d better contact someone else to pick him up . ”

Xiao Yunyun looked at Qin Han and said hesitantly, “I… I’ll go with you . ”

“I’ll go with you . ”

The words clearly ran into Shen Yuechuan’s ears .

Shen Yuechuan suddenly became sober as if he had been struck by thunder .

He couldn’t let Xiao Yunyun leave with Qin Han .

In Qin Han’s state, nobody knew what he would do to Xiao Yunyun .

Shen Yuechuan forced himself to regain consciousness and grabbed Xiao Yunyun’s hand .

Xiao Yunyun looked at Shen Yuechuan in surprise . “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay . ” Shen Yuechuan put more strength to his hand and said, “You can’t go with Qin Han unless he apologizes to you, and promises that he won’t be so impulsive in the future . ”

While speaking, Shen Yuechuan kept looking at Qin Han .

Qin Han’s face was full of disdain . He walked over and took Xiao Yunyun’s hand without hesitation . “You’re my girlfriend, not his . Come with me!”

Xiao Yunyun was not used to being forced, so she struggled subconsciously . “Qin Han, let me go!”

“Let go of you and let you leave with Shen Yuechuan?!” Qin Han’s masculine strength was completely aroused . Xiao Yunyun’s fair and tender wrist was quickly red, but he didn’t notice anything . He pulled Xiao Yunyun forcefully and shouted, “Go back with me!”

Qin Han looked like a beast and had completely lost his mind . If Xiao Yunyun followed him, no one could imagine what would happen .

Xiao Yunyun had no choice but to look at Shen Yuechuan for help .

She never thought that the person who would lose control very soon would be Shen Yuechuan…

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