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Chapter 642: 642
Chapter 642 Shen Yuechuan, What’s Wrong with You?

Shen Yuechuan pointed to a Husky lying on the roadside, signaling Xiao Yunyun to look over at it .

Xiao Yunyun widened her eyes and shouted, “Shen Yuechuan, you…!”

Shen Yuechuan frowned when he saw Xiao Yunyun’s strange reaction . “What are you thinking about? It suddenly ran in front of my car just now . I ran into the curb because I didn’t want to hurt it . ”

Xiao Yunyun asked, “Then why is it lying on the roadside?”

Shen Yuechuan spread out his hands to show that it had nothing to do with him . “Later, it ran to the roadside on its own and lay on its stomach . ”

“So that’s how it is . ”

Xiao Yunyun replied with an “oh” and her expression returned to normal . “Then it’s good that you’re all right . ”

After seriously thinking about it, she realized that she was indeed over-worried .

Shen Yuechuan, he was Shen Yuechuan . How could he make such a silly mistake?

It was really… a waste of expression!

Shen Yuechuan looked Xiao Yunyun up and down . “Did you think I had a car accident?”

At a time like this, the more she denied it, the more Shen Yuechuan would joke on her .

Xiao Yunyun simply admitted it . “Yes! So what?”

Shen Yuechuan smiled and stared at Xiao Yunyun leisurely . He asked in a firm tone, “Are you worried about me?”

“Yes, I’m very worried!” Xiao Yunyun said with a sincere face, “I think that if you have a car accident downstairs of my apartment, I have to take some responsibility . So, let’s have a discussion about it . If you have another accident next time, can you drive farther?”

Shen Yuechuan was so angry that he gritted his teeth . “You wicked girl!”

He looked as if he couldn’t control himself and was about to make a move . Xiao Yunyun flexibly moved backward . “I’ll go and see that Husky!”

The Husky was dirty all over . Obviously, it was a stray dog lying listlessly on the roadside, without any spirit in its eyes . It looked like it had nothing left to live for, and did not have the happy and naughty demeanor of a Husky at all .

Xiao Yunyun’s heart ached when she saw the scene . She couldn’t help reaching out her hand . It was as if the Husky felt threatened . It shrank its head in fear, and its front paws couldn’t help retreating . Its thin body curled up into a ball .

It could be seen that this little Husky wanted to escape, but it didn’t possess the necessary physical strength .

Xiao Yunyun gently stroked the Husky’s head and asked softly, “Are you sick?”

The Husky raised its eyes and looked at Xiao Yunyun . After a while, it obediently buried its head in its front legs and stopped moving .

Perhaps it had felt that Xiao Yunyun didn’t mean any harm to it .

Xiao Yunyun put down her hand and gently stroked its head . “You must be sick . ”

Shen Yuechuan got out of the car and saw Xiao Yunyun consoling the Husky .

The unique gentleness of women had a kind of irresistible charm . In addition, Xiao Yunyun, as a doctor, had a unique healing ability . At the moment, she was like a healing angel who fell to the earth inadvertently .

Shen Yuechuan suddenly felt that it must be a great experience to be her patient .

Xiao Yunyun looked up and saw Shen Yuechuan walking over . She said, “Take it back with you . ”

Shen Yuechuan looked indifferent . “It’s not mine . I don’t care if you take it back or leave it somewhere . ”

“I’m asking you to take it back!” Xiao Yunyun emphasized, “My mother is allergic to animals’ fur . I’m not allowed to keep pets at home!”

The indifference on Shen Yuechuan’s face turned into disgust . “It’s so dirty . You want me to take it back?”

Xiao Yunyun leaned over and squeezed out a pleasing smile . “You can take it to the pet store and ask someone to shower it! You can also ask them to check if it’s sick!”

Shen Yuechuan knew that Xiao Yunyun’s smile and showing weakness had a purpose, but he still couldn’t resist her .

He walked to the Husky and half-squatted down . As he looked at the Husky, his eyes became softer and softer bit by bit .

The Husky was much more pitiful than him .

No matter what, he would at least be able to shelter himself from the wind and rain . At least, he would not have to wander around for the rest of his life .

Thinking of this, Shen Yuechuan stood up, and his expression had returned to the disgust he had just had . He said to Xiao Yunyun in a bossy tone, “Take it to my car . ”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t expect Shen Yuechuan to agree so easily . She quickly picked up the Husky and put it on Shen Yuechuan’s passenger’s seat . She touched its head and said, “Don’t be afraid, Dad will take you to see a doctor!”

“… Xiao Yunyun!” Shen Yuechuan growled, “Who are you scolding at?”

“What does she mean by ‘Dad’?”

“Who is the Husky’s father?”

Xiao Yunyun glanced at Shen Yuechuan and snorted . “Shen Yuechuan, I just found that you are particularly unromantic!”

“Hey!” Shen Yuechuan said disdainfully, “You’re romantic and intelligible . Why don’t you be the Husky’s mother?”

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In essence, it was just a casual question .

Xiao Yunyun couldn’t help overthinking about it .

Shen Yuechuan was its father, and if she was its mother, wasn’t it implying that… she and Shen Yuechuan were a couple?

“Bastard, they are siblings!”

Xiao Yunyun’s beautiful eyes flashed with hesitation and regret . “My mother is allergic to its hair . I really can’t adopt it . Otherwise, I would have taken good care of it!”

If Su Jian’an’s tears were the weakness of Lu Boyan, then Xiao Yunyun’s disappointed expression was the weakness of Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan could face all the pain and disasters in the world .

But he didn’t want to let Xiao Yunyun down .

Her eyes were so beautiful, and should always shine with charming self-confidence and brilliance, full of happiness and satisfaction . Such beautiful eyes should not be covered with frustration .

“All right . ” Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help saying, “I’ll help you take care of it, okay?”

Although Shen Yuechuan looked careless and undependable, Xiao Yunyun knew that he was more reliable than anyone else .

Otherwise, Lu Boyan would not have trusted him so much .

Xiao Yunyun nodded obediently right away . “Yes! Of course! If you can’t do it, who else in the world can?”

Shen Yuechuan’s lips curled into a smile . “I’m going to take it to the hospital now . Do you want to come with me?”

Xiao Yunyun looked at the time . It was almost ten o’clock .

Not to mention that she had to go to work tomorrow, it didn’t seem right for her to stay with Shen Yuechuan at such a time .

In other words, she was afraid that her emotions would go out of control in the middle of the night .

Xiao Yunyun slowly shook her head . “Go ahead . I’ll go upstairs first . ”

Unexpectedly, Shen Yuechuan didn’t force Xiao Yunyun . He nodded and watched Xiao Yunyun’s figure disappear behind the gate of the apartment . Then he opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat .

Instead of starting the car immediately, he let out a long sigh of relief .

In the end, he leaned over and touched the head of the Husky on the passenger’s seat . “Thanks . ”

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It was true, he expressed his thanks to a Husky .

Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to explain to Xiao Yunyun why his car crashed onto the roadside .

He had driven for many years, so he was qualified to call himself a very experienced driver . But the moment he started the car, he suddenly felt dizzy, as if his whole body was emptied in an instant . He couldn’t remember anything or do anything, let alone controlling the steering wheel .

At the last moment, he stepped on the brake with his last bit of consciousness and finally stopped his car from rushing on the road and barely saved his life .

He didn’t expect that Xiao Yunyun would see his car accident from the balcony and run downstairs immediately .

Fortunately, by the time Xiao Yunyun patted on the window, he was almost sober again .

He had expected that Xiao Yunyun would ask him about the cause of the car accident, so he took advantage of this Husky, which had been lying on the roadside for a while .

Without this Husky, even if he could find a reason to explain why he had a car accident, according to Xiao Yunyun’s professional sensitivity, she would definitely sense that something was wrong .

However, Xiao Yunyun’s words confirmed one thing…

Thinking of this, Shen Yuechuan started the car and made an appointment with a pet hospital on the way .

The pet hospital was next to his apartment, with a membership system, and stayed open 24 hours . It was said that the hospital had the best pet treatment equipment in the country .

In less than ten minutes, the white Land Rover stopped in front of the hospital . Shen Yuechuan opened the door of the passenger’s seat and took a look at the dirty husky . He hesitated for a moment, and Xiao Yunyun’s expectant eyes flashed before his eyes . He picked it up and entered the pet hospital .

“Hello, sir . ” The receptionist in the nurse’s uniform greeted him with a smile on her face . “What can I do for you… Uh…”

There was no doubt that Shen Yuechuan was the most good-looking customer in recent years .

And it was obvious that, like most of the young people living nearby, he was a rich young man with a promising career .

“But, why is he holding a dirty husky in his arms?”

Even if he didn’t bring a rare breed, it should at least be a clean pet dog, which was obviously raised by the rich!

The stray dog was too inharmonious with his elite temperament…

The nurse was stunned for a while before she reacted . “Sir, is there… anything I can help you with?”

“Take it to a shower and check if there’s anything wrong with it . ”

“Okay!” The nurse took the Husky from Shen Yuechuan’s arms and pointed to the washstand nearby . “Sir, you can go there and wash your hands . Our colleagues will come over and take you to get the membership later . ”

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The procedure to be a VIP was simple . The Husky was the more troublesome one .

The two nurses changed the water several times before barely cleaning it . The doctor conducted a simple examination for it and asked Shen Yuechuan, “Sir, this dog…”

“I picked it up on the road . ” Shen Yuechuan asked directly, “Is there anything wrong with it?”

“There is no big problem other than malnutrition . But if you want it to be a normal pet, you may have to take care of it very carefully during this period . ”

He meant that if he wanted to adopt this dog, it might waste much time for Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan looked at the doctor . “What’s your suggestion?”

“My suggestion is that you can send it to the animal’s shelter and let someone else look after it,” the doctor said . “If you really want to raise a pet, you can choose another one which is healthy . ”

Shen Yuechuan looked down at the Husky, which was lying on the operating table, with a pitiful look on its face .

It had been abandoned once . How could it be hurt again?

“No,” Shen Yuechuan said, “I want to raise it . ”

The doctor didn’t say anything else . He got the exhausted Husky injected, prescribed a few cans of dog food to replenish its nutrients and then said, “It should recover in a few days . If there are any more problems, you can contact us . ”

“Thank you . ”

Shen Yuechuan held the Husky up, left the pet hospital with a large bag of supplies, and went back to his apartment .

The security guard downstairs was stunned when he saw Shen Yuechuan holding a husky in his arms . “Mr . Shen, where did you get it?”

Shen Yuechuan smiled . “I picked it up . ”

The security guard didn’t believe that Shen Yuechuan would keep dogs . He laughed and said, “Don’t tease me . It must be your girlfriend’s!”

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