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Chapter 637: 637

Xu Youning stared at Han Ruoxi and said, “You used to have a good relationship with Lu Boyan, so you know Mu Sijue, don’t you?”

Han Ruoxi definitely knew Mu Sijue .

She also knew that Mu Sijue was born into a mysterious and powerful family . He was so dominant in G City that most people there had to respectfully call him “Seventh Brother” when they saw him .

At the same time, Mu Sijue was also one of Kang Ruicheng’s reasons for coming back from abroad this time .

Why did Xu Youning ask if she knew Mu Sijue?

Xu Youning approached Han Ruoxi, who was in a daze and stared at the latter just the way an immortal giant looked down at an ant in the mortal world . “I dare to assassinate Mu Sijue . Why do you think— that I dare not to kill you?”

Han Ruoxi looked up and stared into Young’s eyes . A piercing chill suddenly spread all over her body, starting from her feet .

She was too familiar with Xu Youning’s eyes . When she hated someone to the extreme, there was no emotion except the coldness of a poisonous snake as she thought of him .

Before Han entered the drug rehabilitation center, Kang Ruicheng had told her that he had sent an undercover person to approach Mu Sijue .

Now it seemed that the person was undoubtedly Xu Youning .

No matter why Xu Youning hated Mu Sijue so much, Han Ruoxi would never doubt that as long as there was a chance, Xu Youning would not hesitate to kill Mu Sijue .

Thinking of that, Han Ruoxi subconsciously took a step back .

Xu Youning was right . She even dared to assassinate Mu Sijue, let alone her .

“Youning . ” Kang Ruicheng saw Han Ruoxi’s fear and stopped her . “That’s enough . Don’t scare her . ”

Xu Youning stopped giving Han Ruoxi a murderous stare, and said in an emotionless tone again, “My bottom line is Jian’an and her two children . As long as you don’t touch my bottom line, I won’t object to whatever you do . ”

After that, Xu Youning turned around and went upstairs without looking back .

Now, she could only try her best to protect Su Jian’an .

As for Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue, they had the ability to deal with Kang Ruicheng, so she didn’t need to worry about them .

Also, they didn’t need her protection .

Xu Youning’s back seemed to be covered with a thick layer of ice, which almost greatly cooled the air around them . Han Ruoxi was stunned for a moment before she came back to her sense . She asked Kang Ruicheng uneasily, “Xu Youning and Mu Sijue…?”

Kang Ruicheng looked down and said faintly, “Mu Sijue killed her grandmother . ”

“No wonder she seemed to want to kill Mu Sijue . ” Speaking of that, Han Ruoxi was even more confused . “But why did she protect Su Jian’an?”

“Su Jian’an’s biological mother was raised by her grandmother, so they’re close to each other,” Kang Ruicheng added, “For her now, Su Yicheng and Su Jian’an are her last family in this world . ”

Han Ruoxi snorted and said, “I see . ” There was not much kindness in her tone .

Kang Ruicheng glanced at Han Ruoxi, saying with a hint of warning, “I know you hate Su Jian’an . But you’d better not mention anything about your revenge on Su Jian’an in front of A Ning . ”

“Don’t worry . ” Gradually, Han Ruoxi looked blankly into the distance, and said slowly, “What I want to do now the most is not to take revenge on Su Jian’an . ”

She was Han Ruoxi, a name that was heard by more than half of the people in this country .

She was the youngest TV drama queen in the history of the dramas, and she had already placed one of her feet into Hollywood .

She should have become a dazzling international star like Audrey Hepburn with her outstanding appearance and superb acting skills .

But now, she had nothing but her bad reputation .

However, she would never accept her fate so easily .

She was Han Ruoxi . Even if she fell down awkwardly, she could stand up in the most beautiful posture .

Kang Ruicheng knew what Han Ruoxi was thinking, and he asked, “Do you have a plan?”

“I want to set up my own studio,” Han Ruoxi said, “After my contract with Lu Enterprises expired, I was angry and signed up with another company which has decided to terminate the contract with me . In my current situation, if I sign up for a new company, the agent will take advantage of my plight to offer a low price . So, it would be better to set up my own studio . ”

Kang Ruicheng understood and nodded . “What can I do for you?”

Han Ruoxi looked at Kang Ruicheng and said in an unprecedentedly sad tone, “Except for a house given by someone else, I have… Nothing . ”

“I see . ” Kang Ruicheng did not show any surprise . “You go back and wait for my news . I’ll help you open the studio . ”

Han Ruoxi showed a grateful look . “Thank you . ” It was indeed the right thing for her to come to Kang Ruicheng .

Kang Ruicheng just smiled and said, “Don’t be so polite . ” He came over and said in a particularly gentle voice with his palm slowly sliding down from the back of Han Ruoxi’s head, “Ruoxi, I will help you . You have the ability to be the original Han Ruoxi . ”

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Han Ruoxi looked at Kang Ruicheng, and it was the first time for her heart to be warmed by someone else in more than half a year .

Perhaps because no one had cared for her in a long time, her eyes couldn’t help turning red .

She had been locked up in the drug rehabilitation center for nearly a year . In the beginning, the recurrence of drug addiction was very frequent . In order to not suffer more pain, she could only grit her teeth and curl up in the corner . Under the cold gaze of the police, she had to endure the excruciating torture .

A few months later, the withdrawal symptoms appeared less and less, and the pain she suffered every time was also getting reduced . Little by little, these changes took place, just the way her acting skills and popularity were getting better after she acted in the TV dramas one by one .

That’s right . Only when she recalled her past glory could she grit her teeth to endure the pain and have the fighting will to live .

She did not want to tell anyone about the pain and embarrassment she had felt during that period of time .

But now, she had nothing . She really needed a shoulder to rely on .

Kang Ruicheng looked at Han Ruoxi gently and comforted her in a low voice . “It’s okay, Ruoxi . You have already left that place . ”

Kang Ruicheng was just like a god with healing power .

In an instant, the loneliness and bitterness she had experienced in the drug rehabilitation center surged into Han Ruoxi’s heart . She couldn’t stand it anymore and burst into tears on Kang Ruicheng’s shoulder .

Kang Ruicheng stroked the back of Han Ruoxi’s head and said in a soft and healing voice, “Go ahead . You are fine now . You can cry . ”

Han Ruoxi choked with sobs . “What am I going to do in the future?”

“You can do whatever you want,” Kang Ruicheng said, “I will help you anyway . ”

Han Ruoxi nodded .

In her heart now, Kang Ruicheng was her patron saint .

But unfortunately, she could not see the look of her patron saint .

If she could, she would see that Kang Ruicheng’s eyes were actually cold and emotionless now .

Kang Ruicheng was good at finding others’ weaknesses . He knew very well that Han Ruoxi needed comfort, support, and a reliable shoulder at this moment .

He had all these, and he could give them to her without reservation just the way he had treated Xu Youning a few years ago . As long as he was nice to her, he could take advantage of her feelings and ask her to solve all kinds of problems for him .

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As long as this person was useful to him, he didn’t mind paying a small price .

Anyway, they would be loyal to him .

Han Ruoxi cried for a long time before she stopped . Her beautiful eyes turned red, but they were especially clear and clean after being washed by tears .

This might be the reason why there seemed to be something different about Kang Ruicheng in her eyes .

Kang Ruicheng handed Han Ruoxi a soft handkerchief . “Wipe away your tears . ”

Han Ruoxi took the handkerchief and pressed it on her eyes . “Thank you . ”

The smile in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes was almost overflowing . “I hope this is the last time I’ve heard your thanks . ”

The implication was that they didn’t need to be polite to each other anymore .

Han Ruoxi looked up at Kang Ruicheng, and something flashed across her mind . Not only was Kang Ruicheng different in her eyes, but he was also different in her mind .

After the discussion, Han Ruoxi left the Kang family . Kang Ruicheng escorted her to the door and arranged a driver for her .

After watching Han Ruoxi’s car drive away, the temperature in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes finally dropped bit by bit . He turned around and returned to the house . He remembered that Xu Youning did not have breakfast, so he asked someone to prepare breakfast and then carry it to Xu Youning on the second floor .

He had always been impatient with trivial things . To put it bluntly, he was an impatient person . His people knew his temperament very well, so they would perform their tasks at a swift pace . The nanny quickly came out of the kitchen with breakfast in her hands . When she passed him, she said respectfully, “Mr . Kang, I’ll take breakfast to Miss Xu now . ”

“OK . ” After a pause, Kang Ruicheng suddenly stopped the nanny . “Give it to me . ”

No matter what Kang Ruicheng said, his people were never qualified to have any opinions . So even if he condescended to personally take breakfast to Xu Youning, the nanny did not dare to show any surprise . She could only respectfully give him the tray .

At the same time, Xu Youning was in a daze in the room .

Such a person as Han Ruoxi, who had stood in the limelight, certainly couldn’t stand living an ordinary and lonely life .

Therefore, she believed that Han Ruoxi’s current focus was not on taking revenge on Jian’an .

But later?

When she regained her former glory, no one could guarantee that she would not do anything to Su Jian’an .

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So, should she secretly inform Su Jian’an?

If she did so, how could she inform Su Jian’an with neither being discovered by Mu Sijue nor being suspected by Kang Ruicheng?

While Xu Youning was in a dilemma, someone knocked on the door .

She walked over and opened the door . She didn’t expect that it was Kang Ruicheng . Also, she didn’t expect that Kang Ruicheng would be holding a tray of breakfast in his hand .

Seeing Xu Youning’s surprise, Kang Ruicheng automatically said, “You haven’t had breakfast, so I brought it to you . ” After that, he intended to enter the room .

Xu Youning took the tray quickly, and held the door with her hand to keep Kang Ruicheng outside . She said coldly, “I’ll eat later . ”

Kang Ruicheng did not forcibly push the door open . He just looked at Xu Youning and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Youning just said frankly and bluntly, “I’m in a bad mood . ”

Kang Ruicheng asked with a smile . “Why?”

Xu Youning looked up at the ceiling . She rolled her eyes and said, “If I know why, I won’t be in a bad mood . ”

Kang Ruicheng was not angry . Instead, he wore a bigger smile .

Xu Youning glanced at him and said, “Go and do your business . ”

After that, she slammed the door without hesitation, put breakfast on the table by the door, and walked into the room .

Her pace was very fast, revealing her fear and panic .

Yes, she was fearful .

She feared that she couldn’t deceive Kang Ruicheng for a long time .

She couldn’t refuse to get close to him by making an excuse that she was in a bad mood…

Therefore, it would be better to get her revenge on Kang Ruicheng as soon as possible!

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