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Chapter 636: 636

When Xiao Yunyun was asleep, the city was gradually recovering from the peace and returning to the noisy metropolis .

Along with the awakening of the whole city, there was also the news of Su Jian’an’s discharge from the hospital .

It was not a piece of breaking news and did not occupy significant space, but the headline was eye-catching .

Su Jian’an Was Discharged from the Hospital, and Lu Boyan Became Fiercely Protective of His Wife and Avoided Revealing Her photos .

The focus of the report was on how far Lu Boyan could go to protect his wife . In addition, the reporter prudently revealed that Su Jian’an’s figure he had vaguely seen seemed not to be greatly different from hers before she was pregnant .

The report was published on the Internet at the same time . A bunch of people commented that the reporter must have recognized the wrong person!

For women, giving birth to children was a cruel upgrading and reconstruction, which would affect their body shapes more or less .

Su Jian’an was just an ordinary woman . How could she escape?

There were also a bunch of netizens who joked that maybe God thought that Su Jian’an was so beautiful that he couldn’t bear to ruin her beauty, so he favored her as an exception .

There were dozens of pages of different comments . Xu Youning’s slender fingers moved on the tablet computer, and she didn’t read the other half of the comments .

It didn’t matter to her whether Su Jian’an had changed or not . The most important thing was whether there were any unpleasant comments .

Unexpectedly, different from the time when the gossip between Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi had not yet been clarified, only blessings were seen when Su Jian’an became the heroine of the news now .

Han Ruoxi’s fans who accused Jian’an of intervening in others’ love relationships had already disappeared .

Maybe it was because Han Ruoxi’s true colors had been exposed, or it had something to do with the publicity of Su Jian’an’s donation .

Anyway, Xu Youning could feel relieved .

She turned off the computer, feeling gratified and also regretful at the same time .

She managed to sneak into the hospital that day . She originally wanted to see Su Jian’an and her two little babies, but she ran into Mu Sijue and even was stabbed by him .

After so many days, Mu Sijue… Should have returned to City G .

His leaving was not a bad thing .

In the same city, she would always dream that she could meet him by chance as soon as she went out, even if she could just take a look at him from a distance .

But in fact, it was not good at all!

Realizing that she was thinking about Mu Sijue again, Xu Youning forcibly pulled back her thoughts and focused on Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an had already returned home, and she probably… Would have no chance to see her again .

Sneaking into the Lu family was far more difficult than sneaking into the hospital . She couldn’t take the risk now .

Thinking of that, Xu Youning stood up and habitually looked at the wound on her lower abdomen .

Mu Sijue didn’t stab hard, so the cut was not deep . She had sealed the cut with stitches, and it was about to heal .

The wounds on her body could heal with time . However, the cut in her heart… Would probably be bleeding for the rest of her life .

Xu Youning released the lower part of her clothes, turned off the tablet computer, and went downstairs .

She had planned to come downstairs for breakfast, but she never expected to see a familiar face in the restaurant .

This face, countless people had been crazy over and obsessed with, had been popular from Asia to Hollywood . The woman had once appeared on the prime-time TV show and advertisement, and she had been regarded as a goddess and idol by the young .

Now, without the perfect makeup and the expensive and gorgeous custom-made dress, and after having a rough time in the drug rehabilitation center for one year, had made her face spiritless and pale . Also, in the pair of eyes that used to be full of luster and affection, there was only anger and resentment that frightened people away .

“Han Ruoxi?!” Xu Youning called out the familiar name and went straight to Kang Ruicheng . “Why is Han Ruoxi here?”

Why didn’t she directly ask Han Ruoxi?

First of all, she didn’t want to say a word to this woman .

Second, this was the Kang family . Without Kang Ruicheng’s invitation, it was impossible for Han Ruoxi to get in .

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In contrast, she wanted to know more why Kang Ruicheng contacted Han Ruoxi and allowed her to enter the old house of the Kang family .

Before Kang Ruicheng spoke, Han Ruoxi had already replied, “Where I am is none of your business . ”

“Where you like to go is certainly none of my business . ” Xu Youning looked at Han Ruoxi coldly . “But when you appear here, it matters to me . ”

Han Ruoxi seemed to be amused . She snorted and said, “Do I get in your way?”

Xu Youning sneered bluntly, “Yeah! You’re an eyesore!”

What? She had been an international superstar whom many people couldn’t see even if they spent a large sum of money, but Xu Youning actually felt that she was an eyesore!

The smile on Han Ruoxi’s face suddenly became stiff . “This is the old house of the Kang family . Both you and I are outsiders . It’s not clear who is the actual eyesore!”

In other words, she also did not want to see Xu Youning .

Xu Youning didn’t want to waste time in talking to Han Ruoxi . She asked Kang Ruicheng directly, “Did you call her here?”

Kang Ruicheng did not deny it and said, “We have something to talk about . ”

Xu Youning sneered . “Talk what?”

Han Ruoxi hated Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan, and Kang Ruicheng also regarded Lu Boyan as a sting in his eyes . They had the common enemies, so it was conceivable what they were going to talk about when they gathered together .

“Youning!” Kang Ruicheng shouted, and then he warned her in a solemn voice . “I called Ruoxi here to tell you that you may have to cooperate in the future! Watch your manners!”

Xu Youning resisted the urge to swear and interrupted Kang Ruicheng coldly, “I will never cooperate with Han Ruoxi! She is willing to cooperate with you because her image is completely ruined, and she has nothing . She needs to rely on your power to take her revenge on Jian’an!”

No one expected Xu Youning to be so direct . After a moment of silence, Kang Ruicheng helplessly gave Han Ruoxi a hint .

Han Ruoxi said reluctantly, “Miss Xu, I think you misunderstood me . ”

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Xu Youning squinted at Han Ruoxi and asked coldly, “What did I misunderstand about you?”

Han Ruoxi said, “You’re right . I hate Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an . But now, do you think the most important thing for me is to take revenge on them?”

“What do you mean by ‘I think’?” Xu Youning didn’t even bother to glance at Han Ruoxi . “Don’t imagine that we think alike . ”

Han Ruoxi suppressed her anger and emphasized, “To tell you the truth, I am not interested in taking revenge on Su Jian’an now!”

“Humph—” Xu Youning asked in a joking tone, “So, in addition to taking revenge on Jian’an, you want to do something else, right?”

No matter how terrible the situation was, Han Ruoxi used to be a big winner . Talking to Xu Youning in such a good manner was already the limit for her . Since Xu Youning repeatedly ridiculed her, she disdained to explain . “What I’m going to do is my freedom! Don’t think you really have the right to interfere with me!”

“I’m not interested in interfering with your freedom, but I don’t mind giving you a piece of advice — ” Xu Youning said word by word, “Miss Han, I advise you that, from now on, no matter what you’re going to do, first think about whether Lu Boyan will agree . ”

Lu Boyan .

This name had become a sting in Han Ruoxi’s heart . She couldn’t get rid of it, and it hurt so much as soon as she touched it .

Knowing that Xu Youning deliberately mentioned Lu Boyan, Han Ruoxi couldn’t help getting angry and resentful and also thinking of the time when she had been in the drug rehabilitation center .

If that period of time could be erased from her life, she would still be a national idol, and there were also infinite extraordinary versions of her future career .

She would never be involved in the scandals, which was a black mark against her now . She had lost the support of everyone and become an example of destroying her own future . She would be denounced forever .

What she was like now was all because of Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an!

Han Ruoxi’s lips were almost compressed into a straight line, and her eyes were full of coldness and resentment . “I am not the artist of the Lu Enterprise Media now . Even if I am, Lu Boyan can’t stop what I am going to do!”

Xu Youning sneered and said sharply, “No, you are not even an artist now!”

Every word was precisely hitting the weak points of Han Ruoxi .

However, after hearing that, Han Ruoxi was neither resentful nor angry .

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She just stared at Xu Youning and emphasized word by word . “No matter how I fell down, I will climb back to my original position . You are very concerned about Su Jian’an, right? Then you may have to be more concerned about her in the future!”

The implication was that she did not know what she would do to Su Jian’an in the future .

Xu Youning’s eyes were suddenly full of coldness, and she pulled out a knife from nowhere swiftly . Han Ruoxi did not even have the time to see clearly what was in her hand . She only felt a slight chill when the bright blade reached her throat .

Han Ruoxi was aware of the danger, and she was about to step back subconsciously when Xu Youning sensed her intention, and the sharp blade also got closer to her throat with a great threat .

As long as Xu Youning pushed the knife harder against her throat, Han Ruoxi’s neck would immediately bleed .

The atmosphere remained in a deadlock .

Xu Youning looked into Han Ruoxi’s eyes, only to find that there was more hatred than fear in her eyes .

The hatred was so deep-rooted that Han Ruoxi was hateful even when she was so scared .

In this case, she couldn’t be softhearted!

Xu Youning suddenly pushed the knife harder against Han’s neck, so that the blade was closer to Han Ruoxi’s skin . It seemed that she would kill Han Ruoxi in a minute .

Han Ruoxi was afraid, but she knew that Xu Youning would not really hurt her . She struggled to ask, “What do you want?”

“I’m warning you that you’d better not lay a finger on Jian’an . ” Xu Youning held the knife and said . The blade slowly swept over the skin of Han Ruoxi’s neck, but miraculously, Han Ruoxi was not hurt .

However, compared to bleeding, Xu Youning’s voice was even more frightening . “Otherwise, you might not even know how you died . ”

Han Ruoxi’s arrogance did not allow her to admit defeat to Xu Youning . She laughed and said, “I don’t believe that you really dare to kill me!”

Han Ruoxi didn’t believe that Xu Youning couldn’t even understand it’s illegal to commit a murder . Furthermore, she didn’t believe that Xu would take the risk of going to jail for Su Jian’an .

But Xu Youning’s next sentence made her feel chilling all over…

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