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Chapter 635: 635

At six o’clock the next morning, the operation was finally over .

When the doctors and nurses left the operating room, Xiao Yunyun was the only one who was energetic . She pestered Dr . Liang with questions about the operation .

Dr . Liang smiled helplessly . “Yunyun, aren’t you tired?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned for a moment and said, “I’m okay!”

“It’s great to be young . ”

Dr . Liang sighed and then carefully explained about the operation to Xiao Yunyun . Xiao Yunyun listened very seriously and didn’t even blink throughout the explanation .

When he walked to the door of the office, Dr . Liang just finished the words .

Xiao Yunyun nodded seriously and said, “I understand . Thank you, teacher!”

Dr . Liang couldn’t help laughing .

Xiao Yunyun was too polite . It was not hard to see that she had an excellent family education since she was a child . She respected and thanked every senior from the bottom of her heart, and she was particularly interested in learning new bits of knowledge .

Most importantly, she was smart enough .

No matter how complicated it was, after he explained it to her in detail, she would be able to comprehend most of it, giving Dr . Liang a sense of accomplishment .

Therefore, Dr . Liang almost never refused any of Xiao Yunyun’s request .

Recently, there was a rumor that Dr . Xu wanted to date Xiao Yunyun, but Dr . Liang was not surprised .

It was normal for Dr . Xu to be interested in a girl who had potential in the professional field and had a good family background and character .

The only thing Dr . Liang was worried about was that Dr . Xu would encounter many powerful opponents .

As soon as he returned to the office, Dr . Liang texted Dr . Xu and told him that Xiao Yunyun had been working on the operation overnight . It was the best time for him to care about Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun knew nothing about that . After returning to the office, she had been thinking about what Dr . Liang had just said to her . It was not until the girl on duty called her that she came back to her senses and looked at the girl blankly . “What’s wrong?”

“I said it was time for you to go home!” The girl looked at Xiao Yunyun, not knowing whether to laugh or cry . “Don’t you feel tired after operating for the whole night?”

Most people would want to go home to sleep after a night’s surgery, wouldn’t they?

“I’m fine . I don’t feel very tired!” Xiao Yunyun looked excited . “Do you want me to tell you about the operation just now?”

“Stop!” The girl made a “stop” gesture . “I’ve been awake for a whole night . I’m not interested in those bloody stuff!”

“Okay . ” Xiao Yunyun lowered her head and said to herself, “In fact, there are a lot of things worth studying and reviewing in this operation!”

“…” The girl looked at Xiao Yunyun speechlessly . She thought that Xiao Yunyun must have gone mad . She must have!

Xiao Yunyun didn’t find something wrong with herself at all . She stretched herself, and the joints of her whole shoulders and back made a sound . Only then did she feel that she was really a little tired .

She picked up her bag and left the office .

When she walked out of the building, she felt a chill . Xiao Yunyun looked up and saw an unknown tree on the side of the sidewalk . The leaves on it had somehow turned a bit yellow without anyone noticing it .

Time passed really quickly . It was already early autumn, and the air was colder in the early morning and dusk than that in the hot summer .

Xiao Yunyun wrapped her arms around herself and rubbed her palms on her empty arms . When she stepped down the steps, she suddenly heard a familiar voice calling her name .

“Yunyun . ”

Xiao Yunyun’s eyes followed the sound and saw Su Yunjin getting out of a taxi .

She was stunned for a few seconds before she came to her senses . “Mom, why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick you up . ” Su Yunjin waved at Xiao Yunyun . “Let’s go . I’ll take you to have breakfast first . ”

Xiao Yunyun had always been a careless person . Besides, she had been busy for the whole night, so she had long forgotten about the dinner last night . She ran to Su Yunjin with a smile and got in the taxi .

Su Yunjin tidied Xiao Yunyun’s messy hair and asked, “Are you tired?”

Xiao Yunyun raised the corner of her mouth, and her smile was brighter than the morning sun outside the window . “I feel a little tired now . But I don’t feel tired at all during the operation!”

“You’re too serious, aren’t you?” After a pause, Su Yunjin added, “You’ve been like your father since you were a child . You’re very serious, no matter what you do . Once you’re serious, you’ll forget about the time and tiredness . ”

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Xiao Yunyun pursed her lips and said, “Isn’t it good to be like my dad?”

Su Yunjin knew that Xiao Yunyun had always liked her father, so she didn’t say anything . She asked with a smile, “What do you want to eat?”

Xiao Yunyun stretched her sore neck and said, “I’m so hungry that I will eat anything placed in front of me…”

Su Yunjin laughed and said the name of a restaurant . She asked the driver to drive faster .

The driver was a straightforward middle-aged man . He stepped on the accelerator and sent Su Yunjin and her daughter to the restaurant in less than 15 minutes .

On the way there, Su Yunjin had already called to order the dishes . As soon as they sat down, the restaurant manager asked someone to serve the dishes . Xiao Yunyun ate several small steamed buns in succession before she looked up and smiled with satisfaction . “It’s delicious!”

Su Yunjin poured Xiao Yunyun a cup of tea and said, “Don’t hurry . You don’t have to go back to work today, right?”

“It depends on whether it will be busy in the department,” Xiao Yunyun said, “if they are unable to finish the work, I may have to go back in the afternoon . If they’re not busy, I won’t go back . ”

Su Yunjin nodded . “After graduation, if you don’t want to go back to Australia, you can go to your cousin-in-law’s private hospital to work . At least you won’t be so tired . ”

Xiao Yunyun took a sip of porridge and said, “… We can talk about it in the future . ”

In fact, it wasn’t very likely for her to stay in City A .

She didn’t want to stay here to see Shen Yuechuan in love with another woman . What if she lost control and rushed up to sabotage his relationship with a new girlfriend?

After breakfast, Su Yunjin took a taxi to drive Xiao Yunyun back to her apartment .

When they reached the apartment building, Xiao Yunyun found that Su Yunjin had followed her out of the car . She was confused and asked, “Mom, don’t you want to go back?”

“I’ll go upstairs and have a look . I can also help you tidy up the house,” Su Yunjin said, “You’ve been busy with work and studying for the postgraduate examinations recently . I don’t think you had time to clean up the house . ”

“It’s okay . ” Xiao Yunyun said with a smile, “The apartment is very big, and there are many places to store things . It doesn’t look messy at all!”

Su Yunjin had no choice but to drag Xiao Yunyun upstairs .

She was right . The apartment was indeed a little messy, but it was just that the things were scattered in disorder, and the shoes were not arranged . Xiao Yunyun was a doctor, so she would not allow such things as dust or odor to appear .

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Su Yunjin helped Xiao Yunyun with tidying her things . When Xiao Yunyun finished washing up and came out of the bathroom, she warmed a glass of milk for her and said, “Mom has something to tell you . ”

Xiao Yunyun took a sip of the milk and sat casually on the armrest of the sofa . “What are you going to tell me?”

She couldn’t help guessing if Su Yunjin had decided to tell her that Shen Yuechuan was her elder brother .

Su Yunjin looked at Xiao Yunyun and said slowly, “You didn’t know that mom could cook before, did you?”

Xiao Yunyun nodded . “Yes!” There was only curiosity on her beautiful face . “I was shocked when I ate the steamed fish you cooked yesterday . Why haven’t you shown your cooking skills at home before?”

Su Yunjin said, “There’s a reason…”

“I know . ” Xiao Yunyun laughed heartily . “You were busy . I remember that when I was in high school, I didn’t see you for several consecutive days . Dad said that you were working overtime in the company and that you were going to Singapore to talk about the business affairs the next day . Since you were so busy, how could you have the time to go into the kitchen to cook?”

Xiao Yunyun’s tone and expression showed nothing abnormal at all . It seemed that she really didn’t mind that she had never tasted Su Yunjin’s cooking skills . She really understood that Su Yunjin had been too busy .

Su Yunjin didn’t explain further . She smiled and said, “Well, go to sleep . I’ll tidy up the room for you and leave . ”

Xiao Yunyun hugged Su Yunjin with satisfaction and said, “Thank you for your hard work, mom!”

After that, she let go of Su Yunjin, yawned, and went back to the room .

It was not until Xiao Yunyun closed the door that she stopped smiling and fell on the bed, looking tired .

She didn’t want to know the real reason why Su Yunjin never cooked for her . She would rather believe that Su Yunjin was so busy that she forgot to cook…

With that in mind, Xiao Yunyun wrapped herself in the quilt and closed her eyes .

She was so tired that she fell asleep soon .

Outside the room, it didn’t take Su Yunjin much time to put away the things for Xiao Yunyun .

Looking at the clean and tidy living room, she couldn’t help laughing—Xiao Yunyun’s habit of placing things was still the same .

Xiao Yunyun was right about one thing—she was very busy .

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So Xiao Yunyun seldom saw her when she was a child because when she went out, Xiao Yunyun wouldn’t have woken up, and Xiao Yunyun would have fallen asleep by the time she returned home .

At that time, the only thing she could do for Xiao Yunyun was to tidy up her schoolbag, clothes, and some daily necessities .

So she was very clear about her habit of placing stuff .

After tidying up, Su Yunjin went to the bathroom to wash her hands and returned to Xiao Yunyun’s room .

The thick curtain in front of the French windows blocked the light . The whole room was as dark as night . Xiao Yunyun’s breathing was quiet and long, which showed that she was sleeping soundly .

Su Yunjin walked to the bedside and sat down . She gently pushed the hair on Xiao Yunyun’s cheek with her fingers and looked at her sleeping face . Her eyes were softer than ever .

There were so many things that she didn’t know how to talk to Xiao Yunyun .

Because once she opened her mouth, it was inevitable that Xiao Yunyun would be hurt .

In particular, she didn’t know if this kind of hurt would accompany Xiao Yunyun for the rest of her life, just like how Jiang Ye’s departure hurt her .

Xiao Yunyun was very fine now . She had her favorite job and families who cared for her . Although her life of love life was blank, Su Yunjin never doubted that she would meet a gentle and considerate person who would take care of her for the rest of her life .

In this case, she might have to continue to keep it a secret from Xiao Yunyun and let her continue this carefree life .

When there came a day that she couldn’t keep the secret anymore, she could tell Yunyun everything by that time .

Su Yunjin tucked Xiao Yunyun in the quilt and got up to leave her apartment .

Outside the apartment, the leaves of the trees were slightly yellow, and there was a trace of imperceptible coolness in the wind . However, the temperature of the sun was still high . Without careful observation, it was difficult to find that the autumn had arrived .

Now that the autumn had arrived, winter couldn’t be too far away .

Su Yunjin didn’t like winter . It was too cold, especially in City A . It was so cold when it snowed that she suspected that there would be no warmth in her life .

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