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Chapter 633: 633

When the family was bustling and lively, Su Yunjin suddenly said, “I’ll go to the kitchen . ”

Su Jian’an immediately got Su Yunjin’s intention . “Aunt, are you going to cook?”

“Yes . ” Su Yunjin hid the uneasiness in her heart and squeezed out a perfect smile . “I only learned how to cook at the age of thirty, and I haven’t cooked many times in total . Today you are all here, so I want to give it a try . ”

Su Jian’an led Su Yunjin to the kitchen . “As long as you don’t think it’s tiring, you can do anything you want here . ”

When they just got married, Lu Boyan bribed Su Jian’an to cook for him . During that time, Su Jian’an had been busy in the kitchen almost every day . She racked her brains to think about what she would cook for Boyan every night, but she still pretended to be calm on the surface .

Everything that happened a long time ago was still vivid in her mind . When she recalled it, the corners of Su Jian’an’s lips could not help curling up .

Su Yunjin saw Su Jian’an’s smile and immediately understood what she was thinking . Su Yunjin asked, “Did you just think of what happened between you and Boyan?”

“It was not really in the past, but just when we first got together . ” Su Jian’an pursed her lips and said, “There are all kinds of stuff here . If you can’t find anything, you can ask the chef to help you . ”

“Okay . ” Su Yunjin nodded . “You can leave now . ”

Su Jian’an left the kitchen and heard Xiyu’s cry as soon as she returned to the living room .

She hurried over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Yunyun was at a loss . “I don’t know . Maybe I didn’t hold him in the right posture, or he just doesn’t like me?”

“Nonsense . ” Su Jian’an found it funny and said, “Such a young child doesn’t know whether he likes someone or not . Let his father hold him . ”

Xiao Yunyun couldn’t bear to hear Xiyu cry anymore, so she hurriedly handed him over to Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan was very familiar with how to hold a child . He held the little guy in his arms and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”


Xiyu cried even louder as a reply to his question .

Lu Boyan’s heart ached . He walked away with the little guy in his arms and patted his petite shoulder to comfort him . After a while, the little guy finally stopped crying . He snorted and leaned his head in Lu Boyan’s arms, like a newborn animal . He looked so cute that one wouldn’t resist the desire to pinch him .

Xiao Yunyun felt magical and confused at the same time . “I just hugged him and coaxed him like that . Why didn’t it work?”

“…” Su Jian’an didn’t know how to answer . After a short moment of silence, she said uncertainly, “Maybe… he wanted to get to his Daddy…”

Xiao Yunyun’s shoulders slouched in defeat, but Lu Boyan was in a good mood— not to mention the little fellow wanted to get in his bosom, he would come up with a solution even if the child wanted the moon and stars in the sky .

After a while, all the dishes were ready . Aunt Liu called everyone together to have dinner . The two little guys were first carried to the children’s room, and Aunt Liu, along with another nanny, took care of them .

After sitting down, Su Jian’an glanced at the delicious dishes on the table and asked Su Yunjin curiously, “Aunt, which dish was cooked by you?”

Shen Yuechuan pointed to the steamed cod in the middle of the table and said, “This one . It has just been steamed . Be careful not to be get hurt by the heat . ”

Su Jian’an couldn’t wait to take a bite with the chopsticks and nodded hard . “It’s delicious!”

She didn’t mean to be polite, but it was really delicious .

The whole fish was steamed into a clean and beautiful white color and was placed entirely on the fish-shaped plate . Only a few circles of green scallion were placed on the top to decorate it .

In the process of steaming the fish, Su Yunjin only added the simplest seasoning to conceal the smell of the fish and preserve the fresh aroma and fragrance of the fish .

For those who liked to eat fish, it was the best way to cook it .

Tang Yulan tasted the dish and couldn’t stop praising it . She said, “Xiaoxi, Yicheng, try it too! And Yuechuan, everyone, have a try! It’s very delicious!”

Everyone put their chopsticks to the fish one after another, but Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun didn’t make any moves for a long time .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t take action because she felt strange .

She grew up with Su Yunjin, but all the food she ate had been cooked by the nanny .

Having lived with Su Yunjin for more than 20 years, Xiao Yunyun had never known that Su Yunjin knew how to cook . She had never heard Xiao Guoshan say it, not to mention that Su Yunjin cooked for her personally .

“Yunyun, what are you waiting for?” Tang Yulan called Xiao Yunyun . “Have a try . Your mom is so busy . You can’t always eat the dishes cooked by her, can you?”

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Xiao Yunyun smiled and put a small piece of fish into her mouth .

Perhaps it was because Su Yunjin didn’t put any sauce on it; she really couldn’t taste anything . So she could only squeeze out a smile to respond .

It seemed that everyone was eating happily . Shen Yuechuan realized that if he kept still, he would look suspicious .

However, Su Yunjin, who made this dish, was his birth mother . To be more intimate, Su Yunjin was his mom . When he was almost 30 years old, she suddenly appeared out of nowhere and brought him the bad news .

When he was still in the orphanage, he didn’t even dare to look for his kin, not to mention eating the dishes cooked by his mother .

At this moment, the fish cooked by Su Yunjin was right in front of him . No matter if he was willing or not, he had to taste it .

Apart from those complicated family relationships, Shen Yuechuan had to admit that Su Yunjin was good at cooking . She tried her best to keep the freshness and tenderness of the fish, and there was no fish odor at all .

For the taste buds, this was a feast full of original taste .

After swallowing the fish, Shen Yuechuan put down his chopsticks . “I forgot a document at the company when I got off work . I’m going to make a phone call . ”

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan’s resolute back and suddenly realized that she might have done something that might have a bad effect .

Her original intention was to let Shen Yuechuan have a taste of what she had made herself . She wanted to make up to Shen Yuechuan for the loss of more than two decades .

But she didn’t expect that this compensation… was too abrupt for Shen Yuechuan .

Su Yunjin sighed in her heart . When she looked up, she found that Xiao Yunyun didn’t seem to be in a good mood either .

She was stunned for a moment . Then she remembered that although Xiao Yunyun was grown up, she never knew her mother could cook, let alone eat the food cooked by her mother .

But in fact, she couldn’t cook many dishes . For her, each dish was more than just a dish .

Not to mention Xiao Yunyun, before that, except for herself, there was no one else who had eaten anything she cooked .

How should she explain it to Xiao Yunyun?

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When Su Yunjin was thinking hard, Shen Yuechuan’s mood had basically calmed down . He came back from the garden and continued to eat as if nothing had happened, but he didn’t touch the steamed fish anymore .

On the surface, they seemed to be having a good time during this meal .

It was getting late after the meal . Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi left first . Not long after, Xiao Yunyun suddenly received a phone call from the hospital, asking her to rush back to the hospital to help with an operation .

Xiao Yunyun agreed without hesitation . She hung up the phone and asked Lu Boyan, “Cousin-in-law, can you ask Uncle Qian to give me a lift? I want to go back to the hospital . ”

Su Jian’an asked, “The hospital asked you to go back to work overtime?”

Xiao Yunyun nodded and said, “There is a major surgery in the emergency room . The doctor who taught us asked if I was willing to go back to help . He said that there was a shortage of manpower . ”

“You can refuse,” Su Jian’an said, “this kind of surgery will last for about ten hours . It can’t be finished until tomorrow morning . You’re too tired . ”

“Well, it doesn’t matter . ” Xiao Yunyun smiled naturally . “When I first signed up for medical school, I already expected that it would be arduous in the future . I am not afraid! This is a good opportunity for me to accumulate experience . Besides, I have promised Dr . Liang . ”

“Okay . ” Su Jian’an didn’t say anything else and asked Lu Boyan to arrange Uncle Qian to give Xiao Yunyun a lift .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t even tell Su Yunjin . She picked up her bag and rushed out of the door . Su Yunjin looked at her back with her mouth slightly open, and the words which were about to tell her to be careful stuck by the corner of her mouth .

After Tang Yulan left, Shen Yuechuan and Su Yunjin were the only people who hadn’t left .

Lu Boyan naturally arranged it . “Yuechuan, help me send my aunt back . ”

Shen Yuechuan couldn’t refuse in front of Su Jian’an . He could only nod and leave with Su Yunjin .

The living room was empty then, and the whole villa was no longer lively, but restored to its usual quietness and warmth .

Only then did Su Jian’an say, “It’s weird . ”

“Hmm?” Lu Boyan pretended that he didn’t understand . “What was weird?”

“Aunt, Yuechuan, and Yunyun, they are all weird . ” Su Jian’an recalled the scene just now and continued to say, “Since we started to taste the fish made by aunt, it seems that there is something wrong with Yuechuan and Yunyun’s mood . Especially Yuechuan, he didn’t seem to be very willing to taste the steamed fish . ”

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Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, “Did you see wrongly?”

“… In fact, I can’t see it . ” Su Jian’an said in an abstract way, “That’s right . I just felt that there was something wrong with them…”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an and understood . “You’re not mistaken . ” After a pause, he added, “You just overthought . ”

Su Jian’an’s intuition had always been accurate . She looked at Lu Boyan with suspicion . “Is it really just that I think too much?”

Lu Boyan answered with certainty and thought of a perfect excuse for Shen Yuechuan . “Yuechuan doesn’t like steamed fish . ”

No wonder Shen Yuechuan didn’t touch the steamed fish again after the call .

“Oh,” Su Jian’an replied . “If that’s the case, then there’s nothing special about it . ”

“Okay . ” Lu Boyan rubbed Su Jian’an’s hair and naturally diverted her attention . “Go upstairs and have a look at Xiyu and Xiangyi . ”

The two little guys had already woken up . Aunt Liu and the nanny were changing paper pants for them to feed them milk powder .

Xiyu was very smart, drinking big mouthfuls of milk . But Xiangyi was humming all the time, and no one knew what she was protesting about .

Lu Boyan walked over, picked up Xiangyi from the baby’s bed, and personally fed her milk .

Xiangyi seemed to know that she was in her father’s arms . She drank the milk without reluctance . Lu Boyan looked down at her, and the corners of his mouth became softer little by little .

Even if Lu Boyan never said it, Su Jian’an could feel that Lu Boyan had been more careful and doted on Xiangyi since she had been reported to suffer from asthma genetically .

Lu Boyan looked calm on the surface, but in fact, he was more worried about Xiangyi than she was .

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