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Chapter 625: 625
Chapter 625 A Man Will Always Be a Teenager Until His Death

When he contacted the other professors the next day, Shen Yuechuan emphasized on keeping it a secret again and again with the same words .

In other words, the more money they paid for the consultation, the more they needed to keep it a secret .

The answers Shen Yuechuan got towards the end were almost the same as those of the two professors from the United States, and he was quite satisfied with them .

During lunchtime, Shen Yuechuan handed the list to Lu Boyan and said, “Contacted them all . The fastest one will leave for City A tonight, and the slowest one will arrive early the day after tomorrow . ”

Lu Boyan was surprised . “Did you ask Yunyun for help?”

He knew very well that Shen Yuechuan was not familiar with medical experts, but he spent less than 24 hours to find the experts of children’s asthma and get in touch with them .

If there was no one to help him, it was unlikely that he would be able to find them at such a speed .

Shen Yuechuan shrugged his shoulders with a calm face . “I have no choice . I can’t help it . It would have been okay if you didn’t mention that Yunyun could help me . But when you mentioned it, I felt that if I don’t take this opportunity to find her… I’m a bastard . ”

Out of expectation, Lu Boyan didn’t laugh at Shen Yuechuan this time . He just reminded her, “Yunyun may study abroad . ”

“I remember . ” Shen Yuechuan pretended to be relaxed . “That may be better . If I can’t see her, maybe I can slowly get her out of my mind . ”

Since he had experienced a similar situation before, Lu Boyan shook his head and told Shen Yuechuan, “No, you won’t . ”

If one’s heart was moved by someone, letting them go was much more difficult than one could ever imagine .

Shen Yuechuan’s thought was obviously too optimistic .

Shen Yuechuan has seen how much Lu Boyan had missed Su Jian’an . Of course, he knew that distance could not drive the forgetting, but he did not expect Lu Boyan to reveal his mind so directly .

He fiddled with his hair and stiffly changed the topic . “How is Xiangyi today?”

“She’s fine . ” When it came to Xiang Yi, Lu Boyan’s tone showed his pain . “She didn’t suffer from asthma today . ”

“That’s good . ” Shen Yuechuan sighed and accused her . “The God that everyone believes in doesn’t really know how to be a human being . How can he torture our Xiangyi in such a way?”

However, God was not a human indeed, was he?

If he were human, he would understand the pain of human beings .

If he had understood the pain of human beings, he would not have arranged this kind of fate for him .

Shen Yuechuan was drowned in emotions during the lunch .

In the afternoon, Lu Boyan got off work on time . The driver knew that it was impossible for him to work overtime during this period, so he drove to the company’s gate early to wait for him .

After getting in the car, Lu Boyan received a phone call from Xiao Yunyun .

“Brother, are you off work?”

“I just got downstairs . ” Lu Boyan knew Xiao Yunyun’s intention without guessing . “You want me to pick you up?”

“Well…” Xiao Yunyun began to explain, “Your hospital has never considered the feelings of those who don’t have a car . There is no bus and subway station nearby, and it is more difficult to take a taxi at this time than to fly to the sky…”

Lu Boyan smiled and said, “Wait for me at the gate of the hospital . I’ll come to you right now . ”

“Okay!” Xiao Yunyun did not hide the excitement in her voice . “Thank you, brother-in-law!”

Lu Boyan asked the driver to drive past the Eighth People’s Hospital . In less than twenty minutes, he picked up Xiao Yunyun .

Xiao Yunyun got into the car quickly and urged as soon as she sat down, “Uncle Qian, hit the road!”

Lu Boyan looked at Xiao Yunyun and asked, “Who are you hiding from?”

“Nobody,” Xiao Yunyun said with a look which meant “it’s none of my business”, “It’s your car that’s too flashy . If it’s seen by colleagues, there may be some rumors . I don’t want to explain . ”

Lu Boyan asked flatly, “Then how did you explain to them when Yuechuan came to pick you up in the past?”

Xiao Yunyun tilted her head and said, “He… There’s no need to explain . My colleagues have already misunderstood . ”

Lu Boyan thought that Xiao Yunyun would be eager to get rid of the misunderstanding between her and Shen Yuechuan . But he didn’t expect that Xiao Yunyun would take such a decadent tactic .

He suddenly wanted to figure out Xiao Yunyun’s mind for Shen Yuechuan . “You didn’t explain to them?”

“The power of gossip is beyond your imagination . ” Xiao Yunyun helplessly spread out her hands . “I explained it to them once, but they thought I was hiding it . So, it’s better not to explain it . ”

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“Huh?” Lu Boyan expressed his surprise . “Are you just going to compromise and admit it?”

“No, my silence doesn’t mean that I admit it . ” Xiao Yunyun paused and then said loudly, “In any case, people like Shen Yuechuan and we, who hate each other, can’t be together . So gossip… will break up in the future . I don’t need to waste the time to explain . ”

Lu Boyan handed Xiao Yunyun a bottle of opened mineral water and said nothing .

From Xiao Yunyun’s expression and reaction, if she wasn’t acting, then it might really be a mistake that she used to make people think that she liked Shen Yuechuan .

As for the fact that she was Shen Yuechuan’s younger sister, she probably didn’t know it yet .

When they arrived at the hospital, Xiao Yunyun thought that Lu Boyan would go to the suite with her, but she found that Lu Boyan was walking in the direction of the pediatrics department, so she couldn’t help asking, “Cousin-in-law, where are you going?”

“Xiyu got examined today . I’ll go to the doctor to get to know his conditions,” Lu Boyan said, “You go to find Jian’an first . ”

Xiao Yunyun said, “Okay . ”

She walked in the direction of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department . When she entered, she caught a glimpse of a tall figure out of the corner of her eye .

It was obviously the figure of a foreigner, but he was wearing the white coat of a doctor in the hospital . It seemed that he was beyond the age of retirement . How could he be in the hospital?

Out of curiosity, Xiao Yunyun couldn’t help looking at him more . Something blurred in her mind . She vaguely felt that this person was familiar . She seemed to have seen him in a famous medical magazine, but she couldn’t remember which field he was in .

“Miss Xiao,” a nurse passing by greeted to Xiao Yunyun, “are you here to see Mrs . Lu?”

“Yes,” Xiao Yunyun replied with a smile . Then she turned her head in the previous direction and saw that the foreign doctor in the white coat was gone .

Since she didn’t remember who it was, Xiao Yunyun didn’t take it to heart and walked towards the elevator .

When she arrived at the elevator, Lu Boyan also came back from the doctor with the inspection results of Xiyu . She pressed the opening button of the elevator and said, “Cousin-in-law, let’s go upstairs together . ”

“I thought you had already gone upstairs . ” Lu Boyan pressed the button and asked, “Have you met an acquaintance?”

“No, I seem to have seen a big shot in the medical field,” Xiao Yunyun said regretfully, “But he shouldn’t be in the field of cardiac surgery like me . I can’t remember who he is . I can only see that he is a foreigner who has been specially interviewed by a magazine . ”

Lu Boyan said, “The hospital often invites experts from other hospitals or foreign countries for consultation . It’s normal for you to see doctors who are featured in the medical magazines here . ”

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Xiao Yunyun replied with an “oh” and said, “Then there’s really nothing strange about it . Let’s go . ”

The elevator soon reached the top floor . Xiao Yunyun rushed out of the elevator and went straight to the suite . The two little guys were just awake . She carefully picked up Xiangyi from the baby bed .

Looking at the fair and tender little girl in her arms, Xiao Yunyun understood the meaning of heartache for the first time .

She was such a clean and beautiful little girl . She should have been a little angel . How could she suffer from asthma, which was such a severe disease?

“Cousin,” Xiao Yunyun held the Xiangyi in her arms and asked, “Is Xiangyi all right?”

Su Jian’an touched her daughter’s little face . “Don’t worry, the doctor has said that there is hope for a cure . Even if medicine can’t help her, as long as she is looked after carefully, she can grow up healthily . ”

“What about Xiyu?” Xiao Yunyun asked .

Since Xiangyi inherited asthma, there was also the possibility for Xiyu to suffer from asthma .

“Xiyu…” Lu Boyan just came in . Su Jian’an said, “You’ll know after you ask your cousin-in-law . ”

Lu Boyan put down the examination report of Xiyu and said, “He is fine . ”

Xiao Yunyun let out a long breath . “Fortunately, otherwise, it would be too troublesome . ”

Su Jian’an was still worried . She looked at the examination report of Xiyu . Seeing that every index on it was normal, she was finally relieved .

Fortunately, fate did not make things too difficult for these two little guys .

Lu Boyan took the report from Su Jian’an, held her hand, and put much strength to it . “Don’t worry, Yuechuan has already contacted the professors who are going to attend the consultation for Yiyi, and it will start the day after tomorrow at the latest . ”

Su Jian’an nodded . “Great!”

A day had passed . She had calmly accepted that Xiangyi was not completely healthy . The innate genes couldn’t be changed, but she could take care of her daughter more carefully the day after tomorrow .

As long as she was more careful and considerate, Xiangyi would be able to grow up healthily like an ordinary newborn .

At this time, Xiangyi suddenly kicked her leg in Xiao Yunyun’s arms and hummed twice, as if protesting something . Then she began to cry again, and Xiao Yunyun couldn’t pacify her no matter how hard she tried .

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In the end, Xiao Yunyun could only surrender . “Cousin-in-law, come and hold her . I can’t handle it . ”

Lu Boyan had just washed his hands . He walked over and hugged his daughter . When he lowered his head, his eyes and eyebrows were full of love . “What’s wrong, huh?”

Xiangyi looked at Lu Boyan with her clear and bright eyes, and her snort became aggrieved .

Lu Boyan smiled and stroked his daughter’s delicate face with the back of his hand . “Good girl, daddy’s back . Don’t cry . ”

Perhaps Xiangyi had understood Lu Boyan’s words, so she leaned her head into Lu Boyan’s arms and actually stopped crying .

Xiao Yunyun’s heart softened when she saw that scene . She suddenly remembered a sentence that a man would always be a teenager until his death .

In fact, it was not quite right . At least after having children, they would change .

When it came to the changes, Xiao Yunyun’s mind suddenly fell on Shen Yuechuan—if Shen Yuechuan were a father, would he still be as unrestrained and playful as he was now?

However, before thinking about this problem, she should firstly think about whether Shen Yuechuan could be a father .

Other than her, who else would love someone like him so much?

Su Jian’an noticed that Xiao Yunyun was distracted and called her, “What are you thinking about?”

Xiao Yunyun came out of her trance and pointed at Lu Boyan with a smile . “I’m pondering if a man, no matter how cool he is, will become like my cousin-in-law as long as he becomes a father?”

“Not necessarily,” Su Jian’an said, “Before the birth of Xiyu and Xiangyi, I completely didn’t expect your cousin-in-law to become like this . ”

Xiao Yunyun said, “… All right . ”

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