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Chapter 615: 615
Chapter 615 Mu Sijue, How Did You Recognize Me?

When Xu Youning arrived at the hospital, it was already dark .

Before getting out of the car, she changed her face .

Wearing this human skin mask, not to mention Lu Boyan’s people, even she could not recognize herself .

After getting out of the car, Xu Youning avoided all the cameras under the cover of the night and smoothly entered the OB/GYN department .

Su Jian’an lived on the top floor in the suite, with a direct access to the elevator . If not, she could climb up through the fire passage .

Xu Youning didn’t hesitate too long and chose the latter plan .

She had lived in this hospital before and had already figured out the security measures here .

The area of surveillance in the outer garden had reached 90%, and the remaining 10% was a blind spot without cover .

The monitored area of the clinic department and the inpatient department had reached 100% . That was to say, except for the rooms where the patients lived, the rest of the corridor, the doctors’ office, and the tea room were all under strict monitoring .

What was scarier was that the elevator used by patients and non-RPM staff carries the automatic sensing system . Once the sultry was felt or the human face detection was inhibited, the system would automatically call the police to the security room, and the nearest security guards would arrive soon .

Xu Youning changed her face and didn’t carry any dangerous stuff . She could have taken the elevator, but in order to not leave any traces, she chose to take the fire passage, which had been closed all year round .

Opening a fire-resistant door was not a big deal for Xu Youning . She twisted the door a few times, then she opened it and went directly into the fire passage .

It took Xu Youning a lot of energy to climb from the first floor to the top floor . Fortunately, the balcony of the suite where Su Jian’an lived was close to the window of the fire exit, so she turned over effortlessly .

Xu Youning hadn’t seen Su Jian’an for half a year if the time when they hastily met outside of the hospital didn’t count .

Even if it was just a peek from the balcony, she didn’t know how she should face her…

While she was hesitating over it, Mu Sijue’s figure suddenly came into her sight .

Xu Youning was stunned as if she had been struck by lightning . She just stood there in a daze .

She had been thinking about how to face Su Jian’an all the way, but she had never thought about how to face Mu Sijue .

She didn’t expect to see Mu Sijue here at all . Why would Mu Sijue choose the same time as her to see Su Jian’an?

However, this glance was enough to reassure her—Mu Sijue still looked the same as before, handsome and straight, with a touch of alienation between his eyebrows and eyes . In addition to preventing strangers from approaching him, it also made him look very fierce and decisive .

Mu Sijue was still the fierce and determined Mu Sijue . Her leaving didn’t affect him at all .

Xu Youning was glad but sad at the same time .

She even thought that if it weren’t for the deep impression of her cheating she left on Mu Sijue, now… Mu Sijue would have to spend a lot of effort to remember who she was, wouldn’t he?

However, he was fine, and she no longer needed to worry about him .

But why was she still unable to look away from him?

After a while, Xu Youning finally knew what love was .

It was like finding something precious which had been lost for a long time, and it was more like she apparently knew she couldn’t have enough time to look at it, but she just couldn’t look away .

Just one more look, just one .

Xu Youning fixed her eyes on Mu Sijue like that . In the end, her remaining senses told her that if she didn’t leave, he would soon notice her due to Mu Sijue’s level of vigilance .

Half a year ago, she had escaped under Mu Sijue’s death order . If Mu Sijue found her this time, she couldn’t imagine what Mu Sijue would do to her .

Xu Youning made up her mind . When she finally decided to leave, Xiangyi suddenly cried .

In the face of a baby’s cry, Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan, the two big men, were at a loss . Shen Yuechuan hurriedly took out his mobile phone and didn’t know what to look at . Mu Sijue’s expression was somewhat complicated as he lifted Xiangyi up from the baby’s bed .

Seeing that, Xu Youning took back her steps and secretly complained about Mu Sijue in her heart, “Such a fool . ”

No one would hold a child like this .

Didn’t he know that hanging the children in the air would frighten them?

Fortunately, Shen Yuechuan saw something and quickly pointed out Mu Sijue’s mistakes . Mu Sijue finally held the little guy in his arms .

Perhaps the little angel in his arms was too cute, or holding a child was a novel experience for Mu Sijue, his expression slowly became soft, and the coldness on his face disappeared . He became particularly easy to get close to .

If she hadn’t seen Mu Sijue like this with her own eyes, Xu Youning would have wondered if this man was really Mu Sijue .

How could Mu Sijue, the awe-inspiring and well-known man in City G, have such an appearance?

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However, it just so happened to prove that Mu Sijue was not innately unreasonable . It was just that until now, no one had been able to dig out his soft side .

In other words, there was no one who could make Mu Sijue let go of his indifference and pride .

Xiangyi had completely diverted Mu Sijue’s attention, so Xu Youning was not in a hurry to leave . She hid outside the balcony and acted like a peeper in the dark .

Not long after, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an came back .

The encounter outside the hospital a few days ago was too hasty, so Xu Youning didn’t even have a chance to see Su Jian’an clearly . Today, she finally saw her clearly .

After giving birth to the child, if one carefully observed the difference Su Jian’an had before she was pregnant, it could only be said that she looked more beautiful .

She was born with inconceivably exquisite facial features . After giving birth to the children, her white cheeks were covered with a healthy light pink glow under the proper care, and her face was filled with a happy and satisfied smile, which made her look more charming than before .

When she and Lu Boyan stood together, they looked like a perfect match made in heaven .

It was not until this moment that Xu Youning felt how envious she was of Su Jian’an—envious of her happiness and fulfillment .

As for her, she didn’t know how long she would have to walk on the dark road, nor did she know how long it would take for her to see the light, not to mention being happy .

The more she thought about it, the more absorbed she became . As a result, Xu Youning gradually relaxed .

Once she relaxed, she was exposed . When she wanted to hide, it was too late . She knew that Mu Sijue had seen her .

Xu Youning was quick to react . She turned around and fastened the rope around her waist to the railing . With her hands on the railing, she jumped out, stepped on the wall of the building, and continued sliding down along the rope by stepping on the outside wall of the building .

When it came to climbing a building, Xu Youning was really fast when she climbed downstairs . In less than two minutes, she had already landed at the back door of the obstetrics and gynecology department .

However, Mu Sijue should have already caught up with her, so she had to get out of here immediately .

Xu Youning quickly untied the rope around her waist . By the time the rope fell to the ground, she had run more than 10 meters .

She was not slow, but Mu Sijue was faster than her .

Therefore, she would not fall into Mu Sijue’s hands only if she left as fast as she could .

In the end, it turned out that—Xu Youning had still overestimated herself .

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After running for a while, she saw a tall and straight figure standing on the only path in front of her .

Compared with the Mu Sijue who had just held Xiangyi and inadvertently showed his gentleness, Xu Youning was more familiar with this Mu Sijue who stood in her way—his face was cold and cruel, his eyes were bloodthirsty, and he was decisive .

At the same time, it made her heartbeat speed up .

Xu Youning suddenly stopped and stared at Mu Sijue for two seconds . She tried hard to suppress her heartbeat that was about to go out of control, then she turned around in an attempt to take another way .

Mu Sijue said coldly, “Unless I let you go, you can’t leave here today . ”

Xu Youning breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to look at Mu Sijue . “So are you going to let me leave today?”

Mu Sijue didn’t answer but asked, “Why did you come to the hospital?”

“I’m here to see Jian’an . ” Xu Youning sneered . “I didn’t expect you to be here . If I had known earlier…” She didn’t go on .

Mu Sijue continued Xu Youning’s words, “You wouldn’t have come if you had known that I would be here, right?”

“No, I would have come,” Xu Youning said word by word, “But I wouldn’t have come empty-handed . ”

Mu Sijue sneered and said, “Do you think you can kill me here just because you have weapon with you?”

“Maybe . ” Xu Youning raised her lips and squeezed out a harmless smile . “How do you know if you don’t try?”

As soon as she finished her words, Xu Youning rushed to Mu Sijue .

She came aggressively, and her delicate and beautiful eyes revealed a cold murderous look in the night, as if her target really was Mu Sijue’s life .

Mu Sijue’s eyes turned cold, and he went up to Xu Youning, but he didn’t expect that her target was not him, but the military knife hidden outside his trousers by his knees .

This was his habit and also his last defense . Xu Youning broke his last defense just like that .

However, Mu Sijue had also taken off Xu Youning’s mask . It was not a complete defeat .

Xu Youning didn’t care that the mask was taken off . She played with the military knife in her hand with interest and took two steps back . She looked at Mu Sijue and said, “I didn’t expect that you would still have this habit . ”

She accidentally discovered this habit of Mu Sijue . She had thought that after she escaped, Mu Sijue would get rid of the habit .

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She didn’t expect that Mu Sijue would make such a simple mistake .

Mu Sijue’s expression was already as cold as if he had cast an indestructible layer of ice on it .

His small habits had been exposed to Xu Youning . He should have got rid of them after Xu Youning left .

Otherwise, in the future confrontation with Xu Youning, his exposed habits would become his weaknesses, just like the moment when Xu Youning had easily taken his knife .

But he didn’t change . Or rather, subconsciously, he didn’t face the fact that Xu Youning had left .

A touch of anger appeared on Mu Sijue’s cold face, which made him look cold and fierce, like a Shura from hell .

Xu Youning asked in amusement, “Are you angry?”

Mu Sijue was indeed furious .

But he didn’t know whether he was angry with Xu Youning or with himself .

Mu Sijue avoided the main point and asked Xu Youning, “Why did you come to visit Jian’an so secretly? Why did you even change your face?”

This question was easy to answer and there was nothing to hide . Xu Youning said directly, “I don’t want Jian’an to find me . ”

The corner of Mu Sijue’s lips curled up into a sneer . He asked, “Guilty?”

“I don’t care how you think of it . ” Xu Youning looked careless, and then changed the subject— “I almost couldn’t recognize myself wearing that human skin mask . Mu Sijue, how did you recognize me?”

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