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Chapter 614: 614

Lu Boyan accompanied Su Jian’an to do a routine post-pregnancy checkup, which took almost an hour from the beginning to the end .

On the way back to the suite, Su Jian’an couldn’t help quickening her pace .

Lu Boyan reminded her, “Don’t walk too fast . Be careful of your wound . ”

“Well, it’s okay, I won’t hurt it,” Su Jian’an said, “I’m worried that Xiyu and Xiangyi will wake up, so I want to go back as soon as possible . ”

Lu Boyan hadn’t heard Su Jian’an say that she was worried about something for a long time . He paused for a second and asked, “Do you think they’re like a sudden burden?”

“Are you referring to Xiyu and Xiangyi?” Su Jian’an shook her head with a smile . “They’re actually something added to our lives . But they are not a burden!”

She held Lu Boyan’s hand and said mysteriously, “I have something to tell you . Do you want to hear about it?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jian’an, and his eyes inadvertently showed his affection . “I’ll listen to whatever you say . ”

Su Jian’an smiled and reminisced about her memory . “When I was in college, my brother had just started a business . He was under a lot of pressure and didn’t have much money . The only thing I could do was find a part-time job to lighten his burden . So, actually, I didn’t have much time at that time . So I gave up on everything that I assumed to be a waste of time . ”

Lu Boyan did not get the point . “And then?”

“There was no follow-up, only a ‘but’,” Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan and continued, “but at that time, I would still collect your photos and reports, put them into a secret folder, and read it over and over again . I always read it for an hour or two . ”

Lu Boyan seemed to have got the point, but he was not sure . “What do you want to say?”

“I want to say that as long as you like it, you are willing . I like you, so I can waste my time on you even when I am busy . Similarly, I like Xi Yu and Xiangyi, so I am willing to care for them and look after them . They will never be my burden . ” Su Jian’an tapped Lu Boyan’s forehead . “Do you understand what I mean?”

Her eyes were as clear and bright as ever, and always flashed with an amazing light . When he looked at her, Lu Boyan would still be moved .

Especially when she said she liked him .

Lu Boyan gently held Su Jian’an’s waist with one hand and clasped the back of her head with another hand . He bowed his head to cover her lips, pushed open her teeth, and kissed her deeply .


Su Jian’an’s eyes were wide open, and her beautiful and innocent eyes were full of disbelief .

This was the corridor of the hospital, and people could come in and out at any time . Further, they could definitely recognize Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan was kissing her here . “Are you kidding me?!”

“If you want to end it as soon as possible—don’t move . ” Lu Boyan savored Su Jian’an’s sweetness wantonly while gently threatening her .

In the past, Su Jian’an would follow Lu Boyan’s words obediently at moments like this .

But today, since Lu Boyan dared to kiss her in the hospital corridor—she suddenly didn’t want to be obedient .

Su Jian’an tried to respond to Lu Boyan . Just when Lu Boyan wanted to deepen the kiss, she pushed him away dexterously and asked meaningfully, “Do you have a problem with me moving like this?”

“No . ” Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an deeply . “But you ran too fast, which is against the rule . ”

Su Jian’an didn’t seem to care about it . “Oh,” she said . “So?”

Lu Boyan smiled and gently held Su Jian’an’s hands . “There is no “so”—only punishment . ”

This time, before Su Jian’an could make a sound, Lu Boyan sealed her lips with a kiss…

After this “punishment”, Su Jian’an’s cheeks had become as red and full as her lips . In the end, she did not even know how she was brought back to the suite by Lu Boyan .

Tang Yulan had gone to another department to visit a friend who was hospitalized . Only Aunt Liu was busy cleaning the suite .

Seeing Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an coming back, Aunt Liu told them, “Mr . Mu and Mr . Shen are here . They are in the room . ”

Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan glanced at each other and quickly walked toward the door .

At the moment when she opened the door, Lu Boyan was stunned, let alone Su Jian’an .

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Although Shen Yuechuan was just a special assistant, but his power in Lu Enterprises was second only to Lu Boyan—everyone in Lu Enterprises knew this . Almost everyone regarded him as a deputy general manager and he could be regarded as a real power figure .

Not to mention Mu Sijue . Everyone in City G knew about the huge and mysterious Mu family . Everyone had heard of Mu Qi . Who didn’t know about Seventh Brother?

At this moment, these two men, who could command the situation in their respective cities, were carefully holding a little girl who had just been born three days ago . Their cold and handsome eyes showed extreme love, which was extremely unlike their usual selves . Shen Yuechuan was holding his mobile phone and searching for something on the Internet . He also kept helping the other to adjust the posture of holding a child .

“Put your right hand down a little more . It’s said on the Internet that the child will feel better being held like this . ”

“You should hold her with the right amount of strength . Only in that way can children have a stronger sense of security!”

“Hey, Mu Qi, your movements are too stiff . No wonder the little baby is not willing . Can you hold her a little more emotionally?”

Mu Sijue had been bossy for so many years . Even Lu Boyan didn’t dare to question him easily .

But at this moment, he actually accepted all nitpicks of Shen Yuechuan . He kept adjusting his hand gestures according to Shen Yuechuan’s words and asked if it was right .

Su Jian’an was not just stunned . She felt that she had seen the ninth great wonder in the world—it was even more amazing than Lu Boyan changing paper diapers for the baby!

The most amazing thing was that Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan were not careless people . However, it had been two minutes since she and Lu Boyan came back, but they didn’t notice it .

Su Jian’an put her forefinger to her lips, made a gesture of “shush” to Lu Boyan, and said with a mouth shape, “I’ll scare them . ”

She quietly walked over and did not dare to get too close . Suddenly, from a distance, she called out, “Yuechuan!”

Mu Sijue almost subconsciously protected Xiangyi in his arms . Shen Yuechuan was ready to defend . When he suddenly saw that it was Su Jian’an, he withdrew his hand . Then he saw Lu Boyan, so he asked in confusion, “When did you come back?”

“We’ve been back for at least two minutes . You just didn’t notice . ” Su Jian’an looked at Xiangyi in Mu Sijue’s arms . “Why did Xiangyi cry?”

“I don’t know . She woke up shortly after we came in . When she woke up, she began to cry . ” Shen Yuechuan shrugged helplessly . “It’s useless, but Mu Qi and I tried our best to coax her . ”

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Lu Boyan’s heart ached for his daughter . He walked up to Mu Sijue and reached out his hand to signal Mu Sijue to give Xiangyi back to him .

Mu Sijue didn’t let go of Xiangyi at first, but since Xiaoyi was still crying, he had to hand the baby girl to her father .

Speaking of it, it was amazing . As soon as she was in Lu Boyan’s arms, Xiangyi just rubbed against him . Perhaps she found a familiar sense of security in Lu Boyan’s arms, and her crying quickly faded away .

Lu Boyan looked at his daughter tenderly and gently patted the little girl’s shoulder . “Good girl, don’t cry . Daddy is back . ”

Xiangyi seemed to have understood Lu Boyan’s words . She blinked her beautiful small eyes and gradually stopped crying .

Mu Sijue looked at Lu Boyan with confusion . “Why?” It was useless when he and Shen Yuechuan did all they could to coax Xiangyi for a long time . Why did the baby stop crying just because Lu Boyan hugged her?

Lu Boyan touched his daughter’s face and said, “You will understand as long as you have your own child . ”

“…” Mu Sijue just pretended that he didn’t hear anything .

At the moment, Su Jian’an walked to the baby bed and found that Xiyu had also woken up . The little baby was lying quietly in the bed, looking at the several people beside the bed calmly . From time to time, he would even close his eyes to rest . She really couldn’t blame Mu Sijue and Shen Yuechuan for not discovering that he was awake .

The cot was a little low . If she wanted to pick up Xiyu, Su Jian’an had to bend down . The cut on Su Jian’an’s lower abdomen limited her movements, so she could only ask Shen Yuechuan for help .

Shen Yuechuan raised his chin to Mu Sijue and said, “You pick him up and see if you can scare him to tears . ”

Hearing this, Lu Boyan dangerously looked at Shen Yuechuan . Shen Yuechuan motioned him to be calm . “Don’t forget that he is your son . How can an ordinary person make him cry?”

Lu Boyan just said, “Don’t go too far . ”

Mu Sijue walked to the baby bed and looked at Xiyu .

Just as Shen Yuechuan said, Xiyu was much calmer than his sister . He was lying casually on the baby bed, as if he would not be scared even if the heavens fell down .

Mu Sijue’s interest was instantly aroused by the little guy .

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There was a reason for Shen Yuechuan to ask Mu Sijue to have a try—Mu Sijue was in City G, and basically no child dared to approach him, and the newborn children were the same .

If Xiyu, who was born three days ago, was not afraid of him, it could show that this little guy had infinite potential .

Mu Sijue followed Shen Yuechuan’s instruction and picked up Xiyu from the baby bed with standard gestures .

After all, he was a stranger, so Xiyu was a little curious . He stared at Mu Sijue for a few seconds and frowned for some reason . Just when Shen Yuechuan thought he was about to cry, he tilted his little head and turned to look in Su Jian’an’s direction .

Su Jian’an’s heart was as soft as water, and she smiled at Xiyu . The little fellow excitedly kicked in Mu Sijue’s arms, as if he was greeting Su Jian’an .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t know whether he should be disappointed or gratified . “Mu Qi, this little guy is really not afraid of you . Is it because you are not intimidating anymore or this guy is too bold?”

A rare smile appeared on Mu Sijue’s handsome face . He reached out to tease Xiyu . When he was about to say something, he saw a familiar figure out of the corner of his eyes .

He had expected that she might come to see Su Jian’an .

But he didn’t expect that she would pick the same time as him .

Mu Sijue’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and he gave Xiyu to Shen Yuechuan and said, “Hold him . ”

Shen Yuechuan noticed that there was something wrong with Mu Sijue . He held Xiyu and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Sijue didn’t have time to say anything . He turned around to leave .

She shouldn’t have showed up here .

Since she had appeared, she shouldn’t have sneaked around .

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