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Chapter 613: 613
Chapter 613 Choosing the Same Time

Xu Youning looked at Kang Ruicheng unwillingly, but he was invulnerable all the time, and even his deep eyes looked particularly cold and hard .

In the end, Xu Youning bent her shoulders and compromised . “I know I was wrong . ”

“You’re not wrong . ” Kang Ruicheng poured a cup of tea for Xu Youning and comforted her . “In the face of hatred, it’s normal for humans to not be calm . ”

It was especially true for a person like Xu Youning, who was bad-tempered and had been suppressed for half a year .

That was right . As Xu Youning had expected, Kang Ruicheng was just testing her .

He heard that Mu Sijue was in City A, on the same continent with her . If Xu Youning didn’t show her resentment and just hesitated, Kang Ruicheng would think that he should no longer trust Xu Youning .

However, Xu Youning’s final reaction was exactly what he wanted .

As a matter of fact, there had been nothing suspicious about Xu Youning’s performance in the past six months .

Maybe he had thought too much from the very beginning . He should have trusted Xu Youning as much as he used to…

Xu Youning calmed down and looked down . “I want to go to the hospital to see Jian’an and her child . ”

There was a hint of hesitation in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes . “You…”

Xu Youning knew the reason for Kang Ruicheng’s hesitation . She looked up at the night sky, her eyes unfocused . “I just want to take a peek secretly and won’t appear in front of them . ”

Kang Ruicheng put down the teacup . “I’ve received news that Lu Boyan has arranged an elite team to protect Su Jian’an and her children in the hospital . ”

Xu Youning knew that it was a warning, so she smiled indifferently . “Don’t forget what I’m good at . ”

In addition to acting, she was best at sneaking in .

Lu Boyan had arranged an elite team to protect Su Jian’an in the hospital . Although it would pose a challenge, it might not be able to stop her .

Kang Ruicheng knew Xu Youning’s temper well, so he knew that Xu Youning couldn’t be persuaded . He had to ask, “Do you need me to arrange a backup for you?”

Xu Youning looked at Kang Ruicheng with amusement . “You are not confident of me?”

“No . ” Kang Ruicheng immediately denied . “I’m just worried that…”

“Why are you anxious? That’s not what I meant . ” Xu Youning smiled easily . “I’m asking you—are you suspecting of my ability?”

Kang Ruicheng was stunned and smiled . “A Ning, I didn’t mean that either . ”

Xu Youning stood up in disapproval and stretched herself . “It’s normal for you to suspect that I’ve regressed . After all, I haven’t moved for a long time . Let me go alone tomorrow to prove to you whether I’m still the Xu Youning I used to be . ”

Her last sentence obviously had more than one meaning .

“I think it’s better to arrange someone to protect you . ” Kang Ruicheng’s tone softened . “I’m still worried…”

“Don’t worry . ” Xu Youning looked like she had no pressure at all . “Don’t forget that Su Jian’an takes me as a friend . No matter how much Lu Boyan is wary of me, in her heart, I will always be the granddaughter of Granny Xu who took care of her mother . I am not her enemy . Even if I get caught by Lu Boyan’s men, she will still ask Lu Boyan to let me go . ”

Seeing that Kang Ruicheng didn’t speak, Xu Youning added, “Besides, who told you that Lu Boyan’s men could definitely catch me?”

Kang Ruicheng finally stopped trying to persuade her and just said, “Be careful . Contact me in time if you need anything . ”

“Don’t worry . ”

Xu Youning gave Kang Ruicheng a smile and turned to go upstairs .

When she returned to the room, the smile on her face faded little by little, and her face gradually became serious .

At this point, she had probably dispelled all of Kang Ruicheng’s doubts about her . Otherwise, he would not allow her to go to visit Su Jian’an alone .

However, if she was really discovered by Lu Boyan’s people, how could she face Su Jian’an? How could she tell Su Jian’an that she had never thought about hurting her?

In the end, how could she tell Su Jian’an her real purpose of returning to Kang Ruicheng’s side?

That night, Xu Youning didn’t sleep well .

A night passed in the blink of an eye .

At dusk the next day, when it was getting dark, Xu Youning changed into a light black close-fitting tracksuit . She went to the garage to pick up a low-key car and drove to the hospital .

She had never even dreamed that at the same time, when she set off, Mu Sijue was also rushing to the hospital from the city center .

What Kang Ruicheng said was right . Mu Sijue didn’t just come to City A to see Su Jian’an .

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In order not to let him have time to do other things, he shortened the schedule of three days to two days . Today, he went to see the two little guys of the Lu family and would set off for City G early tomorrow morning .

When Mu Sijue arrived at the hospital, he happened to meet Shen Yuechuan, who had just arrived . The two of them parked their cars and went to the department of obstetrics and gynecology together .

Shen Yuechuan looked at the time . “At this time, I wonder if the two little guys have fallen asleep—we have to see whether they will give you some respect . ”

It turned out that Xiyu and Xiangyi were very polite to Mu Sijue .

When they arrived at the suite, there was only Aunt Liu in the living room .

Aunt Liu said, “What a coincidence . Mr . Lu has gone with his wife for an examination, and the young master and Xiangyi haven’t woken up yet . ”

“It doesn’t matter . I’ll go in to have a look . ” Mu Sijue said, “I’ll wait for Boyan and Jian’an to come back while I’m in there . ”

“Okay . ” Aunt Liu was more or less afraid of Mu Sijue, so she said carefully, “But you’d better keep your voice down . Noise isn’t a big deal for Xiyu . But once Xiangyi wakes up, she will cry . No one can comfort her except for Mr . and Mrs . Lu . ”

Hearing Aunt Liu’s words, Mu Sijue’s interest was aroused . He pushed the door open and saw two baby beds in the corner at the first sight .

When he walked over, the two little guys were sleeping soundly on the bed . They looked like mini versions of Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an, who had been meticulously made .

What really made Mu Sijue feel amazed was that the newborn children were so small .

The two little guys were only several sizes of his palms . They had slender arms and legs, beautiful and lovely, but also particularly fragile . They were like little angels who had just been born . People couldn’t help their urge to take care of them and wanted to bring all the best things in the world to them .

Mu Sijue’s heart softened unconsciously . He thought if he had made up his mind to force Xu Youning to stay at that time, would they have had their own children?

After realizing what he was thinking, Mu Sijue suddenly felt that he was being too ridiculous .

Xu Youning had not only returned to Kang Ruicheng’s side, but also firmly believed that he was the murderer of her grandmother, and he still wanted to have a baby with Xu Youning?

“Oooh… wuwu…”

A burst of crisp and tender cry pulled back Mu Sijue’s thoughts . He looked in the direction of the sound and found that Xiangyi had woken up .

Shen Yuechuan also noticed it and looked at Mu Sijue with a blank face . “She’s crying! What should we do?”

Mu Sijue said with an unreasonable look, “Now that you asked me, who should I ask for the right solution?”

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Although it was only the third day since she came to this world, Xiangyi was already used to being hugged by someone as soon as she cried . This time, she cried for so long but no one paid any attention to her . No one knew if she was aggrieved or angry, so her crying became louder in an instant .


“Mu Qi, do something!” Shen Yuechuan pushed Mu Sijue . “Why are children’s cries so pitiful?”


Mu Sijue finally understood why when he heard the cry of Xiangyi, his heart felt like being twisted into a ball . It was the feeling of heartache .

For the first time, he said in an uncertain tone, “Hug her?”

“Good idea!” Shen Yuechuan realized the problem as soon as he praised Mu Sijue . “But, how should we hug her?”

Mu Sijue said helplessly, “I haven’t held a child either . ”

Even after crying for so long, no one paid any attention to her . So, Xiangyi cried even harder . It seemed that if no one came to hug her, she would cry until tomorrow .

“Forget it!” Shen Yuechuan pushed Mu Sijue over . “You comfort this little baby first, and I’ll search online how to hold a newborn child . ”

After the task was assigned, Shen Yuechuan personally took out his mobile phone and searched online . Mu Sijue had to carry out his task—lifting Xiangyi up with both hands .

That’s right, lifting .

Mu Sijue held Xiangyi’s butt with one hand and her neck and head with the other . He slowly lifted the little guy from the bed .

The problem he neglected was that not only would he fail to give Xiangyi a sense of security, he would also make her feel as if she was suspended in the air and arouse fear .

As expected, Xiangyi was stunned for two seconds, and then she burst into tears out of fear .

Mu Sijue didn’t know how to comfort her . He became more and more worried, but he didn’t know how to deal with it .

At the moment, Shen Yuechuan finally found the picture of holding a child from the Internet . He rushed over and compared it with Mu Sijue’s posture . He frowned and pointed out . “Mu Qi, your posture is wrong!”

Mu Sijue had lived for more than 30 years, and almost no one dared to question him face to face .

But this time, he didn’t care about it . Instead, he asked, “What’s the right way to hold her?”

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“Wait a minute, I’ll adjust your posture according to the picture!” Shen Yuechuan studied the picture, then looked at Mu Sijue . He pointed out the first mistake immediately, “You should let the baby stick to your chest so that she could hear your heartbeat, which was the same as how she had heard her mother’s heartbeat before she was born . Thus she will feel safer—at least, it’s said like that on the Internet!”

Sticking to his chest?

Although it sounded weird, Mu Sijue still tried to slowly hold her in his arms .

Maybe she had heard his heartbeat or she was not suspended in the air anymore . Xiangyi’s crying became lighter and it was less pitiful .

Shen Yuechuan laughed . “I’m happier now compared to signing a deal worth billions of yuan . ”

Mu Sijue looked at the little girl in his arms, and a soft smile appeared on his lips .

He also felt that it was amazing . Such a small child could do nothing but cry . She was so fragile that he needed to take care of her carefully .

However, he didn’t reject holding her, and he was even willing to hold her a little longer .

Looking at Mu Sijue’s fatherly love, Shen Yuechuan also began to be eager for it . “Hey, Mu Qi, let me hug her . ”

Mu Sijue turned his back, and all his attention was on Xiangyi . He perfunctorily answered Shen Yuechuan, “You’re responsible for searching on the Internet, and observing whether there is anything wrong with my posture . ”

Shen Yuechuan was sure that it was the first time that he had heard Mu Sijue speak in such a soft tone, even though he been so familiar with Mu Sijue for so long .

“Do whatever you like!” Shen Yuechuan was so angry that he said, “Anyway, I have already hugged her!”

“Cut the crap!” Mu Sijue glanced at Shen Yuechuan and asked coldly, “Is there anything wrong with me hugging her like this?”

“Let me have a look . ” Shen Yuechuan carefully compared the picture and Mu Sijue’s gestures . He patiently adjusted Mu Sijue’s posture in order to make Xiangyi more comfortable .

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