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Chapter 609: 609
Chapter 609 The Iceberg was Thawed by the Sunlight

Lu Boyan handed Xiyu who was crying less ferociously to Su Jian’an and held Xiangyi in his arms .

According to the experience of the past two days, it was easy to comfort Xiangyi . As long as he held her for a while, the little girl would soon stop crying .

However, Xiangyi told him the truth that—he was still too optimistic .

This time, it seemed that Little Xiangyi was going to cry for a whole day . She cried so hard that her voice was hoarse and pitiful, which made Lu Boyan’s heart ache for her .

Su Jian’an couldn’t stand it anymore, so she gave Lu Boyan a suggestion . “Get her some water to drink first . ”

There was warm water in the milk bottle . Lu Boyan took it and fed it to Xiaoxiao, but before she could take two sips, the little girl turned her head and spat out the mouth of the milk bottle in disgust, and then continued to cry .

Lu Boyan put down the bottle and walked towards the French windows with Xiangyi in his arms . He coaxed her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Of course, Xiangyi wouldn’t answer, but the louder she cried, the tighter her father’s heart felt .

Lu Boyan frowned and gently patted Little Xiangyi’s shoulder . “Good girl, daddy’s holding you . Don’t cry, okay?”

Little Xiangyi seemed to have understood Lu Boyan’s words . She stared at Lu Boyan . Then her crying was indeed getting lighter, but it also sounded more aggrieved, as if she could not say who had bullied her .

This time, Lu Boyan’s heart didn’t just hurt, but he felt bursts of pain in his heart .

As long as his daughter could stop crying, he would do anything .

However, Xiao Yi was full of energy and had no intention of stopping . Lu Boyan could only try to distract her . He pointed at the light outside and said to her, “Baby, see what’s outside . ”

The newborn little girl’s vision was limited, so how could she see what was outside? She just continued to cry regardless of anything .

A rare sense of frustration surfaced on Lu Boyan’s face . He caressed Xiao Yi’s face, distressed and helpless . “What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell, huh?”

Thinking that the little girl might be uncomfortable, Lu Boyan’s face immediately became tense . He walked to the top of the bed with Xiangyi in his arms and was about to call the nurse station .

Su Jian’an asked right on time, “Who are you calling?”

Lu Boyan frowned and said, “Xiangyi may be uncomfortable, so I want to ask a children’s doctor to check on her . ”

“Don’t make the call . ” Su Jian’an let go of Xiyu and said, “Take Xiyu and leave Xiangyi to me . ”

Lu Boyan frowned and did what he was told . What he saw was that as soon as Xiangyi arrived in Su Jian’an’s arms, she seemed to feel something special . She immediately stopped crying and kept shaking her head, as if she was looking for something .

Su Jian’an smiled and caressed her delicate face to feed her with breast milk .

“Uhm…” This time, Xiangyi finally stopped crying . Occasionally, she would even sigh in satisfaction .

Su Jian’an looked up and told Lu Boyan, “Actually… she was just hungry . ”

Lu Boyan’s temples were throbbing . “… Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Su Jian’an said innocently, “I was feeding Xiyu just now . So even if I told you that Xiangyi was just hungry, you couldn’t do anything about it . What’s more, your look just now… was very funny . ”

“He looks very funny with his daughter in his arms when he doesn’t know what to do . ”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and kept this experience in his mind .

He was not in a hurry . There would be plenty of time in the future . He could let Su Jian’an repay the debt of these days slowly with the rest of her life .

After having been fed, the two little guys finally stopped crying . They lay side by side beside Su Jian’an and looked at the ceiling quietly . Occasionally, they raised their hands and kicked their feet, making vague sounds and blinking their big bright eyes . They looked so cute behaving like that .

After a while, Xiyu might have felt bored . He clenched his small hand into a fist and put it into his mouth . He didn’t have time to suck his hand before he was discovered by Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan hooked the little guy’s hand with a finger and shook his head to him . “No . ”


Xiyu made a protest and broke away from Lu Boyan’s hand with force . He was so insistent to swallow his fist .

Once this habit was formed, it would be difficult to change it in the future . This time, Lu Boyan used more strength . He grabbed the hand of Xiyu, and the little fellow used the same trick again, but found that he could not get rid of Lu Boyan’s hand .

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Perhaps he felt pitiful, so he pursed her lips and pretended that he was about to cry .

Lu Boyan didn’t pamper him at all . He said firmly, “No . ”

The little guy seemed to have found that he couldn’t resist Lu Boyan, so he innocently opened his eyes wide . He looked at Lu Boyan for a while and finally slowly put down his hand . It could be regarded as admitting defeat .

Only then did Lu Boyan pick up the little guy and kiss his face as a reward .

At this time, a nurse knocked on the door and came in . “Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu, it’s time to bath the babies . ”

The babies’ tub was ready in the bathroom . The nurse went in to prepare the bath, and then adjusted the temperature of the bathroom to ensure that the babies would not catch a cold from the bath . In the end, she came out and called Lu Boyan, “Mr . Lu, the bathroom is ready . Please carry one of the twins inside first . ”

Xiyu happened to be in his arms, so Lu Boyan carried him into the bathroom . Su Jian’an was not reassured, so she asked another nurse to take care of Xiangyi and followed them into the bathroom .

Lu Boyan reminded Su Jian’an, “There’s water on the floor . Be careful . ”

“Mm,” Su Jian’an said with a smile . When she saw the nurse taking off Lil Xi’s clothes, she asked excitedly, “Nurse, can I help him get bathed?”

“Not for now . ” The nurse smiled apologetically and explained patiently, “The old madam specially told me yesterday that you can’t touch water for the time being . ”

Su Jian’an compressed her lips to suppress her curiosity . “Well, then I’m sorry to trouble you . ”

Xiyu’s clothes had been taken off . The nurse held his butt and the back of his head and slowly put him into the water . She explained to Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an, “The babies are always afraid when they touch water for the first time . They may also cry, but they will get used to it after a few times . ”

Lu Boyan looked at Xiyu .

After half of his body was submerged in the water, the little fellow seemed to be not used to it . He opened his eyes and looked around vigilantly .

The nurse saw that the little guy did not reject it very much, so she continued gently .

When the water reached his chest, Xiyu might have sensed the danger . So he pursed his lips and kicked his legs in the water in panic . He was about to cry .

Lu Boyan gently held the small hand of Xiyu . “Dad is here . Don’t be afraid . ”

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When the little boy heard Lu Boyan’s voice, he turned his head and looked around . It seemed that he found a sense of security . In the end, he did not cry out, but just held one of Lu Boyan’s fingers tightly .

In less than three minutes, the nurse finished bathing Lil Xi . Lu Boyan wrapped the little fellow in a bath towel and carried him out .

The baby’s bath towel was very soft and not very big, but when the newborn baby was wrapped in it, he still looked very small . When Lu Boyan put Lil Xi on the bed, his movements unconsciously became cautious, for fear of hurting the baby .

The nurse came over with a set of baby clothes and handed them to Lu Boyan . “Mr . Lu, would you like to try changing clothes of the baby?”

Lu Boyan took the clothes that were only the size of his palms . “Thank you . ”

Su Jian’an was a little skeptical and asked Lu Boyan, “You… can?”

“I’ve read it in the book . ” Lu Boyan unfolded the towel which wrapped Xiyu and said flatly, “I remember the general steps . ”

Su Jian’an watched with great interest . She saw Lu Boyan put on the little guy’s trousers first, then his shirt by wrapping it on one arm of the little guy and then the other . Finally, he tidied it up and got the little guy changed into new clothes .

Su Jian’an could only express her admiration .

“That’s it . ” The nurse had seen Lu Boyan changing paper diapers for Xiyu, so she didn’t think it was surprising that Lu Boyan could change the clothes for Xiyu . She was used to it and said, “Mr . Lu, take your daughter to the bathroom . It’s time for her to take a bath . ”

After all, Xiangyi was a girl . She was timider than her brother . As soon as she touched the water, she cried out in fear and her pretty little face scrunched up . Seeing this, the nurse felt that she was bullying a newborn child and hesitated whether she should continue to bathe her .

“Let me do it . ” Lu Boyan took her daughter from the nurse and touched her little face . “What’s wrong?”

“Boohoo…” The little beauty was crying vaguely, looking very pitiful .

“Don’t cry . ” Lu Boyan used his palm to scoop a little water, and slowly and patiently poured it on the little girl’s body, letting her feel the touch of water first, and coaxed her softly . “Dad will help you wash, okay?”

“Um…” The little girl looked at Lu Boyan with her bright black eyes, and the crying slowly weakened .

“Good girl . ” Lu Boyan held his daughter with both hands and slowly put her into the water, giving her time to adapt to the water’s encirclement . At first, the little girl was still a little scared . She kicked her legs in the water, and then raised her hand . A few drops of water splashed on her face, and she blinked in horror .

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In the end, perhaps it was because she found that it was not painful or itchy and that the water was quite fun, Xiangyi not only stopped crying but also grinned at Lu Boyan and danced in the water .

The nurse looked at the excited little girl and couldn’t help sighing . “She’s so cute!”

In fact, what made her more surprised was Lu Boyan .

He was usually a man with an aloof temperament, but when he coaxed the child, he was gentle and patient, like a different person .

When Lu Boyan faced his son and daughter, he was like an iceberg that had been melted by the sun . Not only was he no longer cold, but he was also shrouded in a soft light, which made people feel warm .

Unfortunately, his tenderness was only for the few people he loved most .

Therefore, Su Jian’an must be the one who had saved the Milky Way galaxy in her previous life .

Lu Boyan gently wiped Xiangyi’s neck and hands with a soft towel and soon finished bathing her . Then he spread the bath towel on his legs and carried her up from the water . He let her lie on the bath towel and quickly wrapped her in the same, leaving only her head out .

Xiangyi realized that she could no longer move . She seemed to think that it was fun and smiled at Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan caressed his daughter’s little face lovingly . “I’ll wash for you next time, okay?”

Xiangyi was so excited that she waved her hands and stamped her feet . “Humph!”

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