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Chapter 608: 608

The first time Su Jian’an had met Jiang Shaokai’s mother was when she was in her sophomore year .

On that day, she and Luo Xiaoxi went back to school after dinner, walking through the remote North School gate . From a distance, they saw Jiang Shaokai and a woman standing next to a black car, and they looked quite close .

When they got closer, they found that the madam was still very young, well-dressed, graceful, and elegant .

The car parked next to them was a top-assembled Mercedes-Benz, and in the driver’s seat was the driver in dark suit .

Luo Xiaoxi pulled Su Jian’an over and greeted Jiang Shaokai . She asked curiously, “Shaokai, is this your sister? I haven’t heard that you have a sister . ”

Jiang’s mum’s smile almost bloomed on her face, and she dragged them to have afternoon tea .

After that, no matter what food was sent to Jiang Shaokai, Jiang’s mum would never forget to prepare some for Su Jian’an and Luo Xiaoxi . Occasionally, she would ask them what they wanted to eat and ask them to order as much as they wanted .

Unlike the rich and powerful women on TV who were deliberately shaped to create a drama effect, Jiang’s mum was not only good at cooking, but also very friendly . She always spoke gently, making people feel comfortable as if they were bathed in the spring breeze .

Su Jian’an told Jiang Shaokai that she was envious that Jiang Shaokai had such a mother, and even more envious that his mother could accompany him like this all the time .

This sentence had reached the ears of Jiang’s mum . So in Su Jian’an’s senior year, Jiang’s mum seemed to be joking or seriously telling Su Jian’an that as long as Su Jian’an wanted, she could be Su Jian’an’s mother . In this way, Su Jian’an could eat the dishes she cooked every day!

Until today, Su Jian’an had thought that Jiang’s mom had intended to recognize her as her goddaughter, fearing that she could not bear the kindness . As a result, at that time, she had deftly avoided the topic .

Perhaps Jiang’s mum had discovered her fear, so after that, Jiang’s mum and Jiang Shaokai never mentioned it again . Su Jian’an had thought that she might never be able to eat the food made by Jiang’s mum again .

I didn’t expect that Jiang’s mum would prepare soup and ask Jiang Shaokai to bring it here .

Su Jian’an smiled . “Help me express my gratitude to auntie . ”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Jiang Shaokai said casually . “She’s busy preparing for my wedding . Otherwise, she would have come personally to deliver it to you . Your drinking up the soup is the best gift for her . I’ll leave first . ”

Su Jian’an nodded . “Okay . ”

Jiang Shaokai turned around and left the room . In the living room, he happened to meet Lu Boyan, who had just made a phone call .

Lu Boyan looked at his watch . It seemed that Jiang Shaokai had only stayed for half an hour, which was much shorter than he had expected . He felt confused . “Are you leaving?”

Jiang Shaokai put his hands into the pockets of his casual pants . “What’s wrong? Do you want me to stay longer?”

Lu Boyan smiled coldly . “You think too much . ”

“I want to stay a little longer and have a look at the two little guys,” Jiang Shaokai changed the subject, “But I have to hurry back to accompany my fiancée to try on the wedding dress . ”

“Fiancée, wedding dress?”

These two phrases caught Lu Boyan’s attention at once . He looked at Jiang Shaokai with a little surprise . “Are you getting married?”

“That’s right,” Jiang Shaokai said frankly, “The wedding date is set for half a month later . If you have time, you are welcomed to the wedding . ”

Lu Boyan said ambiguously, “Sure . ”

Jiang Shaokai did not say anything more . He left the suite, went downstairs to the parking lot, took the car, and drove towards the villa area in the suburbs .

He had told his mother in advance yesterday that he would come to the hospital to see Su Jian’an this afternoon and send the marriage invitation to her on his way .

Early in the morning, his mother woke up and did her work in the kitchen . When he was about to go out, she stuffed him with a thermos bucket and said, “I know Lu Family will take good care of Jian’an, but this is a gift from your mother . Please help me bring it to her . ”

Jiang Shaokai smiled and said, “She has always liked to eat the dishes you cook…”

“I know . ” Jiang’s mum didn’t realize that she had interrupted her son’s words . She sighed and said, “I once gave her a hint that as long as she was willing to be with you, she could eat the dishes cooked by me every day . But she actually misunderstood that I wanted to adopt her as my daughter . ”

Jiang’s mum said while laughing while Jiang Shaokai fell into silence .

After laughing, Jiang’s mum realized that she shouldn’t have mentioned it again . She patted Jiang Shaokai’s arm and said, “You and Lanlan are going to get married . We should forget these things . ”

Jiang Shaokai nodded . “Mom, don’t worry . They already have children now . So I won’t keep thinking about her anymore . Also, since I have decided to marry Lanlan, I know what to do . ”

Jiang’s mum was relieved and smiled . “Go ahead . Don’t talk for too long . Lanlan will be waiting for you to pick her up to try on the wedding dress . ”

The white BMW ran on the highway for more than half an hour . Once it got off the highway, it drove into a villa area before finally stopping in front of the gate of a villa which was in a European style .

Before Jiang Shaokai got out of the car, he saw a girl dressed in a light blue dress come out of the villa, open the door and get in the passenger seat of his car .

Before he could speak, the girl said with a smile, “I saw your car from upstairs . Let’s go . Don’t waste time . ”

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Jiang Shaokai also smiled, turned around the car, and took Zhou Qilan to the wedding dress store .

Su Jian’an first became Lu Boyan’s wife, and now she became the mother of two children . Her life was very different from before .

It was time for a new chapter of his life .

In the hospital ward .

Su Jian’an couldn’t help reminding Boyan, “You have been reading it for five minutes . It’s just a marriage invitation, not a cooperative project of the company . Is there so much content to read?”

Right after Shaokai left, Lu Boyan came in . He saw Jiang Shaokai’s wedding invitation at a glance and picked it up to look at it for five minutes .

After being reminded by Su Jian’an, he finally put down the invitation card . He raised his eyebrows and said, “I was just surprised that Jiang Shaokai is getting married . ”

“Pfft…” Su Jian’an couldn’t help but look at Lu Boyan incredulously . “What do you mean? Since you can get married, why can’t Jiang Shaokai?”

Lu Boyan said, “It is a little earlier than I expected . ”

“… How could you have predicted when Jiang Shaokai would get married?” The more Su Jian’an said, the more she wanted to laugh . “Three years ago, even you didn’t expect that you would marry me in a year, did you?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jian’an and naturally changed the topic . “Who is his fiancée?”

Su Jian’an did not answer . Instead, she looked at Lu Boyan in confusion . “After you became a father, why did you become a gossipy person?”

Looking at Su Jian’an, Lu Boyan speculated, “Do you know his fiancée?”

Su Jian’an raised her hand to surrender and said truthfully, “I don’t know her . I just heard Shaokai mention that they met on a blind date . ”

“A blind date?” Lu Boyan snorted . “Jiang Shaokai is more willing to compromise than I thought . ”

The more Su Jian’an listened, the more she felt that Lu Boyan was laughing at Jiang Shaokai, and then she said, “That girl is called Zhou Qilan . ”

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Surprise flashed across Lu Boyan’s face . “Zhou Qilan? The eldest daughter of the Zhou family who just came back from abroad?”

This time it was Su Jian’an who got surprised . “Do you know Zhou Qilan?”

“The current Chief Operating Officer of Zhou’s Group . I’ve worked with her for several times . She is very capable and has a wide range of contact,” Lu Boyan said, “She actually likes Jiang Shaokai?”

Su Jian’an almost vomited blood . “Didn’t you just say Shaokai had compromised?”

Lu Boyan explained calmly, “I didn’t expect Zhou Qilan to have anything to do with Jiang Shaokai . ”

No matter how she listened, Su Jian’an didn’t think that Lu Boyan was explaining . Instead, he belittled Jiang Shaokai again so she asked, “Do you mean that Zhou Qilan is the one who compromised?”

“…” Lu Boyan did not comment, but Su Jian’an knew him very well . His attitude was equivalent to affirming Su Jian’an’s words .

By the way, it seemed that this was the first time that Lu Boyan had such a good opinion of a girl .

Su Jian’an suddenly wanted to pick out something wrong and waved to Lu Boyan . “Honey, come here . ”

Lu Boyan did not find anything strange . He came over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an seemed to be really curious but not jealous at all . “In your eyes, Zhou Qilan is very good . ”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an and said, “For Jiang Shaokai, Zhou Qilan is really good . ”

He actually replied in such a way, successfully avoiding the trap!

Su Jian’an simply did not stop and continued to ask, “If you think she is good, there should be a lot of men who like Zhou Qilan, right?”

Lu Boyan did not deny it . “There are indeed a lot of men pursuing her . ”

“Sure enough, a lot of men like her . Then you…”

Su Jian’an was about to ask Lu Boyan if he liked Zhou Qilan . Lu Boyan suddenly kissed her and said, “For Jiang Shaokai who doesn’t want to inherit the family business, Zhou Qilan is a good choice . ”

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Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan blankly . “You know what I’m about to ask?”

Lu Boyan rubbed Su Jian’an’s hair, and the affection in his movements was the same as before . “Fool, don’t ask that silly question . The reason why I praised Zhou Qilan is that—she is a very good business partner . ”

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan with an innocent look . “I just wanted to set you up…”

Now she understood that there was a wide gap in IQ between them . It was basically impossible for her to trick Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan’s smile deepened when he saw Su Jian’an’s frustrated look . He kissed her lips and said, “You’ve already trapped me 15 years ago . Are you still not satisfied?”

Fifteen years ago, he was sixteen years old, and Su Jian’an was ten years old . He had been in contact with Su Jian’an for less than a month before parting with her .

For the next 14 years, he had never forgotten Su Jian’an .

Couldn’t that be counted as having trapped him successfully?

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and then realized what Lu Boyan meant . She couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

Her smile was still the same as before . Her eyes were as bright as stars, and her smile was clean without any impurities .

Lu Boyan looked at her, and he could still feel his heart beating fast .

Su Jian’an was familiar with Lu Boyan’s gaze . She closed her eyes and Lu Boyan naturally lowered his head . Just as he was about to press their lips together, a baby’s cry suddenly resounded in the room and cut through everything ambiguous .

It was the cry of Xiyu . This was the second time that he had interrupted Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an .

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an and said in a deep voice, “Should we send them to another room and have the nurses and Aunt Liu take care of them?”

Before Su Jian’an could answer, another burst of crying came .


This time, it was the voice of the little girl . The little girl’s voice sounded so innocent .

Su Jian’an pushed all the responsibilities to Lu Boyan as if it had nothing to do with her, “You must have scared Xiangyi!”

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