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Chapter 607: 607

Jiang Shaokai…

Su Jian’an had met him eight years ago .

At that time, Jiang Shaokai was a handsome guy who was famous throughout the school and was the school’s BBS . The number of people who fell in love with him openly and secretly in the school could not be counted .

What was even more shocking was that every day, there were a lot of girls from the neighboring school coming over to ask where Jiang Shaokai was, and then they went all over the University A just to have a look at Jiang Shaokai .

Later, the experiment teacher placed Su Jian’an and Jiang Shaokai into the same group .

Until today, Su Jian’an still remembered the words of the experiment teacher . “Jian’an, at present, it seems that Shaokai is free from disturbance only when he is in the same group as you . ”

Jiang Shaokai’s professional grades were very good . He was bold and capable of conducting . By cooperating with such a person, Su Jian’an could save a lot of trouble .

Yes, Su Jian’an completely ignored the fact that all the girls drooled about—Jiang Shaokai’s face .

Later, Jiang Shaokai knew the reason why Su Jian’an was willing to be in the same team with him, and he almost puked blood and died . He said with a complaining face, “Jian’an, it will be good enough even if you just add that ‘you’re kind of good-looking . ’ But you completely ignored my charming face . You can’t hurt my self-esteem like that!”

Su Jian’an was too embarrassed to tell Jiang Shaokai that the reason why she could ignore his face was that she missed Lu Boyan every day .

As long as she thought of Lu Boyan, she could see nothing else .

That was probably the reason why Su Jian’an and Jiang Shaokai had peacefully been classmates for six years . After graduation, they were specially hired to the police office together and then continued to work as colleagues .

In the past seven years, there had been rumors about Su Jian’an and Jiang Shaokai .

However, whenever Su Jian’an was distressed by these unfounded scandals, Jiang Shaokai always happened to find a girlfriend . After suppressing the rumors between him and Su Jian’an, he found that he didn’t get along well with his girlfriend and broke up with her .

After Jiang Shaokai changed his girlfriend for three times, there was finally no more gossip about him and Su Jian’an .

When she was busy with her graduation thesis, other than sleeping time, Su Jian’an and Jiang Shaokai were almost inseparable from each other .

During that time, Su Jian’an didn’t have enough sleep every day, and she was almost addicted to caffeine, but Jiang Shaokai always looked happy .

In Su Jian’an’s impression, that time might have been the happiest time for Jiang Shaokai in the past seven years .

Of course, she did not know the reason .

It was just that when she recalled the days that they spent together, it felt like a lifetime .

Su Jian’an thought about it . The last time she saw Jiang Shaokai was when she was threatened by Kang Ruicheng to divorce Lu Boyan .

At that time, Jiang Shaokai had helped her a lot .

After that, they had never seen each other until today .

However, their friendship, which lasted for seven years, would not disappear because of this .

Su Jian’an said to the nurse on the other end of the phone, “He’s my friend . Please take him upstairs . ” She did not realize that there was a hint of excitement in her tone .

But Lu Boyan did not ignore it .

Lu Boyan remained extremely sensitive to the name “Jiang Shaokai” .

As a man who liked Su Jian’an, he could see it clearly . On the surface, Jiang Shaokai just wanted to be friends with Su Jian’an . But in fact, his thoughts about Su Jian’an were much more complicated than just being friends with her .

Jiang Shaokai was not the only one who liked Su Jian’an . What Lu Boyan cared about the most was that Jiang Shaokai was the man who had accompanied Su Jian’an for the longest time—from her freshman year to her job, their friendship had lasted for seven years .

Although he knew Su Jian’an when he was sixteen years old, he had only been with her for two years .

For Su Jian’an, Jiang Shaokai might not have been a friend for a long time, but a relative who was as important as Su Yicheng without blood relations .

However, even though they were only relatives, Lu Boyan was still jealous .

Su Jian’an hung up the phone and found that Lu Boyan’s look was not right . She asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Boyan asked with unclear emotions, “Are you happy that Jiang Shaokai is here?”

For a moment, Su Jian’an did not realize that Lu Boyan might be jealous, so she blurted out, “Of course I’m happy, we are already… hmm…”

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Lu Boyan did not wait for Su Jian’an to finish her words . He lowered his head and kissed her lips . He could not help but shut her up .

Lu Boyan did not kiss her very hard, but with obvious punishment—he was not as gentle and smooth as before, but immediately broke Su Jian’an’s teeth and squeezed her unique sweetness .

Only then Su Jian’an realize that Lu Boyan seemed to be unhappy .

She responded with a “hmm” and tried to respond to Lu Boyan’s kiss gently .

She already knew Lu Boyan too well . At a time like this, rather than trying to push him away and reason with him, it was better to kiss him .

As long as his anger and jealousy subsided, everything would be fine .

The fact proved that Su Jian’an was right .

Under her response, Lu Boyan’s kiss was no longer rude . It soon became slow and gentle…

Before long, there was a knock on the door, which should be an indication of Jiang Shaokai’s arrival .

Lu Boyan reluctantly released Su Jian’an . “Let him in?”

Su Jian’an wanted to laugh . “He came to see me, but you don’t want to let him in . Do you want me to go out and see him?”

There was a wound on her lower abdomen . Although it was not that serious, it was not very convenient for her to move .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an down . “Don’t move, I’ll open the door . ”

Jiang Shaokai was outside the door . They hadn’t seen each other for more than half a year . He was still the same as before . He was dressed in a good-quality casual suit and looked handsome . At first glance, one could tell that he was a young master from a well-off and educated family .

He carried an insulated lunchbox in his hand and a fruit basket in his other hand . But it didn’t look incongruous at all .

“It’s been a while . ” Jiang Shaokai took the things in his hand and took the initiative to say hello to Lu Boyan . “Everyone said that you have changed after you became a father . Now it seems that it is true . ”

“Come in . ” Lu Boyan showed a friendly attitude and stepped aside . “Jian’an is in the room, you can talk inside . ”

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Jiang Shaokai pushed the door open and walked into the room . He saw Su Jian’an at first glance .

He was so familiar with Su Jian’an that he even knew clearly what she looked like when she smiled . They hadn’t seen each other for more than half a year . Although Su Jian’an had become a mother, she didn’t look much different .

Her skin was still as white and delicate as a newborn baby’s, and her beautiful peach-blossom eyes still looked harmless . When she pursed her lips and smiled, it was still attractive .

Jiang Shaokai suppressed all the strange feelings and walked to the bed of Su Jian’an like an ordinary good friend . “Congratulations, it’s been a while . ”

“It’s been half a year,” Su Jian’an said with a smile . “But I know you’ve been very busy lately . ”

Although she had resigned from the job in the police station, Su Jian’an still kept in touch with her former colleagues . From the words of these colleagues, she knew that Jiang Shaokai was in charge of both his and her work in the police station . Now, he was an indispensable and important talent in the Criminal Investigation Team of the Municipal Bureau .

“You still have the nerve to say it . ” Jiang Shaokai looked very unsatisfied . “If it weren’t for your resignation, I wouldn’t be so tired at all . We graduated together and got into the Municipal Bureau together . We agreed to be spokespersons of the case together . But what happened in the end?”

“I’m sorry . ” Su Jian’an looked sorry and helpless, but her tone was happy . She pointed to the two babies in the crib . “I didn’t expect that either . ”

“Well, you are serious with me . ” Jiang Shaokai smiled . “This day would have come sooner or later . You can’t stay in the Municipal Bureau all your life . ”

“What about you?” Su Jian’an said with some hesitation, “Didn’t Uncle Jiang and auntie always hope that you could go back to inherit the company? How long can you continue to work in the Municipal Bureau?”

“If everything goes well, I’ll stay there forever,” Jiang Shaokai said with a smile . “Also, I’m getting married . ”

This was the most unexpected news that Su Jian’an had heard since she was pregnant . It was so shocking that she could not even react for a while . She looked at Jiang Shaokai blankly and asked, “Get married?”

“I’m one year older than you . You’re already a mother . You don’t allow me to get married?” Jiang Shaokai placed an ivory white invitation on the bedside table . “The wedding date will be half a month from now . You’ll still be having a rest for the first month after delivery, so you probably won’t be able to attend the ceremony . ”

Jiang Shaokai’s tone was full of regret . For a moment, Su Jian’an did not know what to say .

In other words, she had a lot of questions to ask Jiang Shaokai, but did not know where to start .

Just when Su Jian’an was in a dilemma, Jiang Shaokai changed the subject and said, “However, the red envelope can attend instead of you . ”

Su Jian’an instantly burst into laughter, and the atmosphere in the room also became much more relaxed .

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Jiang Shaokai saw through Su Jian’an’s hesitation and took the initiative to say, “We met on a blind date . ”

“A blind date?” Su Jian’an was even more surprised . “It seems that you have only had a blind date once, and you were forced by your mother . ”

At that time, Su Jian’an was still working at the police office and did not know the existence of Kang Ruicheng, nor was she forced to divorce Lu Boyan . Suddenly one day, Jiang Shaokai said that he was going to have a blind date, owing to which she was surprised for a long time .

But if the girl was Jiang Shaokai’s marriage partner, Su Jian’an was not surprised—Jiang Shaokai seemed to have a good impression of that girl at that time .

“It’s her, Zhou Qilan . ” Jiang Shaokai smiled and said, “We have decided to get married . ”

“Although it’s a bit strange for Young Master Jiang to find the woman to marry through a blind date, many people haven’t met a suitable person after several years on the blind dates . You defeated many others with one move, which shows that you are really fated,” Su Jian’an said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely give you a big red envelope!”

“Since you have said that, I can’t refuse . ” Jiang Shaokai put down a light blue bag . “This is a meeting gift for the two babies . ”

Su Jian’an didn’t refuse and said, “Would you like to have a look at them?”

“Okay . ”

Jiang Shaokai walked in the direction of the babies’ bed .

The two little guys were lying on the small bed, which was not even as long as his legs . The boy and Lu Boyan looked exactly the same . He completely inherited Lu Boyan’s good genes, and also inherited Lu Boyan’s unsociable appearance . The eyes and eyebrows of the baby girl were very similar to Su Jian’an’s, and it could be seen at a glance that she would be beautiful .

At such a young age, the facial features of the two little guys had already surpassed that of ordinary people by several streets .

They were indeed the children of Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an .

Jiang Shaokai did not disturb the two little guys . He returned to Su Jian’an and said, “I will come to see them next time when I have time . I will leave today . The lunchbox contains the soup that my mother made for you . Drink it while it’s still hot . ”

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