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Chapter 606: 606
Chapter 606 You’re Challenging the Imagination of a Hollywood Playwright

“I called Lu Boyan because I need him to change the diapers…”

Luo Xiaoxi walked to the living room in a daze as if she had heard something incredible . She patted Lu Boyan’s shoulder and said, “Jian’an has something to tell you . ”

Lu Boyan did not ask what it was . He said to everyone, “Excuse me . ” Then he went back to the room .

Only then did Luo Xiaoxi come to her senses . She raised her voice sharply . “Guess why Jian’an called Boss Lu back?”

Seeing Luo Xiaoxi’s mysterious and excited look, someone deliberately teased her . “What can it be? They can’t show off their love for each other because of some unspeakable reason for now . ”

Luo Xiaoxi guaranteed with certainty, “If I tell you, you definitely won’t believe it!”

“Say it first . ” Someone already began to doubt Luo Xiaoxi’s words . “If you can really shock us, you will win . ”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled mysteriously and lifted the veil of the truth word by word . “Boss Lu is going back to change Young Master Lu’s diapers!”

With such explosive news, even if these people’s ears were made of titanium alloy materials, she was confident that she could shock them all .

Luo Xiaoxi succeeded . For half a minute, everyone just looked at her in disbelief, and no one spoke .

Just when Luo Xiaoxi was about to announce her victory, all of a sudden—


An exaggerated burst of laughter broke out in the whole living room, and this laughter was more about Luo Xiaoxi .

Luo Xiaoxi looked like she was about to turn over the table . “What do you mean?”

The group of people were done laughing and advised Luo Xiaoxi, “Xiaoxi, don’t make such a joke . It sounds a little funny at first, but if you think about it carefully, it has more of a thrilling effect . ”

Only then did Luo Xiaoxi realize that . “You don’t believe me?” Damn, this group of guys actually skipped the step of “shock”!

“Of course not!” Someone said with full certainty, “If you say Boyan is holding a child or coaxing a child, we can just believe it . But Boyan changing diapers… this is simply challenging the imagination of a Hollywood scriptwriter!”

These people looked determined and definitely wouldn’t believe it . Luo Xiaoxi knew that unless she presented strong evidence, her words just now would definitely be regarded as a joke .

However, she could not waste her effort searching for evidence .

If she proved that Lu Boyan would change paper diapers for the baby, in the end, it would also be this group of people who would be happy .

Why would she do that to amuse them!

“Let’s make a bet . ” Luo Xiaoxi raised her chin to the crowd and calmly showed a kind of friendly provocation . “I bet on this number—” She made a “ten” gesture .

“Okay! Let’s set it at a hundred thousand! I don’t believe that the Arabian Nights will really happen!”

Led by one person, others quickly followed to bet, all of whom bet that Lu Boyan would not help the baby change diapers .

In the end, only Shen Yuechuan and Su Yicheng did not bet . For a moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on them, wondering which side they were in .

Shen Yuechuan raised his hands and said, “I work with the person you bet on every day . I know him too well . Winning the bet is a dishonor . You can play . I’ll just watch you quietly . ”

These words were reasonable, so no one made things difficult for Shen Yuechuan . Everyone moved their focus to Su Yicheng .

Su Yicheng quietly stood behind Luo Xiaoxi and said firmly, “It’s for sure that I support my wife . ”

Luo Xiaoxi turned back with a smile and took the initiative to kiss Su Yicheng .

A kind of quiet sweetness lingered between Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi, isolating them from others, and separating them into a small space in the living room that only allowed them to live in .

The single dogs at the scene soon felt the smell of abuse, and they all booed .

Luo Xiaoxi ended the kiss as if no one was around . She swept her eyes over everyone and said, “I’ll go in right now to find evidence for you!”

She pushed open the bedroom door casually . Lu Boyan was helping to change Lil Xi’s paper diapers, but he was almost done with his work .

“Don’t move!” Luo Xiaoxi suddenly shouted at Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan frowned and looked at Luo Xiaoxi . “What’s the matter?”

“Keep this position for two seconds and don’t move . ” As she said this, Luo Xiaoxi, who had already taken out her mobile phone, quickly took a photo .

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Lu Boyan had always disliked taking photos . When he saw the flashing lights, his frown deepened .

Luo Xiaoxi coughed and raised her hand to make Lu Boyan calm down . “Don’t worry, the photos I just took will only be shown to the people outside . I promise with my only life that the photos of Xiyu will never be exposed . ”

After that, without caring whether Lu Boyan agreed or not, Luo Xiaoxi turned and ran away .

Su Jian’an knew Luo Xiaoxi too well and said, “She must have made a bet with others . ”

Lu Boyan’s tone was neither cold nor hot . It was unclear whether he was happy or angry . “She’s using me to bet with others?”

“Well, if you are not happy, ask her to give you half of the money she wins . ” Su Jian’an smiled and said seriously, “Anyway, you are the key to her victory . Without you, she can’t win this gamble at all . ”

Lu Boyan picked up his son, as if he couldn’t believe it . “I actually think what you said is right . ”

“What do you mean?” Su Jian’an pretended to be unsatisfied . “I was right!”

Lu Boyan placed Xiyu beside Su Jian’an and kissed Su Jian’an’s lips along the way . “If you say is right, then it’s right . ”

Su Jian’an smiled .

She was obviously a mother, but she was still so clean and beautiful when she smiled . It seemed that she inadvertently released a kind of magic and seized Lu Boyan’s heartstrings .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s chin with his slender fingers and deepened the kiss without hesitation .

The ward was full of warmth, and outside the ward, it was as lively as an exploding pot .

Luo Xiaoxi came out with her mobile phone and deliberately looked mysteriously at the group of people who were looking forward to it .

“Xiaoxi, don’t hang on . ” Someone deliberately provoked Luo Xiaoxi . “Even if you lose, it won’t be a big deal . Yicheng can completely afford it . ”

“Do you want me to lose?” Luo Xiaoxi’s light smile was full of pride . She slowly showed her mobile phone . “Sorry, I’m going to disappoint you . ”

The group of people came up, and more than a dozen pairs of eyes stared straight at Luo Xiaoxi’s mobile phone screen .

On the screen was a photo, and in the photo, Lu Boyan was changing Xiyu’s paper diapers .

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The fact was straight and naked, but no one was willing to believe it .

Some people even doubted the nature of the facts . “Xiaoxi, your skill of composition of the photos is good . Have you practiced it?”

“It’s useless . ” Luo Xiaoxi smiled . “I accept cash, account transfer, check, and other kinds of payment . You can choose whatever you want . ”

How could they still be happy when they lost? Luo Xiaoxi got the bargain and still pretended to be a good girl!

However, Luo Xiaoxi’s winning was also a fact . No one could find a way to defeat her, so they had to accept the loss and pay the money .

After staying for a while, the friends who came to visit went back to their own houses . Shen Yuechuan also went back to deal with his work and sent Tang Yulan back to Dingya Villas to prepare dinner for Su Jian’an .

Only Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi stayed .

Su Yicheng then asked Luo Xiaoxi, “Haven’t you worried about losing?”

Luo Xiaoxi shook her head stubbornly . “What I said is the truth . They just don’t believe me . How can I lose?”

“That’s not what I mean . ” Of course, Su Yicheng knew that what Luo Xiaoxi said was the truth, and what he meant was—”Did you think of the possibility that when you went in, Boyan might have already changed Xiyu’s diapers? If you can’t take photos, they won’t wait for you or listen to you . ”

“Oh, you’re talking about that . ” Luo Xiaoxi smiled without any pressure . “Have you forgotten that I’m Boyan’s sister-in-law, plus the friendship between me and Jian’an… It’s not impossible for me to ask Boyan to take a picture for me . ”

Su Yicheng remembered that Luo Xiaoxi had praised Su Jian’an’s intelligence yesterday .

He touched Luo Xiaoxi’s head . “In fact, you are not as stupid as I thought . ”

Luo Xiaoxi gritted her teeth and looked at Su Yicheng . “What do you mean?” He dared to think of her as a fool!

Su Yicheng took Luo Xiaoxi’s hand lightly and said, “Let’s go in . ”

In the room, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an were playing with Xiyu .

Seeing Su Yicheng and Luo Xiaoxi coming in, Su Jian’an looked up and asked, “How much did you win?”

“I didn’t do the math . ” Luo Xiaoxi put more than a dozen checks on Su Jian’an’s bedside table . “Help me donate it . Anyway, it was won . ”

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“Why do you want me to help you?” Su Jian’an said, “You can leave it to your agent, and the media will definitely help you promote it . ”

“There is no need . ” Luo Xiaoxi said coolly, “I am not Miss Han who acted like having saved the galaxy when doing a little good deed . I want to keep a low profile just like you, and then suddenly explode in a low profile, become famous in the galaxy, and come out of the universe…”

Hearing Luo Xiaoxi’s words getting more and more ridiculous, Su Jian’an quickly made a “stop” gesture and said, “Yuechuan helped me donate the money from Mu Qi . I will also leave your money to Yuechuan, okay?”

“You can do as you like . ” Luo Xiaoxi’s attention was completely focused on another thing— “Why didn’t Mu Qi come to see the two little guys? Or… did he not want to come to City A?”

Xu Youning was in City A, and she was with Kang Ruicheng .

On this point, everyone had been tacit about it all along .

Lu Boyan said, “He has something to do these days, and will arrive at noon tomorrow . ”

“He doesn’t mind coming to City A, does he?” Luo Xiaoxi thought for a while and said, “But there’s nothing strange about it . Mu Sijue doesn’t seem to be the kind who would be trapped by love . ”

If they continued to talk about this topic, the atmosphere would become heavy . Luo Xiaoxi wisely chose to end the topic and left with Su Yicheng .

Only Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an were left in the room . It was also at this time that Lu Boyan’s face showed a touch of seriousness .

This was the first time that Lu Boyan had showed this expression on his face since Xiyu and Xiangyi were born .

“Is it because of Mu Sijue?”

Just when Su Jian’an was about to say something, the phone by the bed vibrated . She picked it up . The call was from the nurse station .

“Mrs . Lu, hello, this is the nurse station of the department of obstetrics and gynecology . ” The nurse spoke in standard Mandarin and told Su Jian’an sweetly and gently, “There is a Mr . Jiang who wants to see you . He said that his name was Jiang Shaokai . ”

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