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Chapter 598: 598
Chapter 598 Lu Xiyu and Lu Xiangyi (2)

Su Jian’an had met Lu Boyan when she was 10 years old .

Lu Boyan and Tang Yulan lived in her grandmother’s old house back then .

Generally, what happened more than a decade ago would be forgotten unless it had left a deep impression on people .

However, the old days when she had stayed with Lu Boyan were still vivid in Su Jian’an’s mind, as if every minute with him had been engraved on her mind .

The name of her grandmother’s old house was also fresh in her memory .

It was called the West Window .

Neither did she know why her grandmother had named the house the “west window”, nor she have the chance to ask her mother about it .

However, Lu Boyan had met her in that house . It was the beginning of their love story .

Therefore, a baby named Lu Xiyu (Xi meant “west” while yu meant “meet”), who was created from their love, finally came into the world .

Su Jian’an looked up into Lu Boyan’s eyes, beaming at him .

She wanted to tell Lu Boyan that she knew why he had named the baby boy Xiyu .

Tang Yulan found that Su Jian’an was happy about the babies’ names, so she asked, “It’s settled, right?”

“Yeah!” Su Jian’an nodded in approval . “They’re nice names . It’s settled then!”

Everyone in the room was happy . At that moment, a nurse knocked on the door and entered the room . She looked embarrassed as she said, “Mr . Lu, you may have to go outside to deal with something . ”

Lu Boyan frowned . “The press?”

“Yes!” The nurse nodded in horror . “Almost all the mainstream media and non-traditional outlets have come and crowded the lobby of the outpatient department . We don’t dare to tell them anything . Could you please deal with what is going on there?”

Su Yicheng thought that Lu Boyan would call Shen Yuechuan and ask him to deal with the media .

Because Lu Boyan disliked talking in front of the media—even the media knew that .

Unexpectedly, without even thinking about it, Lu Boyan turned to Su Jian’an and said, “Wait for me for a moment . I’ll be back soon . ”

“Mm,” Su Jian’an replied in surprise and watched Lu Boyan leave with the nurse .

Su Yicheng smiled . “Boyan has changed . ”

“It’s normal . ” Su Jian’an compressed her lips . “He’s already a father of two kids . ”

Tang Yulan asked, “Yicheng, are you planning to be a father too?”

Su Yicheng glanced at Luo Xiaoxi and answered ambiguously, “I’m ready . ”

“Ahem . ” Luo Xiaoxi simply took a sip of water as if she hadn’t heard anything .

At that moment, Lu Boyan reached the lobby of the outpatient department .

It really surprised the reporters that Lu Boyan showed up for the interview about his private life .

It meant that being a father was of great significance to Lu Boyan .

A group of reporters pounced on Lu Boyan . If it were not for the security guards surrounding him hand in hand and his height advantage, he would have been blocked beneath various microphones .

“Mr . Lu, we learned that you’ve become a father, right?”

Lu Boyan smiled and said without hesitation, “Yes . ”

Lu Boyan always had a frosty look when facing the shareholders of his company, not to mention the press . Therefore, it had been circulated among the reporters that Lu Boyan only smiled for Su Jian’an .

Being reporters wasn’t a career in vain because they saw Lu Boyan smile to them just now .

The reporters became much more relaxed . “Mr . Lu, could you please tell us whether your baby is a boy or a girl?”

Lu Boyan said, “Doesn’t matter, it’s all the same to me . ”

His words incited curiosity among the reporters . “Then, is it a boy or a girl?”

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and gave a brighter smile . “A boy and a girl . ”

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A boy and a girl . He meant that Su Jian’an had given birth to a pigeon pair!

A buzz of excitement ran amongst the reporters . They congratulated Lu Boyan immediately .

Finally, a reporter asked, “Mr . Lu, may I have the photos of the two babies? You and Mrs . Lu are both amazing . We’re very curious about how your kids look like . ”

“I’m sorry . ” Lu Boyan said, “For their safety, I will not publicize their photos until they’re able to protect themselves . ”

The reporters were disappointed . However, it was within their expectations that he would disappoint them .

After a few more questions, Lu Boyan checked the time and returned to the suite .

Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun were on their way to the hospital .

Shen Yuechuan was working overtime in the company when he received a call from his assistant . He was told that Su Jian’an had been taken to the operating room . However, he wasn’t worried at all . He left for the hospital after finishing his work .

He wondered, “Do the twins look more like Lu Boyan or Su Jian’an?”

When he reached the hospital, he saw that the reporters were gathering for red packets .

Shen Yuechuan had dealt with the media on behalf of Lu Boyan for many years, so he was familiar with the reporters . They greeted him, and he waved at them as he asked, “What did you get?”

“Boss Lu told us all that we want to know . The pity is that he didn’t give us the babies’ photos . ” A reporter said, “It will take the Internet by storm once the photos are published . ”

“The photos?” Shen Yuechuan thought for half a second . “Perish the thought . It’s useless . By the way, what did Boss Lu say just now?”

A reporter thought for a while and repeated what Lu Boyan had said . “Boss Lu told us that he will never make public the kids’ photos until they’re able to protect themselves . ”

“Oh, do you know Boss Lu’s hidden meaning? Even if you get photos of the two babies in the future, you can’t make them public either . ”

Shen Yuechuan explained to the reporters with a smile .

Then it dawned on them, and several reporters sighed with disappointment .

“But I can tell you something else!” Shen Yuechuan said with a mysterious tone . After a while, he said, “When Jian’an waited for parturition at home, she donated a lot of money to support elementary education in the remote areas . You may dig into it . The report about this and Boss Lu becoming a father will also make headlines . ”

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Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an had never made their private life public . It would take the media a long time and energy even if they could find some big news . Realizing that Shen Yuechuan knew a lot about the whole story, the reporters immediately surrounded him . They also began to flatter him,

“Special Assistant Shen, you look sharp today! I’ve never seen a man that has such wonderful taste in clothing as you!”

“Special Assistant Shen, you’re a handsome man with taste!”

Shen Yuechuan knew well about the reporters’ tricks . He waved his hand and said, “Give up on me . I won’t tell you anything more . ” With that said, he took a red packet from Uncle Qian and opened it . There was a small stack of one-hundred-yuan bills that was enough for a person to enjoy a big meal at a five-star hotel .

He patted Uncle Qian on the shoulder . “Uncle, thank you . ”

Uncle Qian was there to give all the reporters and photographers present a red packet according to Tang Yulan’s order . Shen Yuechuan wasn’t on the list at all .

However, Uncle Qian could only wave his hand helplessly . “Go and see the babies . ”

Shen Yuechuan put the red packet into his pocket and left the outpatient department . He ran into Xiao Yunyun who was walking toward the OB/GYN building .

Xiao Yunyun had received the news when she was still at work . However, she was too busy to ask for leave, so she held back her excitement . She hastened to the hospital as soon as she got off work .

Xiao Yunyun wasn’t surprised to see Shen Yuechuan . She even joked, “Just now I heard a lot of reporters flattering you . Did you threaten them?”

Shen Yuechuan laughed . “They were just telling the truth . Why did you say that?”

“…” Xiao Yunyun rolled her eyes and looked up at the sky as if she hadn’t heard anything .

The two reached the OB/GYN soon . Somehow, they felt that the whole building, especially Su Jian’an’s suite, was full of joy .

The two little babies were lying next to each other by Su Jian’an’s side while the others kept teasing them by the bed .

Xiao Yunyun walked over . Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw the babies . “They’re so cute!”

The two infants were good-looking with delicate facial features . The rosy lips under their tiny noses looked so tender that everyone wanted to kiss them .

Luo Xiaoxi smiled . “Their parents both look gorgeous . It’s hard for them not to be beautiful . ”

“You said it . ” Xiao Yunyun gazed at the two babies and suddenly asked, “By the way, who’s the older baby?”

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“Who do you think is the older one?” Luo Xiaoxi said with a mysterious tone, “Jian’an guessed it by telepathy . You may have a try too . ”

Xiao Yunyun chuckled as she looked closer at the babies . “I can do that without telepathy . ”

Both Luo Xiaoxi and Shen Yuechuan were confused . “How?”

Xiao Yunyun pointed at the towels on the infants . “The baby boy is in a light blue towel, and the baby girl is in a pink one . My cousin must have guessed it in the same way . ”

Luo Xiaoxi felt awkward . She looked at Su Jian’an and asked, “Is that so?”

“Yes . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “Did you think it was really because of telepathy?”

Although Luo Xiaoxi had said it before, she still repeated the sentence to Su Jian’an, “It’s said that a woman will be stupid for three years after she gives birth . But that’s not you . ” Then she said to Lu Boyan, “You have suffered a lot . ”

She thought that Lu Boyan must have had a hard time since his wife was too smart to be cheated!

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrow and said calmly, “That’s not true . I would be suffering if I got a stupid wife . ”

“…” Luo Xiaoxi pondered for a while and found that she had never heard others express their love for their wives like that . She felt that Lu Boyan was doing great .

Xiao Yunyun’s eyes were glued to the two babies . The more she looked at them, the more she loved them . She touched their little faces and asked, “What are their names?”

“Xiangyi and Xiyu,” Lu Boyan said in a gentle voice and felt his heart soften as if two lovable hands were petting his heart .

It was beyond expression .

Xiao Yunyun blurted out with a smile, “Nice names! If I have a baby in the future, I’ll also name the baby like that!”

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