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Chapter 593: 593

After two years of marriage, it was the first time that Su Jian’an saw Lu Boyan being so anxious that he was out of control .

He dominated the business empire of Lu Enterprises for more than a decade . He had experienced the initial hardships, and also experienced the crisis at the peak . Su Jian’an thought that he had already cultivated the ability to stay calm in front of anything .

However, Lu Boyan had lost his usual calmness because she was the one involved .

Su Jian’an forced out a smile and reminded Lu Boyan, “Give mom a call . ”

Looking at this situation, the two little guys in her belly were about to run out to meet them . Tang Yulan had specially told them yesterday that they must call her first before calling anything else .

Lu Boyan suddenly remembered that he should inform Tang Yulan . He took out his mobile phone, tried several times to unlock it and dialed Tang Yulan’s phone number once he was successful .

Su Jian’an’s expected delivery date was tomorrow . When Tang Yulan received the phone call, she was completely stunned . After a few seconds, she reacted . She was so excited that she said incoherently, “Okay, okay, I know… I’ll let Old Qian send me there now! Boyan, take good care of Su Jian’an . Tell her not to be afraid . I’ll be there soon, soon…”

Su Jian’an was not afraid . She just felt pain .

Because of the professional knowledge she had learned, she knew the human body like the palm of her hand and had a general understanding of the process of delivery . So even a few days before the estimated delivery date, she was not nervous at all .

She simply felt that she could just leave everything to the doctor . She did not need to worry too much .

As for the pain, it could not be avoided, so she had to endure it .

Until this moment, when the real pain came, she knew that she had thought in a simple way . Each pain was like a heavy hammer hitting hard on her belly . Her belly became stiff and the pain was much more than she had imagined .

When the second wave of pain hit her, Su Jian’an finally couldn’t help frowning and groaning .

Lu Boyan clutched Su Jian’an’s hand tightly . He felt a piercing pain in his heart, but he could do nothing about it .

From the moment he knew Su Jian’an was pregnant, Lu Boyan had been happy .

But at this moment, he suddenly felt regret .

If he had known that the moment he had been looking forward to finally caused Su Jian’an to suffer so much, he might have made a completely different choice .

He kissed the back of Su Jian’an’s hand, and his voice was full of guilt . “Jian’an, I’m sorry . ”

“Idiot, why are you apologizing?” Su Jian’an felt funny . “When a new life is born, someone has to pay a price . You are the president of Lu Enterprises, so you should know better than me that there is no free lunch . ”

The pain was far beyond the limits of her endurance . Cold sweat quickly appeared on Su Jian’an’s forehead, and a few strands of black hair on the corner of her forehead were wet by the sweat . The sweat stuck to her white forehead and made her look lifeless .

Lu Boyan wiped away the sweat on Su Jian’an’s forehead . He pressed his lips on her forehead and said softly, “Just hold on for a little longer . The doctor will be here soon . ”

“Yes . ” Su Jian’an gritted her teeth and nodded . She weakly maintained her smile . “It will end soon . Don’t worry too much, I can bear it . ”

Lu Boyan also knew Su Jian’an was comforting him .

He held Su Jian’an’s small hands in both hands and looked at her with warm and affectionate eyes . “Jian’an, I love you . ”

Su Jian’an compressed her lips—it was strange . The interval between the birth pangs became shorter and shorter, and the pain grew stronger and stronger, but she felt that the pain in her belly seemed to have eased a lot .

She slowly held Lu Boyan’s hand . “I love you too . ” Although her voice was weak, her tone was firm .

Lu Boyan’s hand touched Su Jian’an’s sweaty forehead, and a smile finally appeared on his serious face .

At this time, the doctor and nurse hurriedly pushed the operating bed into the room .

Dr . Han, who was in charge of the operation, was a famous female expert in the country . As soon as she came in, she first checked Su Jian’an’s situation and calmly arranged everything in order . In the end, she was just about to call the nurse to help transfer Su Jian’an to the operating bed, when she saw that Lu Boyan had already brought Su Jian’an over .

Dr . Han smiled and ordered other people, “Send Mrs . Lu to the delivery room . Hurry up!”

The delivery room was on the fourth floor . A group of doctors, nurses, and Lu Boyan accompanied Su Jian’an into the room .

When they entered the elevator, a sharp pain hit Su Jian’an’s abdomen . She snorted subconsciously . Lu Boyan touched her face, and then frowned deeper .

Dr . Han comforted her and said, “Mrs . Lu, hang in there . The delivery room is a few steps ahead . ”

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Su Jian’an did not have the strength to speak . She closed her eyes and motioned that she had heard it .

“Jian’an, don’t be afraid . ” Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand all the time . “I will accompany you inside . ”

Su Jian’an squeezed out a smile weakly . “Mm,” she said .

At this time, “Ding—” the door of the elevator slid open, and they arrived on the fourth floor .

Under Dr . Han’s lead, Su Jian’an was quickly pushed into the delivery room . But Lu Boyan was stopped by the nurse outside the door, and could only watch Su Jian’an getting farther and farther away from him .

His face turned cold, and he stared at the nurse gloomily, waiting for a reasonable explanation .

The nurse who had just started her job was so frightened that she sweated badly . Her voice trembled as she asked, “Mr . Lu, Mr . Lu, are you… going in to accompany her in her labor?”

“That’s right,” Lu Boyan said, raising his brows . “Can you step aside now?”

“Mr . Lu, here’s the thing—” The nurse explained with trepidation . “Before entering the delivery room, you need to change into a sterilized and isolated uniform . I’ll take you there . ”

Lu Boyan realized that he really could not enter the delivery room like this, so his face softened a little and he followed the nurse to the changing room .

When Lu Boyan changed his clothes, Su Jian’an’s pain had reached its peak .

It was not the kind of psychological pain that she had experienced before, but physical pain . It was sharp and direct, and every attack seemed to challenge her physical limit . She had no doubt that she would faint the very next second .

“Mrs . Lu, if you can’t stand it, you can make a sound . ” Dr . Han comforted her, “Here are all people who have given birth to children . We know how much pain you are enduring at this time . ”

Su Jian’an let out a bitter laugh . Finally, she could not hold it in any longer and started to hum .

When Lu Boyan came in, Su Jian’an’s hair had been completely wet with sweat, and tears fell from the corners of her eyes from time to time . She was obviously suffering a great pain .

Lu Boyan’s heart seemed to be tightly strangled by something . He took a few steps to the bedside, but found that he could do nothing . So he held Su Jian’an’s hand .

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Su Jian’an turned her head to look at Lu Boyan and managed to squeeze out a smile, indicating that he could rest assured .

Lu Boyan used a soft sterilized towel to wipe the sweat off Su Jian’an’s forehead . “Jian’an, we can still choose to have an operation . ” He did not want to see Su Jian’an suffer so much pain .

However, Su Jian’an was not willing to have a cesarean section, so she shook her head . “That’s the last choice . ”

Lu Boyan frowned and looked at Dr . Han .

Dr . Han just said, “On the premise of the safety of the woman, we respect the opinions of the women and their families . ”

Lu Boyan did not need such an official answer . He asked seriously, “What if I ask for surgery now?”

“It’s okay . ” Dr . Han nodded . “Doing the operation now can relieve Mrs . Lu’s pain to the greatest extent, but for the fetus…”

After that, Dr . Han professionally analyzed the pros and cons of two ways of childbirth with Lu Boyan . In conclusion, one of them could relieve the pain of pregnant women, and the other could allow the fetus to have an adaptation process .

The latter might be able to enhance the resistance of the little guy who just came to this world—this was also the reason Su Jian’an did not choose cesarean section at the beginning .

After listening to Dr . Han’s analysis, Lu Boyan’s tight eyebrows slightly loosened, as if he had made a decision .

Su Jian’an knew Lu Boyan too well . She grabbed Lu Boyan’s hand, and there was a pleading tone in her voice . “Can you wait a bit longer? What if I can give birth to them naturally?”

Lu Boyan looked at Dr . Han and asked, “How long will she endure?”

Dr . Han looked at the helping nurse who immediately answered, “Her womb is three fingers wide open . ”

Dr . Han shook her head and said seriously, “The individual conditions are different . It’s hard to say . ” He stopped and pondered for a moment, and then added cautiously, “But now that Mrs . Lu is already in such a horrible pain, she may suffer more pain than other pregnant women . In that case…”

Before Dr . Han could finish her words, another wave of pain hit Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an originally wanted to try to hold it silently, but the pain this time was sharper than before, as if it was going to tear her into two pieces . She couldn’t help screaming in pain, trying to relieve the pain .

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However, it turned out that all efforts to ease the pain were futile in the face of the pain before the delivery process .

Lu Boyan returned to the surgical bed . “Jian’an?” There was deep anxiousness in his voice .

Su Jian’an gritted her teeth and looked at Lu Boyan . She saw the tenderness and comfort in his eyes at first sight .

She was defeated under Lu Boyan’s gaze . She felt a wave of grievance, but in the end, she could not hold it in anymore . She allowed the tears to flow down from the corner of her eyes and complained, “It hurts . ”

Lu Boyan’s dry hand caressed Su Jian’an’s sweaty face .

Her skin was already light-colored . Under the torment of pain, her face was white like a pure white paper . Even her lips lost their color . She was no longer as energetic as she used to be .

Lu Boyan’s brows knitted into a knot . “Jian’an, let’s do the operation . ”

Su Jian’an could say anything when the nurse came over in a hurry . “Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu, the old lady and Mr . Su are here . ”

Lu Boyan seemed to have thought of something . He looked at Su Jian’an and asked, “I’ll go out for a while . Can you be here by yourself?”

Su Jian’an nodded . “Mm,” she said, and her breath was rather shallow . “Don’t worry . There’s a doctor here . ”

Lu Boyan touched Su Jian’an’s forehead and told Dr . Han, “Please inform me immediately if there’s anything . ”

Dr . Han quickly replied, “Okay . ”

Lu Boyan took off the disinfectant clothes . Before he left, he looked back at Su Jian’an with a worried expression until Su Jian’an gave him a positive look . Then he turned away and left the delivery room .

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