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Chapter 592: 592
Chapter 592 Boss Lu, There’s Something Wrong with You (2)

The next day .

She did not know if it was because her due date was getting closer, Su Jian’an woke up early in the morning, which was abnormal for her who had been addicted to sleep since she got pregnant .

She opened her eyes, and subconsciously looked at the position next to her . She didn’t know when Lu Boyan had woken up and was reading a book, leaning against the bed .

For a handsome man who exuded the aura of a corporate elite, it would be fine if he was reading a finance related book .

However, at this moment, he was holding a book with a multicolored cover in his hand . The name of the book was ‘The Book For Expectant Dads’ .

It was more than strange for Lu Boyan to read such a book . It was more strange than Italian drinking American coffee!

When Su Jian’an saw the name of the book, she laughed and woke up . She stared at the cover and asked, “Who bought it for you?”

“Daisy . ” Lu Boyan said, “she especially consulted her brother-in-law . This book is the most comprehensive . ”

Lu Boyan’s words were serious, and Su Jian’an endured for a moment, but still couldn’t help but laugh out loud . She sat up and looked at him, and found that Lu Boyan had already reached the last few pages .

She was even more surprised, “When did you start reading it?”

Lu Boyan said truthfully, “Half a month ago . ” After finishing his words, he found Su Jian’an was holding back her laughter and frowned . “What? What’s wrong with you?”

“Something’s wrong with you!” Su Jian’an felt more and more strange as she spoke . “You bought this book half a month ago . Why didn’t I see you read it before?”

“I’ve been keeping it at the company all the time . I always read it during the break after lunch . ” Lu Boyan’s frown deepened and his tone was filled with doubt . “What are you guys laughing at?”

Su Jian’an was not surprised at all . “So I am not the only one who laughs at you!”

Yes, Su Jian’an was not the only one to laugh at Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan didn’t have time to look for books . Half a month ago, he handed this task to Daisy .

As a result, Daisy, whose mind was clear and capable, showed a confused expression in front of him for the first time . “Boss Lu, sorry, can you repeat what you just said—what are you looking for?”

“A book for expectant dads,” Lu Boyan repeated briefly . “Pick one which is relatively comprehensive . ”

Daisy nodded in a daze and gave him a book list during lunch at noon . Each book’s name was followed by a brief introduction, as well as the author’s information .

It was the first time that Lu Boyan could not make a decision in front of his subordinates . He asked Daisy for her opinion . “Which one do you think is better?”

Daisy’s hand trembled as she pointed at “Expectant Dad Must Read” and said, “When my sister was pregnant, my brother-in-law had also looked for similar books . He said that this one was very good, just that… the title of the book is a little superficial . ”

Lu Boyan dismissed the comment and asked Daisy to buy the book for him .

Daisy went to a book website and chose the ” quickly delivered” service . Four hours later, the book was sent to the front desk of the company .

When Daisy went downstairs to get the book, the receptionist looked at her doubtfully . “Daisy, are you going to be a father?”

“Screw you!” Daisy lowered her voice and said with a mysterious face, “Boss Lu is going to see it!”

The receptionist’s face looked as if she had heard the language from outer space . Then, in less than half a day, this incident spread throughout Lu Enterprises .

In the next few days, whether it was the top management or the basic employees of Lu Enterprises, everyone looked at Lu Boyan with a strange expression, and Shen Yuechuan even saw Lu Boyan with a “puff” sound every time they met .

Now, even Su Jian’an had this kind of reaction .

Lu Boyan closed the book slowly and circled Su Jian’an in his arms . He looked at her confusedly and said, “When you’re done with laughing, tell me what you are laughing at . ”

“Actually, the contrast is too big!” Su Jian’an said seriously . “Not to mention the employees of your company, even I can’t imagine you reading this kind of book . ”

“…” Lu Boyan did not say anything .

Su Jian’an took the book and turned it over, and sure enough, the book had information about how to hold a child, how to pour milk for children, and how to change diapers . The pictures were well edited, and the wording was easy to understand—just because of this, it was in sharp discord with Lu Boyan .

Su Jian’an could not help but ask, “Why are you looking at these?”

Lu Boyan pressed his temple and admitted helplessly, “Jian’an, I am afraid that I can’t do it well . ”

He was ready to be a father, but it was not enough . He still wanted to be a good father .

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But one day, he suddenly realized that he didn’t even know how to hold a newborn child . How could he be a qualified father?

Therefore, he thought of learning from books .

However, he did not expect that reading this kind of book would arouse the same effect as reading a joke .

Looking at Lu Boyan’s helpless look, Su Jian’an suddenly felt soft from the bottom of her heart .

She held Lu Boyan’s face and said softly yet firmly, “You must be a really good father . ”

Lu Boyan smiled, and the doorbell rang at this time . He got up and opened the door . When he came back, there were a few folders in his hand .

Apparently, these documents were delivered from the company .

Su Jian’an seemed to have understood something, but she felt puzzled . She asked Lu Boyan, “You’re not going to the company?”

“I won’t be going for a few days,” Lu Boyan said, “the company’s affairs are temporarily handed over to Yuechuan . If I need to deal with it, the assistant will send the documents over, or I will handle them on the line . ”

Su Jian’an did not have to think to know that it was because her estimated due date was imminent . Lu Boyan was not assured to let her stay in the hospital alone .

She touched her lower abdomen . “I wonder when these two little guys will come out . ”

Lu Boyan’s eyebrows were suddenly tinted with soft light, which became warm and soft . “Very soon . ”

Su Jian’an raised the corner of her lips, and her smile was full of expectations .

After breakfast, Lu Boyan began to deal with the documents sent by the assistant . Su Jian’an had nothing to do, so she just sat on the sofa in the living room and watched the news .

As soon as she opened the home page of a news website, a gossiping news attracted her attention .

“Su Jian’an is going to deliver in a private hospital, and Lu Boyan is abandoning his work to accompany her . ”

There were a few pictures attached to the report, which were pictures of Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan going back to the hospital after a walk yesterday afternoon . The reporters were very good at grasping the right scene . Each picture showed the extremely beautiful appearance of Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an, which also vividly reflected the love between them .

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Some people in the comments section were giving blessings, and some were envious, but most of them were sighing with emotions .

Many people still remembered that when the rumors between Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi were widely spread, they were suddenly exploded to get married . The bride was not Han Ruoxi, and there was a media photo of Han Ruoxi wiping her tears sadly .

At that time, Han Ruoxi was popular, and Su Yuanyuan had added fuel to the fire . So Su Jian’an’s information was soon exposed on the Internet . The result was that Su Jian’an was almost drowned by the rumors, and she was intercepted by Han Ruoxi’s fans on the way to work .

At that time, not to mention some unrelated people who didn’t think highly of the relationship, even Su Jian’an herself had no hope for this relationship . Before Lu Boyan confessed to her, she even warned herself every day that she would divorce Lu Boyan two years later . She didn’t want to fall into a deep relationship with Lu Boyan . Otherwise, when she finally left, she would be bloody all over .

She didn’t even dare to think that she and Lu Boyan could reach this stage .

Fortunately, in the end, all of her efforts were not wasted .

Perhaps it was just like the comments of a stranger online, Su Jian’an was favored by the luck when it came to love .

After reading the news, Su Jian’an closed the webpage . Right at the time, her mobile phone on the tea table received a new message and vibrated .

She clicked a social app and saw a “two” hanging on Luo Xiaoxi’s profile image . She clicked on the dialog box, and Luo Xiaoxi had sent a link . It happened to be the web page that Su Jian’an had just browsed . She also left another sentence,

“They all say you’re lucky . Bullshit, your luck is based on the premise that you’ve persisted for more than ten years and never given up, okay?!”

Su Jian’an smiled and replied Luo Xiaoxi with a few emojis . Then, she put down her phone to look for Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan was in another bedroom .

The second bedroom was supposed to be an accompany ward, but because there was no one to stay, it was used by Lu Boyan as a study .

Lu Boyan was reading a document when he heard the sound of the door being pushed open . He looked up and it turned out to be Su Jian’an . He asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips, and her eyes were bright and gentle . “Nothing, you can continue to work . ”

She just stood at the door with a gentle smile and did not do anything to flirt with him . However, Lu Boyan still felt that at this moment, she had all kinds of moving charm .

Lu Boyan folded the documents and looked at Su Jian’an for a moment . “If you continue to look like this, it will be difficult for me to work . ”

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Su Jian’an pretended to understand what he meant on the surface . She looked at Lu Boyan innocently and said, “I didn’t do anything . ”

Lu Boyan gave a gentle order . “Come here . ”

Su Jian’an smiled and slowly shook her head .

Lu Boyan squinted dangerously and was about to threaten Su Jian’an when he suddenly saw Su Jian’an’s face become stiff . He suddenly stood up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’an held the door . “My tummy hurts…”

“Boom—” With a bang, Lu Boyan’s head suddenly went blank for a second .

But it was only for a second, following which Lu Boyan reacted . He rushed to the door, picked Su Jian’an up, and went back to the room . He placed her on the bed and pressed the emergency alarm bell next to the bed .

The pain was beyond Su Jian’an’s imagination . She curled up in bed in pain, and soon her face turned pale, but she clenched her teeth and prevented herself from snorting .

Lu Boyan was even more nervous than her . Once she made a sound, Lu Boyan would definitely be out of control .

However, it did not mean that her pain could escape from Lu Boyan’s eyes .

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and pushed aside the long hair scattered on her cheek, trying to comfort her . “Jian’an, don’t be afraid . The doctor will come soon . ” His voice couldn’t help trembling, revealing that he was the one who was afraid .

Lu Boyan had clearly practiced this scene for countless times in his mind .

However, when it really came at this moment, when he saw Su Jian’an curled up on the bed, his thoughts were disarrayed .

He knew that the doctor and nurse must be on the way, but he couldn’t help pressing the emergency bell several times .

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