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Chapter 573: 573
Chapter 573 This Trick is Too Devious

Qin Han silently watched Shen Yuechuan holding the new girl in his arms and leaving the bar, and then turned his eyes to the group of people who were playing games .

As expected, everyone was confused, except for Xiao Yunyun, who seemed to be addicted to the game .

The more it was like this, the more suspicious Qin Han was .

But in fact, Qin Han was just an outsider who didn’t know the truth . On the day when Su Yicheng got married, Shen Yuechuan almost hugged Xiao Yunyun to declare his sovereignty over the girl, but today, in front of so many people, he hugged his new lover to have fun…

If this was a set-up, it would be too complicated! Qin Han thought that he had a pair of discerning eyes, but even he could not see the end of this set-up .

Xiao Yunyun did understand, but she hoped that she didn’t .

For a moment, Xiao Yunyun’s mind was blank . In this blank space, there was something whistling that was about to rush over and drown her . But in front of so many people, she couldn’t let herself be swallowed . She could only stubbornly maintain her calm appearance . She chanted the rules of the game again and again, urging others to speed up their pace .

In the eyes of others, Xiao Yunyun seemed to be normal, but also seemed to be a bit strange .

“Yunyun . ” A girl who could have quite a good relationship with Xiao Yunyun grabbed Xiao Yunyun’s hand . “You…”

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Yunyun raised her head and her big bright eyes flashed, like the stars in the night sky, with a blank and ignorant look, “Was my card wrong?”

Seeing this, others all gave the girl a look, indicating that she should not mention Shen Yuechuan .

If something really happened between Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun, there were too many people here, and Xiao Yunyun was not particularly familiar with them . If they asked too directly, it would not comfort Xiao Yunyun but embarrass her .

The girl was clever and instantly understood the meaning of others . She took back her hand and said with a smile, “Nothing, let’s continue playing cards . ”

When Xiao Yunyun was about to figure out how to play cards, her cell phone suddenly rang . She raised her cell phone in embarrassment . “I have to answer a phone call . ” Then, she waved to Qin Han and said, “Come and take my place . ”

After giving the cards to Qin Han, Xiao Yunyun went straight to the balcony on the second floor .

Compared with the boisterous first floor, the second floor was as quiet as another world . Xiao Yunyun picked up the phone, and her colleague’s voice came through the phone: “Yunyun, where is the inspection record of the patient on the 17th bed? It does not seem to be on the information rack . ”

“I was looking at his record when I got off work, so I put it on my table . ” Xiao Yunyun said, “Go and look for it on my desk . ”

Not long after, her colleague said that he found it . Xiao Yunyun answered and hung up the phone . She was about to leave the balcony when she suddenly saw Shen Yuechuan’s car downstairs .

Shen Yuechuan’s eye-catching Ferrari could not be ignored even if it was thrown in the corner, not to mention that it was parked right by the gates of the bar, and Xiao Yunyun was so familiar with it .

Looking down, she saw that the car’s top was open . The girl in the passenger’s seat had long black hair, and her slender legs were white and fair . She stretched out gracefully, which made people fantasize .

Xiao Yunyun grabbed the balcony railings and couldn’t move her eyes away .

If she was bold enough, she should immediately turn around and leave . But looking at Shen Yuechuan and the girl, she couldn’t move as if she had been nailed to the ground by the devil .

A few minutes ago, she saw clearly from the corner of her eyes that Shen Yuechuan was holding a girl in his arms, and they had left the bar in an intimate gesture, like a couple in love .

At that moment, she felt as if she had drowned to the bottom of the sea, sinking down continuously due to lack of oxygen . Every cell in her body was struggling to survive, but she still had to remain normal in front of so many people, pretending that she was not affected at all .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t want to admit it, but she couldn’t hide the truth—she envied the girl who was sitting in the co-pilot’s seat of Shen Yuechuan’s car .

Perhaps, she would never be able to sit in that special position ever again .

Thinking of this, Xiao Yunyun lowered her eyelashes, and at this time, there was a playful laughter downstairs . She followed the laughter and looked down, only to see the girl nestled in Shen Yuechuan’s arms sweetly . The girl said in a charming voice, “You are really bad and naughty . ”

Shen Yuechuan smiled and naturally put his hands around the girl’s waist . Then he lowered his head and looked like he was about to kiss the girl’s lips—

Xiao Yunyun widened her eyes, and countless words popped out in her mind—bastard! Don’t kiss! Don’t kiss!

As if he heard the heart of Xiao Yunyun, Shen Yuechuan suddenly looked up and looked at the balcony of the second floor—Xiao Yunyun had no time to avoid, and her eyes collided with Shen Yuechuan’s in the air .

Xiao Yunyun was cold all over, and her first thought was to hide, and then she concluded that hiding was no different from admitting her mind . So—she raised her lips directly and raised her hand to give Shen Yuechuan a salute to show her respect .

This time, Shen Yuechuan was very grateful . He gave Xiao Yunyun a modest expression and then started the car . The narcissistic Ferrari cut through the bright night of City A and went in the direction of the hotel .

Xiao Yunyun kept watching Shen Yuechuan’s car away with a smile, but as the car went further and further ahead, the smile on her face became stiffer and stiffer . When the car disappeared from her sight, she kicked the railing hard . “Bastard!”

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Before she kicked on the railing, Xiao Yunyun had forgotten one thing—it was already summer, and she was wearing a pair of sandals that exposed her toes . All the force that she applied on the railing was finally returned to her toes .

A second later, she felt a heart-wrenching pain .

“Holy sh*t!” Xiao Yunyun took a deep breath and took back her feet with a distorted face, squatting down and holding her knees .

It was said that ten fingers were linked to the heart, and it was not only saying about the hand fingers but also the toes!

Otherwise, how could the pain on her feet spread to her heart?

Or, the pain in her heart had already begun…

Xiao Yunyun closed her eyes hard, but her eyes quickly warmed up as if they had been lit up . Her eyes were hot and sour . She had to bite her lips hard, but tears still came out of her eyes and moistened her arms .

Even if she wanted to cry, she couldn’t let the cat out of the bag!

Holding the attitude of a tough man, Xiao Yunyun gritted her teeth, stood up, and rushed to the bathroom on the second floor .

At this time, she suddenly felt lucky because there were only a few people on the second floor, and it was quiet .

In this way, no one would know that she was crying .

What Xiao Yunyun didn’t know was that Shen Yuechuan’s narcissistic Ferrari stopped at a junction not long after it left the bar .

Although this intersection was located in the center of the city, there were residential houses on both sides . So, there were not many people and vehicles commuting through this road . Shen Yuechuan suddenly parked his car here, which made the girl in the passenger’s seat very puzzled .

After a while, the girl blushed slightly and said shyly and timidly, “Although there are not many people here, it’s a main street after all . It’s not a good idea…”

Shen Yuechuan turned his head and looked at the girl . He took a cheque and handed it to her . “Get off the car . There will be a crossing if you walk along this street for a few steps . It’s easy to get a taxi . ”

Staring at the check, the girl hesitantly asked, “What… what do you mean?”

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“Isn’t the meaning very obvious?” Shen Yuechuan was expressionless, and he was obviously slowly losing patience . “Don’t waste my time . ”

The implication was that the check should be taken away as fast as possible, and the person should disappear as soon as possible . It was not a smart move to test his patience .

The girl pressed her beautiful red lips together and said unwillingly, “Why! You don’t want me…”

“You think too much, I am not interested in you, I just need you to cooperate with me to put on a show . ” Shen Yuechuan ordered coldly, “I will repeat it for the last time—get off the car . ”

The girl didn’t listen . Instead, she was thinking about the word “show” .

She remembered that before she left the bar, Shen Yuechuan took Xiao Yunyun into the private room—Did Shen Yuechuan just want to act for that girl?

However, Xiao Yunyun looked ordinary . Although there was no obvious shortcoming on her face, she was nowhere particularly glamourous . How could she be compared to her?

The girl leaned over and leaned against Shen Yuechuan . The tip of her high-heeled shoes inadvertently lifted up Shen Yuechuan’s trousers and gently touched his legs . “It’s not improper… to act . But will it be more vivid to play a full set?”

If it was in the past, Shen Yuechuan would have liked this kind of trick very much—although it was cheesy, it could not be denied that it was a fatal sex and temptation for men .

But now, he only felt disgusted .

“Enough,” Shen Yuechuan said . There was a bone-chilling coldness in his tone . He was no longer swayed by that kind of temptation . “Get off!”

The girl stared at Shen Yuechuan’s eyes, only to see a wave of peace . She knew that she failed to tease him, so she took the check and got off the car gloomily .

She had thought that she had got a man who was great both in his look and assets, but she didn’t expect that she had only met a handsome freak!


The girl looked at the number on the check and thought proudly, “This freak is quite generous!”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t even look at the leaving girl and didn’t care about the number on the check . He numbly closed the convertible and started the car to go back to the apartment .

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After returning to the apartment, he turned on his laptop and sent an e-mail to the doctor who had been in charge of his father’s treatment .

From the business card, the attending physician in the past had already become a professor .

The content of the email Shen Yuechuan sent was very simple . He first showed his identity, and then told the doctor very directly, “Professor, I know that you have been studying my father’s illness . I hope that you can go to City A to continue your research . I’ll fulfill all of your conditions, and I am willing to cooperate with your work . ”

At the end of the email, Shen Yuechuan left his contact information .

Unexpectedly, he soon received a reply from the professor . The professor expressed that he wanted to talk to him on the phone .

Finally, Shen Yuechuan dialed the old professor’s number in an uneasy mood .

“Is this Mr . Shen?” The call from another country was connected faster than Shen Yuechuan imagined . The old man’s voice came from the other end of the earth . “Hello, I was the attending doctor of your father years ago . ”

It was this voice that had told the old Jiang Ye about his illness .

Shen Yuechuan held the microphone and thought that his father had also heard this person’s voice when he was young . Shen Yuechuan just didn’t know whether his father was in the same mood as he was now when his father was young .

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