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Chapter 571: 571

Qin Han’s call was a little sudden . Xiao Yunyun unexpectedly sat up, and only then did she realize that the sky had already turned dark .

Tonight would probably be another sleepless night for her now that she had woken up so late .

Xiao Yunyun fiddled with her hair and picked up Qin Han’s call, “Hello?”

Before Qin Han could speak, the chaotic music and the screams of men and women were transmitted over . Xiao Yunyun subconsciously moved her hand and got the phone away from her ear .

On the other side, Qin Han seemed to be aware of the noise around him and said, “Wait a minute . ”

As Qin Han walked around, the noisy voices and music disappeared . Following that, the only thing that came through the phone was the pleasant voice of Qin Han, “What are you doing? Have you finished working?”

Xiao Yunyun had to admit that she was not very familiar with Qin Han, so answering this kind of question was a bit strange . She awkwardly asked, “What did you call me? Is there anything wrong?”

“Can’t I look for you if I don’t have anything special?” After a pause, Qin Han realized that Xiao Yunyun did not want to answer . He had no choice but to continue saying, “I am at MiTime bar on Huaihai Road . Do you want to come over?”

“A bar?” Xiao Yunyun didn’t like this kind of place, and said without hesitation, “I won’t go . ”

“Tonight, this place has been booked . The people who come are all people in the circle . Even if we’re not familiar with each other, we’ll be familiar just after greeting each other . Your cousin’s grooms and bridesmaids who were at the wedding are all here . There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Qin Han said patiently . “Come, even if you don’t drink, it’s fine for you to come and play with everyone here . Do you want to stay in your little apartment and grow mushrooms on your head?”

Xiao Yunyun looked around and there was only silence and darkness—It was such a big house, but she could not find any trace of vitality .

Outside the window, other houses were filled with lights which were bright and warm, as if they were in a different and remote world .

“He’s right . I can’t just lock myself up in jail like this for the rest of my life . ”

Since she could not help thinking of Shen Yuechuan when she was sitting at home, it was better to go to a place that could numb this feeling .

“I’m setting off now . ” Xiao Yunyun uncovered the quilt and got out of bed .

“That’s more like it . ” Qin Han asked in satisfaction, “Do you need me to pick you up?”

“No . ” Xiao Yunyun refused in an indifferent tone . “Send me the address, and I can take a taxi . ”

“All right . ”

Less than half a minute later, Xiao Yunyun received a text message from Qin Han . She quickly took a shower and got changed . Then she went downstairs to hire a taxi and headed straight to MiTime bar .

Qin Han calculated Xiao Yunyun’s time accurately and waited in advance . In less than a minute, he saw a taxi parked at the entrance of the bar . He saw with his sharp eyes that it was Xiao Yunyun in the car, so he naturally went up, opened the door, and paid the fare for Xiao Yunyun naturally .

Xiao Yunyun always felt that Qin Han was too enthusiastic and she was not used to being treated like this . She took a large bill out of her purse and wanted to return it to Qin Han, but he refused it .

Qin Han shrugged his shoulders . “My parents have always instructed me to take good care of you . By the way, my father and auntie Su are classmates . Did auntie Su ever mention it to you?”

Xiao Yunyun shook her head, “No . ”

“It doesn’t matter . ” Qin Han spread out his hands elegantly . “You just have to know that I’m good to you and take care of you under the Emperor’s orders . There’s no need to feel any pressure . Moreover, my father has already said that even if I can’t win you over, I have to entertain you . Otherwise, I’ll have to suffer . ”

Xiao Yunyun wasn’t in the mood to joke with Qin Han, and changed the topic stiffly, “What are you playing inside?”

“There are all kinds of games . ” Qin Han took Xiao Yunyun inside . “It depends on what you want to play!”

After that, Qin Han opened the door of the bar, and the deafening music echoed through the long corridor, piercing her ears as if to confuse her and everyone’s thoughts .

Qin Han’s footsteps were light, just like a veteran in the brothel . He made a gesture to Xiao Yunyun to look around the whole bar: “There are people who compete in drinking, dancing, accosting, playing games of all sorts you can think of . Which one do you want to join?”

Xiao Yunyun’s eyes followed Qin Han’s hand and swept around the bar, and she caught a glimpse of Shen Yuechuan .

Shen Yuechuan was dressed in light casual clothes, simple and clean, but both the tailoring and the cloth were very particular . Coupled with his well-built figure, he exuded an elegant, dangerous and charming temperament .

The focus of the bar was obviously on Shen Yuechuan’s spot . He had already been surrounded a group of young sexy girls . Everyone’s facial features were the same as if they were made from the same mold . Even the clothes were like they had been pre-arranged . The upper part of their clothing was exposed, and the scent of temptation was undisguised .

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Shen Yuechuan tilted up the corners of his lips . It was obvious that he was enjoying it .

Xiao Yunyun spurned—wow, after so long, he really still liked this style!

Xiao Yunyun looked away and tried to suppress the surging jealousy at the bottom of her heart, continuously telling herself, “Shen Yuechuan is her brother, and he is her half-blooded brother!”

As a younger sister, she had no reason to feel uncomfortable that her brother was flirting with girls!

Qin Han lowered his head slightly and looked at Xiao Yunyun with a “concerned” expression, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Yunyun was so keen that she instantly realized that Qin Han was deliberately approaching her . She raised her head and stared at him coldly, “Why didn’t you tell me that Shen Yuechuan is also here?”

“I have already told you . ” Qin Han looked innocent . “I had said that the bridesmaid and the best men on the day your cousin got married are all here—Shen Yuechuan was one of the best men, wasn’t he?”

When Qin Han said that, Xiao Yunyun did not think of Shen Yuechuan at all . She was very sure that she had fallen into Qin Han’s trap .

The worst thing was that this pit seemed to be impossible for her to climb out of in a short amount of time—

Shen Yuechuan released the girl in his arms and went straight to Xiao Yunyun, with an ambiguous smile on his face from beginning to end .

His footsteps stopped in front of Xiao Yunyun: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you have become so bold that you dare to come to such a place alone . ”

“We are both grown-ups . Since you dare to come, why don’t I?” Xiao Yunyun quietly took a deep breath and looked into Shen Yuechuan’s eyes . “It seems that those who come here are not good people from your words!”

“Of course, it’s not all bad people here . ” Shen Yuechuan suddenly lowered his head . He lowered his voice and whispered in Xiao Yunyun’s ear ambiguously, “But, good people here are absolutely less than you think . ”

Shen Yuechuan had flirted with Xiao Yunyun many times like this . Every time, Xiao Yunyun’s heart beat out of control, and it was difficult for her to control herself .

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But the situation had changed . Shen Yuechuan was her brother, and they couldn’t be like this .

Xiao Yunyun took a step back almost subconsciously, but found that the distance between Shen Yuechuan and her was not far enough—her heart was still beating faster .

When he was about to take a second step back, Shen Yuechuan grabbed Xiao Yunyun’s hand and said, “Let’s have a talk . ”

“Let me go!” While struggling, Xiao Yunyun inadvertently looked into Shen Yuechuan’s eyes . He was actually serious, and her strength disappeared unconsciously .

She and Shen Yuechuan really needed to talk about it . Otherwise, when Su Yunjin claimed Shen Yuechuan to be her son in the future, they would always be in an awkward situation .

“Okay . ” Xiao Yunyun raised her chin and looked fearless, “Where do you want to talk about it?”

Shen Yuechuan took Xiao Yunyun to a private room .

The private room was spacious, the decoration was luxurious, and the sound insulation effect was excellent . As soon as the door was closed, the music and the loud noise ceased to exist . It was so quiet that it was almost suffocating .

“Can you turn on the light?” Xiao Yunyun was not used to it and said, “It’s too dark, I am not used to it . ”

This time, Shen Yuechuan did not listen to Xiao Yunyun’s words . He boldly stared at her in the dark and suppressed his strange emotions . “I am a little busy these days . ”

From each angle one could imagine, it sounded like a boyfriend explaining to his girlfriend for having neglected her .

Xiao Yunyun’s heart missed a beat and she interrupted Shen Yuechuan in a panic, “It’s none of my business whether you are busy or not!”

Shen Yuechuan said, “That day…”

“I was joking with you that day!” During so many years of her lifetime, Xiao Yunyun regretted the most that day when she confessed her feelings to Shen Yuechuan . She forced herself to explain hurriedly, “I just wanted to tease you! After that, I wanted to explain it to you . Now is the right time to make it clear—I didn’t mean anything else; I was really just kidding!”

Shen Yuechuan stared at Xiao Yunyun with sharp eyes . “Do you think I have never joked with anyone?” In other words, he knew that Xiao Yunyun was not joking .

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“I’m not kidding? What do you think it was?” Xiao Yunyun went over and turned on the light . In an instant, glaring light filled the entire room . She calmly walked to Shen Yuechuan . “You can’t think I’m serious, can you?”

Shen Yuechuan did not miss any of Xiao Yunyun’s subtle expressions, but sharp as his eyes were, he did not find any clue .

Xiao Yunyun was calm and full of confidence . Her words were calm and organized, and her attitude was serious and meticulous, just like how she was when she worked .

On that day, maybe she was just joking, but she admitted to Su Jian’an and Su Yunjin that she liked him, so what was that?

“I have thought it through . ” Xiao Yunyun unfolded her hands and said indifferently, “Shen Yuechuan, I… don’t like you, instead it feels like I rely on you . Do you remember the time when my mobile phone was stolen and you helped me to find it back? From then on, I have regarded you as someone who can protect me, and I developed an inexplicable dependence on you . I misunderstood that feeling . ”

“…” Shen Yuechuan did not speak, and firmly stared at Xiao Yunyun gloomily .

Xiao Yunyun continued to say as if nothing had happened, “Do you remember? I had previously told you that I like the kind of person like Qin Han—that is the reason why I come here today . Oh, before I came, I didn’t know that you were here . But it’s good that you are here . I can just explain it to you . ”

Shen Yuechuan’s eyes were almost gloomy, as if he wanted to see through Xiao Yunyun, but Xiao Yunyun was just calm .

Perhaps it was just a few seconds, or maybe it was a long time . The gloom in Shen Yuechuan’s eyes finally faded slowly, just like the sunshine dispelled the dark clouds in June . He restored his usual frivolous and elegant look .

Shen Yuechuan smiled and raised his hand to flick Xiao Yunyun’s forehead—

“Bang!” Xiao Yunyun painfully covered her forehead and glared at Shen Yuechuan . “What are you doing!”

“I was scared by your joke, so this is the punishment . ” Shen Yuechuan looked like he had just survived a disaster . “That day you looked so serious, and I thought you really had some feelings for me . It turned out that you didn’t… well! In the future… are you still a friend?”

Xiao Yunyun curled the corners of her mouth and said, “Seeing that you are quite good-looking, you are reluctantly qualified to continue to be a friend!”

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