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Chapter 569: 569

Su Yunjin stared at Shen Yuechuan for a moment . She obviously wanted to say something but stopped .

In the end, Su Yunjin just asked, “What about yourself? You think about it on behalf of Yunyun, and on behalf of the company . Have you ever thought about yourself?”

“Since young, I have given up a lot, but that’s all I don’t want . ” Shen Yuechuan said, “Now, I want to live, and I won’t give up my life . ”

Even though there was no fun in being alive, and there wasn’t any meaning to it, he had been struggling for so long and had yet to truly enjoy a carefree life . It was not worth it to just die like this .

Therefore, when he got rid of Kang Ruicheng, the scum, he would receive the treatment .

“How much longer do you need?” Su Yunjin said, “The doctor who is in charge of your father’s treatment has been studying this disease for the past few years . He told me about the great discovery of his experts and team, but you need to go to the treatment as soon as possible . ”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t know how long it would take to finish off Kang Ruicheng . Although in Shen Yuechuan’s eyes, Kang Ruicheng was a slag, in fact, it was better not to underestimate his strength .

After a moment of silence, Shen Yuechuan asked, “Can you give me the doctor’s contact information?”

Su Yunjin didn’t know what Shen Yuechuan was going to do, but she still nodded . “I will send it to your phone . ”

“Thank you . ” Shen Yuechuan stood up . “If there is nothing else, I will leave first . ”

“Yuechuan!” Su Yunjin caught up with Shen Yuechuan, but her footsteps stopped behind him . She looked at Shen Yuechuan with her eyes full of worry . “Are you okay?”

Shen Yuechuan chose to ignore the worries in Su Yunjin’s eyes . He raised his lips as if nothing had happened . “Are you worried that I won’t be able to accept and digest so much news in such a short time?”

Su Yunjin said, “I’m really worried about you . ”

“You don’t have to . ” Shen Yuechuan looked relaxed . “Since I can remember, I have accepted the truth that I am an orphan . As a grown up, I have to send away a few friends every day, or welcome several tragic new friends . The bad news is a common thing for me, so you don’t have to worry about me . ”

The more Shen Yuechuan understated her words, the more Su Yunjin felt as if her heart was being cut by a knife . Tears filled her eyes when she said, “Yuechuan, I’m sorry . ”

“You don’t have to be . ”

“Pardon me . ” Shen Yuechuan left the cafe without looking back .

In fact, it was not so easy to accept the bad news .

When he knew that he was an orphan, he began to doubt his life and value at such a young age . When he had seen his old friends being taken away, he had secretly ran to the dean to cry .

Later, when he grew up, he became numb to some things . He also found a way to reward himself by surrounding himself with tobaccos and beauties .

He had thought that life would not be so difficult anymore and that he would finally be able to control the rest of his life .

However, when he was most proud, fate played a joke on him—not only did he inherit the disease which had taken away his father’s life, but Xiao Yunyun was also his half-blood sister .

That was the most ironic part of the story .

Shen Yuechuan sat in the car, smoking one cigarette after another until he could not get anything from the cigarette box .

Only now did he realize that certain kinds of distress could not be got rid of just by choking tobacco .

Shen Yuechuan suddenly felt dull and tasteless . He put out the cigarette and started the car .

He lived in the most luxurious apartment in the center of the city, but it wasn’t his home . At best, it was just a place for him to sleep, so he didn’t want to go back .

But if he didn’t go back to the apartment, he didn’t know where he could go in such a big city .

After driving around for a while, Shen Yuechuan found himself parking the car under Xiao Yunyun’s apartment .

He opened the tent and counted up along the lights floor by floor, and his eyes stayed on the floor where Xiao Yunyun lived .

The light was on, and Xiao Yunyun was at home .

What was she doing?

If Shen Yuechuan was the same person as before he met Xiao Yunyun, then he would definitely rush up regardless of anything and tell Xiao Yunyun that he had always been not just to tease her .

In fact, he had never been so serious in his life .

But he couldn’t do whatever he wanted anymore . He not only had to think for Xiao Yunyun, but also for the current situation .

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The most important thing was, what could he do even if he said it?

Even if he said it, he and Xiao Yunyun couldn’t be together . There was a damn blood relationship between them .

Although they loved each other, they could not be together because of their blood relationship . It was enough for him to come and suffer . Xiao Yunyun was the person he wanted to protect the most . She should stay away from this kind of pain .

At this moment, Shen Yuechuan suddenly understood why Lu Boyan was not willing to let Su Jian’an have a relationship with him .

Because love will make you want to protect that person and let her live peacefully in her small world .

You can be happy only when you see her happy .

The passers-by walked along the street, and people kept looking at Shen Yuechuan and his car . Shen Yuechuan didn’t care about these gazes, but finally, he shut down the tent of the car and stayed quietly downstairs of Xiao Yunyun’s apartment .

After God knew how long, there were no pedestrians on the street, and there were few vehicles on the road . Shen Yuechuan had received several work emails on his mobile phone, and he vaguely realized that the life and work still needed to go on . So he started the car and went back to his apartment .

After returning to the apartment, Shen Yuechuan did nothing but directly lied down on the big bed in the bedroom . He closed his eyes and waited for the dawn .

Early in the next morning, Shen Yuechuan got up to deal with matters related to work, and then drove to the company .

For a long time, Shen Yuechuan was used to arriving at the company at the last minute unless there was something very important . Today, he went to the company more than half an hour ahead of time, which made Lu Boyan quite surprised .

When looking at Shen Yuechuan carefully, Lu Boyan found that he looked tired . Lu Boyan thought that he had spent the night planning to confess his love to Xiao Yunyun, so he asked, “Do I need to give you a half-day off?”

“No . ” Shen Yuechuan raised his hand to show that there was no need . “I got up early in the morning to deal with the emails and arrange the work for today . If nothing goes wrong, today will be very smooth . If you ask me to go home, I will lose my sense of accomplishment . ”

Lu Boyan was keenly aware that something was wrong . “You got up early in the morning to read the emails? Shouldn’t you be planning to confess your love to Yunyun?”

Shen Yuechuan paused in the process of sorting out the documents . After a while, he raised his head and looked at Lu Boyan . “Don’t mention this again in the future . ”

Lu Boyan squinted his eyes, “What happened?”

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Seeing that Shen Yuechuan did not intend to open his mouth, Lu Boyan added, “I am not asking you as your boss . I am asking you as a friend . ”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly realized that Lu Boyan had to know about this matter someday, or it would not be easy to deal with it in the future .

He bitterly raised the corner of his mouth and squeezed out a voice after a long time, “Can you believe it? Jianan’s aunt is my biological mother, and Xiao Yunyun and I are the halfblooded brother and sister with the same mother . ”

Lu Boyan had heard too much incredible news, but this was the first time that he had felt incredible He even suspected that there was something wrong with his hearing, or that Shen Yuechuan was joking . .

“Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun are half-blooded siblings of the same mother . How could that be possible?”

“I also thought it was unbelievable at the beginning . ” Shen Yuechuan shrugged helplessly . “But, the fact is the fact . No matter how unbelievable it is, it is still the truth . ”

After that, Shen Yuechuan told Lu Boyan about his past .

Even Lu Boyan could not suddenly digest such a sudden and unacceptable news . After a while, his voice reluctantly returned to its usual calmness, “What are you going to do?”

“I have my own plans . ” Over the past few years, it was the first time that Shen Yuechuan had looked at Lu Boyan with such pleading eyes . “But, you have to keep it a secret for me . ”

Lu Boyan knew Shen Yuechuan so well that he soon understood what Shen Yuechuan was going to do . He frowned even more and said, “You want to…”

“It’s a bit of a disgrace, I know,” Shen Yuechuan smiled lightly, “but compared with the fact that we are siblings, this ‘truth’ will be more acceptable for Yunyun . I need you to keep it a secret so that it won’t irritate Yunyun at this time . ”

Lu Boyan stared at Shen Yuechuan for a moment . “Is it not as simple as that? Are you sure you didn’t hide anything else from me?”

According to Lu Boyan’s understanding of Shen Yuechuan, if things were not so terrible to a certain extent, he would not choose this way to hurt Xiao Yunyun .

“Things are already terrible enough for me, why do you still think it’s simple?” Shen Yuechuan did not mention his hereditary illness at all, and he uttered a tut-tut with dissatisfaction . “Do you hope to have something worse coming up to me? F*ck, are you a friend or not?”

“You’d better not have anything else . ” Lu Boyan’s eyes were sharp and his words were equally sharp . “Otherwise, when I find out, you…”

Shen Yuechuan shrugged and indifferently interrupted Lu Boyan . “Go ahead and check it out . ”

He tried his best to pretend to be frank and unscrupulous—Lu Boyan knew him, so did he . At this time, the more he didn’t care, the more likely Lu Boyan would believe his words .

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In the end, Lu Boyan returned to his office without saying anything . Shen Yuechuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief .

He hoped to conceal his illness as long as he could . At this critical moment, it was the last thing he could do to help Lu Boyan .

At this time, Su Yunjin just went downstairs from the suite of the hotel . She walked to the lobby and was about to leave the hotel .

“Ms . Su!” The staff at the front desk called Su Yunjin . “I changed shifts yesterday . I didn’t know when you came back, so I didn’t have the chance to tell you . Miss Xiao came over yesterday afternoon . ”

“Yunyun was here?” Su Yunjin twisted her brows . “Did she say why she came?”

“No, she just said that she wanted to see you . ” The receptionist said, “But we told her that you weren’t home . So she took the door card and waited for you inside . ”

Su Yunjin suddenly remembered something and hurriedly returned to her room, and rushed straight into the study .

The document about Shen Yuechuan’s past was still lying quietly on the desk, motionless .

Su Yunjin let out a sigh of relief .

Since the document was put in the study, Xiao Yunyun should have thought that this was a business document . She had never been interested in business, so she would not open it .

Regardless of what she had in mind, Su Yunjin still could not be assured and dialed Xiao Yunyun’s phone number .

“Mom?” Xiao Yunyun’s light and energetic voice came, “What’s wrong? I just got on the taxi and am ready to go to the hospital to work!”

“Nothing . ” Su Yunjin tried to stabilize her voice as much as possible . “I heard from the front desk that you came to the hotel yesterday afternoon to find me . Do you have anything to tell me?”

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