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Chapter 568: 568
Chapter 568 Life is Like A Drama, Full of Tragedies

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty years had passed by .

The little boy abandoned by Su Yunjin was now a young man who resembled his father much .

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan with her teary eyes, “I didn’t expect myself to survive, and I didn’t dare to wish to see you grow up . ”

Shen Yuechuan turned his head away and refused to see Su Yunjin’s devastated look .

He tried to enact the calmness he should have on the negotiating table and took a few deep breaths calmly but found that it was futile . In the end, he couldn’t calm down .

In the end, Shen Yuechuan abruptly stood up . “I’ll go out for a moment . ”

No matter how Su Yunjin reacted, Shen Yuechuan walked out without looking back . He didn’t know how long he had walked . He only knew that he stopped by the river in the end .

At the age of twelve, Shen Yuechuan had learned from the dean that his biological mother was from City A .

At that time, he was still young and had not met Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue . He only knew City A was an ancient eastern country . He couldn’t imagine the outline and appearance of this place, neither did he know if the person who gave birth to him still lived in this city .

Later, he followed Lu Boyan and moved the headquarters of the company back to City A from the United States .

When the plane was about to land, he looked over the city from a height of 10,000 meters . There were tall buildings and it looked shockingly prosperous . The traffic and the flow of people on the road were as small as ants . Everything was in a hurry, for fear of being abandoned by this era .

At that time, Shen Yuechuan had wondered if there would be a day when he would pass by the person who gave birth to him in this city while they didn’t know each other at all .

Perhaps, influenced by the education he had got since he was a child, Shen Yuechuan thought that he had the right to choose whether to search for his biological parents or not . After the plane had landed, he decided not to find the root cause .

But it had always been the blood of Orientals running in his body, and he had also thought about prying into his source .

Therefore, he had also imagined that one day, his biological parents would find him and explain to him the reason for abandoning him .

He had already thought about it a long time ago . They could find him, and he did have their blood on him . But as far as legal levels were concerned, he had no obligation to recognize them, and he wouldn’t recognize the people who had abandoned him decades ago as his parents .

However, he had never thought that the reason why he had been abandoned was so complicated that even Su Hongyuan was involved .

What was even more ridiculous was that Su Yicheng had become his male-cousin, and Su Jian’an, his female-cousin .

Further, Xiao Yunyun had become his biological sister .

Even so, he could not hate Su Yunjin .

Shen Yuechuan looked at the muddy river . No matter how he thought about it, he just couldn’t figure out why fate made fun of him like this?

He would rather prefer being a child that no one wanted than accepting the fact that Xiao Yunyun was his younger sister .

However, this was the reality . No matter how great his abilities were, he still couldn’t change it .

Perhaps, it was just like the fact that his father died when he first came to this world—from the moment he was born, his life was destined to be a ridiculous tragedy .

Shen Yuechuan’s lips curled into a self-deprecating smile, and then he returned to the cafe .

Su Yunjin was still the only one in such a big cafe .

It was this woman who let him come to this world, but Shen Yuechuan’s impression of Su Yunjin started from the meeting at the airport .

Shen Yuechuan thought that even if his identity had changed, there would not be any turbulence in his heart when he faced Su Yunjin .

However, he overestimated his tolerance and underestimated the wonders of a blood relation . When he saw Su Yunjin again, he couldn’t help thinking how difficult it had been for her after his father had passed away to take him to and fro from her friend’s home alone . He also couldn’t help but think about how she escaped from depression and Su Hongyuan’s evil clutches and lived till date after abandoning him .

Su Yunjin slowly stood up and looked at Shen Yuechuan, as if she saw Jiang Ye coming to her from more than 20 years, and tears burst out uncontrollably .

She said in a trembling voice, “Yuechuan…”

She only called out Shen Yuechuan’s name, and the rest of the words were stuck in her throat .

Shen Yuechuan deliberately ignored the feeling of a prick in his heart and walked to Su Yunjin . “In that case, not only was it a burden for you to bring me around, but Su Hongyuan might have sent me to a remote mountainous area in China . So, I completely understand why you chose to send me to an orphanage at that time . ”

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“…” Su Yunjin cried and wanted to reach out to touch Shen Yuechuan .

However, Shen Yuechuan dodged and went on to say, “But understanding and accepting are two different things . ”

Su Yunjin’s hand froze, and then she put it down silently . She nodded and said, “I don’t expect you to forgive me or accept me . But I can’t let you repeat your father’s tragedy . I have already contacted the American hospital . After you hand over the company’s affairs the following days, you have to follow me to receive treatment . ”

Shen Yuechuan was unmoved by Su Yunjin’s words and said coldly, “This is my business . You travelled all over the U . S . and came all the way to tell me that you have done your duty . About what I should do, I will make a decision myself . ”

“Do you still need to make a decision? You’re sick . And when a person gets sick, he should be hospitalized!” Su Yunjin was a little agitated . “Aren’t you going get yourself treated?”

“I don’t have time these days,” Shen Yuechuan said, “I have a lot of things to do in the company . Let’s talk about it after I finish these issues . Anyway… I won’t die for the time being . ”

“What are you talking about?” Su Yunjin said seriously, “Nothing is more important than health! If you can’t talk to Boyan about it, I’ll talk to him . ”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly said, “I hope to get along with you like ordinary elders and juniors . ”

Su Yunjin understood what Shen Yuechuan meant . His implication was that if she still wanted to see him in the future, she’d better not get involved in his business .

“But, you have to receive treatment as soon as possible,” Su Yunjin said in a nearly imploring tone, “Otherwise…”

Shen Yuechuan acted as if he was unconscious of the severity, and said as if nothing had happened, “I don’t have time to go to the hospital lately . Let’s talk about it later . ”

The purpose of Xia Mili’s visit was unclear . Kang Ruicheng was about to act . Xu Youning was a time bomb . Mu Sijue’s vitality was yet to recover… In this case, it was the time that Lu Boyan needed him most .

Moreover, Su Jian’an was about to deliver . At this critical juncture, it was possible for Lu Boyan to leave Lu Enterprises behind . Shen Yuechuan could take an extended vacation at any time, but just not this time .

“Also, there are two things… don’t tell others,” Shen Yuechuan said, “if they need to know one day, I will take the initiative to tell them . When we meet in the future, let’s do it the same as before . Don’t let them find any clues . ”

After that, Shen Yuechuan was about to leave the cafe .

Su Yunjin stopped Shen Yuechuan, “What about Yunyun? Should we talk about it?”

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Shen Yuechuan’s figure froze at the door of the cafe . A few seconds later, he turned back and said, “That’s right . ”

Su Yunjin looked at Shen Yuechuan and suddenly felt that his eyes were particularly familiar . After thinking about it, she suddenly remembered . In the past, Jiang Ye told Su Hongyuan on the phone that she would be taken care of by him in the future . She hoped that Su Hongyuan would not bother her life anymore . He had the same look— direct and overbearing, as well as full of protection and love .

Shen Yuechuan, probably really liked Xiao Yunyun .

Su Yunjin slowly said, “Yunyun has been direct with me and told me that she likes you . ”

Although he had known it for a long time, when he heard if from Su Yunjin, Shen Yuechuan was still shocked . It felt like someone was holding a long stick and beating his soul hard .

Su Yunjin had long suspected his identity and would definitely not agree to Xiao Yunyun being with him . Under such circumstances, Xiao Yunyun still had revealed her love for Shen Yuechuan sincerely to Su Yunjin, which required a lot of courage .

Wicked girl! She was usually so timid that she would jump up and down in fright . Why did she become bolder when it was time to retreat?

Shen Yuechuan slowly clenched his hands into fists . He deliberately put on a light face and ignored the feeling of erosion from the bottom of his heart .

Su Yunjin did not ignore Shen Yuechuan’s movement, but still forced Shen Yuechuan to face the reality . “Shouldn’t you consider for Yunyun?”

Shen Yuechuan loosened his fist, and then his mood eased down, “Yunyun is my half-blooded sister?”

Since Shen Yuechuan knew the truth until now, he had been avoiding this question . Just like Su Yunjin refused to believe in Jiang Ye’s death twenty years ago, he refused to accept the fact that Xiao Yunyun was his sister .

However, Su Yunjin had brought it up on her own, which meant that he had nowhere to run from the fact .

The fact was as hard as steel in front of him . There was a blood relationship between him and Xiao Yunyun . He had to face it . Otherwise, Xiao Yunyun would experience the same pain as him .

Su Yunjin remained silent for a moment, then replied, “What do you think?”

Shen Yuechuan was not surprised at all . Maybe it was because he was already mentally prepared .

However, not being surprised and accepting were two different things . He was mentally prepared, but that didn’t mean that the truth couldn’t affect him anymore .

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In fact, Shen Yuechuan had never felt so sad in his life .

Although life was like a drama, he did not expect that his life was all damn tragedy .

Shen Yuechuan looked out of the window and laughed self-deprecatingly . “I always thought that I was the only one in my world . Even if I did something harmful, I would not threaten anyone around me . So, in the past 20 years, I lived very unbridled . If I was the same person as before, I would not care who Xiao Yunyun was . Since I liked her, I would get her . I would do anything to get her . ”

“…” Su Yunjin did not say anything, just waiting for Shen Yuechuan to continue .

Shen Yuechuan’s self-mockery seemed to be more obvious . “But this time, what is horrible is that I don’t just like her . ”

The moment Shen Yuechuan restrained himself for Xiao Yunyun, he knew that things were not good .

He loved Xiao Yunyun .

Su Yunjin lowered her eyes and asked, “So?”

“So, don’t tell her that I am her brother, and don’t let anyone know that we are related by blood,” Shen Yuechuan looked at Su Yunjin and said, “stop that silly girl’s feelings for me first, and then tell her that I am her brother when she finds the one she loves . ”

What he had to do now was to make Xiao Yunyun realize that he was not a good person . She fell in love with him because she misjudged him and he wanted to watch her find her own happiness…

This was the last thing Shen Yuechuan could do for Xiao Yunyun .

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