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Chapter 566: 566
Chapter 566 Life and Death (2)

Despair overwhelmed Su Yunjin like a flourishing vine .

The only thing that could make her happy was knowing that her baby was healthy and strong .

When Su Yunjin went to the hospital for her latest pregnancy check-up, the OB/GYN doctor told her that her baby was due in two months at the latest .

Su Yunjin ran back to the ward and told Jiang Ye the news .

“Two months…” Jiang Ye murmured and placed his gaunt, pale hand on Su Yunjin’s swollen belly . “What should we name him?”

“It’s up to you,” Su Yunjin said . “We need a name for a boy and a name for a girl . ”

Jiang Ye came up with many names over the following days . However, he felt that there had to be prettier and better ones every time he thought of a name, so he canceled the original idea and rethought it .

Su Yunjin didn’t bother with it herself . Anyway, she had left it to Jiang Ye .

She had to deal with the medical costs .

She had borrowed money from their friends . Jiang Ye’s previous company had also given them some money, and even his doctor had paid a lot for his treatment . However, the ICU cost was like a bottomless pit . According to the bills, Su Yunjin owed the hospital nearly 100,000 dollars .

The hospital director had no choice but to tell Su Yunjin, “Miss Su, you need to pay at least a portion of the fee, or we’ll have to suspend the medical care that Jiang Ye needs . ”

“No, please . ” Su Yunjin begged him . “Give me one more day . I promise I’ll pay some of the fees . No matter what happens, I want my husband to see the day when our baby is born . ”

The director didn’t want to make things difficult for a pregnant woman, so he nodded and said, “I’ll give you three more days . ”

Su Yunjin thanked the director with gratitude and then left the hospital . She decided to go to her rich and powerful friends for help .

Su Yunjin had once been integrated into their world, but she had separated herself from them since falling in love with Jiang Ye . She knew that they didn’t care about her . However, it was beyond her expectations that she would be greeted by harsh words and taunts .

“Yunjin, I heard that you owe the hospital nearly a million dollars . Well, you were quite determined when you broke off our friendship, weren’t you? Are you going to borrow money from us?”

“Wow, why are you still in the clothes you wore three years ago? They’re already outdated! Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at when you put them on?”

The man who had been rejected by Su Yunjin three years ago was even meaner . He approached Su Yunjin and stared at her belly . “You spoke highly of Jiang Ye in front of me back then, didn’t you? But it seems that he can do nothing but get you pregnant . I heard that he’s even unable to get up by himself, isn’t he?”

“…” Su Yunjin clenched her fists in silence . She would slap him in the face if the man dared to ridicule Jiang Ye again .

“Enough!” In the end, Qin Han’s father, Qin Lin, said, “We are classmates, anyway . Yunjin is in trouble now . Just offer help to her if you want to . You’re not supposed to be so mean to her, even if you don’t want to help . We all have hard times, don’t we? Watch your mouth!”

Qin Lin took out his wallet and handed all the cash in it to Su Yunjin . “I’ll transfer my bank balance to your account later . Cheer up . Stick with what you chose, no matter what happens . ”

Su Yunjin looked at Qin Lin with gratitude . “Thank you . ”

“Don’t mention it . ” Qin Lin smiled . “My father would have beaten me to death if you hadn’t helped me when we were in high school . ”

Su Yunjin returned to the hospital after giving IOUs to those who lent her money . The hospital finally agreed to continue to give Jiang Ye medical care after she paid a part of the fee .

The nurse told Jiang Ye that Su Yunjin had paid most of the fees in arrears . He knew that she couldn’t afford the fees since she didn’t have a large bank balance, so he asked her where she got the money .

“You know, I have a bunch of rich friends, although I almost ran out of money . ” Su Yunjin said, “I borrowed money from them . ” She didn’t mention that she had been humiliated at all .

However, Jiang Ye could guess what had happened even though Su Yunjin didn’t mention it .

Having lived with Su Yunjin for three years, Jiang Ye knew very well that she had already broken off from her friends . He was sure that she was bullied when she went to them to borrow money .

However, her cellphone rang before he could ask further .

It was Qin Lin calling . He told Su Yunjin, “Someone told our friends in China that you had borrowed money from us . My mother just told me on the phone that your brother said that lending you money is going against the Su Group . Yunjin, is he really your brother?”

“He was my brother . ” Su Yunjin was calm . “Qin Lin, thank you for standing up for me just now . And thanks for telling me about this . ”

“Hold on . ” Qin Lin sighed . “My mother just transferred some money to me for my expenses this month . I only need a few hundred dollars so I transferred the rest to your account . Yunjin, that’s all I can do to help . ”

“That’s enough for me . ” Su Yunjin said with gratitude, “Qin Lin, I won’t hesitate to help you if you’re in trouble in the future . That’s it . ”

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Su Yunjin’s eyes became bloodshot . However, she managed to hold back her tears as she thought of her unborn baby .

Su Yunjin still went to work over the next month . Su Yicheng’s mother transferred some money to her in secret again, which was enough to pay for her hospitalization to give birth, although it was not much . She gave all the money from her paycheck to the hospital so that Jiang Ye could continue his medical care there .

Su Yunjin didn’t resign until seven days before her due date .

Jiang Ye, who was in the ICU, became weaker day by day . However, it was weird that he no longer lost consciousness . He felt good during the day, and he could communicate with Su Yunjin normally .

Su Yunjin thought that Jiang Ye was getting better, but the doctor told her, “According to his check-up report, Jiang Ye is actually getting worse . ”

“Maybe it’s because I know our baby will be born . ” Jiang Ye caressed Su Yunjin’s belly and suddenly said, “But Yunjin, I don’t think… I can make it . ”

“Don’t talk nonsense . You look good now . ” Su Yunjin grabbed Jiang Ye’s hand . “Anyway, there are only six days left before I’m due . ”

Jiang Ye smiled as he caressed Su Yunjin’s face . “I was just kidding, my little fool . ”

Coincidentally, Su Yunjin delivered exactly when the doctor predicted she would, and Jiang Ye was in lively spirits that day .

Jiang Ye had drawn a circle on the calendar because he was afraid that he would forget that day . He looked at Su Yunjin nervously as soon as he woke up early that morning . “How are you feeling? Does your belly ache?”

“Why are you more nervous than me, who is the one about to give birth?” Su Yunjin comforted Jiang Ye . “Don’t worry . I’m in the hospital . The nurses will take me to the OB/GYN in a flash if I’m about to give birth . Take it easy!”

Jiang Ye thought for a moment and shook his head . “I can’t calm myself down . Yunjin, stay in my sight . ”

Su Yunjin burst into laughter . “If I stay here, will you give birth to our baby for me?”

Su Yunjin paled abruptly as soon as she finished her words . Jiang Ye suddenly sat up and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“My belly aches,” Su Yunjin said calmly . “The baby is coming . Call the nurse . ”

“Yes!” Jiang Ye suddenly felt that he needed more than his limbs and brain after a moment of panic . He asked Su Yunjin with anxiety, “How?”

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“… Push the buzzer to call the nurses . ” Su Yunjin pressed her belly to stop the rising pain in it . “Ask them to bring a wheelchair here . ”

Only then did Jiang Ye remember what the button overhead was for . He pressed it and quickly said in Chinese, “I need a wheelchair . My wife is in labor!”

“Pardon? What are you talking about?” The confused nurse said, “Please tell me in English . ”

“You’re so dumb . ” Su Yunjin looked at Jiang Ye in agony . “You were speaking Chinese just now . How could the nurse here understand you?”

Only then did Jiang Ye realize that he had panicked and made a mistake . Soon after he told them what he wanted in English, several nurses sent Su Yunjin to an ob-gyn .

Jiang Ye changed into sterile clothes and insisted on going into the delivery room to accompany her in labor .

He had promised Su Yunjin .

Su Yunjin chose to deliver vaginally, during which the pain was indescribable . In a daze, she only remembered that Jiang Ye had been staying beside her . However, it contributed little to relieve her nagging labor pain .

After a long time, they finally heard a loud cry of a newborn baby in the delivery room . The nurse walked over to Su Yunjin and Jiang Ye with a soiled, crumpled little thing in her arms . “Look, it’s a boy . ”

Su Yunjin was too weak to take her child . Jiang Ye took the baby carefully with both hands and held him in his arms as if he were trying to protect a rare treasure .

“He looks like me . ” Jiang Ye lowered his head and kissed the baby on the forehead .

Su Yunjin saw clearly that tears were falling from Jiang Ye’s eyes when he lowered his head .

Fearing that Jiang Ye would be exhausted, the nurse took the baby from him . “I’m going to bathe him . By the way, your doctor specifically said that you three could stay in the same ward . ”

Therefore, Shen Yuechuan was sent to the ICU soon after he was born .

After the whole morning, Jiang Ye was tired . However, he didn’t fall asleep at all after returning to the ward . He just gazing at Su Yunjin and the newborn little thing .

Su Yunjin urged Jiang Ye, “Have a rest . ”

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Jiang Ye smiled as he held the baby lying beside him in his arms . “I’ll barely have the chance to look at him . How could I sleep?”

The patient monitoring instrument suddenly came to life and started beeping just as Su Yunjin was about to criticize Jiang Ye for his silly words .

Su Yunjin felt a chill in her heart . She pushed the buzzer to call the nurse as soon as she heard the sound . Jiang Ye held her hand and said, “Yunjin, it’s useless . Forget it . ”

“No . ” Su Yunjin said through tears, “Jiang Ye, our baby was just born . You should wait till you hear him call you ‘Dad’ . You can’t go . Jiang Ye, don’t go . ”

“Yunjin, I feel lucky and regretful to meet you in my life . Promise me you’ll live on . Don’t be too sad . When the baby grows up, apologize to him for me . I want to see him grow up and go to kindergarten and go to college . But it seems that I have to leave you now . ”

Jiang Ye sounded very weak at the end of his words . The strident alarm reverberated in the ICU while tears kept coming from Su Yunjin’s eyes and falling onto the baby’s face .

Jiang Ye held the baby in his arm as he tried his best to lift his other hand to wipe away the tears on Su Yunjin’s face .

Su Yunjin held Jiang Ye’s hand . She could feel that he was trying to grab her hand . However, he gradually released her . He looked at her and slowly closed his beautiful eyes .

“Jiang Ye!”

Su Yunjin wailed like crazy . However, Jiang Ye would never answer her again .

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