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Chapter 565: 565
Chapter 565 The New-Born and The Death (1)

The arrival of the child was like a surprise from heaven .

Su Yunjin couldn’t help calling Su Yicheng’s mother to tell her the good news, “Sis, I’m pregnant!”

“Really?” Mother Su was even happier than Su Yunjin . After she told Su Yunjin a bunch of things to pay attention to, she realized something . “I’ve told you so much all of a sudden . I’m sure you won’t remember . I’ll send an email to you later . You can print it out and read it carefully!”

“Okay!” Su Yunjin said happily, “I will read it once a day without missing a word until I can recite it backward!”

“Besides, you should resign from your job . ” Mother Su said, “Pregnant women should not let themselves get tired in the first three months of pregnancy . Your job isn’t easy . I’m worried that you won’t be able to take it . ”

“… Sis, I can’t resign . ” Su Yunjin’s voice lowered . “Jiang Ye is ill . He’s currently hospitalized for treatment . We are spending a lot of money every day, while we don’t have much savings . In the future, our expenses will go up when raising our children . So, I have to work harder . ”

“Jiang Ye is ill?” Mother Su was quite surprised . “When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t want you to worry about me . ” Su Yunjin paused and continued to say, “In fact, Jiang Ye has been sick for a long time . Now, his illness has developed to the terminal stage . ”

Mother Su was silent for a long time . When she spoke again, her voice revealed a trace of heartache, “Yunjn, you’ve had a hard time recently, haven’t you?”

Everything was fine before Mother Su asked the question . But once she said it, Su Yunjin was unable to handle it .

After Jiang Ye was hospitalized, Su Yunjin swallowed back all the hardships and uneasiness in her heart and showed a firm and optimistic look in front of Jiang Ye to make him feel at ease .

But Su Yicheng’s mother was different .

Since the death of Su Yunjin’s parents, Su Yicheng’s mother had been taking care of her . She could tell all her hardships and uneasiness to her .

Su Yunjin sobbed and said, “Sister-in-law, I’m afraid he’ll leave me someday . If there’s no Jiang Ye in this world, I don’t know how to go on living . ”

“Yunjin, don’t be afraid . ” Mother Su comforted Su Yunjin in a soft voice . “I will help you . ”

Mother Su’s help was transferring all her private money to Su Yunjin’s bank account .

But this matter was soon discovered by Su Hongyuan .

When Su Yunjin said that she wanted to break off their relationship, Su Hongyuan had once thought that she was just talking nonsense . He even thought that she would soon be unable to live a life of poverty and would come back to apologize to him .

However, the truth was that Su Yunjin had not given in for two years . She was working and attending classes at the same time . She was not enjoying an easy life, but it was definitely not as bad as he thought .

This time, Su Yunjin suddenly needed money . So something must have happened .

Su Hongyuan asked someone to investigate and effortlessly found out about Jiang Ye’s serious illness and hospitalization .

This was an excellent opportunity for Su Hongyuan .

Su Hongyuan froze his wife’s bank account and did not allow Mother Su to provide any help to Su Yunjin . Then, he contacted Su Yunjin .

He said on the phone, “Yunjin, you don’t need to get married to Mr . Cui now . You can just come back and stay with him for a while . In exchange, I will provide Jiang Ye with the best medical conditions . You love Jiang Ye, don’t you? You won’t refuse, will you?”

“Su Hongyuan, I have never seen anyone filthier and more shameless than you!” Su Yunjin was furious to the extreme . “It’s true that Jiang Ye is ill and we really need money now . But don’t think that you are the only one in the world who can make money . No matter how down and out I am, you can’t make use of me!”

Su Yunjin didn’t tell Jiang Ye about this . She just worked even harder .

Jiang Ye saw it and felt the pain in his heart . Su Yunjin was pregnant now, and she should resign in order to stay at home to nourish the fetus .

After a long period of consideration, Jiang Ye and Su Yunjin arrived at a discussion .

“Yunjin, I want to leave the hospital . ”

Su Yunjin was sitting on the edge of the bed, reading a work file . When hearing this, she looked up at Jiang Ye in surprise and said, “The doctor didn’t say you can leave here . ”

“I want to get out of the hospital . ” Jiang Ye calmly analyzed it . “I stay here with a lot of expenses every day . If it goes on like this, our savings will be used up soon . But if I leave the hospital, it will be much easier for us . ”

“But you’ll be in danger if you leave the hospital . ” Su Yunjin stopped Jiang Ye . “I know what you’re thinking . Don’t say it again . Jiang Ye, you’re not a burden on me . Instead, you’re my life . I won’t let you leave the hospital . Don’t worry about the money . My sister-in-law gave me a sum of money a few days ago . It’s enough for us to hang on for a while . ”

Jiang Ye looked at Su Yunjin and helplessly found that he, as a sick man, could do nothing apart from apologizing to her .

Su Yunjin saw through Jiang Ye’s mind and kissed his lips to stop him . “If you really feel sorry, don’t let it get worse . Get better asap . I have heard that delivering a baby is horrible . You’ll have to accompany me to the delivery room at that time . ”

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin in his arms and said, “Okay . But you have to promise me that you won’t get too tired . Take good care of yourself . ”

Su Yunjin smiled and said, “Don’t worry . My colleagues know that I’m pregnant, and they’re all helping me . I’m not tired at all when I’m working . ”

Su Yunjin was the only one who knew that it had just been an understatement .

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In fact, in order to get more pay, she worked a lot harder than before . Her colleagues told her not to work so hard . But she didn’t know how to tell them that she had to work hard now .

April soon came, and the weather was warmer . After Su Yunjin got a customer’s contract in the company, she felt the fetus move for the first time .

She was so excited that it seemed like she had hit the jackpot . She took a taxi to the hospital and wanted to share this good news with Jiang Ye .

However, as soon as she arrived at the hospital, the nurse told her that Jiang Ye had been sent to the ICU .

Su Yunjin felt like a basin of cold water had been poured on her head in the dead of winter . She asked in a panic, “Why?”

“A few minutes ago, Jiang Ye suddenly fainted, and his vital signs changed dramatically . ” The nurse said, “Miss Su, the doctor is doing his best to save him . But you should also be mentally prepared . ”

Su Yunjin ran to the emergency room and waited for three hours . Finally, the attending doctor came out .

She rushed up with red eyes and grabbed the doctor’s hand as if holding a life-saving piece of driftwood . “How is Jiang Ye?”

“Don’t worry, he has been saved . ” The doctor patted Su Yunjin on the shoulder . “But his vital signs are weaker, and he needs to be transferred to the intensive care unit . That is to say, from today on, he will have huge hospital expenses every day . ”

“I still have money . ” Su Yunjin grabbed the doctor’s hand and said, “Give him the best medicine, and the best of everything . I want him to live . Doctor, please, let him live . ”

“We will try our best . ” The doctor held Su Yunjin and said, “You are pregnant now, so don’t be too sad . Otherwise, the little baby in your belly will be sad with you . ”

Su Yunjin touched her belly, which had not yet begun to swell . She squatted down and hugged herself, sobbing helplessly .

She didn’t know how long Jiang Ye could hold on, nor did she know how long she herself could hold on .

Jiang Ye woke up three days later . As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Su Yunjin sitting on the edge of the hospital bed in sterile clothes with a haggard face .

Knowing how long he had been in a coma, he held Su Yunjin’s hand and asked, “Are you frightened?”

Looking at Jiang Ye, Su Yunjin cried out and choked with sobs . She couldn’t say anything .

Three days were as long as three years to her .

However, as long as Jiang Ye woke up, she had nothing more to ask for .

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When the doctor learned that Jiang Ye had woken up, he soon arranged another examination for him . The result was very bad . Every indicator of Jiang Ye was lower than normal . He was so weak that he needed someone to accompany him 24 hours a day .

Su Yunjin didn’t tell this result to Jiang Ye . She paid two nurses to accompany him and told him, “I have good news . A few days ago, I felt the fetus move . ”

Jiang Ye touched Su Yunjin’s lower abdomen with his hand and said, “I really hope I can see him once . ”

Su Yunjin covered Jiang Ye’s mouth and said, “Don’t talk nonsense . You still have to accompany him to grow up . ”

Jiang Ye closed his eyes with a smile, indicating that he agreed with Su Yunjin’s words . But after a long time, he still had not opened his eyes again .

In the past three days, Jiang Ye had kept his eyes closed . Su Yunjin had become a frightened bird . She suddenly grabbed Jiang Ye’s arm and shouted, “Jiang Ye!”

“Yunjin . ” Jiang Ye’s voice was very soft . “I feel a little tired . I want to sleep for a while . ”

Su Yunjin shook her head instinctively . She was afraid that Jiang Ye wouldn’t wake up after sleeping again, but his physical strength was obviously not enough to support him .

“Mm,” she said, trying her best not to cry . “Fine . I’ll make some porridge for you . When you wake up, you can eat it . ”

Jiang Ye didn’t respond . Su Yunjin quietly accompanied him for a while to confirm that he was really asleep before leaving the hospital .

For the next half month, Jiang Ye stayed in the ICU . At the cost of 1,000 dollars a day, Su Yunjin’s account was soon overwhelmed . Only a few dollars were left in her account, and she could only rely on her salary .

Her salary was not low, but the cost of the ICU was higher .

Along with the difficult financial situation, Jiang Ye’s condition was also getting worse and worse . Su Yunjin almost broke down .

In the end, it was a group of friends who worked together to temporarily alleviate Su Yunjin’s difficulties .

The summer was coming, Su Yunjin was already obviously pregnant . The company was afraid that there would be an accident, so they advised her to resign .

But now, Su Yunjin really needed this job . She talked to the boss seriously, and the company reluctantly agreed to let her continue to work .

During the rest of the time after work, Su Yunjin threw herself into the hospital to take care of Jiang Ye .

However, no matter how hard she tried, Jiang Ye’s condition was getting worse and worse . He was so thin that only his skin and bones were left . There was not a trace of blood on his face . He only woke up for less than two hours every day .

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The doctor gave a notice of critical condition and told Su Yunjin that Jiang Ye couldn’t hold on any longer .

If he was lucky, he would leave while in a deep sleep .

If he was unfortunate, perhaps he would not be able to be saved with the next treatment .

Compared with Jiang Ye’s life, the fees for hospitalization and treatment didn’t seem to matter much . However, the hospital was not a public institution after all, and Su Yunjin was in a dilemma of being forced to pay for his expenses every day .

Under such circumstances, Su Yunjin could not be at ease to nourish the fetus . As a woman who had been pregnant for a few months, her weight was almost the same as when she hadn’t been pregnant .

There were a few times when Jiang Ye wanted to give up, but Su Yunjin refused .

Su Yunjin cried and pleaded with Jiang Ye, “You have to at least watch the birth of the child . ”

Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin and said, “But the doctor has said that I can’t live any longer . Yunjin, don’t waste money on me . Isn’t it better to let you live a better life with the child?”

“There is more money in the world, I can earn it at any time . ” Su Yunjin cried and refused . “But you only have one life . Jiang Ye, I beg you, I won’t give up, and you can’t give up either, okay?”

Jiang Ye couldn’t bear to see Su Yunjin cry, and he couldn’t leave her alone in this world . He could only agree to her request .

He should only hang on for as long as he could .

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