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Chapter 564: 564
Chapter 564 Idiot, I’m Pregnant!

The attending doctors rummaged through the medical information without rest . The top experts of each department went to see him and discussed it over and over again, and Su Yunjin took care of him carefully…

However, all of these things failed to stop Jiang Ye’s illness from getting worse .

Initially, Jiang Ye could still eat by himself, but slowly, he even needed someone to pour the water into the glass and put the straw next to his mouth .

This man, who used to be tall and straight and who would be full of life in the conference room, now could only lie weakly on the hospital bed, allowing the disease to consume his body .

Jiang Ye’s life was like sand in an hourglass, which was passing with every second and diminishing with every minute visibly .

There was still a little hope left in Su Yunjin’s heart, but as Jiang Ye became weaker and weaker, her hope was also gone .

Although she was extremely sad, she couldn’t show any of it in front of Jiang Ye . He had been tortured so badly by the disease that she didn’t want him to worry about her anymore .

Soon, a cold wind blew . In December, the first snow of the winter in New York arrived .

At the beginning of the year, Su Yunjin once said that she hoped that winter would come quickly, so that she could make a snowman with Jiang Ye and watch the snow together . She also wanted to put a green scarf around the neck of the snowman .

Jiang Ye had promised that he would accompany her no matter what she wanted to do .

But now, he could only watch the snow flying outside in the hospital bed .

“Yunjin, I’m sorry . ” Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin’s hand . “I have promised to make a snowman with you . ”

Su Yunjin shook her head and said, “Have you ever heard that some things will change after a long time? I don’t like snowmen now . I like to look at the snow through the window with you . ” She pointed out the window and said, “Just like now . ”

Jiang Ye absolutely knew that Su Yunjin was just trying to comfort him . He reluctantly pulled the corner of his mouth . After a while, he suddenly let go of her hand .

Su Yunjin felt a chill in her heart and hurriedly called out, “Jiang Ye!”

Jiang Ye didn’t respond, but his body was still warm, as well as his breathing and heartbeat—he had only fallen asleep .

He had always been like this after his condition worsened . However, Su Yunjin still couldn’t get used to it . She could only calm down her frightened heart .

She was afraid every minute, afraid that Jiang Ye would suddenly leave and that she wouldn’t even have time to say goodbye to him .

That night, Su Yunjin accompanied Jiang Ye on the side of the hospital bed for the entire night .

The next day, Jiang Ye woke up very early . As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Su Yunjin lying on the edge of the bed . The coat on her shoulder was about to fall off .

Jiang Ye struggled to sit up, wanting to help Su Yunjin put on her coat . However, right at that moment, she woke up .

Every day, only when he woke up in the morning did Jiang Ye look a little better .

Su Yunjin straightened her back and looked at Jiang Ye with a faint smile in her eyes . “You’re awake . Are you hungry?” He woke up, which meant that he could live one more day and that she could have him for one more day . She was just happy .

“I suddenly want to eat steamed stuffed buns . ” Jiang Ye frowned . “But they don’t offer them in the cafeteria of the hospital, right?”

Su Yunjin had already put on a coat and scarf . “There are none in the diner of the hospital, but there are some in the Chinese restaurant outside . ” Then she kissed Jiang Ye’s forehead . “Just wait for 15 minutes, and I’ll bring the steamed buns back to see you!”

After that, Su Yunjin ran away like a gust of wind . When she came back, she held a few hot steaming steamed buns and two bottles of warm milk in her hand .

She tore a steamed bun into small pieces and delivered them to Jiang Ye’s lips . “Ah—”

Jiang Ye laughed, pretending to try and grab the steamed bun . “I can eat by myself . ”

“I’d like to feed you!” Su Yunjin avoided Jiang Ye’s hand and acted like coaxing a child . “Be obedient, and open your mouth . ”

“…” Jiang Ye had no choice but to open his mouth and let Su Yunjin feed him two steamed buns .

In the end, Su Yunjin opened the milk and handed it to Jiang Ye, and she also took a sip .

However, before she could swallow it, she tasted the fishy smell in the milk . Suddenly, she felt nauseated and rushed to the bathroom to vomit badly .

For the first time after drinking milk for so many years, Su Yunjin felt that the milk was so smelly .

If it was normal, Su Yunjin would feel that her IQ had been insulted .

She looked at herself in the mirror, her face a little pale, and unconsciously touched her belly with her hand—if she guessed right, she really didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing .

She rinsed her mouth and returned to the ward . Jiang Ye was sitting on the hospital bed with a worried face . As soon as he saw Su Yunjin, he asked, “What’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?”

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“It’s not uncomfortable . ” Su Yunjin looked at Jiang Ye with a smile . “Maybe there’s something in my body!”

“What is in there?” Jiang Ye’s thick eyebrows were knitted deeper, and each of his wrinkles was full of deep worry . “Where is it actually? Has the doctor confirmed it?”

Su Yunjin chuckled and touched Jiang Ye’s face, saying, “I’m going to the doctor to get diagnosed now . ”

When Su Yunjin’s figure disappeared in the ward, Jiang Ye still didn’t understand why she had looked so happy when saying that there was something in her body .

Jiang Ye had been in the hospital for so long that Su Yunjin had long been familiar with the doctors and nurses in the department . She greeted a nurse, and the nurse soon took Su Yunjin to the Department of Public Health and arranged an examination for her .

In less than half an hour, the test results came out . The doctor told Su Yunjin, “You are pregnant . ”

Su Yunjin’s eyes widened for two seconds . Then she suddenly jumped over and hugged the female doctor, who was over 40 years old . “Really? Thank you, thank you!”

The doctor had seen so many excited women who were pregnant for the first time . She patted her on the shoulder and said, “Silly girl, why are you thanking me? You should thank your husband . ”

Su Yunjin then realized that she was too excited . She let go of the doctor embarrassedly and said, “I will go back and tell my husband this good news!”

Seeing Su Yunjin unable to control herself, the nurse warned her in a low voice, “Well, you are going to be a mother now . You should be careful . Don’t run, especially don’t run in high heels . ”

“Oh, right, right . ” Su Yunjin tightly hugged the nurse and ran back to the ward happily .

Jiang Ye had been worried . It was not easy for him to wait until Su Yunjin came back, but she seemed to be happier than when she went out . He was even more worried . “Yunjin, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Yunjin threw herself into Jiang Ye’s arms and kissed him firmly on the lips . “There really is something inside my body!”

Jiang Ye grabbed Su Yunjin’s hand and asked, “Can you have an operation?”

“Well, it’s not impossible to get a cesarean section . ”

Su Yunjin nodded and said, “Speaking of this, the reason I have something in my stomach has to do with your contribution!”

Jiang Ye didn’t understand what Su Yunjin meant . He said apologetically, “Yunjin, I’m sorry…”

“Idiot, what are you apologizing for?” Su Yunjin poked Jiang Ye’s forehead . “Don’t you understand? I, I, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!”

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Jiang Ye finally understood why Su Yunjin was so happy .

As for him, after a few seconds of excitement, he couldn’t be happy .

His future was still uncertain . Su Yunjin’s pregnancy was not necessarily a good thing . If his illness could not be cured, this child would be a burden to Su Yunjin .

She soon noticed that there was something wrong with his expression, and the smile on her face slowly became stiff . “What’s wrong with you? Why are you unhappy?”

“Yunjin . ” His voice was full of bitterness . “Let’s… get rid of this child for now . ”

Su Yunjin didn’t want to believe what she had heard, but Jiang Ye’s voice was so clear that it was like a knife cutting off her excitement and joy .

She pushed Jiang Ye away and took a few steps back . She asked in disbelief, “Why?”

“Yunjin, maybe…” Jiang Ye slowly spoke of the cruel possibility . “I can’t raise this child with you . If that’s the case, it’ll just be a burden for you . ”

“I won’t listen to your words . ” Su Yunjin shook her head . “This is our child, a life . No matter what, I will give birth to him . Since you don’t want me to raise him alone, then you will live . ”

Su Yunjin rushed to the side of the bed and said, “Jiang Ye, didn’t you say that you want to have a family with me? Now that I am pregnant, we can soon form a family of three as long as you live . ”

Jiang Ye hugged Su Yunjin and couldn’t say anything .

Could he have the heart to kill a life that had yet to come into this world?

However, he couldn’t be selfish . If he couldn’t hold on, he couldn’t imagine how Su Yunjin would live in New York with a baby waiting to be fed .

“Yunjin, of course I will try my best to live, but…”

However, they had to prepare for the worst .

“There is no but . ” She interrupted him . “You can only live, don’t die! I am pregnant, and now you have another concern in the world . If you dare to die, then you are really irresponsible!”

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Jiang Ye’s eyes were red .

If possible, he wanted to live more than anyone else . Su Yunjin was right . He had a child now, and he had a new concern in this world…

However, Su Yunjin would also have a concern if she gave birth to this child .

If he really left, Su Yunjin might be stronger for the little child’s sake .

Thinking of this, Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin tighter . “I promise you . ”

Su Yunjin couldn’t hold it in any longer . She buried her head in Jiang Ye’s arms and cried out loud .

Within half a day, Su Yunjin’s pregnancy spread among their circle of friends . A large group of people was fighting to be the foster father and mother, while a group of foreign friends was clamoring to be the child’s godfather and godmother . The whole ward was suddenly bustling festively .

Su Yunjin was in a good mood and went shopping with a few female friends in the afternoon, while Jiang Ye asked his best friends to stay with him in the ward .

The small single ward no longer had the joy it had had before . Instead, it was filled with silence .

Jiang Ye managed to lift the corner of his mouth . “Do you guys know what I’m going to say?”

“Yes,” a friend said, “Jiang Ye, don’t worry . We promise you here that we are all godfathers of the child . If misfortune really happens, we… we will help you take care of Yunjin and the child . ”

“Thank you . ” Jiang Ye smiled . “The doctor told me that I might not hang on for much longer . Yunjin has always thought that I could live, so I didn’t dare tell her . I don’t know when I will leave the world, but I know that Yunjin will be very sad then . When the day comes, I’ll have to trouble you to help her . Don’t let her do stupid things . ”

Several young men who were full of vigor lowered their heads and burst into tears without warning .

Life was more fragile than they had imagined .

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