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Chapter 563: 563
Chapter 563 If the Tragedy Is Inevitable

Although the attending doctor had done his best to help, Su Yunjin still couldn’t be happy to see Jiang Ye change into a hospital gown .

Staying in the hospital, even if it was a five-star deluxe suite, was still not a good thing to be happy about .

Jiang Ye immediately saw that Su Yunjin was in a bad mood, so he held her hands and said, “I promise you, I will leave the hospital as soon as possible, okay?”

Su Yunjin nodded and said, “When you are discharged from the hospital, we will go back to register our marriage!” She wanted to become a legal couple with Jiang Ye .

He moved the long hair on her cheek to the back of her beautiful ear and said, “Okay . ”

In fact, he hesitated for a moment, but he stayed calm and collected .

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go back and marry Su Yunjin, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t have the chance .

Su Yunjin seemed to have seen through Jiang Ye’s worry and encouraged him with a smile . “The doctor has confidence in you, so you should also have confidence in yourself . Even if you don’t, you must have it for me . I don’t care if you’re willing or not!”

Su Yunjin’s occasionally unreasonable and delicate appearance was actually very cute . Jiang Ye couldn’t help laughing . He scratched the tip of her nose and said, “Well, for you, I am willing . ”

Just like that, Jiang Ye stayed in the hospital and underwent different tests every day . The attending physicians and experts in each department would constantly check and diagnose his condition . Sometimes they would tell him some good news, but occasionally they would also bring bad news .

Having been with Jiang Ye for several years, Su Yunjin hadn’t learned anything else, but her ability to adjust mentality was completely comparable to Jiang Ye’s . After he was hospitalized, she quickly adjusted her mood and spent the rest of the time on work except for taking care of Jiang Ye and learning about his condition .

Her colleagues in the company knew her current situation, so they didn’t bother her with trivial things . As soon as she got off work, they urged her to go back to accompany Jiang Ye and cheered her up from time to time .

Su Yunjin was very grateful .

The closest person cut off the relationship with her, but at the same time, she felt the kindness from friends and strangers .

In the first two months of staying in the hospital, Jiang Ye’s condition was very stable . Although he occasionally felt dizzy, he seldom lost consciousness . When there were friends who came to visit him, he smiled and told them that it was nothing different from before except that he had to wear a hospital gown .

The company manager saw Jiang Ye like that and asked, “Are you interested in taking on some basic jobs? I have a few friends who have opened several small companies and need someone to help them deal with the financial problems . The workload is not heavy, and a certain amount of salary is offered . ”

Jiang Ye didn’t even think about it and said directly, “Ask your friend to send the files to my email . Anyway, I’m lying on the hospital bed every day and have nothing to do . It’s good to do something to kill the time . Meanwhile, I can also consolidate my professional skills in that way . ”

After Su Yunjin found out about this, her first reaction was to frown . She looked at Jiang Ye seriously and said, “Are you worried about the hospitalization expenses? First, we have some money in our account, and secondly, I have quite a high salary now . You don’t have to worry about it at all . ”

“As a husband, how can I be assured in leaving all the financial pressure to my wife?” Jiang Ye typed on the keyboard with his flying fingers . “Don’t worry, these are all small companies with simple tasks, which may not require me to use my brainpower . In my opinion, it’s not challenging enough at all . ”

Su Yunjin ran to Jiang Ye’s attending doctor again and asked worriedly, “Will this affect his condition?”

The attending doctor assured Su Yunjin . “Low-intensity work is actually good for his illness . On the one hand, it can help him kill time . On the other hand, it can let him pay attention to his own intellect . It doesn’t matter . Don’t worry . ”

Su Yunjin was relieved to go back to the ward . She leaned on the small wardrobe and said to Jiang Ye, “You can work, but when you are tired, you must stop and rest immediately . When you are in hospital, it’s my business to make money . So you don’t have to worry about it!”

Jiang Ye made a gesture of worship toward Su Yunjin and said, “Young heroine!”

Su Yunjin smiled, sat between Jiang Ye’s arms, and put her arms around his neck . “There is a condition for this swordswoman—after you leave the hospital, I will go back to school to continue my studies! Then the task of making money will be left to you . I will only be responsible for entertaining myself!”

Jiang Ye circled his arms around Su Yunjin’s waist and put his forehead against her smooth forehead . “Okay . ”

He looked down slightly and saw her upturned lips . He could not help calling her, “Yunjin…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he couldn’t help kissing her lips .

His voice was low and sexy . Su Yunjin voluntarily opened her teeth and responded to his kiss without hesitation .

A small cluster of sparks burned into a big fire just like that, and the two of them quickly lay down on the hospital bed with no intention of stopping .

That is, until the abrupt sound of knocking on the door arose—

“Knock, knock—”

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Su Yunjin pushed Jiang Ye away as if she had been electrocuted . “Someone’s coming!”

Jiang Ye looked depressed . “Why can’t the hospital learn from the example of the hotels and have a sign saying ‘please do not disturb’?”

Su Yunjin burst out laughing . Pushing Jiang Ye away, she tidied up her clothes and walked toward the door . After pushing it open, she saw a young nurse outside .

“Hello . ” The nurse smiled . “I’ll take your body temperature, Mr . Jiang Ye . ”

Su Yunjin only realized a problem after the nurse finished taking Jiang Ye’s temperature . “I find that the nurses that come here every time to take your temperature are different . What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to be monitored by a few specific nurses?”

“There are a few nurses who are in charge of recording other data . However, the nurses of the whole department take turns taking our temperature,” Jiang Ye said .

Su Yunjin’s face was filled with confusion . “Why do they act like that?”

“Probably because—” Jiang Ye held his forehead with his hand and looked at Su Yunjin with a smile . “It’s rare to see such a good-looking patient in the department . Maybe the other nurses also want to share this great chance . ”

“…” Three black lines hung on Su Yunjin’s forehead . “It sounds like the truth . By the way, how did you know?”

Jiang Ye spread out his hands with a helpless look on his face . “When I first moved in, I heard several nurses argue with the head nurse about being in charge of my ward . They quarreled so much that the head nurse got impatient . So she thought of this solution in which someone specific should take care of the data and they all take turns to measure my temperature . ”

Su Yunjin furrowed her brows . “… Am I supposed to have a sense of crisis now?”

“No need . ” Jiang Ye calmly reached out his hand with the ring . “I’ll let them see this every time they come . ”

“That’s more like it . ” Su Yunjin hugged Jiang Ye sweetly, and her heart was still full of expectations for the future .

Jiang Ye also firmly believed that as long as he fully cooperated with the treatment, he could be discharged from the hospital someday .

However, these beautiful visions were broken a month later .

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One day, while looking at a spreadsheet, Jiang Ye knew clearly how to calculate it, but he had to think about it for half a day in order to work it out .

He thought that it was just because he didn’t react in time, so he didn’t take it too seriously . But the next day, he found that his reading speed was much slower than usual .

The attending doctor almost reminded Jiang Ye every day that he had to pay attention to every change of his body . His disease was very special . Any small change could be the beginning of fierce changes . Only by discovering it as soon as possible could he be treated in time .

Jiang Ye confessed to the attending doctor behind Su Yunjin’s back and soon accepted a lot of examinations .

After the results came out, the doctor told Jiang Ye seriously, “Compared to the last test result, much of your data this time has changed . And none of these changes is good . ”

It was so sudden that Jiang Ye’s illness began to change dramatically and Su Yunjin was unprepared .

First, his reactions became sluggish, and then, his entire person became weak .

In the beginning, Jiang Ye was still able to eat at the hospital cafeteria . But later, he couldn’t even take a bath on his own, and his appetite was getting worse day by day .

Su Yunjin tried every means to make good food for Jiang Ye, but he still kept losing weight day after day .

Optimism must be based on a certain hope . The pale realities were clearly placed in front of Su Yunjin . Looking at Jiang Ye, whose vital signs were getting weaker and weaker, she couldn’t suppress the growing despair . Little by little, the optimism was swallowed up by despair .

However, every time Su Yunjin appeared in front of Jiang Ye, she had to hold back her tears . He was already in enough pain . She couldn’t make him worry about her anymore .

He knew what was going on, so he grabbed her hand powerlessly and said, “Yunjin, I’m sorry . ”

“I don’t need your apologies . ” She grabbed his hand and put it to her face . “You just need to live . Jiang Ye, if you dare to leave me alone, I will immediately come after you!”

“Yunjin!” Jiang Ye struggled to sit up then looked at Su Yunjin unhappily . “Don’t say that again . Otherwise, don’t come to see me anymore . ”

Su Yunjin, who had been holding back her tears for quite a while, burst out crying . She pursed her lips, but soon could not control herself and began to sob .

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Jiang Ye held Su Yunjin in his arms with distress and said, “Yunjin, there is a question that we need to have a good talk about . ”

Before Jiang Ye could say anything, Su Yunjin rejected him . “I won’t break up with you . ”

Jiang Ye smiled and said, “I have been relying on you for a long time . How can I break up with you at this time? Yunjin, let’s assume the worst possibility…”

Su Yunjin subconsciously avoided the worst possibility and shook her head . “Don’t say anything more . ”

“Yunjin . ” Jiang Ye sighed helplessly . “Can you let me finish first? Have you forgotten? Escaping from the problems won’t solve anything . You have to face it . ”

After a long time, Su Yunjin slowly calmed down .

Jiang Ye continued, “The worst possibility is that I will leave you . If that tragedy is inevitable, Yunjin, I hope you can live .

“You are still young and so smart and beautiful . There are many wonderful possibilities in your life . I don’t want you to despair about life because of me . If so, I will be worried when I leave .

“So, Yunjin, promise me, no matter what happens, you have to live well and live for me . You have to go to all the places you want to go and buy everything you want to buy . The happier you are, the happier I will be . Do you understand?”

Su Yunjin nodded her head, tears streaming down her face .

She understood all of these things, but why couldn’t Jiang Ye understand that without him, she couldn’t really be happy?

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