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Chapter 550: 550
Chapter 550 Sorry, I Will Be Happy First

In the president’s office .

Lu Boyan sat in front of the computer and looked at a software that was exclusively owned by the company with a poker face .

On the Public Chat interface, countless employees from various departments were talking, and the chat history was scrolling down as fast as the falling stars .

The contents discussed by the staff were about a secret and a popular gossip in the company in the past two days—was there anything between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili? Not now, but what about in the future?

There were all kinds of novelty explanations and speculations until Daisy used the privilege of the CEO’s secretary office, and posted of a piece of news on the top .

Heavy news— After Xia Mili followed Boss Lu into the office, the door of Boss Lu’s office was kept open! After Sao Mi Li came out, she was gloomy . She was not even in the mood to drink coffee! I could imagine what had happened inside!

An employee in the Human Resources sent a long series of “ha ha ha ha” to show his schadenfreude . Then, the chat interface was covered with “ha ha ha ha” . After quite a while, someone spoke normally .

It was Ma Yuanyuan from the Accountancy Department, “Just as I said, there can’t be anything between the president and Xia Mili!”

Daisy from the Secretary Room of the President’s office: “Yuanyuan, you are a female classmate who has foresight! Very good!”

Anna from the secretary’s office in the general manager’s office: “Daisy, when our Mrs . President came, the door of the president’s office wasn’t open, was it?

Daisy from the President’s Secretary office: “The door was not only closed, but also locked tightly! Without president’s permission, special personal assistant Shen did not dare to enter in private (Evil emoji) .

The rest of the employees sent an emoji which meant “I understand it very well” .

Seeing this, Lu Boyan placed his hand on the wireless keyboard, typed a line of words with his fingers flying, and finally clicked on “Enter” to send it .

Lu Boyan from the President’s Office: “Is every department idle recently?”

The second Lu Boyan’s message appeared on the screen, the crazily rolling chatting page suddenly stopped like a broken machine .

Heads of all the departments hurried out of their offices one after another and said while pointing at the employees of their departments, “All of you, stop, stop!”

It would be a lot of trouble if Lu Boyan appeared in the public chatting interface!

Compared with the quietness of the public chat interface, the offices of each department were much livelier . Everyone’s face was full of incredulity . Everyone had the same question—

Was the person who spoke just now really Lu Boyan?

Many employees who were busy dealing with things put their work down and opened the public chatting interface of the company’s software just to confirm if everyone was joking .

As it turned out, it was not a joke . The name, “Lu Boyan from the President’s Office”, was displayed clearly on the chatting screen .

The people who were staring at the screen were stunned one by one .

It was really Lu Boyan, indeed!

The senior employees, who were already high-level leaders, also sighed, “I came back to City A with Boss Lu from the United States . After working for so many years in the Lu Enterprises, this is the first time that I have seen Boss Lu’s speech in the public interface . It’s more amazing than snowing in the south!”

Shen Yuechuan stayed in his office and laughed so hard that the corner of his mouth was about to twitch .

He could completely understand why everyone was silent .

It was because, for so many years, Lu Boyan had never appeared in public chatting interface, so everyone had forgotten that Lu Boyan could not only see the contents of other people’s chats from here, but he could also speak .

Everyone subconsciously thought that Lu Boyan would not appear in public chats, and he would never open this function .

However, when everyone was gossiping about him and Su Jianan, he suddenly appeared .

This was like throwing a clap of thunder on flat ground .

After laughing, Shen Yuechuan typed a bunch of words in the dialog box, and then clicked to send it .

Well, this stiff and serious atmosphere was urgently in need of him to relieve!

The chat interface rolled up a few lines, and Shen Yuechuan’s name appeared in everyone’s eyes .

Shen Yuechuan from the President’s Office: “I’ll prefer the front row to take a photo with Boss Lu . ”

With Shen Yuechuan as the precedent, the senior leaders also came out one after another and smiled to take a picture with Lu Boyan on the screen . At the same time, they greeted the employees of the department and said that this was a rare opportunity, and they hoped everyone would cherish it .

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The serious atmosphere slowly disappeared, and the chatting interface began to get active again . The employees all wanted to take a photo with Lu Boyan .

Shen Yuechuan hung a message on the interface, urging Lu Boyan to say a word and give a chance to the staff who didn’t have time to take photos . Others echoed, asking Lu Boyan to show up again .

In the end, Lu Boyan did not say anything . He just smiled and closed the page .

Since he made an appearance, the rumors about him and Xia Mili should disappear from this moment on .

That’s right, he did it to expel the rumor .

Although what happened between him and Xia Mili was just a rumor, which Su Jianan wouldn’t believe or mind, it was because of Su Jianan’s belief that he didn’t want the rumors to be so outrageous .

Or rather, he did not want to fail Su Jianan’s trust .

The high-level employees of the company were very clear that Lu Boyan did not say anything more, not because he was cold, but because Lu Boyan was not angry with the situation that the employees gossiped about his relationship .

Not only the employees of all departments, but Shen Yuechuan also felt a little surprised .

Everyone knew that Lu Boyan was a crazy workaholic, and his requirements for his employees were equally high . When it came to gossiping during work time, he wouldn’t laugh it off if it happened before he and Su Jianan got married .

At least, the employees who gossiped about their leaders would have to work overtime until 8 o’clock before they could go home .

While thinking, Shen Yuechuan typed another sentence in the dialog box—

“You should all thank Mrs . President . Look at how gentle Boss Lu is now!”

The others all expressed their agreement with all of their limbs .

Daisy came out of the office and passed by Shen Yuechuan’s office . As she walked by Shen Yuechuan’s office, she leaned over and asked, “Boss Lu has become gentle after getting married . Special personal assistant Shen, what will happen to you after you get married?”

Hearing this, almost without warning, the image of Xiao Yunyun wearing a wedding dress, blushing and shyly coming to him step by step appeared in Shen Yuechuan’s mind…

Shen Yuechuan’s lips curled up unnaturally . “About this, it won’t be long before you find out the answer . ”

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Daisy’s eyes widened in surprise, “You have a girlfriend?!”

Shen Yuechuan gave Daisy a triumphant look . “Almost there . ”

In the past, during the time after work, the girls in the secretary office liked to play jokes on Shen Yuechuan . They would even discuss with Shen Yuechuan which girl he had dated was the sexiest . Shen Yuechuan never minded what they said .

But this time, Shen Yuechuan seemed to be different from before .

Staring at Shen Yuechuan for a moment, Daisy found that Shen Yuechuan was serious this time .

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and there was a trace of evil in his expression . He was still so cynical . But if you looked carefully, it was not difficult to find that his eyes were calm and composed, which was a symbol of his seriousness .

Daisy patted on Shen Yuechuan’s shoulder . “Special personal assistant Shen, I am sure that you have also fallen in love . This time, you don’t think it’s boring to get married, do you?”

When Lu Boyan got married last year, all the people in the president’s office witnessed Lu Boyan’s change, which became the topic of conversation during their leisure time .

At that time, Shen Yuechuan’s face was full of disdain . What was there to be happy about getting married? From the moment one got married, he couldn’t control his own life, and he could only face one woman for the rest of his long life .

In this world, freshness and freedom were the most precious things . Lu Boyan had lost a lot, but he still pretended to be willing to take it . It was so stupid!

“I didn’t know love at that time . ” Shen Yuechuan shrugged his shoulders calmly . “Just take it as me slapping myself in the face . ”

“I’m glad you’ve run into true love,” Daisy said with a sigh . “But, many other girls in the company will have their hearts broken into pieces . ”

After Lu Boyan got married, Shen Yuechuan was the unmarried man with the highest appearance in Lu Enterprises . In addition, he was a gentleman and had a special evil character . Countless young girls thought about how to get close to him every day . But now, this moonlight had shone on others .

Shen Yuechuan smiled and made a gesture of salute . “Sorry, I will be happy first . ”

Daisy teased Shen Yuechuan and went back to the office .

Shen Yuechuan moved his sore neck, sat down in front of the computer, and continued to deal with the work .

His confession plan was almost ready . He would go back and perfect it tonight, and make a preparation tomorrow . The day after tomorrow was supposed to be best time to perform his plan .

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He could definitely get Xiao Yunyun . After that, he could… Hee hee hee…

When he thought of this, every cell in Shen Yuechuan’s body was agitated . At this moment, his mind was also filled with the beautiful fantasies of the future .

At this moment, Shen Yuechuan thought that his life was going to enter a new chapter .

After a long time, when Yuechuan carefully recalled the details of this period of time, he found that his life really entered a new fucking chapter from this time!

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Yuechuan finished the last thing on hand . When he was about to leave the office, he received a phone call from Su Yunjin .

“Yuechuan, it’s me, auntie Su . ” Su Yunjin’s voice sounded warm and kind . “I’m sorry that I suddenly called you . Have I disturbed you?”

“Of course not, I’m just off from work . ” Even if she disturbed him, Shen Yuechuan had to say so .

“That’s good . ” After a pause, Su Yunjin went on to say, “I always said that I would have dinner with you before . Why don’t we just have dinner today? I have something to tell you . How about it, do you have time?”

“Yes,” Shen Yuechuan picked up the coat and walked out of the office, and said very solemnly, “Auntie, I also have something to tell you . ”

Su Yunjin didn’t seem to be surprised by Shen Yuechuan’s words . She said calmly, “Okay, I’ll send the address of the restaurant to your mobile phone, and it’s on Ren’en Road . ”

Shen Yuechuan knew all the roads in City A . He remembered that Ren’en Road was not far from Lu Enterprises, so he said, “Well, I will arrive in about 30 minutes . ”

As of now, Shen Yuechuan never thought that his life would be subverted in 30 minutes .

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