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Chapter 549: 549
Chapter 549 He Always Thinks For Su Jianan at First

The working atmosphere of Lu Enterprises was fierce, and the gossip atmosphere was even more intense . In particular, the top managers represented by Lu Boyan in the company were all handsome young talents .

In such a strong atmosphere of gossip, Lu Boyan and Xia Mili were classmates, and the gossip that they almost dated during the school time had already spread to every corner of the company .

Lu Boyan finally decided to sign the contract with the U . S . Group, which meant that he would often contact Xia Mili in the future . What was more explosive was that after the meeting, Xia Lili, who should have left, followed Lu Boyan into the office .

In just a few minutes, Lu Enterprises’ interior was in chaos . Numerous people gossiped about the internal communication function of the company’s software . They wondered how the relationship between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili would develop in the future, and whether Su Jianan would enter the dangerous area .

In contrast, Lu Boyan and Xia Mili were much calmer .

Before entering the office, Lu Boyan told Daisy, “Make a cup of coffee for Ms . Xia . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

Daisy stood up and walked to the tea room, and Lu Boyan took Xia Mili into the office .

At the moment when she entered the door, Lu Boyan casually made an imperceptible little gesture . Therefore, the office door did not close automatically, while Xia Mili, who was immersed in her secret happiness, did not notice this detail .

After entering the office, Lu Boyan spread out his palm and pointed to the sofa, “Have a seat . ”

“Thank you . ” Xia Mili was dressed in a very particular suit, nicely tailored and made . She sat down on the sofa and said with a decent smile, “I…”

After saying one word, Xia Mili suddenly stopped and smiled, as if she didn’t know how to continue .

Lu Boyan glanced at Xia Mili and slightly raised the corner of his mouth . “Let me begin first . ”

After so many years, Xia Mili still couldn’t resist Lu Boyan’s smile, and she was in a daze . After a while, she reacted and said, “Okay . ”

Lu Boyan said leisurely, “At present, we are partners . So, I hope you can call me like other people in the MR Group . ”

In the conference room, Xia Mili called Lu Boyan Boss Lu, but as soon as she walked out of the conference room, she called Lu Boyan’s English name, just like how she did back in school .

She thought that she could get closer to Lu Boyan by that, but what did Lu Boyan mean by specially letting her sit down and talking about it?

Xia Mili was almost at a loss . “Why?”

Lu Boyan explained faintly, “I don’t want to cause any misunderstanding . Secondly, few people call me by my English name after going back to the homeland . ”

His main point was obviously on the first half of the sentence . Xia Mili would not ignore the main point . After a while, she said with some disappointment, “I understand . ”

After examining Lu Boyan for a while, Xia Mili sighed and said, “You’ve changed . ”

Xia Mili would never forget the first time she saw Lu Boyan .

There was uneasiness hidden in the heat at the campus in summer . The grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees seemed to come alive . Young and fashionable men and women traveled back and forth on the school road . They were youthful, energetic and beautiful .

Xia Mili was born in a normal family . It was mostly due to her own efforts that she went to the United States for higher studies . She had been proud and sensitive at the campus . There was a small circle of domestic students at the campus, but she had never thought of blending in .

Later, a classmate from the United States told her, “Hey, there is another person at school who is as magical as you! He comes and goes alone, but he is really handsome!”

A few days later, when Xia Mili went to the library, she saw Lu Boyan coming out . He was the person described by her classmate, who was as magical as her .

At that moment, Xia Mili’s head was blank . The word “stunning” was not enough to describe her shock .

It was at that moment that Xia Mili realized that there was really someone who could make people fall in love at first sight . In addition to his face, what she loved more was the alienated and noble temperament of Lu Boyan, which was so cold and charming .

Perhaps it was Xia Mili’s illusion, or it was Lu Boyan’s casualness . Just when Xia Mili was in a daze, Lu Boyan’s eyes swept over her . It seemed that he stopped for half a second before he moved his eyes away faintly .

After that, the look in her eyes, which she did not know whether it was real or not, was recalled by Xia Mili for a long time .

It was also during that half a second that all of the blood in her body sped up and every cell in her body was screaming . She wanted to be together with this person!

After that, she tried to create opportunities to encounter and stay with Lu Boyan .

However, although Lu Boyan didn’t treat her as indifferent as the way he treated others, he had always been polite and distant . It seemed that there was an invisible barrier around him . Even if someone could get close to him with the barrier, the person could not break through the barrier and enter his heart .

Occasionally, with the girl’s sixth sense, Xia Mili could vaguely feel that Lu Boyan seemed to be secretly in love with someone .

But on second thought, why did someone like Lu Boyan need to love a girl secretly? There should only be someone who had an unrequited love for him!

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She euphemistically expressed her affection to Lu Boyan .

At that time, Xia Mili was confident . She was not bad-looking, and her professional grades were not less than Lu Boyan . In the whole school, she was the only one that could match Lu Boyan .

What she did not expect was that Lu Boyan’s refusal was very direct .

When he refused her, Lu Boyan’s face seemed to be covered with a layer of ice, and his words were like ice shards . Every sentence made her feel cold and desperate .

It was also at that time, Xia Mili understood that she had never really been close to Lu Boyan .

At the most challenging times, Xia Mili did not cry . But after being refused by Lu Boyan, she turned around and cried .

She almost thought that Lu Boyan had no heart, or his blood was cold .

What she did not expect was that Lu Boyan would change after so many years .

When he was working, Lu Boyan’s eyes were still sharp, and his style of doing things was still calm and decisive . But after he got out of work, his whole person was soft .

In the several years at school, Xia Mili had never seen Lu Boyan smile; but in less than five minutes just now, Lu Boyan laughed once .

Although she was unwilling to face it, Xia Mili knew better than anyone that the reason why Lu Boyan had changed was Su Jianan .

Su Jianan—what kind of magic did this woman have? She had worked hard for four years and nothing came out of it . Yet, Su Jianan had accomplished it in just a year .

“You’ve changed . ” Since Su Jianan was pregnant, Lu Boyan often heard this sentence .

Today, when he heard it again from Xia Mili, Lu Boyan was not surprised at all . He just slightly raised the corner of his lips . “I am already about to be a father . ” He had another identity . It was not surprising that there was a change .

“She…” After thinking for a while, she continued sadly, “They, I mean your wife and children, they must be very happy . ”

Lu Boyan did not say anything, but Xia Mili asked, “Can I ask you a few questions?”

Lu Boyan nodded slightly and motioned Xia Mili to ask .

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It was as if she had plucked up a lot of courage in order to open her mouth, “At first, you didn’t really want to cooperate with our company, did you? But then, why did you change your mind?”

“It’s because of my wife . ” Lu Boyan said briefly, “She doesn’t mind, so I have no worries . ”

Xia Mili was stunned, and then she let out a laugh . There was a hint of bitterness in her laughter, “I see . ”

It turned out that the reason why Lu Boyan did not make a decision at the dinner party that day was because he was afraid that Su Jianan would be unhappy .

To her surprise, at this moment when Su Jianan, who was pregnant and was supposed to be should be sensitive and suspicious, didn’t mind that Lu Boyan would contact her frequently in the future .

Was this woman silly, or did she have enough confidence in herself?

In any case, Xia Mili began to admire Su Jianan a little, but it did not mean that she would give up .

Xia Mili still asked Lu Boyan tentatively, “If your wife is not happy, you won’t agree to cooperate with us, no matter how much benefit it will bring to you, right?”

“Yes . ” Lu Boyan did not hesitate, and at the end of the conversation, he changed the subject . “However, according to Jianan’s character, the situation you said will not happen . ”

According to Lu Boyan’s understanding of Su Jianan, there was no such thing as unhappiness for Su Jianan . If she really didn’t want him to contact Xia Mili, she would have told him directly .

Xia Mili leaned on the sofa and seemed to be sighing, “You have such a tacit understanding . I’m really envious . ”

However, there was only one Lu Boyan in this world, and he already belonged to Su Jianan . No matter how much she envied them, it was in vain .

Unless she snatched the man away .

Xia Mili stood up and said, “I understand what you said today . You should be very busy, so I won’t bother you anymore . ”

After saying that, Xia Mili walked out of the office . Only then did she notice that the door of the office was open .

She was stunned without leaving a trace, and then a bitter smile climbed on her face .

She had a big misunderstanding .

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Lu Boyan talked to her in a gentle voice, not because he had changed his attitude towards her, but because after he married Su Jianan, he was no longer the Lu Boyan he used to be .

The reason why he took her back to the office was not to be alone with her, but to make everything clear to her .

When they were talking, as long as the door of the office was open, there would be no gossip in the company . Perhaps the messages that had been spread a long time ago would break down without any defense .

Lu Boyan was really caring for Su Jianan all the time .

Daisy came back from the tea room with steaming coffee, only to see that Xia Mili had come out . She was surprised and asked, “Miss Xia, have you finished your talk with Boss Lu?”

“Yes . ” Xia Mili squeezed out a smile . “There is no need for the coffee . Thank you for your hard work . ”

“It’s okay, you’re welcome . ” Daisy stepped aside and politely watched Xia Mili walk away .

After Xia Mili entered the elevator, Daisy put down the coffee and rushed into the secretary’s office, “What’s the matter, that Xia Mili looks extremely depressed!”

Another secretary pointed at the door of Lu Boyan’s office . “Just now, Boss Lu had kept the door open . I think she must have understood the fact that Boss Lu couldn’t love her in the office . ”

Daisy said, “Tut, this is really a sad story!” Daisy took out her mobile phone and said, “I’m going to announce this news to break the rumor that Boss Lu may have moved his affection to another woman!”

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