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Chapter 1157 Sijue You Will See Her

Lu Boyan never liked to smile in front of outsiders.

However, when Bai Tang mentioned his two little kids, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“I see.” Bai Tang suddenly realized it and pointed to Lu Boyan. “Since you are smiling like this, then they ARE your kids!” With that, he nudged Mu Sijue with his elbow. “Boss Mu, take me with you! I also want to see what our Boss Lu’s babies look like.”

“Let’s go.”

Lu Boyan took the lead and saw Su Jian’an as soon as he walked out of the study.

Su Jian’an was also very surprised. She walked over to Lu Boyan and asked, “Are you done with your business?”

“Yeah.” Lu Boyan naturally and intimately held Su Jian’an’s hand. “Let’s go check on Xiyu and Xiangyi.”

“Okay.” Su Jian’an smiled. “Uncle Xu said that they are awake, and I also feel like going to check on them.”

Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an led the way and soon entered the children’s room.

Just as Uncle Xu said, the two little kids had woken up, each holding a milk bottle and having milk formula.

Xiyu was as elegant and gentlemanly as ever. He held the milk bottle uprightly and drank the milk very seriously.

On the contrary, Xiangyi was holding her bottle while babbling, looking around from time to time. She seemed to be very curious about everything around.

Bai Tang was curious. Once he came in, he hopped to the middle of the two baby beds. As soon as he saw Xiyu, he said, “I can tell at a glance that your father is Lu Boyan. You look exactly like him with your expression and acts!”

Xiyu glanced at Bai Tang. In less than a second, he looked away indifferently and continued with the milk.

In his eyes, compared with milk, Bai Tang was a weird man who was not attractive at all.

“Tut-tut!” Bai Tang shook his head. “Little guy, you must have inherited that aloofness from your father!”

After that, Bai Tang turned around and looked at Xiangyi.

Xiangyi was more lively than her brother, so she immediately caught Bai Tang’s sight.

During his years abroad, he had seen all kinds of cute babies and was already tired of checking them out.

But Xiangyi was different.

Xiangyi had inherited Su Jian’an’s beauty, and at the same time, she had inherited some things in Lu Boyan’s temperament. At such a young age, she had become delicate and lovely, and there was a kind of nobility in her temperament that could not be blasphemed against. At first glance, one could tell that she would be a dazzlingly gorgeous lady when she grew up.

However, none of this mattered.

Bai Tang just felt that Xiangyi was too cute.

The little girl’s clear and clean eyes were so beautiful that it made people wonder if the purest thing in the world was in her eyes.

For some reason, Bai Tang had a feeling that even if Xiangyi wanted the moon in the sky, he would find a way to get it for her.

This was probably the so-called innate favoritism.

Bai Tang looked at Su Jian’an and restrained his arrogance, which was rare. He asked carefully and expectantly, “Can I hold Xiangyi?”

Su Jian’an nodded with a smile. “Of course, but you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry!” Bai Tang said firmly, “I know how to hold a child. I won’t hurt her!”

Bai Tang rubbed his hands together to warm them up before he carefully picked up Xiangyi from the crib.

Xiangyi smelled a strange breath and looked at Bai Tang. Suddenly, she found that this face was strange. She couldn’t help widening her eyes and staring at him.

Bai Tang had a proud expression on his face as he sighed and said, “I’m really amazing. As expected, both the young and old adore me!”

Xiangyi blinked. Maybe she was scared, but she suddenly burst into tears.

Bai Tang looked at the little girl in his arms blankly. “What’s going on?”

“Bai Tang.” Mu Sijue smiled with an unclear meaning. “Well, I guess that’s egg on your face.”

Bai Tang knew very well that Mu Sijue was laughing at him.

He could only comfort himself by ignoring Mu Sijue.

“Sweetie, don’t cry. I’ll hold you in my arms, okay?”

Bai Tang tried his best to use all the tenderness he had to pamper Xiangyi not to cry.

Obviously, his tricks didn’t work on Xiangyi at all. Not only did the little girl not stop crying, but she even cried harder.

Mu Sijue watched and smiled more and more playfully.

From Bai Tang’s point of view, Mu Sijue was looking down on him.

“That’s hilarious. Where did Mu Sijue get the confidence to despise me?”

Bai Tang looked at Mu Sijue provocatively and said, “You’ll do it if you can. If you get to make her stop crying, I’ll consider you the winner.”

Mu Sijue came over, looked down at Bai Tang, and said indifferently and firmly, “I will definitely win.”

“That’s purely bragging.” Bai Tang snorted. “I’m so handsome and lovely, but I can’t handle this child. Mu Qi, you will only scare her and make her cry louder.”

Mu Sijue ignored Bai Tang and looked at Xiangyi.

The little girl cried louder and louder in Bai Tang’s arms. If Bai Tang held her any longer, she would probably have psychological trauma against him from then on.

Mu Sijue took Xiangyi from Bai Tang’s arms and looked down at the little girl. He said in a gentle voice, “Don’t cry. Everything’s fine.”

Xiangyi felt that there seemed to be another person holding her. She opened her eyes and saw that it was Mu Sijue. She slowly stopped crying and babbled at him.

Her clear voice did not sound afraid at all. Instead, it was full of excitement.

Mu Sijue looked at the little girl in his arms, and his heart was filled with a soft feeling. He couldn’t help smiling, and he became particularly tender.

Bai Tang’s eyes widened in disbelief. “What? Am I seeing things?”

“Mu Sijue actually knows how to hold a child and didn’t scare her?

“This is unbelievable! It’s just a wonder!”

Bai Tang leaned over and touched Mu Sijue’s hand. “Do you have any hidden unique skills?”

Mu Sijue was speechless.

He was stunned without batting an eyelid.

He had no unique skills.

He just suddenly thought of the baby in Xu Youning’s belly.

If so many things hadn’t happened, and if he trusted Xu Youning enough, their baby could have come to this world safely like Xiangyi and grown up happily under the careful care of many people.

However, their baby wouldn’t get to do that.

He wouldn’t have a baby who would come into this world, grow up slowly, and call him daddy.

Mu Sijue felt as if a piece of his heart had been dug out. He suddenly felt that something was wrong, and something in his heart was roaring and about to explode.

Perhaps Xiangyi had noticed that Mu Sijue was in a bad mood, so she looked at him with her black eyes for a moment and babbled as if to comfort him.

Mu Sijue looked at the lovely little girl in his arms, and the pain in his heart became more and more intense. He handed Xiangyi to Su Jian’an and turned to leave the children’s room.

Su Jian’an held Xiangyi in her arms and did not stop Mu Sijue. She just motioned for Lu Boyan to follow him out.

She could guess what Mu Sijue had thought of. At this time, he needed someone by his side, and Lu Boyan was the most suitable candidate.

Only Su Jian’an, Bai Tang, and the two little kids were left in the room.

The more Bai Tang looked at the scene, the more confused he became. He asked curiously, “Jian’an, what’s going on with Mu Qi?”

Su Jian’an did not speak.

She should not be the one to tell Bai Tang about this.

She just told Bai Tang, “Don’t ask Sijue. If possible, he will tell you.”

Bai Tang looked at Su Jian’an’s expression carefully and vaguely felt that things seemed to be more serious than he had imagined.

In that case, he’d better listen to her and ask nothing.

Mu Sijue was already upset. If he ran over and asked something he shouldn’t ask, it would be like adding fuel to the fire.

Of course, Mu Sijue wouldn’t be the one in trouble but him.

Mu Sijue walked out of the children’s room and went straight to the end of the corridor, where there was a small balcony where he could overlook the sea view in the distance.

He pushed the door open and walked to the balcony.

His field of vision suddenly widened, and the spring sun and cold wind blew in his face without warning. There was a hint of coldness in the warmth.

Mu Sijue merely felt the coldness.

The slight warmth mixed in could not soothe the pain in his heart.

He was in pain.

Xu Youning decided to return to Kang Ruicheng to work undercover for his sake. She had hidden too many secrets and taken on countless responsibilities.

Her situation was more dangerous than everyone had imagined.

What was even worse was that she was pregnant, and her life could be in danger at any time.

Before Kang Ruicheng discovered Xu Youning’s secret, if Mu Sijue could not save her, he would lose her forever.

If she was gone forever, Mu Sijue didn’t know if he could live on.

Lu Boyan followed Mu Sijue to the balcony and stood side by side with him. After a while, he said, “The most important thing now is to save Xu Youning. Don’t think too much about the baby.”

Mu Sijue looked at the blue sea level, and his eyes became as deep as the sea, which was unfathomable.

How could he not think about the baby?

He and Xu Youning’s first baby wouldn’t even have a chance to see the world.

He had many possessions and could get a lot of things done, but he couldn’t protect Xu Youning and the baby at the same time.

He could only give up his baby.

However, that baby was supposed to come into being like Xiyu and Xiangyi.

Lu Boyan patted Mu Sijue on the shoulder. “He will forgive you.”

“He won’t. If it were me, I wouldn’t forgive a father who gave up on me.” Mu Sijue shook his head helplessly, and a cold smile appeared on his face. “However, there’s no way I can do about it. I love his mother more.”

Lu Boyan spoke after a long time. “Sijue, you haven’t seen him, so you can make the decision easily.”

It was not until he became a father that he truly understood how a father should feel.

If Mu Sijue had seen his baby, it would be more difficult for him to make a choice.

Just like now, if Lu Boyan had to choose between Su Jian’an and the two children, he had nothing to hesitate about, because he would not give up on any of them.

Fate had not been the cruelest to Mu Sijue. Maybe it was to leave Mu Sijue with the hope of survival.

Lu Boyan looked at Mu Sijue and said, “Whether you can save Youning or not, you will definitely see her at the banquet.”

According to their plan, as long as Xu Youning attended the banquet, Mu Sijue would definitely be able to see her.

Mu Sijue’s heart, which had been dead for a long time, finally came alive again.

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