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Yang Yi also stood behind the iron door. The door opened automatically after a beeping sound filled the area. He followed Chris out of the cell.

He would have to follow the rules while he was in prison. Even eating wasn't an exception. There were two inmates standing outside of each cell. After the guards completed their inspection, the inmates formed a long line and started to move.

The daily routine of prison included eating collectively, queuing up to take showers in turns and sleeping per the schedule. Beyond that, all inmates got an hour for free activity each day. For those who were well behaved, they would even get assigned tasks like washing laundry and distributing food.

Although this was all rather normal, it would give him the opportunity to find Zhang Yong. On the other hand, as a newcomer, every person he came into contact with posed a certain level of risk.

Yang Yi had no intention to shout out Zhang Yong's name during meal time. It was very likely Zhang Yong didn't use his real name in prison. It was very likely he would end up get beat up instead if he tried something like that.

Since Yang Yi couldn't just yell out Zhang Yong's name, he could only search the crowd with his eyes and find a chance to talk to him later. It wasn't like he had any other option. Although Chris had told Yang Yi not to look around, he had to do so if he wanted to find Zhang Yong. Thus, Yang Yi could only search subtly with very small movements.

Once they arrived at the cafeteria, Yang Yi saw a procession of inmates queuing up for their food. It seemed like all the inmates who hadn't committed a felony were gathered here to eat. This would be a good time for him to look for Zhang Yong.

After receiving their meals, the inmates would seat at a dining table and start eating. Although there were no rules regarding seating arrangements, there was a tacit understanding between the inmates, everyone had a place they were supposed to sit.

While Yang Yi was moving slowly along in the queue, he was also observing those who were eating in the hall.

On a side note, Zhang Yong was also Chinese. It would make his search much easier. Most of the inmates were Black, Latino or White.  Asians were quite rare here. Sadly, Yang Yi was still unable to find any Asian person even after looking around for quite some time. On the bright side, whatever Asian he found would most likely be Zhang Yong, if Yang Yi ever found an Asian.

That was Yang Yi's belief.

Very quickly, it was Yang Yi's turn to receive his meal. He picked up a plastic plate, spoon and fork. The spoon and fork were intentionally soft to ensure they couldn't be turned into a weapon later. He then stood in front of the food counter.

A spoonful of black gooey stuff was thrown on his plate. The gooey stuff looked like some kind of beans. He was then passed two pieces of bread and an unknown glass of colored liquid.

Yang Yi was surprised since there was even a piece of white meat which he suspected was chicken. Although it didn't look very tasty, at least there was still a piece of meat.

After Yang Yi finished getting his food, he followed right behind Chris to look for a place to sit. Just then, Yang Yi realized there was a Black man standing in front of a group of inmates.

These inmates would place their piece of meat on the Black man's plate when they passed by him. Yang Yi immediately realized that the man must be one of the tyrants in the prison.

There was no such thing as an all-you-can-eat buffet in prison. There was also no such thing as a comfortable life. Even for Yang Yi, the meal he was given was only enough to sate some of his hunger. Thus, the blockhead with a potbelly would definitely not have enough to eat.

Since there was not enough food to eat, the taste became secondary while filling up the stomach became the top priority. As such, it wasn't surprising the tyrant would be stealing the food from other inmates.

Since the inmates didn't complain about giving their best piece of food away, the guards ignored the whole matter. Yang Yi understood that this was one of the prison's unspoken rules.

When he was nearing the Black man, Yang Yi was contemplating whether he should pass his meat over. This was his first meal since he entered the prison. Not only was Yang Yi not hungry, he didn't have any appetite for the food on the plate. Nevertheless, he still couldn't just pass his food over even if he didn't want to eat it.

If Yang Yi didn't resist the first time, he might not have the courage to resist at all in the future. Second, Yang Yi would need a lot of food since he would need to exercise regularly. Thirdly, if there was no resistance the first time around, it would definitely lead to a more intense response when he chose to resist in the future.

Therefore, Yang Yi would never give his meat to someone else.

Chris who was walking in front of Yang Yi also stopped in front of the Black man and passed over his piece of chicken. Yang Yi could see that Chris was reluctant to do so but he didn't resist and he didn't dare show any sign of dissatisfaction.

Yang Yi who was behind Chris calmly kept walking. Although the Black man hadn't made any demands, it was quite apparent that he was using his abilities to plunder food from the others.

"Hey you, stop."

Yang Yi looked at the Black man who was standing beside him. The Black man was smirking revealing white teeth, "Are you blind? Be smart, put your meat on this plate and get lost. If not, you're dead, sissy."

Yang Yi looked at the Black man. He didn't keep quiet and answered coldly. He chose words which wouldn't immediately stir up conflict. "Stay away from me. If you don't mess with me, I won't mess with you."

Yang Yi immediately walked on after finishing what he had to say. The Black man didn't respond and just stared at Yang Yi fiercely.

It was impossible for the matter to end just like that. The guards would have immediately stepped in to exert their authority if the matter escalated right now. In Yang Yi's opinion, it was better to face what would come sooner rather than later. He was ready anyway.

Chris was sitting at a table all alone. Yang Yi approached him since he was the only person Yang Yi knew and asked, "Can I sit here?"

Chris didn't raise his head and only gave a half-hearted reply, "Go ahead."

Yang Yi sat opposite Chris. When Chris saw the piece of meat on his plate, he immediately raised his head and said in astonishment, "Your decision isn't wise."

Yang Yi replied softly with a smile, "Thanks but I'm not afraid."

Chris frowned and asked, "Is there a gang protecting you?"

"There isn't."

Chris let out a breath and shook his head, "If you don't want to be sent to the medical ward with serious damage to your face, it's best that you think of way to resolve the trouble you've caused."

Yang Yi quietly asked, "So, how should I resolve it?"

Chris looked at Yang Yi and calmly said, "You just have to wait. The solution will arrive soon."

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