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A large number of people had gathered outside the shop.

"He's Master Lin, the one that KO-ed Han Lu and saved the kids."

"He's so young. If you hadn't mentioned it, I can't even tell that he has such capabilities. What does this shop do?"

"I heard it's for fortune-telling and he sells scallion pancakes as well. But to be able to KO Han Lu, he must really be something!"

"That's a wide range of professions. To be fair, the moves that I saw in the video were just too cool. I came over to take a look at the legendary Master Lin."

"With such capabilities, why would he sell scallion pancakes and read fortunes for a living? Furthermore, fortune-telling is such a dodgy profession."

"Hey! What do you think the large crowd is here for?"

Lin Fan just sat in the shop while Fraud Tian pretended to be in a daze.

It was early in the morning and they had just opened their shop but there was already a large crowd. These people weren't there for fortune-telling or scallion pancakes. They were there to verify that Lin Fan was indeed the one that KO-ed Han Lu.

Fraud Tian was extremely excited as he'd never have expected to witness such a scene in his life.

If he was lucky, he might even attract a pretty woman. After all, there might be pretty women who were blind enough to fall for him. Meanwhile, Lin Fan was feeling a little helpless. This was the consequence of becoming famous. He didn't even know where these people came from and they were looking at him as if he was an animal. If he were to chase them away, he'd be at fault too, since the road didn't belong to him.

But Fraud Tian's try-hard actions really left Lin Fan speechless. They were being observed like animals and he could still act like he knew what he was doing. How admirable. The people who didn't manage to get a hold of Master Lin surrounded the shop.

"Little Boss, this time, you can't escape anymore."

"Even if he wants to escape this time, he won't be able to. Guys, please be cautious. We must fix our sights on Little Boss."

"Definitely. If we let Little Boss escape, I would eat sh*t immediately."

"We are all your loyal fans, you can't hurt our feelings."

The passers-by that were walking past the shop were all dumbfounded by what they were witnessing.

"What are you guys doing? Why would you call Master Lin 'Little Boss'?" a passer-by who was there to see Master Lin asked.

As of then, Master Lin's scallion pancake customers were all regulars.

"You must be new here. Little Boss's scallion pancakes are just so heavenly."

Then, an old customer nudged him and said, "Don't talk about it too much, there are already so few scallion pancakes. If we have to compete against them for it, things would become even worse."

"Yeah, that's right. We can't say too much."

Meanwhile, a newcomer just smiled and said, "We're not here for scallion pancakes. I've been to Taiwan before and I've already tasted authentic scallion pancakes. I can still remember the taste."

"Haha," the old customers just laughed but they felt disdain for his words. How could the pancakes from Taiwan beat Master Lin's pancakes?

They were worlds apart.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan had no choice anymore and he said, "Give out the number tags and select people."

Fraud Tian nodded and gave out the number tags quickly. By then, he was already familiar with the entire procedure.

"Numbers 6, 11 and 35…"

"Haha, I've been chosen! I've been chosen!"

"Congratulations, congratulations."

"Bro, are you selling the number tag? $1000."

"No, I would have sold it to you a few days ago. But the problem is that I haven't eaten them for days."

The crowd was stunned. Everything seemed like it was staged. They had to queue up for scallion pancakes and someone even offered $1000 to buy a number tag. That was just too much.

"Hey, where did the re-sellers go?"

"Bro, aren't you a re-seller? Just sell the number tag to me."

Master Lin's shop was considered the most mysterious place on Cloud Street. Such a small shop could even attract a large crowd of re-sellers. Nobody would've believed it if they were told this.

The man who was being held back was actually the main re-seller of Cloud Street and the people beside him immediately came to ask him for a price after seeing that he had gotten a number tag.

"I'm not selling the tag today. I have to save it for myself," the man shook his head and said.

As a re-seller, he was very opportunistic and he had discovered this business opportunity since a long time ago. But he had tried the scallion pancakes once and the magical taste of the pancakes had lingered in his mouth until today. He felt as if he could never part with the scallion pancakes again.

A fashionable teenager managed to get the scallion pancake of his dreams. He brought the scallion pancake to his nose and took in a deep breath. He looked extremely satisfied.

"It's delicious, it's so delicious!"

After taking a bite, he raised his head and closed his eyes. He felt as if he was going to soar into the sky. The deliciousness of the pancakes exploded inside his mouth. No matter how many times someone ate it, he or she would still be awestruck by it.

"Delicious!" the fashionable teenager opened his eyes and sounded as if he was having an orgasm.

"Ah, Little Boss's scallion pancakes always reveal a person's true expression."

"Although the expression looks exaggerated, only those who have tasted the pancakes before know that it's 100% real."

"If only Little Boss sells pancakes for a living for his entire life, that would be so awesome."

"These pancakes are priceless. I don't even feel like selling them anymore, regardless of the price."

The people who were queueing up for the pancakes weren't surprised at what they had witnessed. But for the passers-by, they were extremely shocked at the reactions of those who had eaten the scallion pancakes. It was as if they had not eaten for years.

Lin Fan shook his head as he looked at the exaggerated expressions. These people had all been seduced by the powers of the scallion pancakes. They had all gone mad. After a short while, all ten pancakes were sold out.

He was secretly hoping that people would take the initiative to try to understand the content on the poster. But nobody bothered to look at it and those that had already read it and given Lin Fan Encyclopedic Points before were no longer useful. He couldn't gain Encyclopedic Points from them again.


"Today has been a pleasurable experience!"

"Little boss's culinary skills are unbeatable. It tastes better than anything else on this Earth."

At a distant place.

"Dad, the business there is doing way too good," Wu You Lan said.

Wu Tian He just nodded and said, "Don't cause trouble in future. We'll stay here obediently. We can only depend on Master Lin to change your fate."

Wu You Lan nodded and said, "Dad, I know that."

She knew her own fate. They had faced a small problem on their way back home. She had been feeling a little unwell when they reached home but thankfully, it was nothing serious.

After getting back home, Wu Tian He quickly settled the things he needed to do and donated the things that he had obtained through evil means. If not for the memories that he had with the house, he would have donated it as well. As for money, he didn't have much left. He only kept a small sum for his daughter's marriage and his daily expenses.

He knew that he had been wrong in the past, but it wasn't too late for him to repent now.

"Master Lin," Wu Tian He said as he walked over with his daughter.

Lin Fan finished preparing the scallion pancakes and looked at Wu Tian He. He was ecstatic. His life would become so much easier from then onwards.

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