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"Master Lin has run away again!" the people exclaimed. In just two days, Master Lin had escaped twice. The second time was as heartbreaking as the first time. At first, the crowd had been excited to experience the bustle and taste some scallion pancakes or have their fortunes read afterward.

But now that Master Lin had run away, what the f*ck could they eat and how would they be able to have their fortunes read?

At the police station.

Han Lu and Li Da Fei were stunned when they heard the outcome.

"What? We have to be detained for three days?"

The investigating officer raised his head and said, "You threatened the safety of society and broke the law. The reporters were there too. With the scale of impact of your actions, three days detainment is nothing."

Another female police officer said, "You should really thank that person. If he hadn't brought the child away and something had happened, you would have had to take full responsibility for it."

The investigating officer then added, "That wouldn't be as simple as three days. You are all adults and you're still fighting with each other like children. Doesn't your sparring have a proper procedure and location?"

Perhaps only these two police officers were powerful enough to make these two people shut their mouths in shock. They didn't even dare to rebut.

Li Da Fei sighed and said, "How troublesome. I have to really thank him. If not for him, the outcome would have been disastrous."

Han Lu was still upset but he also was afraid of what would happen if he had really ended up hurting the kid.

"If both of you have no objections, please sign here," the police officer said.

They both sighed as they signed the papers. These two experts were unlucky enough to be beaten in the nose and they even ended up in the police station. Furthermore, they didn't know what to expect from the reporters' articles.

In a fully equipped sound studio.

Wu Huan Yue had just finished practicing her song.

"Good, it's perfect," Mr. Yang applauded and said. He realized that Wu Huan Yue's voice was very suitable for the song. He was even more impressed with Lin Fan now. The song was literally a match made in heaven for her.

Wu Huan Yue just smiled. She really liked the song too.

"Chief Wang, was this song really written by Master Lin?" Wu Huan Yue asked.

Wang Ming Yang nodded, "Yes. After he heard that you needed a song, he was so anxious that his face turned red. In the end, he wrote this song for you."

Wu Huan Yue was full of gratitude, so she whipped out her phone and tried to call Lin Fan to thank him. But then she realized that his phone was switched off.

Wang Ming Yang just smiled. He was trying to act as the middleman. But what surprised him was that Lin Fan actually knew how to write a song. That seemed so unbelievable.

He was good at fortune-telling, making scallion pancakes, martial arts, and now even songwriting. It was really impressive.

"You must do your best tomorrow and win Wang Yu Chen," Wang Ming Yang said. Wu Huan Yue nodded and continued to practice her singing.

She was determined to not disappoint everyone, especially since Master Lin had personally written a song for her.

The next day.

'Something shocking happened during Han Lu and Li Da Fei's showdown.'

'The identity of the mysterious man is indeed Master Lin.'

'Master Lin's true identity revealed!'

'As Han Lu issued his challenge to Master Lin, Li Da Fei came to interfere. In the end, both of them were arrested.'

'Master Lin showed formidable skills and saved a child.'

'Master Lin KO-ed Han Lu and Li Da Fei.'

The UC Breaking News Department tried to fit in as well but their headline was rather shocking.

'A kiss was all it took to resolve the conflict between Han Lu and Li Da Fei.'

Several headlines began to appear on the Internet. In the train, countless working adults were looking through their phones.

"The man in this video is too powerful."

"Such suave movements. If not for him, I think the child would've been killed."

"If such a heavy weight were to fall on this child, or if he got trampled on, the consequences would've been disastrous."

"What the heck is Han Lu trying to do? So what if he really beats him?"

"I don't know, but the latest news I heard is that Han Lu and Li Da Fei were detained for three days for fighting in public and causing a nuisance."

"Finally, things have seen the light."

"I've read up about this Master Lin. I wouldn't have known otherwise. Master Lin is a famous fortune-teller and scallion pancake vendor. He has helped a lot of people with his fortune-telling. There was a family which was able to escape a disaster after consulting him. Also, his scallion pancakes are freaking delicious but they are only limited to ten pieces a day. The queues are insane."

"D*mn! Is that really true? He's so awesome? I have to take a look at too."

Recently, the news revolving around Han Lu had been viral and most of the popular news had something to do with it.

There were supporters of Han Lu and haters too. But even if the fight really happened, it would've been great. After all, in such a society, most people would only talk and not do anything. The main problem was that Han Lu had talked too much nonsense and he was too arrogant, which resulted in him having so many haters.

Lin Fan had been busy answering calls all morning.

Yan Shu Ren said, "Young Fan, you're too d*mn awesome."

Lin Fan replied, "Gotta stay low profile. This matter is giving me a headache. I hope to settle this matter as soon as possible."

"But I'm serious. You're really too d*mn amazing."

"Don't say that. I gotta be extra careful today. You have no idea how crazy these reporters are. They'll constantly pester you until they get the news that they want.

Wang Ming Yang!

"Brother, you're really impressive. In future, you can be my lead actor when I decide to make an action film."

"Which kind of action film? If you're referring to those type of 'action films', I can't do it."

"Hey, you can act in any type of action film. I can make you the lead actor with just a word. You can't waste such a talent. You gave him such a good beating and if not for you, the kid would've been in trouble."

"I just did my best. I doubt there will be anything major coming up so soon, this incident can finally be resolved."

"How will it be resolved?"

"The two culprits were detained. Of course, these things will stop happening."

"That's true."

Han Lu and Li Da Fei were being detained at the police station and the situation was gradually getting heated up. However, the focus was still on Lin Fan. There was a crystal clear video that captured the entire scene of Lin Fan saving the child.

On Weibo.

"Master Lin is so awesome. I'll give him full marks for what he did."

"Han Lu got KO-ed twice by Master Lin and everything ended when that had happened."

"All of you were focused on Master Lin but I was looking at Han Lu and Li Fei Da when they kissed. It was ground-breaking and heart-breaking at the same time.

"Haha, I was laughing at that scene. It's become a sticker on WeChat now."

"Master Lin is a pro at fortune-telling, making scallion pancakes and even kungfu. One day, he's going to be able to fly."

"I suspect Master Lin is actually an alien and I suggest that we dissect him immediately."

At that moment, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was up early for 'training' but he stopped when he watched the video. He felt very uneasy.

"Sigh," Autumn Sword Fish Killer sighed as his fat body laid on the chair. Although he was a man, the two lumps of meat on his chest were bigger than any other woman's and they were sagging so close to his stomach.

"God is so unfair. Even a fraud like him is blessed with such good looks. Furthermore, he even knows kungfu. Why am I born with such a look? I hate myself so much."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer then remained silent for a while before he raised his head and typed rapidly on his keyboard. If someone were to see the speed at which Autumn Sword Fish Killer was typing at, that person would definitely be shocked. His fingers were like the legendary 'Phantom Butterfly Fingers' of keyboard warriors.

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