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"Aren't we being too treacherous?" Fraud Tian asked.

Not only did they call the police, they even moved their chairs and joined the crowd. They felt shameless.

Lin Fan chuckled. "That's wrong thinking. We are good, responsible citizens. We should immediately report anything that's against the law to ensure the security of the people. This ruckus is definitely detrimental to the security of the people."

"Makes sense." Fraud Tian nodded.

The brawl between Han Lu and Li Da Fei attracted quite a large crowd.

The reporters were hungry for exciting news, and Lin Fan's decision of accepting or declining Han Lu's challenge was irrelevant now.

Li Da Fei's credentials were extraordinary, and it was definitely better than Lin Fan's. No matter who won or lost, it wasn't important to the reporters. What was important was that they got a good story out of it.

"They're fighting! They're fighting!" Fraud Tian raised his voice.

A huge commotion arose amongst the crowd.

Li Da Fei threw a punch with the ferocity of a tiger. Han Lu saw it in time and sidestepped, dodging it.

The exchange between the two was exhilarating.

The reporters were rapid taking pictures of the brawl in front of them, and the people in the crowd were cheering them on.

Exciting. Simply exciting.

Li Da Fei's martial art style was that of the Iron Fist. It was heavy on strength but lacked in speed.

Fraud Tian nodded his head in approval. "Not bad. He really has abilities."

Lin fan watched in wonder. "You're right. Han Lu's facial expression looks different after getting hit once."

The people in the crowd watched the brawl intently. This match was just too wonderful.

However, the fighting wasn't as smooth and elegant as the movies. It was messy when they fought, with blows going back and forth between both parties.

"Come on, Master! Beat him up!"

"Don't hit below the belt."

"You can do it, Master!"

"Come on, Master!"

Li Da Fei's disciples were all cheering him on, shouting at the top of their lungs.

The reporters were on their toes, scurrying around, taking pictures and recording footage.

"Don't get too close. It won't be pretty if you get hit."

Although the reporters wanted to get every single detail and angle of the fight, they didn't dare to go near. If anyone got hit, it would have a huge impact.

Blood. Both parties were starting to bleed.

Blood flowed down in a stream from both their noses.

As it progressed, the fight became more violent.

"Mommy, why are the two uncles fighting?" a young boy innocently tugged her mother's shirt, asking curiously.

"These two uncles are competing for their martial arts skills." The young mother replied, as she whipped out her phone, recording the fight that unfolded before her eyes.

"The guys at the side, don't push."

The crowd was growing in size. The young women were pushed to the side, causing a young boy to drop his ball which rolled on the floor.

"My ball!" the young boy saw the ball roll from his hands. The young boy went forward to chase it.

The ball rolled towards the vicinity of Li Da Fri and Han Lu.

To the young boy, the scene in front of him was terrifying.

"Hey, kid! Don't go!" the people in the crowd screamed.

The young mother's face turned colorless as she saw her kid chasing after his ball. "Come back!" she screamed.

At that moment, the speed of Han Lu's punches increased, becoming more violent. Li Da Fei kept on retreating, and he didn't notice the kid behind him.

Lin Fan and Fraud Tian stood at the storefront. As they saw the scene unfolding in front of them, they were stunned as their expressions turned colorless.

Fraud Tian was just about to take action when Lin Fan rushed out.

"No!" the young mother screamed in terror as if something was going to happen.

It looked like Li Da Fei was about to knock on the kid. Suddenly, a hand grabbed the kid, and another hand was on Li Da Fei's shoulders to prevent him from knocking the kid.

Using Li Da Fei's shoulders as a pivot, Lin Fan did a mid-air flip, leaping over the two people and landing behind Han Lu. He struck out with his leg, hitting Han Lu in his back, causing him to lose his balance and fall on Li Da Fei.

"F*ck, 6666..."

"How did he even do that stunt? Are we filming a movie?"

"Master Lin is so cool!"

Fraud Tian looked on with relief, his expression awestruck. That stunt was almost impossible. Even he couldn't pull it off.

The young mother went up immediately to thank Lin Fan. If he hadn't intervened, things would have gotten ugly. The kid who Lin Fan had grabbed while doing a mid-air flip was bubbling with excitement. He looked like he enjoyed it.

Lin Fan shook his head. "You've gotta pay more attention to your kid next time."

"Thank you, thank you," The young mother thanked Lin Fan profusely while she hugged her kid tightly.

The reporters looked at each other excitedly.

"You got that on camera, right?"

"Yeap! This is too good! He actions were so cool!"

"D*mn, Master Lin finally made a move."

"That stunt was too extraordinary!"

Everyone in the crowd, including the reporters, were in awe.

They couldn't believe what they just saw. His actions were so smooth. If someone put that stunt in a movie, it would have been a good one.

*Clapping noises!*

*Thundering applause!*

They had been worried about the kid just a few moments ago. If Master Lin hadn't taken action, the little kid would have been in deep trouble.

Getting hit by Li Da Fei's iron fists would have been disastrous for the little kid, and if he got stomped by Li Da Fei, the ending would have been gruesome.

Suddenly, a reporter called out.

"Quickly, record this!"

All the other reporters turned toward the sound, their faces looking stunned.

Because of Lin Fan's skillful kick, Han Lu had landed on Li Da Fei's body. Their lips were touching each other.


This moment would go down in history.

Han Lu reacted as if he had seen a ghost, eyes staring in horror as he realized that he was on top of Li Da Fei. He stood up immediately, wiping his lips.

*Spit, spit!*

The crowd roared.

Li Da Fei and Han Lu were both stunned.

It was almost unthinkable that two dignified martial arts experts would have such an unexpected embarrassing scene.

"You..." Han Lu said to Lin Fan angrily.

Lin Fan cut Han Lu short. "Don't you guys know that fighting in a public place is very dangerous? If you guys knocked this little kid down, you guys would be in a lot of trouble."

Han Lu's face was red with rage. Looking at the little kid, he knew that he was guilty. But he had almost won that match just now, only to get stopped by Lin Fan.

"Make way, make way."

The police officers arrived

Liu Xiao Tian came immediately with his men after getting the call. He was horrified to hear the report.

Fighting in a public place with reporters. It was completely unimaginable and must be stopped.

"Who's fighting?" Liu Xiao Tian asked.

The crowd pointed at Li Da Fei and Han Lu. "Those two."

"We were having a challenge. We weren't recklessly fighting."

Liu Xiao Tian realized the person they pointed to looked familiar. Wasn't he Han Lu? He turned his head and looked at Li Da Fei. Both of them had bloody noses, which was an obvious sign that they had fought.

"Take them away!"

Without another word, Han Lu and Li Da Fei were taken into the police car.

The reporters took pictures of everything. This was another piece of sensational news.

Li Da Fei's disciples knew that if they stopped the police officers from taking their Master, they would be in trouble. Hence, they followed the police officers to the station to assist with the investigation.

Lin Fan knew that he had to lie low, or the reporters would surround and bug him.

Time to run!

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