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There was a giant pavilion in the Flaming Prison City, like a royal palace standing tall. Although there was some damage to the building, it was still preserved well. Now, Ye Futian was staying in the middle pavilion. In the various ancient temples in the pavilion, many people who were cultivating in the Holy Road had gathered there.

In the past three days, Ye Futian had solved 49 relics and nobody doubted his ability to decipher the relics anymore. Following Ye Futian in their cultivation was the right choice.

Presently, all kinds of people could be found in the pavilion, good or bad. At that moment, before the middle pavilion, where Ye Futian's group was, Li Qingyi walked over and asked, "Futian, there are many people asking when you will continue to solve the relics."

"No hurry," Ye Futian looked into the distance and replied. Li Qingyi looked worried and said uneasily, "Futian, has the commotion become too huge?"

Previously, when Ye Futian consecutively solved the relics, she was happy for him, but the episode that happened three days ago made her feel a sense of danger. Although the three people had been killed on the spot, they had revealed a potential threat. This was why she was worried that the matter would escalate out of control.

Unless Ye Futian was willing to continue working without complaints and help them to continue solving the relics, otherwise with their unpredictability, she was unable to foresee what would happen. However, there was one thing she was certain of: Ye Futian's objective did not stop here.

"Too huge?" Ye Futian smiled. The storm was inevitable, but since he was unwilling to become insignificant, he naturally had to bear the risk. The more he wanted, the larger the risk.

"Looks like you've already thought about it. I won't persuade you otherwise then." Li Qingyi smiled. "I don't have such huge ambitions like you, as long as I can go to the Holy Zhi Palace and see the nine Holy Roads and geniuses from all over, as well as those standing at the top of the Barren State, that's enough for me."

"Such a simple wish will naturally come true." Ye Futian nodded towards Li Qingyi and continued, "Help me convey a message, I have an announcement to make."

Li Qingyi was stunned and she stared at Ye Futian through her beautiful eyes. After mulling over it for a second, she nodded lightly and said, "Be careful." She knew that Ye Futian was going to do something extraordinary. After saying that, she left to convey his message.

Mu Zhiqiu walked up to Ye Futian and asked him, "Are you preparing to do it now?"

"It's about time, I'll have to do it sooner or later," Ye Futian replied.

"What are you going to do?" Qin Yin also came closer and looked at Ye Futian curiously.

"You'll know very soon. Next, I'll need all of your help," Ye Futian told Qin Yin and the people standing behind him.

"If there's anything, just give the order," Xuanyuan Bashan agreed readily. These few days of cultivation had been very beneficial to him.

"Alright." Xie Wuji nodded lightly as well. Now, he could feel that Ye Futian was not a simpleton. His entering Mount Jiuxian could have been a mere coincidence and not to become a disciple of Mount Jiuxian or for Qin Yin.

"Futian, we will do our best." Li Xun smiled, nodding his head.

"Thank you all for your help," Ye Futian smiled and replied. He would naturally not treat them shabbily afterward.

Very soon, many people started to gather where they were. Evidently, Li Qingyi had already spread the word out, the experts within the pavilion started to gather. Ye Futian had said he had something to announce, what would it be?

Ye Futian stood at the apex of the middle pavilion's ancient temple, and those who arrived asked him one after the other, "Master Ye, what do you have to announce?"

"No hurry, after everyone has arrived, I will announce it." Ye Futian looked down and smiled.

"Alright." The person nodded, getting even more curious.

More people were arriving and they stared at Ye Futian, who was in the air. Very soon, the entire region was filled with cultivators.

Outside the pavilion, there was a group of people walking in the air and his expression turned ruthless upon seeing Ye Futian. They had come from the Divine Sky City and were disciples of the Blazing Sun School. Not only had Ye Futian not died, but he also had such immense rallying power in the Holy Road. When news of his death had first spread, Chen Yuan had descended upon the Blazing Sun School and leveled the newly built buildings to the ground. Looking back now, was he messing with them?

Chen Wang was also in the crowd and the flaming pupils in his eyes contained a cruel glare. The mastermind of the incident back then had been the Chen Clan, but even so, they had not been able to kill Ye Futian. Now that his injuries were completely healed, he had made a name for himself in the Holy Road, what a great masquerade.

All the attention fell onto Ye Futian. Behind him, Mu Zhiqiu, Yu Sheng and the rest stood quietly, protecting him. At that moment, Ye Futian waved to the crowd and the whole area fell silent.

"I have come to the Holy Road to cultivate and challenge myself, and I have solved many relics to date. Now, I feel that the relics can only provide a limited boost to my strength, so I will not be going around to decipher the relics in the future," Ye Futian said. Instantly, many people's stares intensified on Ye Futian.

Li Qingyi stood below, and her heart clenched upon hearing Ye Futian's words. What she had been worrying about had finally come. If Ye Futian gave up on solving the relics, many people would not let it be. Those who felt that the relics were beneficial to their cultivation, would they cause trouble for Ye Futian if they were unable to decipher the relics themselves?

"Master Ye, you have so much potential, why waste it?" someone said, evidently not hoping for Ye Futian to give up just like that.

Ye Futian waved his arm and continued, "Within the Holy Road, these relics do not have a great effect for me. If I waste my time here, it will not benefit my cultivation. Therefore, I would want to do something else.

"There are rumors that collecting holy badges can allow us to exchange them for resources with the Holy Zhi Palace. However, I have heard another rumor that if we collect enough holy badges, there is a chance to open a giant relic in the Holy Road. Moreover, it is located in the cities and very likely to be beneficial to our cultivation," Ye Futian said.

Some people did not understand, but a few people were astounded. They had also heard of that rumor, but they did not have the ability to confirm it. Not even them, even the elites would find it hard to accumulate such a large amount of holy badges, unless they furiously hunted for them, but this would offend a huge group of people.

"Therefore, I want to open the giant relic in this city. If that's the case, I will need to collect a huge amount of relics. Would everyone be willing to lend me your holy badges? If I am able to open the giant relic, I will allow everyone to decipher it together and return your holy badges thereafter," Ye Futian declared.

As Ye Futian's declaration sounded out, a huge commotion broke out. Collecting their holy badges? Presently, in the Holy Road, there were people paying huge amounts for holy badges. For the holy badges, many people would rob or even kill others.

Having a holy badge meant that one could walk out of the Holy Road to the Holy Zhi Palace. Who would easily hand over their holy badge to others? Even though Ye Futian promised that he would return the badges, what if he didn't?

Even if he did intend to return them, if Ye Futian had gathered that many holy badges, others would covet his badges and he would become a target for many. What if he was killed and the badges were taken?

Talk was cheap. If he really wanted to do it, it would not be as easy as he had thought. Even if he had helped many people by deciphering the relics and helping in their cultivation, when it came to their own interests, not many people were willing to sacrifice. Moreover, many of them would think, even if Ye Futian managed to open the giant relic, wouldn't it be fine as long as they followed Ye Futian in?

Even when Li Qingyi heard Ye Futian's words, she was deeply astounded. She was clear that what Ye Futian wanted to do might invite trouble.

"If I am unable to do it, I will return all of your holy badges. After everyone has handed over your holy badges, all of you will guard them alongside me, to ensure the safety of the holy badges. If we are all united, we would not have to worry about anyone who is harboring unfathomable motives. Moreover, under everyone's protection, would I dare to steal the badges?" Ye Futian continued.

"I've come to the Holy Road for my cultivation. Since there is a chance, I will definitely take it." At that moment, a figure stepped out from the crowd. There was an aura of melancholy around the person and a lock of white hair on both sides of his temple. He was refined, exceptional and handsome.

"Xiao Junyi." A person from the crowd recognized him and was shocked. Xiao Junyi was a cultivator with exceptional talent who specialized in musical rhythm. He was gentle and there were rumors that his hidden talent was even more remarkable.

Xiao Junyi walked forward and threw a holy badge towards Ye Futian, only to see Loulan Xue step forward and receive it. Ye Futian looked at Qin Yin who was standing below and said, "Qin Yin, please help me to record all those who have given their holy badge."

"Alright." Qin Yin nodded.

"You should hold on to our badges too," Xuanyuan Bashan said, and the group of them took out their holy badges and gave them to Ye Futian. Although Zhuo Jun was unhappy with it, he also handed over his holy badge.

"I originally would not have a chance to become a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace, now that I have a chance, I will entrust my hope to Master Ye." Someone walked out from the crowd and handed over his holy badge.

Many people followed suit and cultivators started to give their holy badges to Ye Futian in succession, while Qin Yin and the rest took down their names.

"Thank you, everyone. These few days, I will stay here and cultivate. Once I have gathered enough holy badges to open the giant relic, I will take action," Ye Futian told the crowd and started to walk down.

About an hour later, the crowd started to dissipate. Ye Futian had already collected more than a thousand holy badges. Although everybody had different thoughts, there were still many people who supported Ye Futian. This was naturally a good start.

After word of what had happened spread, it triggered another sensation. Someone managed to easily gather over a thousand holy badges, a feat not even people from elite factions could do.

Li Xun and his group returned back to their residence and Zhuo Jun's expression was sullen as he told Li Xun, "Young City Lord, they really dared to take our holy badges."

Li Xun looked towards Zhuo Jun while Li Qingyi reprimanded him, "Zhuo Jun, what nonsense are you spouting! If we want others to willingly hand over their holy badges, we have to be impartial."

"Impartial indeed. Ever since we've entered the Holy Road and deciphered so many relics, have we ever received any preferential treatment? We're like strangers to him," Zhuo Jun said coldly. "Even though his talent was unique and allowed him to decipher the relics, but don't forget, he's just an Arcana Plane cultivator who followed us into the Holy Road. In the beginning, it was the Young City Lord who took him in. It was also us that helped him out when he ran into his enemies. Look at him now, his success has already gotten to his head. He doesn't even respect the Young City Lord now."

"How could you think this way?" Li Qingyi looked at Zhuo Jun disparagingly. It seemed that envy was indeed horrifying.

"Miss Qingyi, did I say anything wrong? Now that his position is elevated, he looks down upon the Young City Lord and has already forgotten who he was. Why did he let his maid take care of the holy badges instead of us? Ever since the start, he only treated us as a stepping stone, using us to progress. Even if he managed to open the great relic, we would still be strangers to him. Wanting to have preferential treatment would be akin to asking for the moon," Zhuo Jun said crabbily.

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