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Chapter 89: Who would you pick?

5 o'clock .

Shanghai Stadium .

'The New Voice' was doing well . Its popularity had become widespread . It had very high ratings and it was constantly ranked in the top three among variety shows .

This time, in particular, a craze had started among the viewers .

Lin Fan had promised Wu Huan Yue that he come to would watch her compete . Naturally, he arrived early . He looked at the entrance ticket in his hands . The seat was close to the front . It looked like this young lady had arranged a good seat for him .

A call came .

Wu Huan Yue asked, "Master, have you reached?"

Lin Fan replied, "I've reached . I'm at the car park . "

Wu Huan Yue replied, "Then I'll come and find you . The competition only starts at 7 . "

"Don't . Just focus on your preparation . I don't want to affect your performance . "

Lin Fan had little interest in such a competition, but to Wu Huan Yue, this was a significant step in her life and she had to give her very best no matter what .

Wu Huan Yue giggled into the phone, "If Chief Wang hears that I let Master wait outside by himself, he would definitely give me a scolding . "

Lin Fan smiled, "If he dares, I'll hammer him to death . "

"Master, they're calling for me . After it ends tonight, I'll contact you," said Wu Huan Yue .

"Alright, you take care of your own things and don't worry about me . Put on your best performance tonight and get into the top twelve . Then, go to the finals and win!" Lin Fan said .

Wu Huan Yue laughed, "Thank you, Master, for your kind words . "

After hanging up, Lin Fan removed his key, exited his car and walked out of the basement .

The ground floor was big and spacious . There were many fans who were there early and each of them held a LED signboard in their hands .

Although the singers were all new, they already had their own fan clubs . Their fan clubs were all there to show their support to their idols by cheering for them .

A group of teenage boys and girls were gathered together, discussing their favorite contestants .

"This is nerve-wracking . It's going to start soon . Out of 24 contestants, only 12 will be selected . Who knows if Hao Hao will be 'KO-ed' . "

"'The New Voice' is really brilliant . There are so many contestants that sing so phenomenally . "

"My favorite is Wu Huan Yue . Hearing her sing is a pleasure . "

"Wu Huan Yue is gorgeous and sings very well, that's why people like her, but my favorite is still Yu Chen . "

"Wang Yu Chen has a unique voice too . Although she's a girl, she has an amazing husky voice . "

The fans continued discussing their favorite singers .

Although they had many varying opinions, it was a friendly and intellectual discussion . They talked and laughed as they waited for time to pass .

Lin Fan had his own idols too, but the celebrities that he liked had all grown old . Some had even passed away and some had retired .

However, whenever they appeared in a movie, Lin Fan would still buy a ticket to show his support .

At 6 . 30 p . m .

In the venue .

Lin Fan found his seat by the side of the stage . In front of the stage were four chairs, which belonged to the judging panel .

The place was filled with people and everyone was awaiting the start of the competition .

At this moment, the mentors stepped into the scene, causing a surge of excitement throughout the stadium .

The first mentor was Qi Ming, a pioneer of the music industry . Although he was already in his 60s, he was young at heart and was dressed fashionably for the occasion .

The second mentor was Zhou Hai Tao, 40 years of age . Many of his songs were classics . Even at 40, he was still very popular, performing in at least ten concerts a year .

The third mentor was Ying Jin, 50 years of age . In her prime, she was considered to be an empress of the music industry . Now, she mainly appeared as a judge at many big events . She was very popular as a mentor .

The fourth mentor was Zuo Teng Fei and he wasn't a singer, but a lyricist . Many widely praised classics were composed by him . Even now, most of the songs sung by the emperors and empresses of the music industry were written by him . To outsiders, he may not have been well known, but in the music industry, he was worshipped .

At exactly 7 pm .

'The New Voice' officially began .

Roaring cheers filled the place as the host, Yi Ming, stepped on stage .

Lin Fan was seated below and couldn't help glancing left and right . It was his first time spectating such an event and he was rather excited .

After the formalities were carried out…

The contestants went on stage two at a time and performed a song each . Afterward, the mentors judged them and decided their fates .

Those who advanced rejoiced, while those who failed struggled to hold their tears . Some of them even got emotional and let their tears flow freely .

This kind of competition was rather cruel .

However, Lin Fan was in admiration of the four mentors, who, judging by their facial expressions, fully immersed themselves in the sounds of the songs .

Backstage .

Wu Huan Yue was feeling nervous . She slowly adjusted her emotions to prepare herself . The organizing committee had already informed her that it would be her turn soon .

The contestant that she

that she was up against was also a female singer . Her looks weren't as stunning as Wu Huan Yue's, but she was still a very good-looking lady .

The host said, "Let's welcome the next two contestants on stage . The 'Ethereal' contestant Wu Huan Yue and 'Emotional' contestant Wang Yu Chen . Who will advance? Let us find out!"

It was finally time .

Lin Fan roused himself up . He was here to watch Wu Huan Yue perform and she was about to step on stage, so naturally, he was in eager anticipation .

However, the first to step on stage was the 'Emotional' singer, Wang Yu Chen .

Then, it began . As Wang Yu Chen opened her mouth, the mentors were in astonishment .

Zhou Hai Tao exclaimed, "This is an original song!"

Zuo Teng Fei's eyes were shut as he gently nodded his head as if he was completely immersed in the lyrics and music .

Ying Jin grinned . She was clearly delighted at the song .

At this moment, the audience went completely silent as everyone was entranced by the music .

This was the first original song on 'The New Voice' because they were judged on this show for their singing ability and not on their creativity .

Lin Fan nodded . This lady was pretty impressive . However, towards the end of the song, even someone like Lin Fan, who knew nothing about music, could tell that she went out of tune for a moment .

Then, she went back in tune .

Lin Fan thought this lady sang very well, but due to that moment of mistake, he knew that Wu Huan Yue would surely advance as long as she performed to her usual standard .

The song ended .

Wang Yu Chen was a bundle of nerves . She almost felt like crying and couldn't believe that she had gone out of tune .

Zhou Hai Tao said, "What a shame . "

Ying Jin looked over and said, "I still think she's something special . "

Then, Wu Huan Yue stepped on stage .

A song that wasn't too old: 'Road in the Distance'

When Wu Huan Yue saw Lin Fan seated below the stage, she let out a smile, then began singing .

An ethereal sound filled the ears of the audience .

Qi Ming kept nodding his head . Her voice was brilliant . Although she didn't use various techniques, her voice was still very impressive .

Lin Fan sat in his seat as he listened intently . This sound was amazing . Everything was perfect .

Then, the song ended .

The stadium was filled with roaring applause .

"Huan Yue was awesome!"

"Yeah! Her voice was so refreshing, it felt as if my body was being purified . "

"Wu Huan Yue was even better than Wang Yu Chen!"

"It's clear who will advance . Wu Huan Yue sang better than Wang Yu Chen . On top of that, Wang Yu Chen even went out of tune . Surely it will be Wu Huan Yue who advances!"

Then, the host, Yi Ming, stepped on stage .

"Thank you, Wu Huan Yue . "

Wu Huan Yue faced the crowd and mentors and took a bow, "Thank you . "

Yi Ming then said, "Now, let's welcome Wang Yu Chen back on stage . This is the first time I've seen Mr . Teng Fei in such a dilemma . Mr . Zhou Hai Tao, if you were the main assessor for today, who would you pick as your winner?"

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