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Chapter 88: How is this possible?

Chinese Martial Arts Association .

Vice-president asked, "Has he been found?"

"There are just too many scammers . They just come here asking for $10,000 . "

"The only ones who didn't ask for money are those who said some unbelievable things . "

"How so?"

"Heh, they say that a fortune-teller is the mysterious man . Funny, ain't it?"

"That really does sound funny . Why would someone with so much ability be a fortune-teller?"

Vice-president: "Keep searching . We have to draw him into the association no matter what . "

"Sir, is it necessary to search like this?"

"Yes, it is . I've watched this video at least a hundred times . Even though it's just a few seconds long, I can tell from it that this man knows true kungfu . This is a real talent . There's nobody in this association who can do something like that," the Vice-President answered firmly .

"That can't be . That's a little exaggerated . "

The association members wouldn't believe it .

The Vice-President said, "You don't understand . Such effective usage of kungfu in a real combat situation isn't something that can be achieved just through tough training, but it's something that is honed through experience and struggles . "

"I understand . We'll keep searching . "

Meanwhile, the reporters .

The reporters tasked with this job went straight to the internet and put up a reward for information . Anyone who provided legitimate information would be rewarded $10,000 .

"Any news?"

"There's news, but we're in the process of elimination . There are too many people that are just giving fake information for the reward .

"Everyone, work a little harder today . If we find him, I'll bring you guys for a good break . "

"Long live the chief editor!"

"Huh? Chief editor, come take a look," one of the workers called out .

He instantly drew everyone's attention .

"Let me see . "

"This picture was sent by an online friend . I just did a side-by-side comparison with the man in the video . The level of similarity is at least 90% . "

"Zoom in"

The worker zoomed in on the image, then placed it side-by-side with the video .

"Do a software testing of his face . We can't get this wrong . "

"The testing is done . The level of similarity is at 95% . "

"Quick! Ask your friend who this man is . We need first-hand information . "

The chief editor banged the table in excitement as he let out a wide smile .

"I'm asking . He doesn't seem to be online," said the worker .

"Keep asking! We must find out as soon as possible . "

"Roger . "

A group of people was busy looking for Lin Fan at Cloud Street .

"Master Lin, you're really amazing . "

"How could we not have noticed that you had such ability?"

"That Han Lu is still asking for a challenge . Hasn't he taken enough of a beating?"

"I've seen the video . It was absolutely ferocious!"

"What are you all talking about? What was ferocious?"

"Brother, could it be that you don't know?"

"Nope, I don't . "

"God d*mn, it's about Han Lu . You really don't know?"

"I really don't . Hurry up and spit it out . "

"It's better if you check out Weibo news yourself . To not know such a viral piece of news, I've suddenly lost my respect for you . "

He couldn't even continue with his fortune-telling . He was surrounded by a huge crowd . These days, news spread too quickly . Even a slight disturbance would stir up huge waves on Weibo .

The townspeople consisted of many young people, as well as many middle-aged people who kept up with the latest news .

These middle-aged people, in particular, were brought up in a world of Chinese martial art fables . Now that Chinese martial arts were made obsolete, they were unhappy . However, Master Lin had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ferociously struck back . It was a dominant return of Chinese martial arts . This made them extremely excited .

Lin Fan looked at the crowd and raised both his arms, "If I told you that that wasn't me, would you believe me?"



Lin Fan now knew that these people wouldn't believe him . He also didn't know who was the guy who shot the video . If only he knew who it was, Lin Fan would've given him an award for the best videographer for shooting his face so clearly .

"Let's not talk about this and continue with the fortune-telling," said Lin Fan .

The truth can't be hidden anymore . Since it's come to this, maybe it's better to just step up and fight . I'll just do it so they'll be satisfied . There's no point in keeping this up .

The worst part was that Lin Fan was afraid of fighting . He knew nothing about the third page of the Encyclopedia . If he were to challenge a professional fighter and get beaten up, he wouldn't know what to do .

"Fortune-telling can wait!"

"Master, you have to tell us . How did you train your martial arts to such a high level?"

"Are you accepting any disciples? I'm very serious! I won't cause any trouble for you . "

The crowd all had something to say . Lin Fan was left dumbfounded . This situation was scary .

Eventually, after a tremendous effort, he finally managed to disperse this fiery group of people . However, he couldn't relax just yet . Fraud Tian came up to Lin Fan with a look of suspicion on his face .

"What have you done now, kid?" Fraud Tian was very curious . Something wasn't right . The townsfolk didn't even want to have their fortunes read anymore . They were just surrounding this kid, asking him questions non-stop and they were all related to fighting too .

Just by looking at this kid's physique, you would think that if he got into a fight, he would get beaten up half to death .

"I see some disdain in your eyes," said Lin Fan .

"You don't say . I wouldn't dare to talk about anything else but with regards to fighting,

I'm sure that you're not any good," Fraud Tian sneered .

Lin Fan opened the video on his phone, "Take a look . "

Fraud Tian laughed, "Sure, I'll take a look, but there's no way you can convince me . "

However, by the time Fraud Tian reached the end of the video, his expression had turned serious .

He finished the video, then replayed it again .

Then, he replayed it a second time .

Fraud Tian was astonished .

Then, a third time .

Absolutely dumbfounded .

A fourth time .

He couldn't believe it .

A fifth time .

A grave expression appeared on his face .

He replayed it for a total of 10 times .

Fraud Tian put the phone down and looked at Lin Fan with a face full of shock .

"That's you in the video?"

Lin Fan chuckled then grabbed the phone . With a smug face, he said, "Not too bad, eh? I didn't even use my full strength . The opponent was already down, so it was pointless . "

Fraud Tian stared blankly at Lin Fan .

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it .

Although the fighting only lasted a few seconds, just from these few seconds, you could tell that his ability was not average .

Fraud Tian had watched the video a total of 10 times . His final conclusion was that it was . . . abnormal .

He was clearly using the kicking technique of the Ba Gua Zhang, followed by a palm strike and finally, finishing with Pi Zhang chop .

Although it looked simple, to do it at such a level was not simple at all, especially against someone with such a strong physique who was in a charging motion . It should've been almost impossible to stop his momentum .

"When did you train to such a level? And, how is it even possible at this age?"

Lin Fan laughed, "Hehe, this is called hiding one's true abilities . I'm not as stupid as to let you see through me . "

"It can't be . If you were so strong, that time . . . why did you…"

"Hehe, you were there, weren't you? Against some small fries, if I were to raise my hand, do you think they would still be alive?" said Lin Fan .

Fraud Tian was shaken . He himself was a Ba Gua Zhang practitioner, but this kid was so much better than him .

Hea had started training at the age of three and had been training for decades . He had taken countless beatings to achieve the strength and ability that he possessed .

This kid is still so young, how is this possible?

If Lin Fan knew what he was thinking, he would surely have an answer:

"Because you're so friendly to me, that's how I managed to pick up this skill . "

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