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The broadcast room was in an uproar.

"How could it be Master Lin? He looks so weak and fragile. There's no way he could be so strong."

"Brother Yang, did you get it wrong?"

"Who is this Master Lin?"

"You're clearly new here, to not even know who Master Lin is. Master Lin is our Brother Yang's savior."

"I don't believe it! You're telling me that this fortune teller is a martial arts expert? I won't believe it even if you beat me to death!"

Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was lying down leisurely, without any idea of what was going on on the internet.

The phone rang. It was a call from Big Tree.

He answered.

"Young Fan."

"Big Tree."

"You are way too awesome."

"Why is that? I didn't do anything."

"Stop pretending. That video on the internet. That's you in the video, isn't it?"

"What video? I didn't take any videos."

"See for yourself. It's the hottest video on Weibo now. I'm 100% sure it's you."

"How strange. Alright, I'll take a look."

Lin Fan hung up and just as he was about to open his Weibo, another call came.

It was a call from Wang Ming Yang.

"Brother, you have been hiding your strength."

"What the heck is going on? And why would you say that?"

"Do you really not know? Or are you just pretending? It's gone viral on the internet. With one look at that video, I saw your face. Thank god you went easy that time, otherwise, I would be dead."

"Are you okay? I don't understand what you're saying at all. That's enough, I'll go and see for myself."


Lin Fan hung up and he was confused. He hadn't been loafing about recently. This video couldn't possibly have anything to do with him. It must've been someone else who looked like him. It must've been a mistake.

He opened his Weibo and looked at the top trending video.

'China's top MMA fighter Han Lu gets KO-ed by a mysterious youngster'

With one glance at this headline, Lin Fan thought that this clearly had nothing to do with him. He didn't even know who this Han Lu was, let alone did he fight with him.

Just a misunderstanding. This must've been a misunderstanding.

With a tap, he started the video without even looking at the caption.

It was an edited video. In the beginning, there was nothing much to see. It was just a man who, within 3 seconds, got pinned to the ground and pounded on by another man. There was nothing wrong with this. As long as he wasn't blind, there was no way he would think that one of them was himself.

Suddenly, the scene changed. It was outdoors now.

At this moment, Lin Fan's mouth gaped open as he stared blankly at the screen. How could this be?

In the video, Lin Fan saw himself just standing there as the man opposite him charged towards him.

This scene was familiar. It was way too familiar.

Wasn't this from yesterday, when he went to buy a phone? A rather old man was being chased and beaten. Filled with a sense of righteousness, he couldn't just stand idly by and watch, so he took down the attacker. In the end, when the attacker called his gang down, he had no choice but to flee.

However, that video and that headline left Lin Fan bewildered. How could it be? A top MMA fighter couldn't have been beaten down by him with just a few hits.

He looked at the comments below.

"F*cking awesome!"

"He's a true master! Please reveal yourself, master!"

"Hurry and step out, master. Han Lu is looking for you and requesting a fair fight."

"If anyone has information on the master's identity, I'll pay $100 for it!"

Lin Fan then looked through his news feed. As he scrolled through, his heart started thumping uncontrollably.

Han Lu:

'Requesting a fair and square match'

Chinese Martial Arts Association:

'We hope this mysterious youngster will take the initiative to contact us.'

After having seen these messages, Lin Fan silently closed his Weibo. This situation was unexpected. Stay calm. I have to stay calm.

Right now, only Wang Ming Yang and Big Tree know that it's me. No one else would know.

Still, Lin Fan couldn't stop worrying. He then opened his Weibo again. As long as his Weibo remained quiet and low-profile, it would prove that he was safe.

However, when he saw the comments below his Weibo page, he knew that he couldn't hide the truth.

"Master Lin, you're f*cking awesome!"

"My God, he's amazing! Who would have thought that Master Lin is also a martial arts master!"

"That was beautiful! Master Lin is the best in the world. Even that Han Lu took a beating from Master Lin."

"Are those reporters stupid? That's clearly Master Lin and they're still searching. Why hasn't anybody told them yet?"

"I've told them. They don't believe it."

"Master Lin is a fortune teller and now he's involved with martial arts as well. Who would believe that?"

"I have a picture of Master. I'll send a copy to those reporters right now."

"Master is just that great. The best in fortune-telling, the best in making scallion pancakes, and now even the best in martial arts. He's f*cking incredible!"

However, in the comments, a certain ID kept appearing, flaming everybody else. It was none other than the 'Flame War Emperor', Autumn Sword Fish Killer.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Seriously? This fraud is a martial arts master? Do you have any idea who Han Lu is? He could defeat 3 of you with one hand!"

"What exactly happened to the Flame War Emperor? Why did his activity increase so much in the past 2 days?"

"He must have taken a huge blow. His wife probably cheated on him."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Your mom has been cheating. Don't f*ck around with me. If you want a fight, then let's fight. I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer, am scared of no one!"

"LOL...Autumn Sword Fish Killer has gone mad."

"Once Autumn Sword gets mad, bodies will start to pile up. We have to come and take a look at Autumn Sword Fish Killer on Master Lin's Weibo every day. It will be interesting!"

Since being mercilessly defeated by Lin Fan, Autumn Sword Fish Killer had left the hospital. He couldn't bear the shame of just idling in the hospital. Once he returned, the first thing he did was to start attacking Lin Fan's Weibo.

In the past, Autumn Sword Fish Killer had been holding back, but on this day, he went all out. No matter what, he had to put down this f*cking fraud.

His Weibo had been invaded. It couldn't be kept a secret anymore. Lin Fan knew that in 2 days at most, his identity as that mysterious man in the video would be revealed to the masses.

Once that happens, what would he do? Would he really have to have a showdown with that Han Lu?

He had no fighting ability at all. If he were to face Han Lu, he would get beaten to a pulp.

He was in no rush to complete the third task. Even if he took his time, he would complete it eventually. However, the current situation left Lin Fan helpless. He was already at the edge of the cliff.

"What's wrong? What's with the long face?" Fraud Tian realized that Lin Fan was looking depressed, so he asked curiously.

"You wouldn't understand. Something bad just happened," Lin Fan shook his head and said.

"Haha, what could possibly happen have happened?"

Lin Fan sighed.

Life is tough.

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