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Chapter 85: Run away!

The next day, in the afternoon .

Lin Fan wanted to buy a mobile phone as he was getting wealthier and he'd be a fool to not use the money . His old Apple iPhone was already outdated . Each time he used it, it would attract the attention of people . As a youngster, he had to take note of his clothing and phone .

He didn't have a choice in the past, he had no money . He could only afford to spend 200 to 300 dollars on that old iPhone . Anyway, it was still an Apple product .

At Xiaomi's authorized retailer .

"Babe, how much is this phone?" Lin Fan looked over the counter to view the phones . He was looking at one model which had a pretty good look and specifications .

The girl smiled and said, "Sir, this is the Xiao Mi 6, 128GB . Selling price is $3999 and it comes with $300 worth of free talking time .

"Alright, I'll take this one then . Give me the black model . " Lin Fan replied . Now that he had a bit more money, he was more willing to spend it on things that he liked . Furthermore, he hadn't used the card that Wu Yun Gang gave yet . In any case, he didn't lack money, so he just used it on the phone .

"Sir, I'll delete some of the files on your phone as these are binding software files which take up a lot of space . What apps do you frequently use? I'll help you download them," the girl passionately said .

"That's good, I would like Weibo, WeChat, and QQ . " Lin Fan smiled as he replied .

"Alright," the girl nodded and proceeded to download the apps . Then, she transferred the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone . This Xiaomi shop had high standards and the customer service was good . After a while, he held the new phone in his hands . It had

a good shape for a comfortable grip, which was better than his old iPhone .

He paid for the phone and took the receipt before leaving the shop . After he casually shopped around the streets, he realized that there was a commotion and a large group of people was there . If one were to stand outside of the crowd and look inwards, he would probably not be able to see what's going on inside . Suddenly, the people started to move backward .

It was a mess .

Then, the group of people dispersed . Lin Fan saw that the old man in front of him had a bloody nose . He looked anxious but he was charging towards Lin Fan .

"Don't run . "

A sound emerged from behind the old man . Lin Fan was a little confused as to what was happening . The old man with the bloody nose ran past Lin Fan . Then, a muscular man behind the old man saw Lin Fan and shouted, "Move away . "

Lin Fan was a little shocked as the situation looked pretty violent . But this time, he felt that he shouldn't move aside . It was broad daylight and it looked like a fight was going to break out . Furthermore, it looked like he was going to beat up an old man . A normal man with a sense of justice wouldn't move aside and let that happen .

As he witnessed what was about to happen, he slowly positioned his body and his left leg moved a step backward with his left palm closed . He pressed against the man's abdomen with his left hand and his right immediately struck the man on his collarbone .

He dealt a heavy blow and moved his right leg back a little . His movements were light and collected as he moved a few steps backward .

It was so natural and smooth and that frightened the man who wanted to beat up the old man . He was sweating profusely as he did a half kneel . It was extremely painful .

Lin Fan hadn't expected himself to be so good at it . Then, he was about to say a few words to reprimand the man but he realized that there was a group of silhouettes that seemed to be charging towards him .

"D*mn it . It was a gang fight . " Lin Fan did not hesitate and he quickly fled the place . Mate, that's the best I can do to help you .

But when Lin Fan fled the scene, the group of people came out with cameras .

"Where is he? Where's the man who was fighting earlier on?" a big-bellied man said loudly .

"I think he ran away . "

"D*mn it, who was that guy? He actually dared to mess with Han Lu . Did you guys manage to record everything on video?"

"How could we have been able to record it? Han Lu chased him all the way just to beat him up . We weren't able to run that fast . "

Then, the man who had a bloody nose saw what was happening and quickly went forward as he was satisfied . "Kid, you're too arrogant . I had already used my inner powers to hurt you when you were pressing on me just now . That caused you to have internal injuries . You thought I ran out to escape from you? I was using my inner powers to waste your energy . "

"Look at the man earlier, he just pushed you so simply and you couldn't take it . It's proof that your energy had been used up by my inner power . "

Master Xin Zhen, a master of Ba Gua Zhang explained calmly . He was shamelessly bragging, which left the crowd bewildered .

"He's bragging so much . "


"I saw what was happening earlier, the young man was really good . He was familiar with his sequence of movements and didn't even pause . "

"A step back, a push, a heavy blow and a jump . I can't possibly learn all these techniques . "

The man who was carrying a camera was feeling a little helpless for not capturing everything on film . It was potentially a piece of breaking news .

They tried hard to obtain interesting news and hoped to be able to report big news but in their hearts, they wanted to help the national culture of Chinese martial arts attain a proper title . There were 4 main essences of Chinese culture: Martial arts, Chinese medicine, Beijing opera, and calligraphy .

Chinese medicine had become unreliable in the eyes of many people . If the ancestors were to know about this, they would probably jump out from their graves and beat some people up . They had spent their entire lives studying it and after all their hard work and time spent, they didn't even dare to call themselves masters . As for the current age, people deemed themselves as masters after less than ten years of experience . Furthermore, they were causing a ruckus everywhere they went . Weren't they just blind and foolish?

"Who managed to record it?" the leader with the big belly shouted at the crowd . The people were all stunned . Who would've recorded it?

"I managed to do it," a young man with colorfully dyed hair said .

"Let me see," the big-bellied leader said as he went forward .

"Look," the young man played the video for him to see .

The crowd also came over to look as they hadn't managed to see clearly earlier .

In the video .

Han Lu rushed out and shouted, "Move away!"

The young man just stood there and suddenly dealt a blow to Han Lu, which made him collapse onto the ground .

"That…" the Big Bellied Leader was secretly elated upon watching the video . Then, he grabbed the youngster and said, "Please send the video to me . "

"I want a thousand dollars," the youngster said .

"Sure, no problem . "

It was going to be breaking news . They hadn't captured it on video but the passer-by had managed to . He would have agreed to the price even if it was $10000 instead of $1000 .

But they were wondering why the youngster in the video ran away . Also, it was just a random stranger, so it would be difficult to find him .

Han Lu just sat on the floor with an unbearable pain in his collarbone . At the same time, he was also stunned . With his capabilities, even if the young man had struck his core, he shouldn't have been able to hurt .

But he hadn't expected the outcome to be like this . Meanwhile, Lin Fan had already run miles away . When he realized that no one was chasing him, he sighed in relief .

People are really violent nowadays . Just a dispute can start a gang fight so easily . Although I have mastered a martial art, I wouldn't have been able to beat so many people . What's more, they have weapons with them and even a huge video recorder . If they hit me with that, my head would definitely be split open!

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