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At a certain restaurant.

"Sister Huang, what do you think of her? 24 years old. A primary school teacher," an employee of a matchmaking company placed a stack of documents on the table.

"She's quite decent. I have to see others first." A short and fat middle-aged woman looked through the documents closely. She was Huang Hong Rong. They had avoided a flight disaster upon heeding the advice of Master Lin. After the incident, she felt that she had to be the one in charge of her son's biggest event of his life. She wanted to find someone who was good enough for him, so she contacted a pretty good matchmaking company.

"I think she's good, our son will like her." Li Zhong Yang said while holding a picture. He was the husband of Huang Hong Rong.

The matchmaking company employee, Xiao Song, said, "She is 28 years old. She works in the bank and has a permanent role there. She's considered one of the best choices here."

Huang Hong Rong looked and nodded, "She is indeed pretty good. Although she's a little old, at least she will be sensible enough and won't bring too much trouble."

Then, Xiao Song took out more documents about her particulars and said, "Sister Huang and Brother Li, look at these. If you're satisfied, you can let me know."

He knew that the client was a top-tier one. He had a car and a house in Shanghai and he had above average qualifications. His intent was probably to find a stable and an appropriate match.

Huang Hong Rong shortlisted a few of them and piled them together into another stack. "Give these to me first. I want to look for Master Lin and ask him for advice. We will choose the one he picks."

Xiao Song was a little taken aback. He curiously asked, "Sister Huang, you have to look for a fortune-teller to find a wife for your son? I thought it would be better for you to pick one yourself."

"Of course. I have to be sure of it. Master Lin is really accurate, I can only rest assured when he recommends one for me."

Xiao Song awkwardly smiled. It was the first time that he had witnessed such a thing. Li Zhong Yang explained, "My family didn't believe in these things previously, but your Sister Huang went to him for fortune-telling and heeded his advice. That's how we prevented a disaster from happening to our family."

Xiao Song was in shock and asked, "Is that true?"

"Yeap." Right now, Huang Hong Rong only believed in Master Lin and nobody else.

"May I ask if the Master Lin you are referring to is the one from Cloud Street?" an old man asked.

Huang Hong Rong smiled and asked, "Elder, you have been advised by Master Lin before?"

Wu Tian He had arrived in Shanghai from Lian Zhou and was having a meal with his daughter. When he heard the people behind him discussing Master Lin, he got curious and asked.

"Not yet, I'm about to visit him today." Wu Tian He smiled and said. Huang Hong Rong's judgment of people was pretty accurate. She knew that the person in front of her was definitely a rich man. He had a special look to him.

"Then you've made the right decision. Master Lin is god-like when it comes to predictions. Everything he says will come true." Huang Hong Rong had nothing but praises for Master Lin. She was a loyal fan.

But they didn't know who this person was. If they were from Lian Zhou, they would have known Wu Tian He, the great master of Lian Zhou. As long as the name was mentioned, every elderly person in Lian Zhou would've known who he was. But in Shanghai, not many knew of him. In Lian Zhou, Wu Tian He was a household name; many people wanted to look for him for fortune-telling but didn't have the capabilities to do so.

Wu Tian He hadn't met Master Lin before but he was curious. He pulled a chair towards Huang Hong Rong and sat down. Then, he took a close look at Huang Hong Rong's face.

"Mister, is there something wrong with me?" Huang Hong Rong asked.

Wu Tian He was a little confused and said, "That's weird."

Huang Hong Rong was shocked, she asked, "Mister, what's weird?"

Wu Tian He couldn't understand what happened and he asked, "You said Master Lin helped you to avoid a disaster previously, do you remember his exact words?"

Regarding that incident, Huang Hong Rong would remember it for life. Sometimes, when she was with her family and friends, she would happily tell everyone everything in exact details. She was always very excited to tell the incident to anyone who was interested but it caused Wu Tian He to be panic-stricken. It was violating the laws of nature, a change in one's fate would result in horrible consequences.

If she had approached him for help, he wouldn't have helped her because her face showed certain death but she was now still alive and kicking. Master Lin must have been out of his mind to use his life in exchange for hers. Otherwise, how could he have revealed the truth?

"Mister, are you okay?" Huang Hong Rong asked.

Wu Tian He waved his hands and said, "It's nothing, it's nothing. I won't disturb you further."

When Wu Tian He returned to his table, Huang Rong Hong made eye contact with her husband; they didn't understand what the old man wanted. There was nothing major that happened but his facial expression became so weird.

Then, Huang Hong Rong continued her discussion with Xiao Song regarding her son's matters. She wanted to choose the best match for his son as soon as possible.

At another table.

Wu Tian He sat down and took out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He was still in shock. He had a lot of achievements and experience in Metaphysics but it was the first time that he had seen such a thing.

"Dad, why do you look so pale?" Wu You Lan asked while she ate and used her phone.

Wu Tian He just waved his hands and said, "No problem, nothing's wrong."

He was actually feeling very conflicted; he had to see Master Lin personally.

When he had looked at Huang Hong Rong's face, the wrinkles and vein patterns had shown that her life was meant to be ended but now that she was alive, it meant that the calamity had been overcome. Her life was being reset. It was an unbelievable occurrence.

Wu You Lan placed her phone on the table and said, "Dad, why don't we go to the hospital? You're incredibly pale, it's scary."

"It's alright, I was just thinking of something." Wu Tian He replied. He had made a trip down to Shanghai just to meet with Master Lin. He couldn't let his own daughter live in pain for the next half of her life. If the heavens were to give him one more chance, he would choose to have peace instead of wealth.

Not everything can be explained by science. Especially when it comes to Metaphysics, there were already many fate-changing masters in the past. Yuan Tian Gang, Li Chun Feng, Li Ji, etc. Those were the great masters back in the days. Despite how powerful they were, they wouldn't have dared to violate the rules of the heavens.

In the late Tang dynasty, the palace had a rumor about the throne being taken over by a woman. Emperor Taizong had commanded Li Chun Feng to point out the person who had spread the rumor.

Li Chun Feng did not dare to decline his request, but he was even more afraid of defying the rules of the heavens. Li Chun Feng just said there were too many people and he was afraid of picking the wrong person.

Then, Emperor Taizong grouped the people in the palace into teams of one hundred people each. He instructed Li Chun Feng to shortlist a few groups to simplify the selection process.

In the end, the group of suspects was narrowed down to fifty. After that, the emperor told Li Chun Feng to narrow the group down further but Li Chun Feng did not dare to do so. It was a secret that was not to be revealed.

So, Emperor Taizong was prepared to behead all fifty of them. Just as he was about to do so, a scapegoat appeared. She was Li Jun Xian. Her nickname was 'Fifth wife'. This allowed Wu Ze Tian to avoid being killed.

From this incident, it showed that no matter how powerful a Master was, he wouldn't dare to mess with the will of the heavens.

However, Lin Fan was messing around as he liked.

After all, he had the Encyclopedia. As long as he didn't violate the stupid rules of the Encyclopedia, he would be fine.

What a valiant life, indeed.

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