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Autumn Sword Fish Killer had been saved by a bunch of paramedics and he had woken up. But after waking up, he stared at the ceiling of the ward like an idiot. The incident had scarred him.

The next day!

Lin Fan was looking at the news in his shop and a news headline caught his eye.

'A man got a heart attack from being shocked by his friend online'

Beside these words, there was a picture which showed a 300lbs fat man.

To save a life is more sacred than building a seven-story pagoda. Chief of internet trolls, I hope you will turn over a new leaf.

Just then, a bunch of fashionable youngsters came to his shop. They were each carrying a culinary delicacy magazine. They checked the information on each other's magazines and confirmed that this was the shop they had come to see.

"Teacher Kang recommended this shop." a teenage girl said excitedly.

"Qiu Yue, could the details on the magazine be fake? This shop doesn't look like it."

"Yeah, there's only a cart outside the shop. Could it really be as delicious as what the magazine says?"

They started to discuss in disbelief.

"We'll know when we try it." Huang Qiu Yue smiled and looked into the shop. "Boss, one scallion pancake please."

Lin Fan was lying down in his chair and he didn't move as he was taking a break.

Fraud Tian raised his head and said, "We're already sold out. If you want to eat some, you have to try to understand the poster."

"This is what Teacher Kang mentioned!" Huang Qiu Yue said excitedly. She was a foodie and she had always paid close attention to Kang Wei Fan's recommendations. This time, he had recommended scallion pancakes.

Furthermore, the shop was located in Shanghai. She could bring her friends along during the holiday season. Huang Qiu Yue looked at the poster on the wall and firmly said, "I'm done reading it."

Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan and shook his head. "You haven't understood it fully."

Fraud Tian was a little curious about Lin Fan's rules. How could he know whether a person had fully understood the poster? Huang Qiu Yue was shocked and asked, "How could it be?"

Wang Da furrowed his brows slightly and said, "Boss, you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

They all nodded in agreement and thought it was the boss who was trying to make things difficult for Huang Qiu Yue. How would he know if the content of the poster was fully understood?

"This is a rule, I would know if you've fully understood it." Lin Fan said.

"It's such a weird rule."

"Qiu Yue, let's not buy it. It's just a scallion pancake. How good can it be?"

"Understood it? I want to find out the meaning of his 'understanding'." Then, she started to look at it more closely together with her friends.

*Ding!* "Encyclopedic Points +1."

Once there was an increment in points, Lin Fan opened his eyes. Then, he stood up and walked towards the cart. He pointed at one of them and said, "You've understood it."

Wang Da pointed at himself and asked, "Me?"

Lin Fan remained silent and started to set up the equipment. Then, a fragrant aroma filled the air. They gathered in front of the cart and stared as the scallion pancake slowly took its shape.

"Alright," Lin Fan said as he passed the scallion pancake to him. Then, he turned and went back into the shop. Fraud Tian was the one in charge of taking the money.

Wang Da handed the scallion pancake over to Huang Qiu Yue as he didn't really want to eat it. The others weren't exactly excited about it. It looked like a normal scallion pancake. How delicious could it be?

"Can I have a look at the magazine?" Lin Fan asked. The group of youngsters did not decline his request. Lin Fan flipped through the magazine and realized that Kang Wei Fan was really good at promoting his shop.

"Heavyweight recommendation: Master Lin's scallion pancakes".

"Taste: Indescribable deliciousness (note: serious recommendation, a must try)

Method of preparation: Normal, yet not normal

Price: $50

Location: Shanghai Cloud Street, Block 8861, Master Lin

Special note: You have to depend on your luck and follow the rules if you want to buy the scallion pancakes.

Lin Fan was elated, he hadn't expected himself to appear in a magazine. It was such a good feeling. Just when he was happily thinking about it, a lewd voice could be heard.

Huang Qiu Yue screamed and closed her legs together. Her face was red. It was as if she just had an orgasm.

He friends felt very awkward upon seeing her like that.

"Simply delicious!" Huang Qiu Yue said. She opened her eyes without knowing that she had made a weird expression earlier. The lady boss of the shop next door wasn't surprised at what had happened.

Another customer that had been mesmerized by Master Lin's scallion pancakes.

Wang Da was still in shock, he commented, "Qiu Yue, your expressions are so exaggerated."

Huang Qiu Yue shook her head and said, "It's just too delicious. Teacher Kang was right. If you don't taste it personally, you will never know how delicious is it."

"Give me a bite," the other girl said.

When she took a bite, she revealed an expression that was even more exaggerated than Huang Qiu Yue's.

Fraud Tian sighed. Ever since he had been with Lin Fan, he had had to see such expressions at least ten times per day. He was already used to it.

"These scallion pancakes are too d*mn awesome."

In his heart, Lin Fan was cursing the encyclopedia. It was so perverse. It must have given his hands some sort of demonic power. If not, how could he have made such delicious pancakes? Even a top chef would never be able to learn such a skill.

At the airport.

Wang Ming Yang was there to welcome someone.

A haggard looking man walked out of the departure hall and went into a car.

In the car.

"Brother Wu, how're things?" Wang Ming Yang looked at Wu Yun Gang in disbelief. He hadn't expected him to look so haggard.

Wu Yun Gang regretfully shook his head and said, "Sigh! Such heavy losses. Brother Wang, you were lucky to have sold the stocks quickly. I'm suffering right now."

Wang Ming Yang patted Wu Yun Gang's shoulder and said, "I told you about it previously and you didn't believe me. If you did, maybe this wouldn't have happened."

"It's pointless to say that now. This time, I'm here to meet Master Lin," Wu Yun Gang said, "Brother, you gotta help me."

Wang Ming Yang nodded and said, "Don't worry."

Although Wu Yun Gang was a wealthy man in Beijing, this time, he had suffered such huge losses. If he didn't manage to tide over such a difficult period, it would bring even more trouble.

That group of cheaters had already left the country a long time ago. It was nearly impossible to find them anymore.

At Cloud Street.

The black car stopped somewhere near Lin Fan's shop.

Wang Ming Yang pointed forward and said, "That shop belongs to Master Lin. Brother, let me remind you, please keep a low profile."

Wu Yun Gang half-smiled and said, "How could I still be stubborn with my current circumstances?"

Fraud Tian sighed in relief. He had finally sent away the group of youngsters. Just when he turned around, he saw a familiar figure.

"Millionaire Wang is here!" Fraud Tian shouted into the shop. Lin Fan opened his eyes and was a little taken aback.

Why is he looking for me? Could it be that something bad has happened again?

But when he saw the person beside Wang Ming Yang, he understood what was going on.

It was as if this person had a dark cloud forming above his head. He was really unlucky and he was also a friend of Wang Ming Yang

Besides him, who else could it be?

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