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"However, I have quite a lot of listed companies. What is your field of specialization?" asked Wang Ming Yang.

"Brother Wang, I studied finance," Yan Shu Ren replied swiftly

"There's no problem, is there?" Lin Fan asked.

"What problem could there be? This is a small matter. Here's my name card. My number is on it. Once you've settled down, give me a call and I'll make arrangements for you. I guarantee you'll be satisfied," Wang Ming Yang smiled.

"Thank you, Brother Wang." Big Tree felt like he was on cloud nine. It was an indescribable feeling, almost as if he would float up if he started walking.

If it wasn't for the name card that felt so real in his hands, he would think he was dreaming.

"I'll have someone to mentor you in the company. Learn from him. When the time is right, I'll promote you. I won't get into the details, but I guarantee you an annual salary of at least $1,000,000."

This was Lin Fan's friend. Wang Ming Yang couldn't let him just rot in the company. He had to groom him up and make him a main force for the company.

However, all this depended on his own hard work too.

Lin Fan nodded and patted Big Tree on his shoulder, "Big Tree, you have to work hard. You're carrying my name now. Let's set a little goal: a year from now, attain an annual salary of one million."

Yan Shu Ren's face turned red with emotion. He didn't even dare to imagine having an annual salary of one million but nodded his head anyway. "Don't worry, Lin Fan, I definitely won't let you down."

At this moment, Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan and saw a mysterious look in his eyes.

Somehow, when Wang Ming Yang looked into Lin Fan's eyes, he could tell what Lin Fan wanted to say.

Right now, Lin Fan's eyes were telling Wang Ming Yang that he should leave quickly. If he stayed any longer, the atmosphere would become depressing.

Wang Ming Yang understood what those eyes meant, and he complained in his heart.

"We're all so cheerful now, what was there to be depressed about?"

However, Wang Ming Yang did feel that the atmosphere was starting to get slightly depressing.

Besides Lin Fan who was able to maintain his usual state, the other people were all too tense. Eventually, Wang Ming Yang nodded.

"We'll be leaving now. It's time to have some private time for the two of us," said Wang Ming Yang as he stood up.

"Alright, go ahead. We'll keep in touch through our phones," said Lin Fan.

"I'm leaving, and you don't even try to urge me to stay. What kind of brother are you?" Wang Ming Yang grumbled.

"There's no need to be so formal," Lin Fan chuckled.

As Wang Ming Yang stood up, Yan Shu Ren and Chen Mei Tong prepared to send him off.

"There's no need to send me off, continue with your conversation." Wang Ming Yang waved his hand and left the place with his girlfriend

And then, there were five people remaining at the table and the atmosphere became livelier again.

Previously, it was Zhang Guo Yang and Wang Xiao Yan's merciless gloating that embarrassed Big Tree, but the tables had turned.

Zhang Guo Yang and Wang Xiao Yan were silent. They both had embarrassed and uneasy expressions on their faces.

Zhang Guo Yang, in particular, didn't know what to feel. His thoughts were in a mess. Who would have thought that this scallion pancake seller knew Wang Ming Yang? Moreover, their relationship seemed unusual.

From the way they spoke to each other, you could tell that they were not just ordinary friends.

Insufficient academic credentials?

Too much workplace competition?

Two thousand plus salary?

Overseas university certificate?

Zhang Guo Yang didn't know how many times he'd been slapped in the face. Even though his face wasn't really hurt, his heart was aching very much.

"Lin Fan, you're the best. I don't know how to thank you enough. First, let's just have a toast!"

The one who was the most moved was not Yan Shu Ren, but his girlfriend.

Chen Mei Tong had always believed that Big Tree was a capable man. Even though he didn't do well early in his life, she always believed that he would succeed eventually.

Despite this, in reality, especially when her close friends bragged to her about their boyfriends, she felt upset.

However, as of that moment, things had changed. Chen Mei Tong was so happy that she didn't know how to react.

"There's no need to thank me. Don't drink yet, this red wine has to be mixed with sprite. That way it has a more interesting taste." Lin Fan mixed the sprite with the red wine for Yan Shu Ren, then looked over to Zhang Guo Yang, "How about a taste as well?"

If this was before, Zhang Guo Yang would have looked down on Lin Fan, thinking he was an uncivilized man, but now, his attitude had changed.

"I'll help myself." Zhang Guo Yang instantly stood up and took the sprite. He poured a cup for Lin Fan first, then one each for Wang Xiao Yan and himself.

This courteous behaviour was worlds apart from his previous behaviour.

Big Tree and Chen Mei Tong made eye contact. Both their eyes gleamed with joy and were full of hope for the future.

"Brothers! I'm sorry about this situation regarding Big Tree. I also have to trouble you to let that 4S friend know that his job offer is rejected. After all, that 4S shop cannot match Big Tree's ability, don't you think so?" Lin Fan laughed as he talked.

"You're right. Let me make the call now. Big Tree is great, his academic credentials are plenty, and he's capable too. This two thousand plus salary really doesn't suit him." Zhang Guo Yang smiled politely.

However, this smile exposed his embarrassment.

His sense of superiority from before had completely faded.

If he still showed his sense of superiority in this kind of situation, he had to be an idiot.

This man in front of him chatted and laughed with Wang Ming Yang as if they were best friends.

"Big Tree, from now on, you're a great emperor of finance. Don't forget about me!" Lin Fan joked.

"Lin Fan, you're teasing me again," Big Tree let out a big, sincere smile. The day's events had impacted him much too greatly.

After everything was over, he had to report the good news to his parents.

"Lin Fan, I pay my respects to you. Thank you very much," Chen Mei Tong stood up, raised her cup and said.

She was really extremely grateful towards Lin Fan. At the same time, she felt fortunate that Big Tree had a friend like him.

She also realised that the greater a person, the more humble they would be. And the more arrogant and cocky a person, the worse they were.

When she first saw this schoolmate of Big Tree's, she honestly looked down on him a little as well.

However, she now understood that that was what a great person should be like.

"Come, I'll pay my respects to the two of you. Hopefully, in the next few years, Big Tree will be able to build his own empire," Lin Fan stood up and declared.

"Thank you, Lin Fan." Big Tree was close to tears. He then downed his cup in one go.

Zhang Guo Yang and Wang Xiao Yan sat there awkwardly, as their faces turned red.

Everybody had drank and eaten to their hearts' content.

Lin Fan didn't drink too much. Moreover, after mixing in the sprite, the alcohol didn't have much effect.

"Waiter, bill please!" Big Tree shouted.

"I'll pay, I'll pay." Zhang Guo Yang stood up immediately and declared he was paying the bill. It was as if he would get angry if they didn't let him pay.

As of that day, Zhang Guo Yang could no longer be ostentatious in front of Big Tree.

After joining the listed company, everything would be different. Big Tree had boundless prospects. Even though Zhang Guo Yang acted obnoxiously towards him, causing Big Tree to be annoyed, he now hoped that he could still salvage their relationship.

At this moment, the manager approached Lin Fan.

"Mr. Lin, your total bill is $68,000. Chief Wang already paid when he was leaving," the manager explained courteously.

"Oh, it's paid already? Alright, let's go then," Lin Fan stood up and said.

Zhang Guo Yang stared blankly. He was appalled.

What kind of relationship did this guy have with Wang Ming Yang?

He asked Wang Ming Yang for a favour, and Wang Ming Yang still paid for the bill. This Lin Fan's influence on Wang Ming Yang was terrifying!

When Yan Shu Ren and Chen Mei Tong heard the price, they were stunned as well. How expensive!

Big Tree then looked over at Lin Fan. The emotion in his heart grew heavier and heavier, until tears started to form at the corner of his eyes.

"Today, these brothers of mine have fought for my honor.

This grace isn't something that I can repay through superficial means.

This is a lifetime of grace."

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