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​​"And you didn't even invite me?" Lin Fan retorted.

"I forgot bro." Wang Ming Yang casually took a chair and Sat next to Lin Fan.

Zhang Guo Yang couldn't believe what he was seeing. He sat there dumbfounded. The Guo Yang who was originally arrogant suddenly became meek and reserved.

Yan Shu Ren and Chen Mei Tong kept their heads low. Although they didn't know Wang Ming Yang personally, Guo Yang's explanation of him was good enough to make them feel like they were nothing in front of such a person.

"You're really something. You just dragged the bench here and sat down. Now you're trying to eat our food."

"And I'll gladly do it." Want Ming Yang patted Lin Fan on his shoulder and smiled.

"Where is your female companion? You left her all alone? How ungentlemanly of you!" Lin Fan turned his head. Wang Ming Yang's girlfriend was sitting there all alone. She didn't know who Wang Ming Yang's friend was that he would leave her all alone.

"She's beautiful." Lin Fan commented. Wang Ming Yang nodded his head. She was indeed a catch.

"She's okay. Should I ask her to come over?" Wang Ming Yang said with a grin.

"Sure." Lin Fan nodded his head.

Zhang Guo Yang's heart was pounding. Lin Fan and Wang Ming Yang were the only ones talking at the table.

Although the conversation was light-hearted, Zhang Guo Yang was anxious and still was in disbelief. A successful entrepreneur asking for Lin Fan's opinion on his girlfriend.

Zhang Guo Yang wanted nothing more than to leave the table even if it meant losing face, but his legs felt like lead. He couldn't move.

"Hey babe, why don't you come over." Wang Ming Yang gestured.

The lady let out a grin. She took up her bag and walked over, before sitting beside Wang Ming Yang.

Lin Fan and the lady looked at each other. Although her face was smiley, she had her suspicions. The people around the table all had their heads low and one of them had an awkward look on his face.

"Zi Le, this is my brother Lin Fan. You can call him Brother Lin." Wang Ming Yang said.

"Brother Lin." Zi Le let out a sweet smile.

"So what do you think?" Wang Ming Yang asked.

Lim Fan grinned, "No hurry, I can tell you later."

"Alright, I'll trust you." Wang Ming Yang laughed as he said it. His tone of voice suggested that if Lin Fan thought that she wasn't good for him, he definitely wouldn't have argued with him.

Xu Zi Le looked at Lin Fan with astonishment. She could read between the lines and understood what they were trying to say.

She didn't think that Wang Ming Yang would hold this young man in such high regard.

"This guy is Yan Shu Ren. He's my good friend and my high school classmate, and this is Chen Mei Tong, his girlfriend." Lin Fan introduced the both of them. He was too lazy to introduce the other two.

"Chief, how're you doing?" Yan Shu Ren nervously stood up and extended his hands.

Wang Ming Yang let out a laugh and shook his hands. "You don't have to be that formal. Any friend of Lin Fan is a friend of mine. Just call me Brother Wang."

"Brother Wang." Yan Shu Ren nodded his head immediately. Wang Ming Yang had an air of authority around him.

Big Tree was a fresh graduate. He was absolutely nervous.

"Brother Wang." Chen Mei Tong said meekly.

Her brain was in overdrive. As she turned to look at Xu Xin Le, she got another shock.

"You acted in 'The Rich Family' as the daughter right?"

She loved to watch TV series. She thought she had seen Xu Xin Le's face somewhere before. After she learned her name, she was sure that she was an actor.

She was a huge celebrity.

Xu Xin Le let out a laugh. "Yes, I did play that role before."

Lin Fan motioned to Wang Ming Yang with his eyes, sensing that the atmosphere around the table wasn't right.

Wang Ming Yang understood his gesture. "Shall we talk about something else? I'll pay for your meal. It's a sin not to eat like a king over here."


The manager rushed over.

"Clear the table. We'll order the best that this fine restaurant has to offer."

"Sure thing, Chief Wang," the manager nodded.

Zhang Guo Yang couldn't sit in peace. His palms were all sweaty. Wang Xiao Yan felt the same way as him.

She never thought that her the boyfriend of her best friend would have a friend with contacts in high places.

If she didn't see it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have believed it even if someone tortured her to death.

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Guo Yang, smiling at the corners of his mouth. The message was clear: You can continue with what you were doing just now.

Zhang Guo Yang couldn't bring himself to do so in this situation. He sat there like a deflated balloon.

Lin Fan nudged Big Tree on his shoulders as he eased himself into his chair. "Ming Yang, does your company have a job opening?" Lin Fan asked cheerily.

Yan Shu Ren was stunned when he heard what Lin Fan asked. He simply couldn't believe what was transpiring in front of him.

Chen Mei Tong immediately looked up as her eyes lit up. She'd never imagine one of Big Tree's friends introducing him for a job.

Chen Mei Tong thought that Big Tree's educational qualifications were decent, but it wouldn't be enough to work at a big company.

"I don't think there are any job positions available… but since it's you who's asking, I can open a job position. What do you think?" Wang Ming Yang said gleefully.

For someone who had attended countless dinners and social events, this was one of the gloomiest ones that Wang Ming Yang had ever been to. That was definitely a problem.

When Wang Ming Yang said the first line, Chen Mei Tong looked inextricably disappointed. But as he continued with his second line of answer, it was as if someone had pulled her soul out from hell.

Zhang Guo Yang laughed coldly in his heart when he heard the first line of his answer. Even if Wang Ming Yang had the means of opening a job position, you would still need the ability to take up the position.

Wang Ming Yang's second line of answer was like a blow to his face.

What kind of relationship did this b*stard have with Wang Ming Yang?

Even if they were friends, one still had to be serious when it came to matters of business.

Especially with such a successful company. Were their hiring standards that slipshod?

"Haha! My brother here just graduated from university. He didn't even tell me that he was coming to Shanghai to look for a job, and when he did, it was some salesperson at some 4S shop. The salary there is only two thousand. It's such a huge waste of talent! So if your company is looking to hire, don't mind if you could do me this favor. I'll owe you big time!"

"Big Tree, introduce yourself to President Wang. Tell him where you graduated and what you majored in." Lin Fan nudged Yan Shu Ren.

"Oh? Yes!"

Yan Shu Ren looked visibly stunned ever since Lin Fan put out his request. He immediately snapped out of it and stood up and extended his hand outward, looking nervous as ever.

Wang Ming Yang laughed as he saw how he reacted. He shook his hand, letting Yan Shu Ren sit down.

"Bros don't owe each other anything. If you asked for a favor, how could I possibly refuse? If I didn't agree with you, I don't think I could ever live it down."

"But frankly speaking, educational qualifications aren't really that important. All that you really do is spend some money and go overseas to have fun and come back with a degree. What's the use of that? I only graduated from junior high school, and I've gotten offers from more than ten universities. I don't know where I've thrown all those acceptance letters to" Wang Ming Yang said, not in the least bit concerned.

Lin Fan laughed out as he heard what he said. He turned and fixed his gaze on Zhang Guo Yang.

Zhang Guo Yang felt like digging a hole in the ground to bury himself.

I've only ever gotten one placing...

He felt like he had been ruthlessly destroyed.

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