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​The sky was getting darker.

This place wasn't too unfamiliar. He had come here once before.

He didn't notice at first, but after he parked his car, he realised that the car park was full of high-end cars.

Lin Fan glanced at his car and took a look at the other cars around him. His car was of a similar grade compared to the rest. Not too shabby.

Lin Fan's classmate was too courteous. Although they haven't met for years, they still were really good friends. Lin Fan was sentimental as he looked back on his high school days. He heaved a sigh.

There were so many girls who flirted with Lin Fan back then. In the end, however, Lin Fan made a mistake, and as he thought about it he felt a pang of regret.

Lin Fan was humming a tune.

At that moment, his phone rang.

"Young Fan, have you reached?" Yan Shu Ren asked.

"I'm here." Lin Fan said cheerily. But why did he feel something was amiss? Big Tree's voice was a little shaky.

"Come in then."


After hanging up, Lin Fan walked ten metres or so, opening the door. He glanced around looking for Big Tree's table.

"Mr. Lin, sir"

The manager saw Lin Fan from the bar counter. He immediately went up and welcomed him.

Wang Ming Yang was a regular customer at this restaurant. The manager would have been familiar with him. CEO Wang regularly did his business deals here.

The manager was also as familiar with Lin Fan. It was that time when CEO Wang and Mr. Lin came here to dine. CEO Wang's expression was completely different from when he did his business deals.

"Sir, are you waiting for someone or do you have a table reserved?" the manager asked politely.

"My friend is inside." Lin Fan replied.

Lin Fan felt a sense of authority when the manager called him sir, as if his status had been elevated. It was a pleasant feeling.

"Mr. Lin, following your previous feedback, our restaurant has placed orders for sprite to be specially air flown in. When mixed with red wine, it will give a better flavour. Would you like to try it?" the manager asked.

"Sure," Lin Fan replied. The sprite was imported by air. Lin Fan was impressed.

"Mr. Lin, just wait a while, I'll go over to the kitchen and place a special order for you," the manager took his leave and walked into the kitchen.

Yan Shu Ren didn't feel conformable at all. Chen Mei Tong also had the same feeling of distress. As they walked into the restaurant, they knew that this place wasn't any ordinary restaurant.

She didn't think Wang Xiao Yan's recommendation of UV restaurant would be this kind of place.

As she searched up for this place, she found out that the average spending per person at this place was around six thousand dollars.

A normal meal would cost more than ten thousand dollars. Furthermore, the price wasn't listed. The people who came here paid what the final bill wrote without asking.

"Big Tree." Lin Fan slapped his shoulders as a friendly gesture.

Yan Shu Ren was startled in the midst of his worrying. As he saw Lin Fan, he calmed himself down and put on a stable front, forcing a smile.

Zhang Guo Yang sat there, face full of arrogance.

Zhang Go Yang didn't look at Lin Fan twice, as if he wasn't there at all.

Wang Xiao Yan said gleefully, "I've come here with Guo Yang a few times. The food here is really good!"

"What's wrong Mei Dan? When I suggested this place, I casually mentioned it. I didn't actually think you'd agree to it. What about Guo Yang and I treat instead? Since Big Tree hasn't gotten a job yet, you guys should save up a little more. I know that you guys probably won't be able to foot the bill, you don't have to force it."

"No it's fine, we'll treat." Yan Shure Ren said.

"Superb..." Wang Xiao Yan gave him a thumbs up as she smiled. Her eyes, however, told a different story altogether. 'Please, keep on feigning more than your ability to treat."

Chen Mei Tong smiled. "We should treat. After all, it was Guo Yang who so selflessly agreed to help us."

Lin Fan batted his eyes as he saw what was unfolding in front of him. He understood what was going on. He patted Big Tree's shoulders with one hand and with the other on his hands.

"Yes naturally, Big Tree should treat. It's only a meal right?" Lin Fan took his credit card and stealthily slid it into Big Tree's hands as he talked.

Big Tree was stunned. He looked at Lin Fan.

"Big Tree, if you don't mind, I'll order more. That's alright with you right?" Lin Fan said gleefully, patting Big Tree's hand which held his credit card.

Big Tree was touched. He looked at Lin Fan with gratitude. He knew that Lin Fan was trying to help him so he wouldn't lose face in front of the others.

What a true friend.

"No problem, I have enough money to treat this one. Order as much as you like." Big Tree relaxed himself a bit, his face also looked visibly brighter.

Chen Mei Tong sat at Big Tree's side. She caught a glimpse of Lin Fan's credit card in his hands. She also let loose a little. She didn't think that Big Tree would have such genuine friends.

Zhang Guo Yang laughed coldly in his heart, face still full of arrogance. He had the feeling of being better than everyone sitting at the table.

The atmosphere at the table was rather gloomy.

Wang Xiao Yan and Chen Mei Tong were gossiping, talking about bags and make-up.

Every now and then, Wang Xiao Yan would exclaim out loud. "Mei Dan, you're still using that cheap brand?"

"Big Tree, how was your interview with Lu Xiao Han this afternoon?"

Lu Xiao Han was the manager of 4S shop.

"I'll undergo training for three months, and the salary for that period is two thousand. After the three months, there will be a test. After I'm qualified, the salary will be three thousand five hundred dollars excluding year-end bonus."

"Ah, the salary is so low?" Wang Xiao Yan commented.

Zhang Guo Yang looked at Wang Xiao Yan, grinning. "For someone who just started working, it isn't too bad already."

"How is it even enough? It can't even compare to yours." Wang Xiao Yan sneered. No one knew if she did it purposely or not.

At that moment, the food came.

"Eh? We didn't order the sprite." Wang Xiao Yan saw the well presented drink in front of her. She looked surprised.

"I ordered that." Lin Fan grinned as he carried the sprite towards him.

Wang Xiao Yan looked at Lin Fan with despise, glaring at him.

Such a high-class restaurant and you order sprite...

Wang Xiao Yan looked on in disgust as Lin Fan mixed his sprite with red wine.

Uncultured swine...

"Big Tree, if I recall correctly, you majored in finance right? Why don't you look for a job in the bank?" Lin Fan was oblivious to the stares of Wang Xiao Yan and Zhang Guo Yang. As long as he was contented.

Yan Shu Ren was about to speak when Zhang Guo Yang butted in.

"Haha, the competition in the Shanghai banking industry is so tough. With his qualification, it's definitely not enough. The employers won't even take a second glance." Zhang Guo Yang said.

Yan Shu Ren laughed awkwardly.

Lin Fan looked at Zhang Guo Yang. "Oh? It seems like your educational background must be stellar?"

Lin Fan felt like he needed to do something to stand up for Big Tree. Once or twice, he could look past it. But Guo Yang was literally addicted to belittling others.

"Ah, my Guo Yang is more than capable. He graduated from an overseas university with a much better reputation than the ones in this country." Wang Xiao Yan said proudly.

"Guo Yang, what university was it?" Wang Xiao Yan asked. But she noticed his gaze was fixed on something else. She looked in his direction. What was there to see?

"Guo Yang, what's up?" Wang Xiao Yan asked.

Zhang Guo Yang pointed at the person in front of him, " Do you know who that person is?"

Lin Fan turned around and was stunned for a moment.

"Who is he?" Wang Xiao Yan shook her head as she asked.

Big Tree and Chen Mei Tong didn't recognise the person.

"That's...that's Wang Ming Yang, Shanghai's leading entrepreneur, with a personal wealth of over a billion dollars. What's even more impressive is that he's still only twenty plus years old." Zhang Guo Yang said proudly. What plebeians, you guys don't even know who Wang Ming Yang was.

Wang Xiao Yan looked over in awe.

A self-made billionaire at twenty plus. What in the world.

"Guo Yang, you recognise him?" Wang Xiao Yan asked. She also took a glance at Chen Mei Tong, as if to say that her boyfriend was so amazing.

"I wish. I've only ever seen him at a dinner event once." Zhang Guo Yang said. "To see him in person is already a good thing."

Chen Mei Tong and Yan Shu Ren were looked down, distraught. He was worlds apart from them.

"Is he that amazing?" Lin Fan's heart lit up with glee. He turned to Big Tree, looking very serious.

Zhang Guo Yang stared at Lin Fan. "His most recent investment was over 3 billion dollars."

"He has a lot of companies under his wing. What a talent! He isn't normal."

Zhang Guo Yang talked enthusiastically. Although he was talking about Wang Ming Yang, it seemed like he was talking about himself.

"Oh, that's impressive. If Big Tree were to work for him in his finance department, that would be great." Lin Fan laughed as he said.

"HAHA." Zhang Guo Yang snorted. " Don't even dream of it. Even professors who applied for a job in his company got rejected. I think you stand a better chance in 4S shop."

"Big Tree, would you like to work for him?" Lin Fan asked calmly.

"Young Fan, don't kid around with me. I don't have that kind of ability." Yan Shu Ren said awkwardly.

"Even if he had the talent, he doesn't have the contacts to get in. Stop dreaming. And I think you should stop kidding around with him, it's starting to look bad." Zhang Guo Yang said.

Wang Xiao Yan also laughed as she saw how awkward Chen Mei Tong looked. "Big Tree's friend is such a joker."

Chen Mei Tong let out an awkward laugh. This was a bad situation. She wanted to leave so badly.

"Haha!" Lin Fan laughed confidently. He turned around, and shouted, "Wang Ming Yang!"

"You're crazy... " Zhang Guo Yang was stunned. He expression changed.

​ At that moment, the unexpected happened.

Wang Ming Yang turned around. As he saw Lin Fan, his dignified appearance became a friendly one.

"Oh shit. I didn't know you were here bro!"

Zhang Guo Yang looked confused.


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