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The next day!

Lin Fan hummed a tune as he drove his car.

Although he was only a fortune teller with a side job of selling scallion pancakes, he was able to afford a car.

Lin Fan thought the car wasn't too flashy, but in his eyes, the car was a beauty, worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

But if Wang Ming Yang knew that Lin Fan drove such a car, he would vomit blood. A car worth a few hundred thousand dollars was as good as trash to him.

The hour was still early. Lin Fan took a long detour to get to his shop, enjoying the breeze against his scalp.

At Cloud Street.

Fraud Tian was up especially early today and opened the shop early.

Lin Fan got a shock when he reached his shop front. There was already a crowd of people waiting outside his shop.

This was unexpected.

The neighboring shop owner greeted Lin Fan, "Master Lin, your business is doing really well!"

"It's doing okay." Lin Fan chuckled humbly as he shook his hands. However, his heart burst with a tinge of pride.

His business was doing so well, the surrounding shop owners were all envious.

"The boss has arrived..."

The crowd started roared with excitement when they saw Lin Fan.

In the eyes of the townsfolk, Lin Fan was their idol.

"Morning everyone!" Lin Fan let out a huge grin as he greeted the crowd.

"Boss, you're finally here. We've been waiting for you to come!"

"Your scallion pancakes are out of this world. I couldn't stop thinking about them last night."

 The neighboring shop owners were all teeming with envy as they saw the crowd adore Master Lin, and they knew that they would never experience it.

One needed a lot of talent and ability to pull it off.

"You're finally here. A riot would have started if you were a little later," Fraud Tian chuckled. He had never seen this kind of crowd when they just operated a fortune telling business.

"Have you given out the queue numbers?" Lin Fan asked.

"I've done it an hour ago. We're all just waiting for you to arrive," Fraud Tian said.

"Now that's efficient!" Lin Fan laughed as he stood behind the pancake counter grasping his spatula. "Don't rush! Please queue up and wait for your turn!"

"Number 1."

"Number 18."

"Number 26."

"Yes, I've been selected!" A youngster exclaimed as he grasped the queue ticket, excitedly rushing to collect his scallion pancake.

"I've also been selected! I can finally eat Master Lin's scallion pancakes!"

"The flavor of the scallion pancake I ate yesterday was absolutely divine! Master Lin isn't only just good at fortune telling, he makes absolutely delicious scallion pancakes! He could just make a living by selling scallion pancakes alone," said a lady who had her fortune read the day before.

The people thought that Master Lin's scallion pancakes were the best in town.

 A person who was queueing up for pancakes laughed when he heard the lady.

"Hey sister, didn't you say the same thing yesterday?"

The lady blushed awkwardly, before waving her hands, "Well I can't help it..."

The morning crowd who were headed to work looked at Lin Fan's shop suspiciously.

"Isn't that a fortune-telling shop? How come he's also selling scallion pancakes?"

"A small scallion pancake counter with so many people lining up. This can't be real..."

"Can't be real? This is the famous Master Lin! Didn't you see your Weibo last night? Master Lin started selling scallion pancakes. I heard that the taste was pretty good."

A few of the morning working crowd also followed the people queueing up to see what was the pancakes all about. However, they didn't know how the queue system worked.

A youngster saw a lady in front of him clenching a queue number. He asked, "Auntie, what is that piece of paper for?"

"You've got to get a queue number for the scallion pancakes, and you'll get it only if you get selected," the lady said.

"Haha, there are rules to buy scallion pancakes?" the youngster shook his head and left. He wanted to see how the scallion pancakes tasted, but after seeing that there were rules, even if it was for the best scallion pancakes in the world, he wouldn't queue up for it.

Lin Fan stood in front of the counter. Ten servings of scallion pancakes came out of the oven. The fragrance wafted throughout the whole of Cloud Street, and many people smelt it.

"What's that aroma?"

"I can't take it! It smells so good!"

Lin Fan clapped his hands, "The daily limit of ten portions has been completed. Everyone can take a look at the poster pinned on the wall."

The people who went up were all regular customers. They gathered around, looking at the contents of the poster. While they were reading the poster, those who were selected ate the scallion pancakes immediately.

Some of the loyal customers there were rich and had a lot of money to spend.

"Hey, bro, can you sell me one scallion pancake? The price is up to you to decide," The middle-aged man said. He was the manager of a company and had quite a fair bit of money. Ever since he ate Lin Fan's scallion pancakes, he kept on longing for it.

He was lucky to have gotten selected yesterday. After he ate it, he kept on thinking of wanting more.

"Not selling," Lin Fan immediately rejected him.

"I'll pay a thousand for half a pancake!" the middle-aged man said desperately.

The people who walked past were stunned as they looked at the scene. This can't be real, half a scallion pancake going for a thousand dollars.

"Okay fine," Lin Fan considered for a while, he couldn't turn down the prospect of easy money. He made another half pancake for the middle-aged man.

One hand receiving the money, one hand handing out the goods. It was a profitable business.

Lin Fan reclined in his chair and rested. Fraud Tian turned around and faced him.

"This scallion pancake business is actually more profitable than fortune telling. Even if you sold a pancake at five hundred, there'll still be takers." Ever since Fraud Tian worked for Lin Fan, Fraud Tian became busier than ever.

Half a scallion pancake going at a thousand dollars. He wouldn't have believed it if he didn't see it with his own eyes.

Lin Fan chuckled as he sipped his tea.

Lin Fan felt a pang of pride as he saw how exaggerated the reactions of the people were.

Cloud Street resounded with sounds of joy.

"Wow, this is too good, it really is tasty."

"This taste, this flavor is out of this world!"

Their faces lit up in delight as they bit into the scallion pancake.

A stocky looking person sporting dragon tattoos and a gold chain lifted his head and closed his eyes. A tear rolled down his cheek. He shook with happiness and said, "This brings me back to my youth when it was without worry. If I can't eat this next time, I won't know what to do with me."

The people walking past were stunned when they saw a group of people who looked as if they've been drugged.

Why were they reacting like that? It was only a scallion pancake.

"Master Lin, can you just sell scallion pancakes from now on?" the townsfolk all exclaimed.

"Yea! You can put the fortune telling aside. The flavor of the scallion pancakes is absolutely divine!"

Lin Fan gave a chuckle. How could he ever do that?

Encyclopedic points +1

Encyclopedic points +1

The encyclopedia continually increased in points.

In total, it increased by 8 points.

Lin Fan had a total of 31 encyclopedic points.

It was a huge improvement in the number of points that he had.

At that moment, Lin Fan's stomach rumbled. Then, he stood up.

​"Give me a moment guys, my stomach is kinda painful, I've gotta use the toilet," Lin Fan said as he clenched his abdomen.

"Master, please hurry!"

"This place isn't good. There isn't a toilet around. He needs to go to the toilet in the shopping mall."

There wasn't a single toilet around. Lin Fan was getting urgent.

Lin Fan forced a laugh and handed over the shop to Fraud Tian. His stomachache wasn't a good sign.

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