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"How can you say such a thing? Little Boss is so young and he's being disturbed by superstitious people like you. What if he sinks too deep into this quicksand? How are you going to answer to Little Boss?" a big-sized man shouted. He was a loyal customer of the scallion pancake stall. After eating Lin Fan's scallion pancakes, he couldn't bear to eat other scallion pancakes anymore, often spitting out everything after just one bite. He felt that other scallion pancakes were rubbish compared to the taste of Lin Fan's scallion pancakes.

"How can one have a bright future from selling scallion pancakes? Master Lin is a cultured man, his predictions are all on point. Where did you guys come from? Get lost. Do not disturb Master Lin's fortune-telling," a person said while queuing for a fortune-telling session.

"You guys should be the ones leaving. Have you eaten Little Boss' scallion pancakes before? If you haven't, then shut up. It has the potential to be an international delicacy."

"International delicacy? Who are you lying to? There are so many vendors that sell scallion pancakes. Did they make it to the international stage?"

"You don't believe it, right?"

"Yeah, I don't."

Something was about to break out. Not to mention Fraud Tian, even Lin Fan felt that the world had gone crazy. If they didn't stop the situation from worsening, a fight could break out anytime between these two parties. Things would become ugly if it ended up like that.

As for the news headline, that would be simple. He had even thought of a suitable headline already.

'Intense debate about the importance of scallion pancakes vs fortune-telling results in a fight.'

Lin Fan was a little emotional. Sometimes, it's a bad thing for someone to become so good at something.

"Everyone, please settle down," Huo Han said sternly even though she was a petite woman. With just one sentence, the people queueing for scallion pancakes became silent. The 'leader' had spoken, how could they not listen to her?

"Little Boss, please. We are all your loyal fans. Can you continue with your scallion pancake business?" Huo Han said coquettishly as she tried to make Lin Fan change his mind.

The group of scallion-pancake fans all started laughing. Perhaps everything could be done since the 'leader' has already spoken. The 'leader' was a beautiful lady. This young Little Boss would definitely melt at her words.

"No, there's no future in making scallion pancakes. Master, you must not listen to her," someone from the fortune-telling team said. She was also a beautiful lady. Although she wasn't as pretty as Huo Han, she had a better figure and a classy look.

As for the people supportive of the scallion pancake business, they wondered if Huo Han could suppress the representative sent by the opposing fortune-telling team. Both parties had sent out respectable representatives. Fraud Tian looked at both of them and swallowed his saliva forcefully as he admired their looks. Meanwhile, Lin Fan didn't know what to do.

"You're so young, how can you believe in these? Your scallion pancakes are heaven on earth, Little Boss. Did you know that you could become a well-respected gourmet in future?" Huo Han said as she placed her hands on her hips. An argument had broken out.

"Hey, Master is a divine fortune-teller. Did you know that? After listening to his words, you'll feel like you have a new purpose in life," the other beautiful lady said.

The surrounding crowd was stunned. The situation seemed a little suspicious. How could a fortune-teller be related to a scallion pancake vendor? But the owners of the nearby shops were filled with admiration. A true master indeed. How awesome.

"Everyone, please shut up," Lin Fan stood in between both groups of people and said. If he didn't resolve the problem, who knew what would happen next? "Let me think through this carefully," he added.

For this matter, Lin Fan had to think of a flawless strategy.

He hadn't completed the fortune-telling task yet. He couldn't just give up on it.

But the power of the scallion pancakes was remarkable, it actually caused such an argument to happen. Have you ever seen a group of hundreds of people gathering together just to persuade someone to change his profession to a scallion pancake vendor?

It was something that nobody had ever seen. If it was seen by foreigners, they'd probably end up in shock and exclaim, "What an intriguing nation!"

Then, Lin Fan thought of a brilliant plan.

"Hold on."

The crowd didn't know what Little Boss wanted. They looked at him as he went into a printing shop. After about ten minutes, he came out of it with a giant poster.

Lin Fan had thought through everything. Since they wanted to eat scallion pancakes, then they had to understand the knowledge that went into making scallion pancakes.

If he could make use of them to gain Encyclopedic Points, that would be awesome. Lin Fan passed the poster to Fraud Tian for him to stick it onto the wall.

"I can't give up on fortune-telling. But since everyone is so passionate, I can't stand here and not do anything. This is a poster about making scallion pancakes. If you can understand it, you will be rewarded with a scallion pancake. It's limited and everyone will have only one chance."

"In future, there will only be ten pieces daily. You will have to ballot for it. I can only compromise so much. If you are not agreeable to it, then I can't help you," Lin Fan said.

"Just ten? Although it's very few, at least it's better than none."

"What is this about understanding the poster? It's so weird."

"Little Boss, you're so good to us." Huo Han was so emotional that she almost hugged Lin Fan.

To Huo Han, it was like a form of victory. They had finally managed to convince Little Boss. Although there were limited quantities, as long as they could have a chance to enjoy such delicious pancakes, they were happy.

Then, Lin Fan continued with his fortune-telling while those that were waiting for the scallion pancakes began to read the poster. Some of them furrowed their brows as they didn't really understand.

Those that hadn't been chosen to meet Lin Fan for fortune-telling were also curious and they began to look at the poster as well. They wanted to find out what was so special about these pancakes that made everyone crazy for them.

"Encyclopedic Points +1"

"Encyclopedic Points +1"


Suddenly, he gained 10 Encyclopedic Points. Now, he had 23 Encyclopedic Points.

Indeed… By using this method, it forced these people to be more willing to read and understand such knowledge. But there were so many people and he only gained 10 Encyclopedic Points. Perhaps there were people who didn't try hard enough.

His fortune-telling sessions with twenty people were almost completed. Lin Fan then stood at the scallion pancake cart that they had brought along.


"And you…"

"Altogether, there are ten of you. You have understood the contents of this poster. You will be able to have the scallion pancakes," Lin Fan said.

"I finally succeeded!" Huo Han was one of the chosen few. She was extremely excited. She was actually really confused about what the poster was saying. But she focused and kept trying to understand what it was saying so that she could finally eat the delicious scallion pancakes.

"Little Boss, how do you know that they have understood it?" an unchosen person said in disappointment.

Lin Fan smiled and pointed at the door of his shop which said, 'Master Lin'. The person was speechless.

Huo Han took the first scallion pancake and couldn't wait to taste it, but she took out her phone and took some pictures.

"I finally got to eat Little Boss' pancakes again!" Huo Han smiled and felt that she was so blessed.

The lady that argued with her previously said, "Just one scallion pancake and you're already so happy…"

"Come, have a bite. I don't mind your saliva on it." Huo Han couldn't bear to part with it but she thought of a great plan.

She would let the lady try it and find out how good Little Boss was. Then, when the lady started to crave for it, she wouldn't be able to have it. That's when the show would begin.

"Haha, alright," the lady said in disdain as she showed an unwilling expression on her face. But when she took a bite of the scallion pancake, she immediately lit up. Huo Han quickly took the scallion pancake back from her as she smiled sweetly.

Suddenly, the condescending lady felt like she was in heaven. It was an indescribable taste and feeling. She felt nothing but happiness. It was like she was being tossed around on a giant piece of crispy scallion pancake skin. It was an unforgettable feeling.


In an instant, the lady widened her eyes and was in shock.

This taste, this flavor, and this feeling. Irresistible, it is truly irresistible…  

Heaven on earth, it's heaven on earth indeed!

"Give me one more bite…" the lady said as she gulped her saliva as if she had forgotten her words earlier on.

Huo Han took a big bite of the scallion pancake and the lady just stared at it like a work of art. That feeling was unbearable.

"Not going to give it to you," Huo Han said as she ate it. Then, Huo Han turned and left.

"No… I need to queue up. I want to eat the pancakes. It's too delicious!" the lady couldn't handle it anymore. Those that hadn't been chosen for a session of fortune-telling with Lin Fan were all stunned when they saw the behavior of the lady.

"Is that even real? Her expressions were so exaggerated."

What shocked them further was that the people that had been queueing behind also had the same exaggerated expression after they ate the scallion pancakes.

"Delicious. This is simply too delicious."

"I've waited for so long. I finally get to eat the scallion pancakes of my dreams."

"If I don't get to eat it in future, what else would I live for?"

There were even some who teared up after eating the scallion pancakes.

The surrounding crowd was cursing in their hearts.

Do they have to exaggerate so much?

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