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Chapter 62: Capturing Little Boss Alive

It was morning and the air was fresh.

Lin Fan took a rinse and did some stretching. He had slept very well the last night. As he left the door, he saw a few children surrounding his car. They were touching his car in amazement.

The group of middle-aged women told their kids to be careful not to damage the car. When Lin Fan came out of his house, the surrounding neighbors walked towards him and said, "Lil' Fan, you must have a fortune, this is such an impressive car."

"No, it's given by a friend," Lin Fan smiled and said.

The neighbors didn't believe him. Who would be so generous to give him a car as a gift? If there was really someone like that, they wanted to befriend him too. Elder Wang was envious. He said, "I wonder who's your sugar mummy. 'Friend' indeed. Haha."

The car was really impressive and it was comfortable to drive. Lin Fan didn't bother to argue with Elder Wang as he knew that he was just jealous. He swaggered to his car as if he was trying to make him even more jealous.

In the shop.

There was no one yet and Lin Fan was furious when he saw what was happening on Weibo. Autumn Sword Fish Killer must have gone crazy. He actually sent over a hundred thousand bad comments in just one night.

"Liar, big liar."

"He is a fraud, everyone, please don't believe him."

"Incorrigible fraud, he cheated me of several tens of thousands."

On the previous night, Lin Fan had predicted that Autumn Sword Fish Killer was going to lose a lot of money. Judging what was happening, what happened the night before had really dealt him a big blow. Lin Fan had already known this was going to happen. The consequences were too devastating for Autumn Sword Fish Killer to handle.

It was supposed to be a simple date but it unexpectedly turned out to be a blackmail scam. He lost thirty thousand dollars in just one night. Autumn Sword Fish Killer put all the blame on Lin Fan. He spent the entire night flaming Lin Fan on Weibo.

Sigh, this kid is hopeless. What could Lin Fan have done? He allowed him to continue his rant. He might just explode if he had continued to hold it in.

Fraud Tian just sat there in boredom and watched Lin Fan as he mumbled to himself. He was a little taken aback but he was already used to it.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan started to study the Encyclopedia. It had many different types and classifications of knowledge. There were minor classes of knowledge and major classes of knowledge. As of then, he only had 13 encyclopedic points. He wanted to persevere till he could unlock the next page but he was running out of fuel.


Then, Lin Fan had an idea. Some of the major classes of knowledge could be further branched into several minor classes of knowledge. That was quite interesting. For example, for languages, it was a major classification of knowledge but it was further classified into other subclasses.

Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean… Within these subclasses, there were different numbers and symbols. If he wanted to unlock a particular language, he would require 20 Encyclopedic Points.

Then, he opened the medicine classification, which further branched out to Chinese and Western medicine.

He expanded the Chinese medicine class and there were countless sub-categories which included pharmacology, acupuncture, tuina massage(a form of Chinese manual therapy) and many others. The sub-categories in Chinese medicine required more encyclopedic points to unlock, they cost 100 Encyclopedic Points each.

Lin Fan was enjoying himself as he looked through the Encyclopedia's various classifications. But as he opened the one for Xianxia knowledge, the vast amount of encyclopedic points needed was insane. Even he did not dare to look through it.

"Little Boss…" a random voice attracted his attention as he was deep in thought.

He had not heard anyone call him 'Little Boss' in a long time.

"It's really Little

Little Boss."

A girl who had a youthful outfit was actually shopping on the streets outside of his shop. But when she looked into his shop, she was drawn by who was in it. The young person sitting on the chair in the shop was the Little Boss whom she had been looking for.

Huo Han ran into the shop and placed her hands on the table. Her breasts bounced right in front of Lin Fan.

"Little Boss, I finally found you. Why didn't you reply me?" Huo Han was a little angry and she looked like a cat which had gone mad.

"Do you even have a conscience? You have my heart and yet you still heartlessly abandoned me. Are you even a man?" Huo Han grumbled.

When Fraud Tian heard what she said, he was heartbroken. She was such a beautiful woman. By what she had said, it looked like she was really attracted to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan stared at Huo Han in shock as he hadn't expected to run into such a fierce woman like her again.

"Stop, so what do you want?" Lin Fan asked.

"I want to eat scallion pancakes." Huo Han said without any hesitation.

Lin Fan waved her away and said, "Look, I'm a changed man now. I no longer sell scallion pancakes. Do you want to have a session of fortune-telling?"

"Little Boss, you have such great skills. Why did you change your career path? Why don't you make a scallion pancake for me and I'll have a session of fortune-telling with you," Huo Han replied.

She had been tortured by the days without scallion pancakes. She felt that her life was empty without them.

"Babe, I've really changed my career already," Lin Fan firmly replied.

"Little Boss, what do you want from me in exchange for the scallion pancakes?" Huo Han asked. Since she had finally found him, she swore to never leave his shop without getting some scallion pancakes from him.

Lin Fan was speechless. She was indeed fierce. At that moment, he felt really helpless.

Then, a group of people came to his shop.

Fraud Tian immediately went out to control the crowd and give out the number tags.

"Master Lin, we are here. We must be chosen today no matter what."

"To whoever gets chosen later, I am willing to buy your place for $300."

"Haha, just $300? You're belittling Master Lin's standard."

"Babe, look, I'm busy. I really can't make any more scallion pancakes," Lin Fan said as he pointed to his shop entrance.

Huo Han was shocked at the sight of so many people. She felt that everything was fake. So many people are queuing up just for a session of fortune-telling?

Huo Han became silent and as she left the shop, she turned back to look at Little Boss.

Lin Fan sighed in relief. She was finally gone.

But what Lin Fan didn't know was, that was just the beginning.

Despicable Little Boss, I will definitely make you continue selling scallion pancakes. Although you probably can't find a girlfriend by being a scallion pancake seller, if you can satisfy my appetite, I might give you a chance to woo me.

Then, Huo Han returned to her company and opened a chat group on her phone.

Group name: Look for Little Boss.

Members: 200 people.

Huo Han: "I've finally found Little Boss."

The group had been silent for quite some time, but suddenly, it became lively again.

Person 1: "Where? Where did Little Boss go to set up his stall?"

Person 2: "It's so difficult to locate Little Boss. He has vanished since that day."

Person 3: "To the pretty group creator, where exactly is Little Boss? I haven't eaten his scallion pancakes in such a long time. I can't control myself any longer."

Huo Han: "I saw him on Cloud Street but he has already changed his career. He's now a fortune-teller. I pleaded him to sell me some scallion pancakes but he refused."

Person 4: "What the… Did Little Boss really become a fortune-teller? How could it be? I have to make Little Boss return to the right path of life. How could he ruin his future like that?"

Person 5: "I suggest all of us together and pull Little Boss back."

Huo Han: "I agree, we will be stronger in numbers. For the sake of our scallion pancakes, we must take the initiative. Let's group together and split up the work."

"No problem. We will follow your instructions. For the scallion pancakes, we will give our all."

"We must capture Little Boss alive and make him return to his right path of life."

"Let's do our best!"

"This mission shall be called: Capturing Little Boss alive."

Meanwhile, Lin Fan was enjoying his tea and didn't know that something major was going to happen soon.

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