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Chapter 61: It's a Trap!

It was night time. Lin Fan closed his shop.

Lin Fan drove around the district with his free car and went home. The car was a match made in heaven for Lin Fan. As for the place he was living in, he had to find a more comfortable home. As he stopped his sports car in his front yard, his neighbors surrounded him. Elder Wang was very envious of him. They wondered what the hell had happened. How could Lin Fan afford such a car?

Lin Fan took a shower and lay on his bed. He took out his phone and looked at his WeChat. It was Huo Han who had spammed him with over a hundred messages. She was crazy but at least she had a commendable spirit.

"Little Boss, please reply quickly. If not, I'll kill you."

"I'm starving, I'm really going to starve to death if I don't get to eat scallion pancakes."

"Please, tell me where you are."

Those were pretty much what the messages on WeChat were about. Lin Fan was lazy to reply her. He thought of himself as an unfriendly person, how could he reply to her so easily? But as he thought of scallion pancakes, he realized that he was actually craving for them. The taste was so heavenly.

Also, there was another WeChat message from Chen Xin Yi. She sent him pictures of herself wearing traditional clothing and she looked stunning.

Spongebob Kawaii Pants: "Master, I am on the filming team with my childhood best friend. These are some pictures from the film. Aren't they nice?"

Lin Fan looked at all the pictures and sent a simple message, "Yeah, they're pretty good."

Chen Xin Yi was excited when she saw Lin Fan's reply and immediately replied, "If you like them, I can send you more in future."

But Master Lin didn't reply to the message. His WeChat was adjusted to silent mode and he was already looking at Weibo. So many things had happened recently, he wondered how many more fans he had gained. When he opened Weibo, Lin Fan was ecstatic. It had actually increased by sixty thousand people, which was a remarkable improvement. However, he was no longer on the trending news. The list changed frequently. One day, you could be famous and the next day you could end up becoming a nobody.

"So many private messages?" Lin Fan stared at his private inbox which had 999 messages.

He opened it and saw that there were various questions. Some wanted him to read their fortunes, some asked if he had a girlfriend while some said he was a fraud. There were so many different topics covered. Lin Fan didn't bother about those questions. He was already considered a famous person. But in order to attract more customers, he sent a message on Weibo.

"I don't read fortunes via Weibo, if you have any queries, please come to Shanghai Cloud Street Block 8861 - Master Lin."

When Lin Fan sent out the text, many people commented it. One of the comments received several thousand likes in an instant. It was obviously programmed by bots.

Looking at the username that made that comment, Lin Fan gave in.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Everyone has their part to play if we want to expose his lies. Fraud, please get out of Weibo." (liked 6785 times)

What is with Autumn Sword Fish Killer? I haven't done anything to offend him but this man keeps flaming me on the internet. Could it be that he's addicted to it?

Lin Fan did a search on the internet and actually found his webpage.

Autumn Sword Internet Army.

Services: Online Promotion Service, Online Trolling Service & Marketing Service

For service inquiries, QQ: 137XXX325.

At the side, there was a picture of a retarded looking 300 lbs man. Lin Fan looked at it closely and went to add this QQ account. Lin Fan wanted to speak to him for flaming him every day. Even if Autumn Sword Fish Killer wasn't tired of it, Lin Fan was tired of being the victim.

Lin Fan: "Autumn Sword Fish Killer?"

After a short while, there was a reply. Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "May I know what you're looking for? If you want promotion services, press 1. For internet trolling, press 2. For marketing, press 3. If you want to chat, I charge a dollar for a word. If you do not have money, please swipe left."

At that moment, in a certain house.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had prepared himself to leave the house. A girl had contacted him to ask him for a meet-up. Furthermore, she had sent him a picture of herself and she looked pretty good, which made him a little excited. Although he felt sorry for Meng Meng for meeting the girl, he thought that if Meng Meng didn't know about it, it would be okay.

His received a message on QQ. "I am Master Lin."

He became silent after reading the message. Then, he laughed. His fat body vibrated vigorously and his sausage-like fingers began to tap on his screen.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Haha, what is it? Are you afraid? If I don't manage to suppress your Weibo, I, Autumn Sword, will leave the world of the internet trolls."

Lin Fan had wanted to have a nice chat with him but since he had replied in such a way, Lin Fan just replied, "Let me give you a free fortune-telling session. You're going to have an unlucky day."

Autumn Sword: "Get lost! You're the unlucky one."

This guy doesn't explain himself and even tries to scare me. Doesn't he know how long I, Autumn Sword, have been thriving on the internet?

Then, Autumn Sword Fish Killer packed his things and smiled confidently at himself in the mirror. He felt that he was really good-looking and was smitten by himself.

Lin Fan was speechless. Autumn Sword Fish Killer must have been killed by him in his previous life and wanted to take revenge in this life.

"Don't let me see you in real life. Otherwise, I will beat you up until you look like a 400 lbs fat a*s," Lin Fan said angrily.

Lin Fan's Weibo was supposed to be peaceful and have a flawless record of compliments. But it had been ruined by this man. Now, it was filled with quite a number of negative comments.

After looking through Weibo, he immediately fell asleep.

At a certain hotel.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer had finally met the girl. They both finished their meal and were chatting happily. When the girl talked about him, she didn't even despise him because of his size. Also, she even said that fatter guys were nicer to hug. This made Autumn Sword Fish Killer very happy. He had finally met a girl who appreciated him.

Although it might have just been a one night stand. As a 'fake' virgin, Autumn Sword Fish Killer would definitely never forget this girl he was dating. He would remember it for life.

In the bathroom.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer took a quick shower. The girl was interesting, she said she wanted to change into her seductive underwear first and so, she asked him to shower first.

Although Autumn Sword Fish Killer was showering with cold water, his heart burned with desire and passion.

He hummed a song and quickly finished the shower. He didn't even bother to wear his underwear and just walked out of the bathroom in his bathrobe.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be in seductive underwear?" Autumn Sword asked.

"I forgot to bring my bra." the girl said seductively.

"It's okay if you forgot to bring it. I'm a little nervous, today's my first time. You gotta guide me." Autumn Sword Fish Killer had done it many times but he pretended to be shy and inexperienced.

Then, Autumn Sword swallowed his saliva forcefully as he slowly removed the girl's clothes. Just after he removed her outerwear, the door suddenly slammed open. A group of old men rushed into the room. Autumn Sword Fish Killer was stunned and asked, "What are you doing?"

One of the rugged looking men punched Autumn Sword Fish Killer as he collapsed onto the bed.

"Dog, how dare you take advantage of my wife? Are you tired of living?"

"Husband, he wanted to rape me…" the girl cried.

"I…" Autumn Sword Fish Killer was shocked. He had obviously been tricked into a badger game. But as he looked at these rugged looking men, he was afraid.

The 300 lbs slab of meat lay motionlessly on the bed like a clump of mud.

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