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"This is stomach cancer."

Someone casually said and that sentence made Zhao Zhong Yang cry even harder.

"Master, please save me…" *sobbing sound* Zhao Zhong Yang's cries filled the room and everyone felt sorry for him.

"I'm a fortune-teller, not a doctor. You need to consult a doctor for your condition." Lin Fan helplessly said.

The surrounding crowd tried to explain to him so as to console him. "Youngster, go look for a doctor. Master is a fortune-teller. What you did two days ago was wrong. Master reminded you out of goodwill and you only gave him a dollar."

"Yeah, this type of illness can't be detected until the mid to late stages. Furthermore, you can't feel it even if you have it. You should really thank Master."

Those that knew what had happened two days ago believed in Master Lin even more.

When Zhao Zhong Yang heard everything, he finally understood. It must have been his actions that had infuriated Master Lin. He quickly took out all the cash he had on him, even his credit cards.

"Master, I was wrong two days ago. Don't be angry. I'll give you all my money. Please just save me." Zhao Zhong Yang only believed in Master Lin and nothing else.

Lin Fan was lost for words. These people were just there to watch the show.

"Master, I only have two thousand dollars with me now. This card has about six hundred thousand dollars which I've earned from my live streams." Zhao Zhong Yang saw that Master Lin didn't say a word or do anything. He thought that Master Lin wanted more money and so he told him how much there was in his card.

The crowd was shocked at how much money there was in his card. He was so young but had saved so much money.

"That's enough money, find a reputable hospital and remove the tumor. Recover well and you should be fine" that was all Lin Fan could've said. He looked at Zhao Zhong Yang and saw that he didn't have a short lifespan and he would probably overcome this illness.

"Master, I have stomach cancer. I know it, stomach cancer will kill me." Zhao Zhong Yang said in fear.

"You have early-stage cancer."

Zhao Zhong Yang was stunned. Then, he cried fearfully and said, "Even if it's in the early stage, it's dangerous. My chances of survival aren't high. Master, you have to save me."

The crowd was all relieved by what Master Lin said.

"Early-stage cancer can be easily treated with early treatment and proper recovery." a middle-aged woman said.

"Youngster, don't be afraid. I got stomach cancer when I was young too. Luckily I found out about it early and look where I am now." a sixty-year-old man said.

The crowd tried various ways to console him but to no avail. He was still fearful.

"Do you believe me?" Lin Fan looked at him sternly and said.

"I do, I do. Besides you, I don't believe in anyone else now." Zhao Zhong Yang nodded and said as he looked at Master Lin.

"That's good. Let me tell you, you have a long way to go. You will have a beautiful wife and have several 'investment banks'. You will also live a longer life than others. As for how many 'banks' you will own or how long you will live, I can't tell you the exact numbers." Lin Fan had no choice but to tell him everything.

"Master, you said I'll be fine? You're not lying right?" Zhao Zhong Yang raised his head and looked at Master Lin with earnest expectation.

"Nope, I'm not lying." Lin Fan said. He felt that the world had become really weird, he was a fortune-teller but had to act as a psychiatrist as well.

As Zhao Zhong Yang didn't believe in anyone else but Master Lin, he became calmer after hearing what he had said.

"But Master, I didn't specialize in finance or investment when I was in school. Furthermore, I'm not so rich. How would I own two or three banks in future?" Zhao Zhong Yang asked.

"F*ck…" Lin Fan didn't know what to say.

The old lady beside him laughed and said, "Young chap, Master Lin is saying that you'll have two or three daughters in future."

Zhao Zhong Yang hadn't expected it and asked Master Lin, "Master, you're really not lying, right?"

"Do you really believe me?" Lin Fan asked.

"Yes," Zhao Zhong Yang nodded.

"That's good then, take your money and find a reputable hospital. I assure you that you'll be fine." Lin Fan said calmly.

"Master, will I have a son in future then?" Zhao Zhong Yang asked. Then, he thought of something else and asked again, "Master, how does my wife look like and where is she now?"

"Also, Master, how long can I live? Till I'm eighty years old?"

"Master, will my daughters look like me?"

Lin Fan just blinked as he watched Zhao Zhong Yang's 'performance'.

The crowd was shocked. Had this youngster gone crazy?

"Stop. I can only tell you that you'll be fine and you'll be happier than anyone else. You can leave now. Call your parents and find a hospital to do a thorough check-up before you go for your surgery." Lin Fan said. He had never met such an amusing person before.

Then, just as Lin Fan stretched out his hand, Zhao Zhong Yang quickly grabbed his hand, looked at him sadly and asked, "Master, am I really going to be fine?"

"Yes," Lin Fan reassured him. If this youngster was to repeat himself again, Lin Fan might end up kicking and punching him.

"Master, I know I am very annoying. I believe you a lot and therefore, could you tell me that I'll be fine once more?" Zhao Zhong Yang asked.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and sighed, "I swear to the heavens that if something bad happens to you, I will remain single for the rest of my life, okay?"

"Master, I believe you. If you say that I'll be fine, then I will be fine. I'm going now." Zhao Zhong Yang finally relaxed.

"Okay," Lin Fan nodded. He hadn't expected fortune-telling to turn out like that.

The crowd stared at Zhao Zhong Yang's as he left the shop. Then, he suddenly turned back and walked towards Lin Fan.

"D*mn it!" Lin Fan shouted. He didn't even wait for Zhao Zhong Yang to say anything before he waved his hand and said, "Believe me, you'll really be fine. No problem at all."

"Master, I was wrong two days ago. Please accept these two thousand dollars. Wait till I recover and I'll come back to thank you again." Zhao Zhong Yang placed the two thousand dollars on the table and left with his phone. Then, he exclaimed to the fans on his live stream, "Even Master Lin said I'll be fine, what else could happen to me?"

"It's just early-stage stomach cancer. Why should I, Brother Yang, be afraid? I will have several 'investment banks' in future. Who wants to be part of my family? Quickly send me your wedding gifts."

"Brother Yang, 6666…"

"Brother Yang finally has some fighting spirit…"

"To my father-in-law, please accept my gift of a single rocket."

The crowd was stunned. This amusing chap was indeed extremely happy.

Lin Fan helplessly shook his head. Just keep up that attitude. If something else comes up, I'll eat sh*t on livestream.

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