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Chapter 59: Begging for mercy

"Brother Yang, you can't back down, you gotta stay strong."

"Brother Yang, we're all fans of you. You have to be strong and not be afraid of sickness. You have to stay strong and see yourself through it."

"Brother Yang, you gotta settle your heart down so that you can experience the happiness you deserve."

"I'm only just slightly older than 20. How can I accept my fate like that?"

The fans in the broadcast were all shocked. They hadn't expected the results to be like this.

Zhao Zhong Yang looked spiritless as if he had lost his will to live. His hand trembled as he held onto the phone and he started to cry.

How can it be like this? I'm still so young.

The two words 'stomach cancer' already caused him to have a breakdown. The main cause of people's deaths due to medical conditions wasn't illness itself. They die because of fear and trauma. If not for counseling, Zhao Zhong Yang might have really died from the scare.

Then, a line of text appeared on the broadcasting screen which caused Zhao Zhong Yang to feel like he had found a reason to live. "That Master Lin is indeed a god. He knew that there was something wrong with Brother Yang just by looking at him."

Zhao Zhong Yang was shocked beyond words. As he saw the text, he thought of Master Lin.

Yes, he must be able to save me.

The doctors were all used to seeing cancer patients and tried to console him, "Youngster, don't be anxious. This is just a preliminary check. It's not confirmed yet. Perhaps…"

The doctor wanted to console the youngster but he immediately snatched the medical report over and stormed out of the room.

"Youngster, don't be anxious…hey!" the doctor said as he helplessly shook his head. Youngsters these days had no willpower.

For Zhao Zhong Yang, his last hope was Master Lin. He was so young, how did he contract such an illness? He didn't do evil deeds regularly and often helped the elderly cross the road. Although he didn't do many noble and kind deeds, he frequently did these small kind actions to help other people.

He didn't have a wife or children. To think that he'd miss out on all of that…

*crying sound*

The more Zhao Zhong Yang thought about it, the more fearful he became. He started to cry and that attracted the attention of the passers-by. They thought he had lost his girlfriend.

Cloud street.

Lin Fan had already seen sixty customers who had only minor problems and no major ones.

With Lin Fan's current capability, he could just read fortunes for his whole life but he wanted to do it for only one or two years. Although one's life is already decided by the heavens, it is complicated and can change any minute.

For instance, if you were someone living in poverty and you had been told that you would become rich in future, you might become lazy as you would have already found out your fate from fortune-telling. The laziness would cause your destiny to change because you wouldn't work hard.

When Lin Fan was fortune-telling for people, he saw the main lifeline that stretched to the end-point. But this line had many other lines branching out from it.

All these were potential changes in one's life.

"Master, how's my wealth looking this year?" a man wearing a suit with a white tie said.

"No great fortunes, just small ones. Do not be greedy or you might face a bad outcome." Lin Fan smiled and said.

The middle-aged man wasn't a fool, he understood what Lin Fan said and took out ten hundred dollar bills for Lin Fan. "Thank you, Master, for your advice."

This middle-aged man was a trader working in an international finance corporation. He was a rather average worker but he was considered to be doing pretty well in Shanghai.

Indeed, he had frequent small fortunes, just like what Master Lin had said.

Recently, an event had caused the middle-aged man to be in a dilemma. He had been thinking of investing all his life savings into a project to earn a large sum of profit but he was worried. After he had heard that there was a brilliant fortune-teller along Cloud Street, he decided to come and have a look.

Initially, he didn't believe it. But when Master Lin listed his career achievements and events, he believed in him completely. Therefore, he understood what the Master meant to not be greedy.

"Next, number 66." Lin Fan said.

"It's me. I've waited for ages to be called by you, Master." a middle-aged woman laughed. Just as she was about to enter the shop, someone rushed into the store and bumped into her shoulder.

"Ouch, don't you have eyes to see where you're going?!" the middle-aged woman scolded. She had wanted to scold him further but she was stunned by what happened next.

It wasn't just her who was stunned, everyone in the queue was also stunned.

"Master, please save me…"

Zhao Zhong Yang rushed into the shop and collapsed onto the ground, hugging Lin Fan's thighs as he screamed. The surrounding crowd started to have a commotion after witnessing this scene.

"Who is this chap? What happened? Why is he so afraid?"

"I don't know, could it be an act?"

"Hey, I saw him two days ago. He's the one who gave Master Lin a dollar coin."

"Tell us then, what's happening?"

"Two days ago, this chap came to look for Master Lin to ask about his love life and wealth and some other stuff. Master Lin immediately told him to first go to the hospital for a checkup as everything had to be built on his health. This guy wasn't happy with it and argued with Master Lin. Then, he gave a dollar and left. Looks like Master Lin guessed correctly."

"Guessed correctly? I think you meant he predicted it accurately."

"Let's enter and look at what this guy found out about himself."

The people in the crowd that thought that queueing for fortune-telling was stupid had wanted to leave. But after they heard what the rest were discussing, they got interested and were doubting if it was really true.

"You're Zhao Zhong Yang, right?" Lin Fan felt helpless as he asked. He had already reminded him to see a doctor two days ago and now that he's found out that he had an illness, why did he look for Lin Fan and not a doctor?

But as Lin Fan saw how badly Zhong Yang was sobbing, he tried to console him.

"Master, yes it's me, I'm Zhao Zhong Yang!" He exclaimed as he exclaimed as he hugged Master Lin's legs tightly.

For Zhao Zhong Yang, Master Lin was his only hope to survive.

"Youngster, let go of Master's legs first. We can talk things over slowly." Fraud Tian said.

"No, I'm not letting go. If Master Lin doesn't want to save me, I'm never letting go." Zhao Zhong Yang said.

Lin Fan didn't know what to do with him. This youngster had been so arrogant just a few days ago.

"What did you find out at the hospital?" Lin Fan asked curiously as he didn't know what illness he had contracted. He had merely asked him to see a doctor as he had seen that his health was in a bad state.

"Master, this is the medical report. You have to save me. I'm still so young, I don't want to die! If I am to die, what would happen to my parents? I'm their only son." Zhao Zhong Yang cried.

All of this was being recorded in his live stream.

In the live stream, all the fans became silent. They were all fans of Zhao Zhong Yang and they were heartbroken at the sight of him in such a state.

Brother Yang used to bring them joy and fun and they had always remembered that. But now that Brother Yang has met something like that, how could they be happy again?

Especially when there were some idiots who were celebrating in the comments section, the fans became furious and scolded them before kicking them out of the live stream. These idiots were inhumane.

Lin Fan read the medical report while the crowd slowly surrounded him. When they saw what was written in the report, they all felt sorry for the sobbing Zhao Zhong Yang who had collapsed onto the ground.

How miserable...

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