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Their thirsts were quenched and hunger was satisfied.


"Huan Yue, send Master Lin back," Wang Ming Yang embraced Lin Fan, "Hehe, the rest is up to you."

"There's no need for that. I can drive myself back," Lin Fan was slightly tipsy but still had a clear mind.

"Don't drink and drive, I don't want to have to retrieve you from the police station," Wang Ming Yang said with a smile. He then pulled Fraud Tian along with him and walked away.

"Ahhh, I want to take the car too!" Fraud Tian couldn't bear to leave such a beautiful lady and such a luxurious car.

"Follow me, I'll bring you to have some more fun," said Wang Ming Yang

"Master Lin, let me send you back," Wu Huan Yue gently held onto Lin Fan.

"I'll send you back," Lin Fan didn't need her support, and pulled his hand away, but while doing so, he accidentally touched her somewhere that he wasn't supposed to touch.

It was soft and tender.

Lin Fan's drowsiness suddenly wore off. He had become more awake and clear-headed.

Wu Huan Yue blushed. She opened the door for Lin Fan and pretended like it was an accident.

In the end, nothing much happened between them; just as Lin Fan had expected. However, they did exchange WeChats.

The next day.

In the shop.

"Tell me honestly, did nothing really happen last night?" Fraud Tian couldn't help but ask out of curiosity.

"Fraud Tian, I know why you can't find a wife now. Your mind is full of perverted thoughts!" said Lin Fan.

Fraud Tian rolled his eyes, then sighed, "Ahhh, it's good to be young. Ladies all like young men. If only I was 20 years younger, that lady wouldn't even go for you!"

"Even if you were 30 years younger, it wouldn't make a difference!" said Lin Fan.

Fraud Tian: "Fuck..."

"The customers are here, go and entertain them."

Lin Fan's shop was still the busiest shop on that street. Once it opened, the shop would be packed with customers.

"Master Lin's business has been really going so well," a shoe shop owner looked at the snaking queue outside "Master Lin", and remarked enviously.

"What are you guys looking at? Hurry up and give out the flyers! Pull some customers in!" the owner ordered his staff.

Many people were drawn to the shop by its reputation. They heard that the predictions from this fortune-teller were very accurate, and decided to give it a go.

However, when they saw the rules, some of them felt that it was ridiculous and that it was a waste of their time.

"Do you guys think this shop is just overhyped? It feels a bit stupid for us to just wait idly here."

"Don't say that. This shop's predictions are very accurate. My seventh aunt's son came here to get his fortune read and it was really accurate."

"I didn't get chosen yesterday. Today, I have to get chosen," a man said.

Lin Fan looked at the crowd outside and laughed cheerfully. It wasn't a bad day at all. 20 readings a day would earn him a substantial amount of income.

"Master Lin...Master Lin…"

At this moment, a joyful voice echoed through the area.

The people queuing for a number outside gazed at the youngster. They had no idea what he was doing there.

"When this youngster came here the last time, he asked about his career. Judging by that look on his face, something good must have happened."

"What could possibly have happened to his career?"

"You would be surprised to hear this, but Master Lin said that his luck was bad the past two days, so he shouldn't go for his interview yet, until the day after that."

"How could it be? An interview depends on one's luck?"

Lin Fan heard the youngster's voice and peered over at him. A wide smile appeared on his face. The youngster was indeed lucky that day.

Liu Ang Xing was ecstatic. He passed his interview successfully, without any problems. He answered all the questions impressively and easily as if the gods were helping him.

The interviewer asked him to report to work the very next day. He didn't even have to wait for the result.

"Judging from your expression, I'm guessing you passed?" inquired Lin Fan.

"Yep, I passed. Thank you, Master Lin. If it wasn't for you I might not have made it," Liu Ang Xing said sincerely.

"Kid, you managed to pass the interview through your own ability," said the townsfolk in the queue.

Liu Ang Xing shook his head, "No, it was really all thanks to Master Lin."

"This kid is too gullible. Somethings cannot be done by relying on fortune telling. An interview is a tangible thing. If you don't have the ability, even if you beg the gods and deities, it would be useless," a chubby man said.

Liu Ang Xin was already convinced that the reason he was able to pass the interview was Master Lin's advice. "If it wasn't for Master Lin's advice, I would be in the same situation as my roommate," he thought.

"I have a roommate who is a much more capable than me. Master Lin told us that our luck was bad for the past 2 days and that it was best for us to do the interview today. My roommate didn't believe him and went to take the interview on the first day. In the end, he got rejected," Liu Ang Xing explained.

When the queuing townsfolk heard this, they were lost for words. Could this be true?

"Ahem," Fraud Tian cleared his throat, "When your luck is bad, you can even choke on water. That's why if you choose a day when your luck is good, whatever you do will get done much more smoothly and successfully."

Some of the townsfolk felt that he made a lot of sense.

Liu Ang Xing thanked Lin Fan several more times, and Lin Fan graciously accepted his thanks.

As Liu Ang Xing left the place with a heart full of gratitude, the surrounding crowd started chattering.

Those people who believed in Master Lin from the start believed him even more, while those that were suspicious towards him also started to develop some belief.

"The first number is…number 6," Lin Fan yelled.

The one chosen was a middle-aged woman. Her face lit up with excitement, while those who didn't get chosen continued to wait anxiously.

At a certain hospital's entrance.

Zhao Zhong Yang was holding his phone and he started a live video. Within seconds, the number of viewers had reached 120,000 people

"Look, today is when the results of the check-up will be released. When I receive it, let me know what you guys think I should do."

Zhao Zhong Yang didn't think much about the check-up. He was a young man. How could he have any diseases?

The fans who were watching the live feed were very concerned. Naturally, Zhao Zhong Yang had to clear their doubts.

The fans were everything to him and he had to satisfy them.

"Brother Yang, 6666…"

"When you receive the results, you must go to the master's place and show it to him."

"Hope that Brother Yang is healthy so he will give us a live feed daily from now on."

In the past, Zhao Zhong Yang did live streams for the money. Now, the fans were everything to him. Without them, he wouldn't know what to do.

"Viewers, do not be fooled. Today, I'll bring you with me live, to show you just how strong and healthy my body is. Would any of my brothers like to come and test me?"

"6666… reported for erotic broadcasting."

"Hello, 110? There's a broadcaster doing something illegal on his live stream."

Inside the doctor's room at the hospital.

"Good morning, doctor. I'm the one who came to do a check-up 2 days ago. The results should be out by now, right?" Zhao Zhong Yang said with a smile.

The doctor looked at Zhao Zhong Yang and nodded, "It's out. Are any of your family members here?"

"Hey, it's just a check-up. Why would I need my family to come? Now, where's the results?" demanded Zhao Zhong Yang.

The fans watching the live broadcast felt that something was strange about the doctor's tone and behavior. They had a bad feeling about it.

The doctor retrieved a sheet of paper.

Without even looking at it, Zhao Zhong Yang placed it in front of his phone.

"Everyone, look carefully and tell me, how's the data on this sheet of paper…" Zhao Zhong Yang said, full of confidence.

However, what made him suspicious was that the comments on the broadcast suddenly ceased, as if there was no one watching.

A moment later, comments flooded his phone.

"It's terrible!"

"Stay strong Brother Yang, don't give up!"

"Be strong Brother Yang, we'll support you!"

"My Brother Yang…"

What's going on?

These comments left Zhao Zhong Yang dumbfounded.

He then looked at the results sheet. He didn't understand the data printed on top and went straight to the check-up conclusion below.

Pathology diagnosis: (stomach) Adenocarcinoma

When he saw those words, Zhao Zhong Yang's fingers trembled. He felt like something was stuck in his throat, and couldn't speak without stuttering.

", what do these words mean?"

"The check-up concluded that you may have stomach cancer, but we still need to…"


Before the doctor finished his sentence, Zhao Zhong Yang had collapsed onto the floor in shock.

At this moment, all hell broke loose in the comments section.

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